What are performance points?

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  1. XxOnLySBz4mExX

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  2. dabest2500


    Cars get performance points based on weight, tyres and BHP.
    This can be used to restrict races so that cars with 700 PP or less race together etc.
  3. the Interceptor

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    Case in point: you can use a car with a lot of hp, but the game requires of you to make it heavy (you were able to change the weight in Prologue). Or you use a light car, but then you must make it have little hp. Or you use more downforce, which in turn limits horsepower and/or requires a specific amount of weight.

    In Prologue, you had a set limit and were able to tune your car via the quick-tuning-menu as close as possible to said limit. There were different ways to approach the problem by tuning the car in specific ways, but the limit made sure the field remained competitive.
  4. freight48


    I think this is the wrong place for it? I haven't seen PP anywhere in GT5.
  5. BigYoSpeck


    It's rumoured to be in the next update.
  6. dhandeh

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    If this is true, it would be a excellent addition, should complement leaderboards as well. It worked well with gt5 prologue.
  7. chances14

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    this would be good for future seasonal events
  8. ucwepn


    I would love there to be perfomance points for online in the next update, Had some of the best races of my life in GT5P with a variety of different cars all in close parity. Was an excellent system.
  9. -=DV=-


    You know. I dont think I have read a single post by you where you actually contributed to the topic in any way whatsoever other than to sound like a stuck up little douche telling somebody they are posting in the wrong area, Then usually being very quickly shut down by somebody else proving the relevence of the post.

    Re: PP. It is great to see they are making a return. A racing game without even reccomendations of limitations is very difficult to enjoy. It will greatly help focus online play and make the experience feel a little more refined than the beta like feel it has now.
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  10. Kwicko


    Lots of things are *rumoured* to be in the next big update. Few of them ever are. One thing you should have learned by now: Never think you know what an update will bring.
  11. BigYoSpeck


    The guy asked what the relevance was to GT5 stating it was Prologue feature. And the relevance is it's possibly going to be in the next update.

    If you guys make the effort to follow the link in the OP you could see this :tup:
  12. So the tires are also limited, right?

    Like the use of soft tires?
  13. BigYoSpeck


    In Prologue the PP was calculated from a balance of weight, power, tyres and downforce.
  14. Ok, thanks for the fast answer!

    So it's a mix of all that.
  15. MattNasty


    I thing it's great if they have it as another option. I like the whole point system but once people figure out the best car for let's say a 700p race you'll only see 1 or 2 cars being raced. Idk maybe it will be diff than prologue but I doubt it. It's like how forza 2 had it. All you would see is S7's.
  16. ultraman


    I hope the points system isn't in the next update. I didn`t like it in prologue because they tried to copy the formula from Turn 10 and the Forza series, but what they lack is an abundance of tuning options to make the PP system relevent. In forza you could fine tune your car to be a handling beast, or a high HP monster, or somewhere in between. With GT5 it's very generic.
  17. BigYoSpeck


    In Prologue yes, but you would hope two years development and this being the full finished product it would be more refined though.
  18. grog

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    The return of the PP is good news, but I hope you can still set up races with a set tire. Thats one aspect i never liked, with different tires people have different braking distances and cornering speeds which can work sometimes but other times it just ends in accident riddled races.

    I would love it if the PP system works along with horsepower, weight, and tire restrictions so we can setup races that are unique, to be able to exclude certain cars with the settings.
  19. Protoform_X


    Thanks for clearing this up. I never played GT5P. :)
  20. Exorcet


    But the thing is, PP is better in that regard than the current system. HP and weight encourages game breaking cars because it ignores 75% of a car's performance.

    I've been to a few low hp races online, ~300 hp class. Every so often you get a guy who shows up in a completely legal Rally car or GT300. If the host couldn't kick, it would be a disaster. Also, even harder to regulate are tunes like aero, suspension, and transmission. GT5 sees a stock car in equal light compared to a race suspension, adjustable transmission, racing fly wheel, front+rear wing car. We're lucky (though, more unlucky) that GT does not accurately capture cars like the Viper ACR or Saleen S7 because they would always win in their power class. Those two cars were popular in Forza yeah, but they weren't the only options.

    Also note that GT5 will (hopefully) let the host pick PP, so you won't get people aiming for 800PP, because everything from 1-1000 would be used online.

    Yes. Allowing tires to mix was terrible in GT5P. At the very least, GT5 should have an option to lock tires to a specific choice (and no one should have to go and buy all the stupid tires for online either).

    Hopefully PP will also allow the cars with odd stats, like the Elise, to more freely enter online. To have a good race in the current system, you need to limit HP and weight. But this often means that Elise like cars can't compete because they are either too light or not powerful enough. PP should let them fit in more easily.
  21. xSNAKEx

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    I just hope the PP system is balance in terms of speed of the car around a track, and not just a simple and unfair weight/HP crap.

    For example I dont want the PP system to list the veyron super high, with 4 times the HP but less than 2x the weight of say an elise (so it has much higher PP), when realistically on a windy track you could get the elise to match pace or overtake the veyron on gt5!.
    I want to be able to take on lightweight cars with cars like the veyron without the PP system making them seem godlike, like has been done many times in the past with high HP, terrible handling cars.
  22. jcmc


    Cautiously enthusiastic about the return of the PP system and hoping that the much wider range of cars in GT5 will ensure variety of car entrants. To be honest on Prologue there was pretty much only two competitive cars, the Clio Motorsport at lower PP and the Ford GT Le Mans Test Car at higher ones.

    I wonder how it works with dropping or raising your tyre type though. It was simple in GTP as you did not actually buy any parts in the game, in GT5 you do and it is hard to see how you would be allowed to override this system if you do not have the whole range of tyres available - and who does for every car.
  23. the Interceptor

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    Since GT5 is less refined than Prologue in many ways, I have my doubts in seeing a perfectly weighted PP system in GT5.

    That said, I just wondered whether we will get a way to change the weight of the car along with this update. I am aware of the option of stripping your vehicle in the tuning shop, but it is a one-way modification, and you also can't add weight to any car. This option is more or less essential for a PP system.
  24. NLxAROSA

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    If I recall correctly, Kaz tweeted about how he would favor a PP system like this.
  25. slick1ru2


    In Prologue, you couldn't even tune your car so this is pretty irrelevant. Glad to see it coming. Tired of online racing fools with Lotus Elises who blow everyone away in similar HP cars and think they are great drivers. Been in more then one room with gullible hosts who are talked into bumping restrictions up or down so some whiner can bring his car in that is blatantly in a different class and who will walk away with a win. THANK YOU PD!
  26. the Interceptor

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    Are you sure about that?

  27. xSNAKEx

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    Actually Ive found the opposite. I'm often the one who has to talk the host into bumping the hp up just so I can use the veyron because of the way things are in gt5 atm, and yet and I am faced with opposition even though despite the 1300hp limit that has to be imposed in order for me to play, it would still be incredibly difficult if not impossible to keep up with the other cars in the field because of the class difference.

    I hope there is more to the new PP system than just HP weight tyres
  28. PP system is a great idea.

    My only concern is the update frequency of it. Providing they keep on top and constantly change ratings, given a few months we could get to total fairness.

    Remember the elise from gt5p?
  29. xSNAKEx

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    Im not an elise fan so I dont drive them, but it used to be my friends favourite car in gt5p and he used to do fairly well with it (the tuned one from gran turismo, not the stock one)

    Now in gt5 he says he hates even the RM 111r elise
  30. LazyYouth


    It's curious how in the news page everybody is complaining about PP, but in the forum we're looking forward to it. But back to topic, I think PP is a great idea, but it should also come with the possibility to save 3 or more different tunnings per car, and of course more tunning options, if PD want the PP system to be really enjoyable. I'm talking about not adjustable gear ratio and only three levels of weight that you can't undo when installed. These should be the main flaws that PD should fix before implementing the PP.
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