What are you Eating/Drinking?

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Kimchi jjigae (Kimchi stew) for lunch:

Getting ready to eat some sushi rice with 2 big chicken thighs. With added barbecue sauce. This should be good!
I took my mum and her partner for a Chongqing hotpot. If they aren’t available tomorrow I know why (Jonny Cash).
Chongqing hot bot?

That looks a bit like the 5 alarm chilli that sends Homer Simpson on a trip.
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I missed a lot the past week, going to eat an english muffin with some toast and eggs. With my favorite orange juice drink.
Fixing to eat some eclairs, strudel, pop-tarts and bagels for a sweet treat. I love times like this! Yum, yum!!

What are you guys making today in the kitchen?
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Going to eat some spicy deviled eggs, and some hash browns from the microwave. I love Ore Ida tater tots, my favorite.
Food for today,

- Breakfast - Small bowl of Frosties & latte with Olive Oil

- Lunch - Bacon & Hashbrown sandwich with some brown sauce & Small glass of Orange juice

- Evening Meal - Fresh Beef Ravioli with Tomato Sauce (Pasta Sauce not the Heinz stuff from a bottle) & Aloe vera Juice

I do have a slice of Passion Fruit & Lime cake waiting for me as dessert, just not sure I want it.
Hostess fruit pies used to be fantastic. Addictive like. Haven’t had one in 20 years I bet. Huh. To heck with this wagon, I want on. Or off. Whichever way that goes.

Off the wagon, in the saddle?

Breakfast beer
Lunch beer
Dinner beer
Dessert beer

Speaking of 73 day old wagons or empty saddles…


That is the one when I said, I have found my citrus packed beer of choice! Almost local. And good.
Not sure if I’d be standing after all that beer. In fact after Uni I don’t drink much anymore and even a few small drinks and I’d be doing stupid stuff and causing mayhem.

I’m a lightweight now.

Ohh and I had my bit of cake and it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, it was way too sweet.

Breakfast cocca pops with banana and cup of tea
Lunch was pasty, crisp, a chocolate biscuit, a chocolate roll and a couple of easy peelers
Snack chocolate bar
Fixing to eat a 20-ounce box of Cheez-it. And then later on I'm gonna fix some baked green bean casserole. And eat some bread rolls as a side with it!

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