French Cars Featured in GT5’s Latest Time & Drift Trials

New Time and Drift Trials have just gone live in Gran Turismo 5’s Seasonal Events, placing the spotlight on French cars. Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

Time Trial No. 37

  • 450PP French Cars: Madrid City Course Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/05/30 23:00 – 2012/06/13 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • 550PP Toscana Reverse Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/05/30 23:00 – 2012/06/13 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

Drift Trial No. 37

  • French Cars: Tokyo Route 246 Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/05/30 23:00 – 2012/06/13 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • High Speed Ring Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/05/30 23:00 – 2012/06/13 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

As usual, head on over to our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion.

GT5 Photomode image by Jamoru.

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Comments (141)

  1. Flagmo-T

    Just some evidence of, why PD needs to recreate the Physics/material on the edges of the Gravel Rally Roads..

    in normal life rally, you would smash your wheel or get a puncture right away if you go out there, of course it’s not possible not to hit them, and go deep into corners, But this is intentionally to get a faster time.. Still hard to drive that quick even if you use the edges, but this is just a sad way to compete.. None Race Spirit at all.. :(

  2. Pit Crew

    Rain TT Nurb 24 hour. German Street cars Rain Tires Sports or Comforts, no Race tires.

    Super Drift Event Featuring 3 course, accumulative score, full course lap with a best time and best score setting, and PDB, scoring differences for cars that are stock vs Cars with tuning and including first time tire PP bias (comforts vs sports), using courses like Tsukuba, Suzuki East Nurb/GP or Formula Autumn Mini.

    Forgive me havent had coffee yet.

  3. Brunskill777

    I’m really annoyed. That rally one on Toscana is STUPID. Brakes don’t seem to work, if you jump you get invalidated, hitting anything no matter how slow (I hit a fence at 2 mph) gets you invalidated. And our old friend the ‘Stop over the line to load up your ghost, which inevitably leads to you crashing and invalidating, meaning you have to restart, stop, invalidate, restart, stop, invalidate’. I got silver, but my brother got gold on his, but says mine is less lenient than his. HOW? We’re on the same console, the same game, the same challenge. I prefer snow anyway. I absolutely HATE this time trial, if you expect a fast time on a track with fences and dodgy invisible barriers, there needs to be some slack.

    Manged the french ones both gold, just got bronze on high speed ring drift trial.

    Stupid time trials like these annoy me. Oh well, I’m hoping for a new a spec seasonal, like the ff 430pp on thursday :-)

    1. Flagmo-T

      SOrry to hear that Brunskill777 – The most annoying thing for me, is that my Console is freshing up, probably a sound issue, or just my stupid box ? – regarding the second jump, you’ll need to pump the brake pedal just before hitting the jump, so you end up lowering the gravity on your car, it works – yes there is a fine line between failed and success, but that’s the challenge in this rally event, keep the car on the road, and don’t follow the sissies/wimps that crawls around the corners (edges) just to get a higher score – They are not winners anyways .. And if you haven’t got the Mitsu 03 rallycar, you’ll be slower in all settings anyway…

      Let the challenge be the personal event for you, and not place on the scoring board :o)

    2. skyrunr10k

      I have played a lot of rally games and GT5 takes all of the fun out rally style driving. It is very limiting to not be able to slide a car a little without losing so much speed (the same goes for pavement), how the cars overly rotate/yaw off axis, and there is an overall lack of connection with the road which is essential to rally driving. A wheel makes SUCH a huge difference in Rally on GT5, but it is noisy and gets tiring so I can’t always use mine.

      However, I think they did the 2nd jump right. It is set so that if you bottom out or catch a bumper you invalidate the lap. Most games would wreck and reset you or disable your car. You can hit it pretty hard with some basic rally tuning (higher and harder). If you want a softer suspension just drop a gear before you hit it. With the slow tight left immediately ahead you don’t want to carry that much speed at that point on the straightaway.

      It IS very annoying when you rub a fence or barrier and get 5 invalid laps in a row. However, it is more annoying in a time trial on pavement because you may have your tires all warmed up. The stopwatch ending 3-4 seconds after the actual finish line really needs to be fixed as well.

      IMO Seasonal events should be much more challenging and fair. No driving line, no assistance, no automatic, no traction control, and the same car (maybe you would win it with a gold finish). Also, it just isn’t cool that I can’t obtain the main top 100 ride when I’m a level 40 and have $20m in the bank.

    3. Flagmo-T

      SKyrunner10K I hear you – I’ve been driving RBR since it came out in 2004, and it still is the only Real Rally Sim compares to what is out there..

      I had one of my friends over for a driving fun night, and he is a Danish Rally champion in real life, and He couldn’t understand GT5’s Rally physics at all, we tried Gravel and snow and Tarmac, i He just laughed, but mostly about Sebastian Loeb and Sordo, which have been the test drivers on GT5’s rally Part – He couldn’t find any Comparison to real Rally driving in GT5, nor either with the use of the handbrake in throwing the car into a corner or ya he just laughed, and this guy is someone that i really respect for a mature critic, But Again He loves Richard Burns Rally with Hes G27 and playset setup.. I trust him..

      Im on place 745 with a Mitsubishi 09 – and I still got some seconds to catch, if it wasn’t for the nervous penalty system hehe.. But the cutting of the corners by using the rough edges is so far out, if you did that in real life, you would probably get a puncture right away, and you would be slowed down rather quickly.. Nahh It’s not even close to real Rally, but i do get some fun out of it :o)

  4. Flagmo-T

    I think PD should consider to make the rough edges around road on a rally track much more slow :| people are cutting it deliberately to gain a faster corner – And Again, That takes the fun out of Racing in my book – I wouldn’t call it cheating, but not either good race spirit .. Changing it will only make it more real and that is what i look for in GT5…

    what do you think .. ?

    Flagmo-T aka Team_MoFF-No2 DK..

  5. Flagmo-T

    In not such a long time, the word DLC will be considered a Curse name, and will be Blocked in the news that doesn’t concern DLC’s and new tracks bla bla.. Hahaha that would be fun, with a rule change in this News section :P

    Thanks for the update PD :)

  6. RobDoggy05

    I think its sad when i see the online ranking for the French drift trial and majority or the top rank players are drifting the Peugeot 905 race car….A Le Mans race car. I mean come on… talk about being 1st at all costs…
    So to all you top ranking players who used the 905 race car…
    Pop that big head of yours and use a normal RWD car and do it like they do it on the Discovery channel!!!!!
    And you cant turn around and say “ya but its harder to drift than any other car” Im sorry, But in real life… Not possible
    Do it the way its suppose to be done or not at all..

    1. Progress823

      +1 …. The bad will continue to get worse. “I have to win, even if it’s cheating.” – the mantra of the kid that plays GT5.

    2. RobDoggy05

      after getting 9800+- points and getting gold in my Renault, i tried on the 905 and with tweaked suspension and diff i got gold again but not as high… The only thing i do on Gt5 these days is drift.. so dont come with your 2 cent comment about skill, beacuse believe me, Ive got the drifting skill…

  7. marktyper

    THERE’S A NEW UPDATE and I guess it is 2.9 MB BUT BUT BUT the server is on maintenance!!! HAHA I wanna know what it is… It seems big cause of the size itself. :D

    1. DuskTrooper

      2.9 MB isn’t that big. It only fixes one minor bug, and doesn’t contain any new game-related items or features.

  8. vrossi

    Kaz..if ur gona give us Americans trucks, don’t forget to add gun racks, & the ability to roll down the window & shoot while driving. U we can hunt.

    1. DuskTrooper

      It’s one thing not to actually want trucks in the game, but do you really need to be so stereotypical about it?

    2. Quakebass

      Are you actually American, or are you just joking around? Trucks would be ok, though racing/rally trucks would be my preference if we were to get some.

    1. HuskyGT

      I was thinking the same. But I think he used the Partial Monochrome filter, or he lowered the saturation in photoshop, so it’s hard to say what color it is.

      It’s strange because it looks gray in one side and black at the back. It could be one of those Maziora paint chips.

    2. Toyota2jz

      Hmm.. guess so. The only colour I could think of right now is ‘Super Black’ from the Nissan dealership.

  9. HuskyGT

    Just tried these today. My RenaultSports Clio V6 did the trick in Madrid. Almost stock, about 5 seconds of spare, 1 lap.

    The Toscana trail was kind of hard, I must admit. Took me a couple of tries not to keep hitting the barrier, or getting my counter in red just because of the jump. I blame myself for never using this track in reverse configuration. I managed gold with almost a second of spare.

    I don’t feel the need for competition and I just do these for the prize, but I can’t help to ask myself; how did the guy in first managed 1:40?

    1. Brunskill777

      You are so right, as with every time and drift trial, you manage at most 5 seconds quicker than gold. These guys/sad people who practice for 24 hours must have some serious cheats or something to beat it by at least 15 seconds. Especially drift trials. I get about 2000 in 1 sector. The guy at the top of the rankings gets 10000. It’s as if they have some mega cheats that only they know about. Although I have friended RB_Firooz, who tops the leaderboards (he’s top of the high speed ring one at the moment). Hoping to ask him how he does it.


      I tried softening up the suspension on my Megane Renault sport ’08 and it did fine. I recommend that.

    2. Pit Crew

      Try the Renault Clio Premium Stock. ( tune if u want but unnecessary for gold. ) got 147. 540 time. Stay smooth an steady with controlled drift through turns and you’ll be fine. turn off any aids if you have any on . TC will give feeling of understeer.

  10. BHalpen

    Obviously, what I mean by outta touch is… the game is DEAD. I have no online features at all unless I update. But at least my game sounds and steers better.

    1. Quakebass

      I’m confused as to what you’re getting at… The updates install the new DLC content to the game (it would be a much bigger download if you had to download the actual content), and the DLC basically “unlocks” it with a code. It’s much more efficient that way. And what do you mean by you “have no online features at all unless I update”?

  11. BHalpen

    Funny, I’m so outta touch now! I’m not even downloading the latest updated version because of the complaints of the audio and freezing problems. I’m waiting till the next update or for dlc… which is given free to everyone thru an update and then you get charged later to use it!

  12. Ballbagboy

    To be honest, i truely think, we wont have anymore DLC, i really dont know what happend, some say it because they are busy with GT academy, but we was waiting wayyy before that. All im saying is, if we do get DLC it better be worth the wait.

    1. hairystig

      STFU about dlc its all been said before and none of it has or will in anyway affect PDs Kazs or Sonys decision on dlc

    2. Pit Crew

      Way off topic. Hows about chiming in on your opinion about the newTT/DT. DLC comment thread exists on main forum page. Try it out.

    3. Pit Crew

      Those lil Alpines drift so sweet, its a blast.

      Heres my vote for GTACADEMY Drift team Sponsored by NISSAN lol.

      Some of the top Drifters make a strong argument, in all seriousness.

    4. Quakebass

      ^ When people start an off-topic argument or comment stream, I try to end it as quick as possible with as many facts as possible. So, I ask for permission to respond to this comment so that future off-topic (likely DLC related) comments are less likely to occur.

    5. blasos

      So, there is a thread created for DLC to get it the topic off the main news stories. In other words: sweeping it under the carpet. I see we now have the low-grade morons that order “STFU”, they must be on a break from posting highly unintelligible YouTube comments and have begun to do it here instead.

    6. Quakebass

      ^ What I was getting at was my response to off-topic comments, not that I want to start/continue them. I’d rather comments be related to the news story, and if people just HAD to discuss DLC in the news section, just do so on appropriate articles (Like update/DLC info or announcement articles).

    7. hairystig

      The whole subject of dlc is incredibly boring now, there’s been no news or announcements kaz hasn’t said anything on twitter so there’s is very little point bringing it up unless you know something no one else does.

    8. Ballbagboy

      Calm down kids, i was only stating what i think, some of your arnt mature enough to be on GTPlanet

    9. Pit Crew

      @Ballbagboy Some of us can actually stay on topic when we post. News thread is for new Drift Trial Time Trial. NOT DLC

  13. DANfourTWENTY

    cant even play these until my blu ray gets fixed (need kes 400a laser), crappy sony and there cheap parts.

    1. Pit Crew

      @grazbro What does that have to do with his question, in which the answer should have been; got new OCD last week.

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ He’s a fanboy who purposely wanted to write that crap up. No worries, not even a big deal either. :)

  14. DuskTrooper

    A little of topic, but I just noticed that another maintenance notice has been posted.

    It’s probably just server maintenance, yet again that’s what I said last time.

    1. thefik

      stay on topic or else the on topic nazis will throw you in a camp to make you concentrate on staying on topic

    2. Quakebass

      Yeah, they’ve become incredibly aggressive recently… I hope this doesn’t mean World Wide Web War I will start soon…

  15. nascarfn

    HEY KAZ WHAT ABOUT US GUYZ THAT WANT SOME TRUCKS maybe u could turn those standard trucks into premiums and add some proper chevy trucks non of that low ride crap and add some proper 8ft box proper height noo low ride!!!
    – any proper Chevy trucks from 1970-2012 dualy’s too
    -any proper dodge trucks from 1980-2012 dualy’s also
    – any proper ford trucks from 1986-2012 dualy’s as well
    – Nissan 2012 pickup -Toyota 2012 pickup if you want

    Also maybe tracks like Silverstone, Mosport, Road America, Road Atlanta, Infineon, Both Watkins Glen courses v8 super cars Bathurst and more v8 super car tracks

    1. Swagger897

      The name says all… Would be nice to see road Atlanta since the ILMC did use to race there…


    2. Jaycue58

      Dull dulll dulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll soooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooorin

    3. ttfn

      Actually i prefer cars that can go around corners rather than those that go round and round in an oval……

    4. Racin-Rev

      I’m an American race fan but this is just goofy. Come On Man — there are plenty of other games out there that will fulfill your NEED. GT was never meant to be That Game.

    5. another_jakhole

      Who said trucks aren’t meant for GT? It’s not like there isn’t such thing as truck racing. Get off nascarfn’s ass. But, he’s completely off-topic. :\

    6. MuoNiuLa

      Keep crying about trucks. I’m sure if you keep trying, PD will care enough to add them, along with the other DLC demands.

    7. XxFineDriveFDxX

      It’s better if you just post DLC suggestions in the forums, and not under the news posts.


    8. another_jakhole

      “It’s better if you just post DLC suggestions in the forums, and not under the news posts.

      WELL said.

    9. MuoNiuLa

      @jackhole: Maybe people wouldn’t have responded the way they did if he hadn’t posted this exact same message over and over again on different news pages.

    10. nascarfn

      “Typical american, trucks and pickups…”

      im actually canadian
      and the reason i post so mkuch is so it will catch the eye of kaz and i wil post on news thats how u get attention how often are u in the dlc thread really and this clearly cawt ur eye much more than it hidden in 10 000 demands…………. :) :P

    11. Pit Crew

      @nascarfn thats a good defense i guess but you dont seem to understand that trucks over cars, will not garner much attention from PD if as you say they see your multiple posts, however they see our multiple complaints or adjustments to your posts also.

      if they wanna consider trucks, they will be in this order: nissan, mazda, toyota, subaru, mitsubishi, not ford, chevy, dodge, maybe toyota, nissan, if they want to. of course they would want to. the development team is of japanese descent and they have pride in those designs too.

      as per before the subject you insist on over posting is OFF TOPIC which does happen alot, but you are doing it kinda troll style in news threads were you could easily comment on the subject at hand. did you play the TT or the DT?

    12. marktyper

      wow why too many pick ups in your wish list? There are great trucks in the game … If there will be next DLC, it must be something exciting.. Not Trucks nor Racecars.. Like performance production cars.. As an example, I would like the new Mercedes Benz C63 Coupe AMG !

  16. Brunskill777

    Great events too, can’t wait to do them, just don’t know what car to use. There is my hyper tuned Renault Avantime. Reflex purple bodywork, red wheels, spoiler, lots of BHP. Need I say more, apart from I’d love my Avantime pictures to be featured.

  17. Brunskill777

    How do you get photos on to here to have a chance to have them picked for a picture on a new story. I love people to see my pictures on top of a new story on gtplanet.

  18. sandwiches

    NICELY!!. When is there gonna be a an endurance race something different would be sweet 3 x 1 hour races or somethin…

    1. DuskTrooper

      A few short endurance races like that would a great change of pace. Hopefully Polyphony Digital would agree too.

    2. Progress823

      This is something that will not happen on this game unless we keep asking for it. I get tired of 5 laps races – come on PD put some tire wear and pit stops in there – and especially with that PDB in effect now it will be worth the effort.

      Also, take off that damn credit cap – I’ve been at 20,000,000 for months…

  19. HuskyGT

    Nice time trail events. Let’s see, which should I use… my Citroen C4, or my Renault Sports Megane?

  20. TomBrady

    Is that Toscana Rally course? If so, that’s great. This game sorely needs rally events. I had great fun 2 weeks ago with the Chamonix rally time trial so I hope this is the dirt toscana, not tarmac

    1. Orkbulrog

      I wanna know too. I get a better lap time with a bigger jump followed by hard braking side ways into the turn and then setting up for next turn, yet invalid after a hard landing as if the computer knows the jump is not realistic I’m confused I though this was a simulator.

    2. Orkbulrog

      I just realized if damage was on, a jump of that scale could damage the car and that’s maybe y it’s invalid.

    1. another_jakhole

      Look at the rankings when you enter a race. You’ll see the majority of the top times use the same car.

  21. Quakebass

    So is there still “performance difference bonuses” for the trials? It would make sense for the time trials, though not so much the drift trials.

    1. TayTheDay

      Quite the opposite I’d say. It indeed works for races when technically your trying to beat a set time (by the fastest AI) with the lowest PP possible. In time trials your aiming for the fastest time using all of the PP available to you.

    2. Quakebass

      ^ Well, in terms of rewards, if you use less performance, you’re using more skill to achieve the goal. So in a sense, you “deserve” a greater reward. Performance doesn’t exactly matter in drift events, for you can drift just about any 4 or rear wheel drive vehicle… the only exclusions are to little HP and too much weight.

  22. BIOHAZARD9519

    That’s it, now I know I want to buy the 207. It’s time I added some French cars to my garage.

  23. Foxiol

    Great photo indeed. Thanks to these seasonal´s i´m using different type of cars lately. And touching those that i never wanted to use.

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