Next Gran Turismo 5 Update Coming February 18th

February 12th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Mark your calendars! Kazunori Yamauchi has just announced via Twitter the next update will be made available for Gran Turismo 5 this coming Friday, February 18th. Via Google Translator:

In the next update. What day 18 February. RT @ driftlover35r: @ Kaz_Yamauchi PP scheme is implemented or when? Have the sameadvantage in torque power difference, I get the penalty.

As you can see, Kazunori also appears to confirm the return of the “Performance Points” system used to benchmark cars in GT5 Prologue may be returning to GT5.

In addition to new features and bug fixes, this will have an effect on the start of the third round of GT Academy USA, originally slated to begin February 14th but postponed until after this update has been issued. Thanks to everyone who sent this in so quickly – stay tuned for more!

GT5 Photomode image by s12ken.

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  1. Feb. 18, 9:54am
  2. Feb. 18, 6:51am

    Few changes. Nothing that impressive. In my opinion!

  3. Feb. 17, 11:19pm

    Updates out no news on whats exactly in it yet but i can see PP and is down for maintanance so maybe gt anywhere :)

    • Feb. 18, 1:12am

      Custom tranny works, dealerships now have checkmarks for cars you already own. Don’t know what else yet though. Connection error requiring a reboot…..

  4. Feb. 17, 10:38pm

    Update is installing now…1.06 301mb

  5. Feb. 17, 8:57pm

    i like the PP system “idea” id didnt penilize enuf for low weight in gt5P. it would also be nice if the system gave a carp what track youre on, and what drive train you have. like 4wd at dayton should probably drop a few pp but 4wd at autim ring mini should add a few pp (for exsample) as it is right now you can limit hp and weight that dosnt make it even, the lightest car that can hit the max hp limit will be the best. and what if you want to try a not so good handeling car but that has a lot of powr and see if you can win? cant do that now every one has the same hp. restricting car type would be nice to, like street car, race mod, pure race car, f1, prototype.

    • Feb. 18, 1:05am


  6. Feb. 16, 8:19pm

    Sooooo… there’s a save game bug that affects everybody eventually, and we can fix it using the update.

    Awesome. My PS3 doesn’t connect to the internet because of my stupid mobile broadband. Are you telling me I have to now pay for a new internet connection JUST to keep playing GT5?

    This game sucks. Hard.

    • Feb. 16, 8:48pm

      Wow, I hadn’t even thought of that. Since you are not getting museum cards you should have quite a bit of time, but i’d be looking for a friend with a connection I could borrow for the update.
      I wonder though, given the situation, if a downloadable fix might become available through a PC. The backlash potential to PD’s sales and reputation could be pretty high otherwise I would think.

    • Feb. 18, 2:37am

      Wasn’t the bug introduced in a previous update? So if you’ve never downloaded any patches for GT5, you should be ok. If you can, it’d be worth updating though.

  7. Feb. 16, 11:09am

    I realy dont like the PP idea. It realy sucks. But if they do use it in next update, i hope they will take alot more in account than the power ratio. Cause that just sucks and the prologue version realy sucked. The game isnt realy hard, but it takes way too long to level up on it. Thus the PP thingy wouldnt help. Otherwise I realy like the game:)

  8. Feb. 15, 10:56pm

    Does anyone know what this update will contain besides Performance Point and the GT5 game save file size fix?Don’t get me wrong i am glad both of these things are in but i was wondering if that is all that is going to be in there.

  9. Feb. 15, 10:55pm

    Can we still dupe cars this friday? I have a lot of trades to do on the weekend still.

  10. Feb. 15, 3:09pm

    Are they going to update all the flaws with the game? Are all standard cars going to be Premium cars?

    • Feb. 15, 5:41pm

      No (well mabey, but that’s subjective) and no (some cars yes, all cars no).

  11. Feb. 15, 2:41pm

    I hope they fix the mclaren tach, improve craptastic shadows, allow for individual gear change and fix everything thing else in between. :)

  12. Feb. 15, 2:08pm

    Oh yeah THAT’s why I stopped reading comments on the new entries.

  13. Feb. 15, 1:32pm

    I’m happy they are implementing performance points. I like to know I’m on a relatively level playing field with the AI. As it is now, it’s difficult for me to know if I’m driving well or just overpowering the competition, ruining my sense of accomplishment. I’ve been playing less and less recently because of this….it doesn’t help that I won a ton of money in the seasonal events and my drive to play more to buy my dream cars has diminished.

  14. Feb. 15, 6:30am

    I’ve gotten bored with the game as it is, any new features will definitely get me back into the game. I have a Level 40 B-Spec driver and TONS of cars (over 400) and about 18M in credits, all the licenses and all the Gold in B-Spec. Only thing left is Gold in the Endurance races on the A-Spec and I do NOT look forward to the 24 hour bored during the Daytona 500 race even..

  15. Feb. 14, 7:42pm

    I hope there’s much more in this update besides the PP system. What about customizable gear ratios. That’s a very important one, and I really hope they add more support and tweaking for the Logitech G27, especially being able to map those buttons on my steering wheel.

  16. Feb. 14, 2:05pm

    I might be OK with the PP system if they leave out the penalty system from GT5P. That is one reason I quit playing, I would get a time penalty when someone hit me and they would just sail right on past. If I did the same, I get the penalty and they still cruise on past. Maybe I should give it another try.

  17. Feb. 14, 11:46am

    I think PP is a great idea. I am not a very fast driver and the only races that are challenging are the FGT and Vettel. When I say I am not very fast, I usually rank in between 2000-5000th place in the seasonal time trials and the racing is still way too easy in A-spec.

  18. Feb. 14, 8:41am

    Why is everyone assuming from those few poorly translated words mean performance points?

    When I read the tweet, I took PP as meaning ‘P1$$ Poor’ as in we implementing a p1$$ poor update. A lot seem to be read into non official news and over the week they become the expectation

    • Feb. 14, 10:38am

      You’re not funny.

    • Feb. 14, 4:00pm

      Wasn’t meant to be. But back on topic, It seems to be gospel that we are getting performance points, they’re fixing the savegame and were getting b-spec anywhere. I’m just not sure how these rumours become so trusted.

    • Feb. 14, 8:59pm

      Yep, you made alot more sense when it looked like you where trolling.

    • Feb. 14, 9:10pm

      Apparently he isn’t aware all of these “rumors” came from Kaz himself, (who hase also refered to performance points has “pp” before so that it would fit in a tweet). Not exactly third party unreliable sources.

  19. Feb. 14, 5:15am

    Why don’t they push out an official post about the updates? Now we’ve got a short Twitter message, and noone knows nothing about that update.
    Congrat PD, SONY and Kaz. Something will never change.. :(

  20. Feb. 14, 3:56am

    What they should put in but is unlikely is a proper trading system. And more xp per races because I’m half way through 29 and will take me grinding to the 20th just to unlock vettels challenge. Bullcrap

  21. Feb. 13, 9:23pm

    You know, I was just being pessimistic a few moments ago and thought “what if PD completely replaces the existing system in favor of PPs?” I like the idea of Performance Points very much, but I sure hope they leave the existing structure in place and supplement it with PPs. It would be really annoying to find out they had removed (as an example) the tire restrictions. So I hope we can regulate things such that (for example) anyone can run a car of 600pp or less, but so that it must also fall within a specific power, weight, or tire-compound range. (Personally, it would also be great to have a limitation as to year. Sometimes I would love to run an all-classics race without having to micro-manage everyone’s entry. But I realize that’s a minor point.) And I also agree it would be great to see PPs used in at least some A-Spec (and B-Spec) events and/or practice and arcade modes. Keeping my fingers crossed. I’m really hoping this update re-awakens my faith in PD.

  22. Feb. 13, 8:38pm

    Looking forward to this update. The only thing that concerns me is there seems to be no updates on rims, gt2 has better rim selection than gt5.

  23. Feb. 13, 5:43pm

    I am also glad to see the PP system returning. I hope it is an option to enable for online races. At present it is very hard to allow an open garage and have a close race. Limiting weight, tyres and power separately is clunky and still doesn’t balance the field very well. I was amazed (and disappointed) to see that PPs weren’t in from day 1.

    • Feb. 13, 6:52pm
      Bob is cool

      It would also make for better arcade races aswell :)

  24. Feb. 13, 3:22pm
    Bob is cool

    Yeah I actually likes performance points, hope it’s for arcade not just online

  25. Feb. 13, 11:48am

    PP’s you say? Because I need a better variety of cars to match the one I’m using…

    I mean, what’s the use of having the same set of AI cars all over again? With PP, variety is possible… Which reminds me of Forza.

    • Feb. 14, 12:56am
      Deriuqer Eman

      And with a single comment a half million fanboys simultaneously droped dead from acute brain Aneurysms………….

    • Feb. 14, 8:19am

      Fanboys of what? I mean, GT5 has 1, 030+ cars. But having the same set of 15 AI cars when using the same car is just unbelievable. Hopefully, PP’s can solve this issue.

    • Feb. 14, 11:30am
      Deriuqer Eman

      I was referring to this: “Which reminds me of Forza.”
      If that didn’t send GT fanboys into fits, nothing will. lol.

    • Feb. 16, 2:36am

      Okay, let me rephrase. I just noticed that Forza has better AI selection than GT5. But when PP’s come out, GT5 will have more interesting AI cars than Forza.

    • Feb. 16, 2:59am

      That’s possible, but doubtfull. I think it likely won’t have any effect on AI selection beyond any line-up changes initially made to keep AI compliant with PP (if it changes line-up at all), and it’ll still be roughly the same cars over and over and over and over……….lol

  26. Feb. 13, 10:51am

    It’s great news that they are bringing Performance Points back. That should make it so much easier to manage online racing. Currently the hosts have to “micro-manage” the cars people are allowed to run because certain ones (Elise RM, anyone?) are so overpowering at their HP rating. I sure hope they do a good job of it!

  27. Feb. 13, 10:51am

    Are performance points just online or are they on like every race. I guess i cant race X2010 for every race soon

  28. Feb. 13, 10:40am

    Implementing a Performance Point system is by far the the best way to restrict tuning, and it will make the game more challenging and fun to play. I look forward to it.

  29. Feb. 13, 8:34am

    I’m glad performance points are coming back from prologue. Hopefully it will mean racing/rm cars are restricted in low hp races. Everyone knows the wedsport and elise rm cars can beat anything under 400 hp.
    Another problem i hope they fixed regards Shuffle races online. Whenever someone attempts to spectate on an ongoing race, the game freezes. Its a little fault but frustrating when you’ve spent 30mins looking for a decent room.

  30. Feb. 13, 2:57am

    Performance points are excellent for a close even online race, at the moment there is no good way to restrict people thats very even. people love to whinge lol I and many others are happy with GT5 and PD are under no obligation to give us any updates whatsoever so think yourself lucky if you bought GT5 and enjoy it, if you don’t enjoy it the good news is that second hand prices are still high so sell it and stfu.

  31. Feb. 13, 2:17am

    My first reaction to this was excitement…
    …then I went to the comment section.

    You guys are such Debbie Downers.

    • Feb. 13, 2:25am
      A non e-mouse

      Lol, that’ll teach you…….J/K

    • Feb. 13, 8:59am

      Well, in trying to think positive and make the best out of things I guess one of the biggest drawbacks is in shifting. From what I gather if you want to race in auto you’ll be fine. Not how I would want it but I guess that might be the best way to play with the G27 for now.
      I think one of the most frustrating things is possibly not even the fact that Logitech or PD won’t officially comment on all this but the fact that if you read forums here and on Logitech your getting varying opinions! Some say it’s fine while others say it’s not? It’s very confusing ESP when your going to drop $300.
      I like your positive thinking though “a non e-mouse” and you might be right, the wheel is popular and hopefully if we project good thoughts we’ll get good results!

  32. Feb. 13, 1:55am

    If no class action possible boycott?
    Sony products?
    Logitech products?
    Future GT releases?
    It just seems unfair. Sorry to complain.

    • Feb. 13, 2:08am
      A non e-mouse

      Doubt a boycott would even get off the ground since most G27 wheels, and playstations were bought before, or at the time GT5 released. But the good news is that it’s a popular enough wheel that the fixes will likely happen eventually anyway.
      And no need to appologize. It’s a legitimate complaint I think.

  33. Feb. 13, 1:52am

    Logitech’s site says “gran turismo 5”.
    They better update that if it’s not true?
    It’s on their site right now.
    My wheel is on back order but I’m thinking of canceling it?
    I guess I’m supposed to buy a $500 wheel not $300!

    • Feb. 13, 2:01am
      A non e-mouse

      Logitech just says you can use it with gt5, which you can. It makes no promise of how well it will function with GT5 however, so no, they don’t need to take it down.

  34. Feb. 13, 1:18am

    I hope they fix any and all logitech g27 issues!
    I smell class action on pd, Sony or logitech? Maybe all the above?

    • Feb. 13, 1:37am

      Class action suit? Yah, that’s not going to happen……

    • Feb. 13, 1:46am
      A non e-mouse

      Lol, yep, not going to happen. No grounds for such a thing. Nothing on the box, manual, or game says anything about garranted 100% support for the g27.

  35. Feb. 13, 12:34am

    As usual up to date and useful GT news. But “effect” not “affect” in this context.

  36. Feb. 12, 11:49pm

    There is nothing wrong with complaining about this… obviously there are bigger fish to fry than MORE restrictions that do nothing for the game, at all.

    Lets fix shadows/graphical errors, unlocking gear customization, adding more tracks, how about some of those premium/standard converts? More events and content? Why not tidy up the Standard Cars or at least fix all the damn bugs?

    What do they decide to do? Add something to the game that it DOESN’T NEED.

    PP doesn’t have a place in the game… there are already so many damn restrictions that it’s just pointless. Might as well just cut through the BS and race stock cars in 1 make events for now on cuzz thats challenging brah…

    • Feb. 12, 11:54pm

      Yep. Your deffinitely playing the wrong game. Too many restrictions my arse. Try Mario Cart if GT is too much for you.

    • Feb. 13, 12:17am

      Everybody hear that? Deathsarthe finds the game too restrictive, so since only his wants and needs matter, we don’t need PP. More restrictions is only ranked 11th on the feedback forum, nobody could possibly want them. Instead PD should focus entirely onDeathsarthe’s vision for the game. The rest of us should let Deathsarthe do our thinking for us as well.
      On second thought, naaaaah.
      Yes, sounds like your only going to be dissapointed with the updates if you keep playing GT. Time for a new game for sure.

    • Feb. 13, 7:18am

      Did you buy this game to race or to collect levels? If it is the former, you do understand that all real racing series have regulations and restrictions right? It is what makes racing, racing.

      I find it ridiculous that GT5 is so forgiving, the AI competitors are supposed to be there to ‘compete’ with. Hopefully now they will try to get as close to the top end of restrictions as possible as would happen in real life.

      Can you imagine entering a race in real life whose regulations stated there are no tuning restrictions and no tyre restrictions and you think – ooh I know I’ll enter with a set of hard road tyres and a stock car? Because that is what the AI currently do in GT5 and it is so unbelievably unrealistic that it makes a mockery of PD’s stated dedication to realism.

    • Feb. 13, 10:33am

      @QUIZMO Its more than Deathsarthes opinion that PP shouldnt be added. Im sure if there was an ability to disagree with the PP system in the feedback area it wouldnt be 11th

    • Feb. 13, 6:46pm
      Dan D.

      Wow, Justcause just completely missed the point. Why am I not surprised?

    • Feb. 14, 9:49am

      I cant remember replying to you Dan.

    • Feb. 14, 11:32am

      And still doesn’t have a clue……..XD

    • Feb. 14, 12:32pm
      Ironic isn’t it

      Justcause: “I cant remember replying to you Dan.”

      Funny, i don’t see quizmo replying to you either.

  37. Feb. 12, 9:09pm

    I Get my taxes back that day.. i am most deff getting a wheel

  38. Feb. 12, 7:51pm

    Fix the elephant in the room, I mean the shadows. Graphically it is the only thing holding back the game from being 100% visually perfect for me. I cannot fathom how this hasn’t even been addressed yet or hinted at being fixed. If GT5 Prologue doesn’t suffer with these issues it can’t take them a whole heck of a lot to figure out why GT5 full version does and to fix it. I can’t even watch replays unless its a bright sunny day track so theres little issues with shadowing compared to the cluster screwup of pixels that appear on rain or even a nighttime rain track.

    PD fix it.

    • Feb. 12, 11:33pm

      90% of what I consider to be enjoyable game time is spent looking forward while moving in such a way that minor graphical inconsistencies are not noticable. If they bother you that much you are either, not paying attention to the road, not driving fast enough, or simply not driving.

      Do you really want to fix an admittedly annyoing and amateurish graphical problem when so much else could be added instead to improve the – you know – actual DRIVING part of the game?

    • Feb. 13, 11:34am

      Yes. I agree that it’s not the most imoportant thing to fix. But this game is supposed to be the best in the business when it comes to graphics. I enjoy watching replays, not just to watch how I drive but also because the cars and grapics are beautiful. But those blocky shadows ruin much of that experience.

  39. Feb. 12, 7:43pm

    All I want for Christmas is smoke in the rear view mirror

    • Feb. 13, 9:32am

      Agree, that suck too much. u have to look back to see the smoke. u cant in the mirrors.

  40. Feb. 12, 7:40pm

    I hope they will fix the shadows and the smoke bug ( the car become pixelized when it goes throught smoke), add more premium, new tracks, more RM, rims change for every car, and why not adding some events.
    I hope I won’t be disapointed.

    • Feb. 12, 7:41pm

      Plus, forwarding B-Spec possibily.

  41. Feb. 12, 7:22pm

    As much as my love of and enthusiasm for GT5 has waned somewhat in the last few weeks as I approach 90% completion I still have faith that this coming update will improve the game to some degree even after the disappointing 7th set of Seasonals.

  42. Feb. 12, 7:09pm

    PP should be optional races.PP will be useful in the seasonal racing,as of now there to easy.

  43. Feb. 12, 6:59pm

    Haha, always the complaints….

    I love GT5 and i look forward to this update a lot!

    Are you ever happy with anything?

    • Feb. 12, 7:18pm

      I’m with you.

      And no, they’re not.

    • Feb. 12, 8:04pm
      HTTP Error 404

      Wow, R1600Turbo found a way to be even more annoying than the complainers. Just blitz down the comments section making pointless sarcastic posts about it, even though it won’t change things one bit. Good job.

  44. Feb. 12, 5:38pm

    Its my birthday today!

    • Feb. 12, 5:47pm
      Invalid Name Error


    • Feb. 12, 7:00pm

      congratulations :)

  45. Feb. 12, 5:24pm

    Glad PP is returning. I hope it is used in Seasonal challenges- I bet it will be, to make them a “challenge”, not just a few laps with Ai for obstacles. I hope to god they expand a-spec.. and use PP for restrictions in the new a-spec series of races. Ai improvements and tweaks would be cool.. General game fixes- plenty of those needed, blocky shadows and smoke, no shadows on curbs, gearbox full adjustment, G25/27 clutch 2nd gear bug… lots of things to hope for, if not in this update, hopefully improvements will be coming soon.

  46. Feb. 12, 5:11pm

    “remote races coming early febuary” Hopefully that coming the 18th. better late than never i guess.

  47. Feb. 12, 4:55pm

    Why you don’t want PP system, if you don’t want this do not use it

  48. Feb. 12, 4:38pm

    Oh god… performance points?? This is what they’ve been working on for the last month?? Performance points…

    First of all, Performance Points was a stupid idea in GT5:P, it absolutely ruined the game for me. This is yet another bullsh** elitist feature that will just kill the fun factor. Many of my cars are going to be benched and grinding for credits will take so much longer, and then you can forget me racing in any endurance races which means it’ll be pretty much impossible for me to reach 40. I never liked B-Spec and with PP system incoming, I don’t think I’ll ever touch it now.

    If PD really implements performance points in GT5.. I will throw away my Collectors Edition, sell off my PS3. So many bad design choices and this one will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    No other GT title had the
    PP system aside from Prologue (which only had it because I’m assuming it didn’t have real tuning in it). It shouldn’t expand on having more limitations, but instead more freedom. This is what made GT titles from the past so addicting and great.

    • Feb. 12, 4:45pm
      bye bye.

      Welcome to the future of the series.

    • Feb. 12, 6:40pm

      If you are not satisfied with the Performance Points patching, simply disconnect your PS3 from the network (before the release date!) and do not reconnect until you are ready to take on the update. I still want to try to get both my A and B spec levels to at least 30 before I download this patch.

      Trust me on this, you can play this game offline even after this patch is released – because when I first bought the game, it was a stock version. I chose to be disconnected from the Network until I got my A-spec level above 15.

    • Feb. 12, 7:10pm

      There’s only one thing to say to you in this situation.

      You mad bro?

      They’ve used a very similar system in Forza 3 and NOBODY chucked a hissy fit as bad as that over it. If they implement it into A-Spec at least then some of the races will be an actual challenge.

    • Feb. 13, 12:33am

      “You mad bro” What is this?? World of Warcraft forums?

      I’m not disrespecting anyone’s opinions with this useless internet idiotism, and really that’s something I’d expect from a lesser community.

      Years ago this kind of trolling behavior wouldn’t have existed because GT was perfect. Now it isn’t perfect, and they’re rapidly changing it… of course it isn’t going to be ideal for every person on the face of the earth, but at least those who don’t agree with something so useless as PP shouldn’t be supressed in at least expressing their distaste.

      If there is any kind of rough estimate as to how I believe GT5 will perform over the next few months, I’d probably point out GT5:P’s progression over its two years on the market… it isn’t looking so good, especially when you consider how good it should’ve been given it’s the “complete” version of GT5 – not the $40 demo.

    • Feb. 13, 12:44am

      So you found previous versions, that were way more restrictive, were “perfect”, but the least restrictive version yet, you find to be too restrictive?
      Sure, that makes sense. Errrr, no it doesn’t.

    • Feb. 13, 7:11am

      @Desmond. The previous versions of GT were a lot less restrictive with more tuning parts and more tuning options than GT5. Now they are making GT5 even more restrictive than it needs to be with the PP system. I hope to god the PP system is for online only.

    • Feb. 13, 6:41pm

      You both have short memories. The previous versions were full of race restrictions. Much more than GT5. GT2 being the most restrictive. You guys are just upset you won’t be able to use high level tunes to make up for low level skill.

    • Feb. 14, 9:48am

      @Greg: Its amazing how you think you know how bad or good my skills are even though you dont know me or never raced against me. I have no problem winning races with a car thats even to the opponents but any B_Spec driver Ive had needs a better car because B-Spec drivers suck at racing.

    • Feb. 14, 11:26am
      Deriuqer Eman

      People probably think you have no skill because all you do on this page is whine that the game is to hard. Heck, I have never even controlled my B-spec drivers, and i’m at B-spec level 40 with all races gold. I f b-spec is giving you that much trouble, your doing something wrong. If B-spec was any easier they’d have to take it out of the game out of shear embarrassment. Face it, your getting PP, like it or not anyway.

    • Feb. 15, 4:04am

      @Deriuqer Eman : Good for you for being at level 40 B-Spec. I have been grinding B-Spec with almost a week nowand I am only at level 22. I had to repeat one championship continually all day yesterday just to get to level 22. I dont want to be doing the same championship over and over again for 10 hours just to get to the next level. Its taken me that long to get to level 21 because my B-Spec driver was losing 50% of the races he entered up to level 15.

      Also I cant recall complaining the game was too hard. I know I have been complaining that the game is too restrictive though. I dont mind the restrictions in the GT races , Rally races and any other proper race series races , but the road car races shouldnt be so restricted because those races are more like race what you bring track day races.

    • Feb. 15, 12:56pm

      “If b-spec is giving you that much trouble, your doing something wrong.”
      “Face it, your getting PP, like it or not anyway.”

    • Feb. 15, 3:49pm

      CDtually I dont have to face it that I am getting PP because I am not being forced to download the update. I can chose wether I want the update or not.

    • Feb. 15, 5:38pm

      lol, and his game won’t get the savegame fix because he doesn’t want to spend 10 minutes researching how to make a good driver and match it to a good car. I guess he showed you Deriuqer Eman/Gulio. Sheesh. Too funny.

    • Feb. 17, 8:47am

      @O_o: You dont have to worry about his save game not being fixed because his PS3 died a half hour ith the flashing light of death.

    • Feb. 17, 8:42pm

      Ehhhh, JustCause, you do realize O_o was talking about YOU not getting the update, right….?

    • Feb. 18, 4:53am

      @Gram: ehhhh I know that and I was telling O_o that he doesnt have to worry about my save game not being fixed because my PS3 died and it will be a few months before I can aford a new PS3. Also my GT5 disk is stuck in my PS3 and my PS3 is outside its guarantee with 3 and a half years.

  49. Feb. 12, 4:16pm

    Performance Points?
    isn’t it enough that we already have HP/Weight/Tire restriction?

    i mean honestly… in Prologue, the PP system consisted of sliding power up or down and sliding weight up or down. we can already limit that stuff. why do we need Performance Points?

    • Feb. 13, 6:56am

      I agree 100%. The Performance Points system in prologue sucked big time.

  50. Feb. 12, 4:14pm

    I actually would like to see performance points return, but ONLY if they give us the ballast option back from GT4. It would also be brilliant to see performance points instigated online, rather than power…
    Just a wee side note, but im loving the sites enbracement of the android browser. Very nice touch. :-P

    • Feb. 13, 6:55am

      I hope Performance Points and the Penalty system is for online races only.

  51. Feb. 12, 4:01pm

    Looks like everybody forgot about this, has anyone considered this update may bring that “Remote B-Spec” feature? PD said it would come “early February” and we’re almost in the middle of the month.

  52. Feb. 12, 3:56pm

    Performance points? Oh no…instead of moving forward they take a giant leap backwards..if i wanted to use Performance points i’d play prologue….lame…what merits the change?

  53. Feb. 12, 3:40pm

    What are performance points?

  54. Feb. 12, 3:20pm

    If there is no leaderboards in this update I will be pissed. Hopefully they have tweeked the AI to go a bit fast aswell as every race is a easy win even in a under powered car.

    • Feb. 14, 8:37am

      Yes please!!

  55. Feb. 12, 3:17pm

    Having at least 3 different save’able setups for each car!
    Turning the customizable gearbox into a real customizable gearbox.

  56. Feb. 12, 3:02pm

    Crap patch … it’s sad

    • Feb. 12, 3:09pm

      Doesn’t even know what’s in it, and already declaring it crap. Amazing.

    • Feb. 12, 3:14pm
      Big Ron

      He thinks, the performance point system is the only content :D Poor little guy.

    • Feb. 13, 5:49am

      Little poor old guy ( 46 ) :)

  57. Feb. 12, 2:51pm

    Theres only three things I would like in the next update

    1) The ability to save in endurance races
    2) In the car dealership to add standard cars instead of standards being in the used car dealership
    3) A better B spec driver that doesnt brake on the sniff of a high speed corner and a B-Spec driver that knows how to overtake properly.

    The rest of the stuff being added I have no interest in and I dont want to upgrade if the penalty system is harsh in single player mode.

    • Feb. 12, 2:54pm

      Oh and why on gods earth did they make the cars in the licence tests handle so much worse than they do when racing. Most of the licence tests are stupid and we never actualy race in such conditions.

  58. Feb. 12, 2:47pm

    why are they implementing PP again?

    Performance Points SUCK. Now we have HP which is the perfect way to limit races…

    Performance Points are dumb, its like downscaling.

    • Feb. 12, 2:53pm

      Its probably to restrict what cars we can bring into what races etc. As if B-Spec races arent already restricted enough. I dont understand why the Tyre restrictions are so harsh in so many races.

    • Feb. 12, 2:54pm

      Don’t like it? Unhook your internet connection and never download the update.

    • Feb. 12, 3:03pm

      Oh wow thank you for the tip. I would have never known that. (Just in case you didnt catch it that was sarcasim)

    • Feb. 12, 3:16pm

      Well, since you’ve repeatedly posted how hard the game is all over this page, mabey he made the understandable mistake of thinking you needed help with that as well……….

    • Feb. 12, 3:30pm

      By HP you mean horse power?

      If so, that’s a terrible way to compare performance. A Ford Lightning has high horse power but it corners like ass and weighs a lot.

      You can get an Elise, drop all weight and get the best tires and run circles around it.

      You’re taking into account one factor. And it’s the worst.

    • Feb. 12, 7:16pm

      @ Alex

      You just need a good tune on that Lightning…and a good driver. That truck is good for sub 6:30 times around the Ring. Certainly no slouch.

    • Feb. 13, 2:02am

      @R1600turbo – Sub 6:30? Didn’t expect that. I should give it a try :D

    • Feb. 13, 7:14am

      @OBKB Adding Performance Points and an over baring penalty system to GT5 is’nt helping to make the game any easier. Its actually making the game harder.

    • Feb. 13, 7:56am

      @justcause- it’s not making the game harder, it’s making it more even, especially in online races. And R1600 Turbo, Alex is right about the hp thing. You say tune the lightning? That will add performance points. And, by the way way, if you tune that ugly Ford and the Lotus, the lotus will still destroy it. Performance points just make the races more fair, period.

    • Feb. 13, 8:28am

      It might be making online racing easier but it is making the game even harder. Theres already too many restrictions on the offline game without adding more restrictions and an overbearing penalty system.

    • Feb. 13, 6:34pm

      Wow, it just flew right over your head and you probably didn’t even notice the shadow…….

  59. Feb. 12, 2:39pm
    TRC G00SE

    this could lead to classes for leaderboards?

  60. Feb. 12, 2:27pm

    Could someone succinctly summarize Performance Points for me, please? Google is not helping.

    • Feb. 12, 2:44pm
      Karl K.

      Simular to Forza’s point system. Races have point limits, and modifications to cars add or subtract points assigned to a given car, limiting what you can do to a car and still enter it in a given race.

    • Feb. 13, 7:50am

      yes, it really takes into consideration power to weight ratio, not just hp limits. Adding things like tires, suspension, transmission will add performance points to your car. This, in turn, may put you over the pp limit for a given race.

  61. Feb. 12, 2:23pm

    Hope in this update will be some new premium model cars, at least one new track, some new online and offline features.. then next weekend will be the best :)

    • Feb. 12, 7:14pm

      Prepare to be disappointed.

    • Feb. 13, 4:43pm

      I’ll still stay optimistic :)

  62. Feb. 12, 2:18pm

    Call me when we get new content.

    As far as I’m concerned this game shipped with around 200 cars. Some of which are hybrid cars that have no business being Premium.

    Who would take a Prius over any other Toyota car? Trueno, Celica, Supra? The list can go on.

    I’m a bitter man, Kaz! Appease me!

    • Feb. 12, 3:01pm

      In your opinion those cars have no business being premiums. I do use those cars you think have no business being premiums for fun every once in a while.

    • Feb. 12, 7:13pm

      The CR-Z certainly deserves to be premium. Fun little car. I for one am not concerned about “new contest” updates. I’d rather them spend time adding that new stuff to GT6 and getting it released the the next couple years.

      And if you refuse to drive the standard cars. Well, you’re missing out.

    • Feb. 12, 7:13pm

      …new content*

  63. Feb. 12, 2:06pm

    Am I the only one that finds it shocking that we have no info about what’s in the update (except for pp)?

    I mean, usually, devs give the details of every correction and/or adjustment they make. Why not PD?

    • Feb. 12, 2:16pm

      Not the least bit shocked. That’s PD, only tell the publice what they want us to know. Lucky we even got this tweet.

  64. Feb. 12, 2:02pm

    That’s a real photo…. right? :P

    • Feb. 12, 2:12pm

      Nope, your imagining it……;p

    • Feb. 12, 2:21pm

      this – better than reality :))

  65. Feb. 12, 1:57pm

    Sounds good to me! Hopefully more content but everyone has their preferences.

    PS: “this will have an affect”, it’s an effect. sorry for being such a grammar nazi

  66. Feb. 12, 1:55pm
    Delphic Reason

    Please tell me they are fixing the clutch in this update. Easily the worst clutch support of any sim game.

    • Feb. 12, 2:55pm

      Agreed, the clutch on the g27 and g25 with this game is far too glitchy. You only have to use about 1″ of pedal travel to drive the car! It also feels as if your clutch disk is coated in glue. All g27 and g25 players know what im saying.

    • Feb. 12, 3:00pm

      I have no problem with my G25 in GT5. It uses 100% of my accelerator. Its only when I touch the clutch that the clutch stays engaged until I change gear and that can be annoying.

  67. Feb. 12, 1:50pm

    I’ll be honest, I really didn’t like the performance points… Drove me mad having a car 1 or so points over the requirements…

    • Feb. 12, 2:09pm

      Yup. It would be better if there were more parts/tuning options for the engine, suspension, and such, allowing for fine tuning to shave that last point. Being able to mix and match parts also makes a car “yours”. I understand not everyone is some kind of gearhead, and PD simplifies for the “just wanna drive crowd”, but after nearly 15 years of GT, i’m tired of PD holding my hand.

    • Feb. 12, 3:08pm

      Doesn’t even know what’s in it, and already declaring it crap. Amazing.

    • Feb. 12, 3:10pm

      Ignore that. ment to post it elsewhere. Srry

    • Feb. 13, 12:20pm

      Adding modifications such as restrictors and ballasts would be a simple fix, but I doubt we’ll get this.

  68. Feb. 12, 1:41pm

    Woohoo! Everyday in my life I always visit GTPlanet since for the last 3 years

  69. Feb. 12, 1:37pm

    Is it power points or performance points?

    • Feb. 12, 1:45pm

      Performance points. It’s not all to do with power.

    • Feb. 12, 1:53pm

      Thought so, sneaky edit on the article now ;)

    • Feb. 12, 2:57pm

      No its restriction points to make the game even more restricting than it is.

  70. Feb. 12, 1:29pm

    In related news, the next round of dissapointed outrage is set to begin soon after, has people discover that the new update does not contain 800 upgraded cars, free roam cities, Pikes Peak, or any of the 100 other things that many seem to think are coming in the v.1.06 update for some reason……

    • Feb. 12, 1:32pm

      Yeah… I imagine the forum plenty of threads titled “So long for this?

    • Feb. 12, 2:26pm
      Madman Apex

      i think a lot of people are waiting on this next update to see if they keep going with GT or give up on it. i know i am; itching to get back to GTR-EVO/Race-07.

      most people are expecting everything that has even been slightly remotely rumored for GT5 to be included in this next update. and they will be greatly dissapointed.

    • Feb. 12, 3:21pm

      In other related news, premptive attacks in hopes of queiting legitimate concerns resort to hyperoble.

    • Feb. 12, 3:37pm

      Who said anything about legitimate concerns? The only things I read here are wish list items that are certain not to be there, but people think will, because they read a rumor from a third party. Obviously you missed the point.

    • Feb. 12, 3:40pm

      Guess who thinks 800 upgraded cars, free roam cities, Pikes Peak, or any of the 100 other things are going to be in the patch……

    • Feb. 12, 7:09pm

      @ Madman: If you’re “itching” to go back to those games, what’s stopping you? No reason to stay around here and complain.

  71. Feb. 12, 1:27pm

    hahahahaha :))… true…:)

  72. Feb. 12, 1:22pm

    Great news about PP system. Hopefully it will carry into muliplayer.

    • Feb. 13, 10:59am

      I hope they don’t get rid of the current system & replace it with PP, they need to have both with the option of selecting what one you wanna use. They do tend to get rid of features between games in the series, I so hope they don’t start doing this via updates, that’s just gonna hack a lot of people off who’ve come to rely on certain options. #waits for the other shoe to drop# :(

  73. Feb. 12, 1:19pm
    Saeed J

    CRAZY Update

  74. Feb. 12, 1:16pm

    Mmm release date for an update… that sounds a posible delay ha ha.Joking apart, great news!

  75. Feb. 12, 1:16pm

    Hope we get a big big and good update list because we have waited so long for this update.

  76. Feb. 12, 1:07pm
    Deezz Nutzz

    Finally they stop being lazy.

    • Feb. 12, 1:16pm

      Lazy? They’ve probably been working their a**es of just to give you that update.

      Atleast be happy that they’re finishing the features which should have been in the game earlier.

    • Feb. 12, 2:15pm

      @Deezz Nutzz:

      Yes, be happy that they’re finishing a game that’s been in development for 5 years and that I paid full price for.

    • Feb. 12, 2:17pm

      zed that line is getting old

    • Feb. 12, 2:21pm
      Don Cheese

      Buyer beware. Not PD’s fault you bought the hype, then ran out and bought the game.

    • Feb. 12, 3:23pm

      @Don Cheese:

      No, it’s not their fault the game isn’t finished.

    • Feb. 12, 4:01pm
      Karl K.

      He never said it was. What was said was it’s the buyer’s responsibility to research before buying. Trust the seller, you get burned.

    • Feb. 12, 4:09pm

      That’s been true since cavemen invented money, but it’s much easier to blame the seller than ourselves. lol.

    • Feb. 12, 4:58pm

      @Karl K.: I did. There are so many reviews you can read and none of them prepared me.

    • Feb. 12, 5:13pm
      Karl K.

      Fair enough. Next time though, forget review sites, just check this one’s forum/news pages. You’ll know within hours of the release what’s up with GT6 because everyone will be fighting over it. Probably less reading involved as well…….;)

    • Feb. 12, 7:06pm

      Would people stop with the damn “It’s not finished” remarks? You can certainly go to your local game store and purchase the freakin thing, so obviously it’s finished. You don’t like it, you’re not being forced to play it. Go sell off your playstation and buy a 360 and Forza and kiss turn 10’s feet. Sheesh.

    • Feb. 15, 9:47am
      Markus Vhane

      Stop complaining about GT5, if you’re not a fan in the first place you wouldn’t be here on this website! Stop whining like little children! It’s not the seller’s or you fault you bought this game. It’s just that we’re are racing fans in general, or car fans in general or just plain Gran Turismo fans! We should just be happy that this game is out and they are making this game grow maturely…

    • Feb. 15, 12:50pm

      @Markus Vhane
      Ehhhh, no.

  77. Feb. 12, 1:07pm

    Hopefully they addressed the “save file size” bug with this update. Nothing else matters in this game, until that one is fixed.

    • Feb. 12, 2:18pm

      its not that serious, just dont visit Museum 15 times in a row… but agree, this have to be fixed.

    • Feb. 12, 4:08pm

      @Tvensky, I frankly don’t understand the point of the museum feature. I mean i get the appeal but i never use it. When i get home from a tiring day of school i want to throw my F40 around the Ring, not wait for the online feature to load or grind away at Indy, or run an endurance….. thats what the weekend is for.

    • Feb. 12, 4:16pm

      @Tvensky It’s quite a bit more serious than you think. Re-check the news page, and you’ll see. Museum or not, EVERY save game will die eventually, unless this is fixed.

  78. Feb. 12, 1:04pm

    Great news! Looking forward to next weekend :)

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