What are you Eating/Drinking?

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Dietz Watson BBq Turkey (new)
Swiss Romaine Dijon
Jalapeño Ritz yella
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Yup, Monday drinking. Been that kind of day.
Only having this one though.

10 Barrel Brewing Co.
All Ways Down hopburst double IPA

Doubles usually give me troubles. This is only the second double IPA that I can tolerate.

Appearance: beautiful golden straw colored with a slight haze. It poured nicely into a tulip glass. It produced very little head but sticking lacing down the glass.

Aroma: pineapple and over ripe mango. Really a sweet note for such a high abv.

Taste: Mad citrus, pine and cannabis (the good sticky, smelly kind). I’m shocked out how approachable this beer is.

Easy on the palate, great aroma and taste. This is a winning double IPA for me.
4.6 outta 5
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I accidentally super-cooled a bottle of wine tonight. I left it in the freezer to chill for too long, but it was still perfectly liquid until the moment I picked the bottle up, and the agitation of the liquid was enough to trigger it to freeze rapidly. I'm just glad the bottle didn't break, and it is now nicely defrosted and drinkable again.
Topper tip: don’t freeze any beer. 🤣

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Beer slushies are horrible
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While waiting to pick up youngest sister from driver's ed (👴)

My daughter has driver's ed this semester, and I have to log her hours and mileage in a book.

Really thinking about putting on a white short-sleeve shirt, tie, and pilot's hat for that first logged drive (she has done several un-logged miles so far). She needs practice with manual, but won't go more than two miles or so before her confidence wanes.
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I was gifted some Gulab Jamun from a friend as he did a big shop at Nafees for his family and he knows how much I adore these Asian sweets.

I’ve just had lunch (Roast Chicken with coleslaw in a pitta) and three Gulab from my box.

Cool, I have never tried those of my 32 years of living.
If you get a chance I can recommend them. They’re best when warm though with a little bit of ice cream.

I did make some of my own a few years ago but they just didn’t quite cut it. I may give them another go at some point.

Pros: Decently sized bag (8oz) with good sized pieces of soft, dried squid that isn't overly salty or fishy tasting.

Cons: It smells like a bag of dried squid.
I am going to prepare some deviled eggs, baked ham, sausage, and hash browns for breakfast today. I've got plenty of salt and pepper to put on my food later!