Free ‘Virtual Race Driver’ eBook Offers Sim Racing Tips and Advice

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With more mainstream simulation titles than ever and many routes to becoming involved in the eSports scene, the racing genre is flourishing in the competitive environment. However, with so many options and opportunities many questions arise; ‘how do I become a better driver?’ ‘What is the most effective use of my time practicing?’, to name but a few. Chris Newman aims to make entry into high-level sim racing a less-daunting prospect with his free eBook ‘Virtual Race Driver’

‘Virtual Race Driver’ focuses on professionals who’ve mastered a variety of racing titles including but not limited to iRacing, Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. The format of the eBook gives all interviewed racers a suitable amount of content to describe their practice techniques, experiences and general tips for making your way to a higher skill level. Gran Turismo Academy gets some representation with drivers like Nick McMillen and Philipp Schallenberg talking about their racing experiences to date.

The variation of content is a strong point of the guide. As an example, Schallenberg focuses on driving techniques and tips on the Nurburgring, talking about how to correctly pull off overtakes and the mental framing you should have for tackling the circuit. Meanwhile McMillen talks about the ideals of being consistent and advises on joining a racing league to improve your actual virtual racing skills. Each driver chips in with worthwhile information relevant to competitive sim racing — if you’re looking for literal driving tips, mentality advice or how to actually break into the top tier of digital racing, Newman should have you covered.

The guide is free and of a decent quality. For those who are interested in making the same leap many of the drivers in the book have made, it’s well worth a download. With GT Sport and its FIA Championships arriving at some point in 2017 there will be even more opportunities to get into competitive virtual racing.


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