Get Two Rally Porsches When You Preorder Gravel

It’s hard to believe that the Porsche license in racing games was like gold dust not too long ago. Thanks to an exclusivity deal with EA, it didn’t look like we’d see the marque in anything other than Need For Speed.

Fast forward to the start of 2018 and Porsche is appearing pretty much everywhere. Milestone’s upcoming offroad racer Gravel is also getting in on the action.

Those who decide to preorder Gravel will gain access to two eye-catching Porsche models. Unlike other games, which have offered the manufacturer’s road or circuit vehicles, Gravel is tempting players with a selection of off-road cars. Ordering early will secure access to the 959 Rallye and 924 GTS Rallye.

Although far from the conventional Porsche picks, both of these cars are very tempting. We haven’t seen the Porsche 959 Rallye in a rally title since 2002. It last appeared in EA Sports Big’s experimental racer Shox: Rally Reinvented two console generations ago. This version of the 959 is also branded in the official livery used during events in 1986.

The 924 is even rarer, having never appeared in another rally title at all. Milestone is bringing the big guns to push people into preordering early. This Porsche includes two liveries from 1981 and 1982. The two DLC additions will join the Cayenne Transsyberia and 911 RSR Rallye already present in the base game.

The Porsche Rally Pack DLC will be offered to those who preorder but it won’t be held exclusively to this condition. Both Porsches will also be included in the Gravel Season Pass. This is arguably how a preorder bonus should work; you’ll get the pack free for ordering early – not hold it ransom over those who don’t.

As an arcade racer, Gravel is looking like it could be a sleeper hit. Recent gameplay looks fun and the car list just keeps getting stronger. We can’t wait to get our hands on the game and try it for ourselves.

Gravel is set to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 27.