GT Sport: New Details on FIA Partnership & Broadcast-Friendly Spectating


Does anyone remember the initial announcement regarding one of the largest collaborations between a motorsport organization and a video game developer: the agreement between Polyphony Digital and Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile? The partnership was followed by the certification of four of the game’s real world circuits and an official FIA Online Championship, a mode destined to merge real life racing with the virtual world of Gran Turismo.

Over time, speculation ran rampant, as fans took turns predicting both the quality and quantity of the FIA-related content that would appear in Gran Turismo Sport. The talking is over now, as we bring interesting details regarding the partnership and the effect it will have on overall gameplay.

The game will feature two FIA Online Championships which are going to run simultaneously: ‘Nations Cup’ and ‘Manufacturer Fan Cup’. The nomenclature of the championships should give you a clue what kind of gameplay you’ll experience. ‘Nations Cup’ is going to involve players representing their own home countries whereas ‘Manufacturer Fan Cup’ will allow drivers to pick their most desired car manufacturers and fight in their name throughout the series.


If you’d rather monitor racing from your sofa, the game will please your wishes with the ‘GT Live’ option, a vastly-expanded replay mode where it will be possible to watch live broadcasts during weekends. With commentary and sweet HUD indicators, GT Live brings racing games even closer to the slick presentation styles normally reserved for TV. All of this will be part of the so-called ‘Sport Mode’, one of the primary sections of the game.

Naturally, GT Sport will offer a number of conditions blended within the game’s career mode – we are going to dive into that domain very soon – where completion will result in real-world prizes.

Players can even earn an ‘FIA Gran Turismo Digital License’. Kazunori Yamauchi briefly touched on this in yesterday’s conference, and we hope to hear more details about it soon. According to information published on the GT Sport official website, more than 22 countries have already expressed curiosity for this particular mode, as there is no doubt online competitions will bring a new level of immersion to players.

Prepare for even more footage and media to start trickling out of the London over the next few hours. Swing by the GT Sport forums to stay up to speed as the day unfolds!

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  1. Cobra2245

    The broadcasting just reminded me of another feature that I hope PD brings back in GTS: car sharing from GT5. You used to be able to have anyone on your friends list drive cars from your own garage.

    It would be nice even if they brought that in a software update for GT6.

  2. Jayson619

    Time to seal my loyalty with LAMBORGHINI!

    Provided if GT Sport has the Sesto Elemento I’ve been hoping for.

  3. SW Boogie

    Any word about having the option to turn off the ugly and needless information hovering over the cars while racing? It really is an eyesore and pic you show in this article highlights perfectly my point. If you don’t know your in 3rd looking at a 2nd place McLaren and roughly your gap to the car in front you shouldn’t be on track :) But most of all it just robs the player from being fully immersed in the whole realism they’ve try so hard to create. So please would someone from the GT Planet staff at this event find out for this crazy fan that hates seeing works of art vandalized with graffiti :) Cheers, thank you, and keep up the good work keeping us informed.

    1. Johnnypenso

      With any luck you’ll be able to toggle it on and off as in previous GT games and other games as well. Hopefully on the fly as well in case you need or want it in race at some point.

  4. Blood*Specter

    I think PD has a better grip on the “social” aspects of on-line play than any of the other current racers. In fact they are head and shoulders above them. So the incorporation of FIA will be done well. And having rules will be a plus along with having them being part of the career and license progression.

    What I really want out of Sport and subsequently GT7 is simulation worthy setup, driving physics, crash and tyre modeling. Hopefully all the sound quality complaints have been addressed. If the heart and soul of the game (physics and setup) have been optimized, then everything else will fall into place. Cant wait to see what Kaz and PD have done.

    Of course, I’ll have to buy a “Next Gen” racing wheel because my perfectly good G27 has been obsoleted as a by product of greed. Life goes on……………………….

  5. Strop

    One thing I hope they fix is the audio. Watching the GT Academy finals last year where all you could hear were the commentators in an empty room was extremely weird. We need to be able to hear the cars or it comes across as incredible sterile and difficult to watch. Some in car views would be nice too. They don’t have to invent anything here, just learn from the countless motorsport telecasts (e.g. F1) already ongoing and copy what they do.

  6. BrunetPaquet

    I’m not into this whole FIA thingy, I’m just not skilled enough.
    Is there some info about open lobbies? I’d like to Free-Ride AKA Cruise on the beautiful new-gen tracks instead or do some “show off your cars” competitions.

    1. Tenacious D

      This is a big question. We don’t know much about any user stuff, other than the Livery Editor. Is online just for FIA competition, or will we be able to set up our own lobbies? Hopefully these questions will be addressed soon.

    2. SavageEvil

      I think the FIA thing is something you have to sign up for, there will be full offline play so it lends credence to having a normal online with rules like GT5/6 but I hope there is a GT 5 Prologue setup as well, that was epic fun.

  7. SavageEvil

    One question do we have a proper hood cam view? Would they be gracious to allow adjustment of camera views to best suit the driver? PCars had that but it also had that really nifty center cam that worked for every car, this needs to be in all driving games.

    1. Tenacious D

      Very much in agreement with you, though my personal fave is roof cam. But it needs adjustment. All views should be adjustable for placement, angle, shake and other parameters. Something else to lobby for in the forums.

    2. Andyc709292

      I’ve never understood why devs don’t just have an option/config screen that’s a side profile of a standard car, then the user just picks their cam viewpoint. So many games now have controls for move fwd, bcack, etc, so a nominally free cam could work.

      We’d all be happy then!

  8. Imad86

    So is PD gonna put all the countries this time? I’m from Algeria and it’s just not right for me to use the flag of another country that I have nothing to do wtih (and I’m pretty sure a lot of others share the same opinion)….

    1. Tenacious D

      This could likely have to do with international agreements, which you might know aren’t always so jovial.

  9. SolidRacer

    Sounds over complicated, I just wish gt stays to its core, with great physics and many classic cars with good challenging race tracks.

    1. Tenacious D

      This was discussed quite a bit. Sport isn’t GT7, so most of us understood that it would be a smaller game with less content, and more focused on sim-style racing. But it has an offline mode, so you can tear it up old school GT Mode as much as you want. With custom liveries this time!

    2. ALB123

      As stated, this isn’t GT7, but a game that takes the Gran Turismo spirit into a whole different direction. This isn’t a perfect analogy, but think of Forza and Forza Horizon. Related to each other, but one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Anyway, in response to what SagarisGTB said it’s nice to hear about the 117 offline events. I have a feel that means there won’t be weekly seasonal types of events. That’s just my guess. Does anyone know if there is a corny monetary system ala GT6? Do you have to purchase cars in Offline mode? Or have they taken the more appropriate PC Racing Sim route, like Assetto Corsa, and allowed you access to every car from day one? Since this is NOT GT7, they really better not have used the GT6 system of earning money to purchase new cars and tuning parts.

  10. fowlkore

    What kind of prizes will there be? The winner of yesterdays event only won a oversized trophy as far as I know.

    1. SavageEvil

      For normal play but the competitions might not require it at all if they want to have the most participants. Although the idea that people who pay are more apt to be serious about it over someone who doesn’t invest. Could go either way, but my money is on it being not mandatory for sponsored events, because it just makes sense.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Makes a lot more sense to have it mandatory for all events as that’s the entire purpose of PS Plus, to drive people into paying the annual fee in order to participate.

  11. MeanElf

    Nice – I have a bubble of excitement inside me from reading all of these reports. Thank you.

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