Worst car in gt1

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    I found it to understeer quite a bit, but I made some serious inroads within GT with that prize car. Not the best, but decent...a pity they never brought it back for future versions of the game.

    (I think between that and the Silva LM edition, they were the only two GT cars to never feature in a future version of Gran Turismo.)
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    GTO Twinturbo, all tuned, with semi-race hard tires.
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    NSX LM. Has been for years. For that price you could get another race car that's not nearly as light and skittish, or an absolute pain to keep under control.

    I hear that the CR-X del Sol LM is similarly hard to tame, but I never used it enough to make any sort of judgement.

    I used it a fair amount as my secondary race car behind the GTO LM. It was capable to an extent, although I wouldn't say it was the worst in the game since the understeer wasn't a killer problem for me.

    Well it is quite a handful for a heavy AWD with 900+bhp (same goes for the ’95 GTO TT), but you can certainly come out on top in the Megaspeed Cup if you avoid thrashing it. Gaining and maintaining a lead while wrestling it through the turns on High Speed Ring was among the more demanding challenges in GT1.
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  4. Grayfox


    I used the GTO MR fully maxed out.

    30KG less made it a little better but man starting off from 3,000RPM was horrid, regardless of how you revved it before the start.

    The car I disliked was the Copperhead, you could do no upgrades and could not sell it.

    Another annoying car was a fully tuned Viper GTS, 600HP+ and on basic tires and it still does not really fishtail.

    I found the chaser LM quite fun, good balance of speed, acceleration and handling.

    Worst was the Mazda Demio LX-G
    I mean come on what was kaz thinking, it is more than 10,000cr and it has the lowest HP in the game.

    Only an idiot would have bought it.
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  5. Alyssa


    What about the Demio A-spec?

    that thing has like 90something hp when bought but can be tuned to like 200-ish maybe???

    what is the slowest full tuned car?
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    The Demio A spec is a good light-weight worker in the US game, and it's free. Can do pretty amazing things in race-mod form.

    But apparently a lot heavier and less fun in the PAL version.