Gravel’s Gamescom Trailer Explores Multiple Race Types

Milestone Games has released a trailer for its new project Gravel. Announced earlier this year, Gravel is quite a step away from the usual titles from the Italian developer. Players will be able to tackle various race types and drive a wide selection of vehicles, as shown in this trailer.

Gravel Has a Lot of Variety

Set to a romping soundtrack, we get an extended look at the many events that make up the title. The first of these is Wild Rush, which looks to be some sort of canyon challenge. We’re getting strong Motorstorm vibes from this one, especially with the vehicles being used.

Comparisons don’t end there either, as Gravel will feature Cross Country racing too. The legendary Celica and modern Fiesta plow through a wide forest at high speed, bumping and grinding along the way. If you’re looking for something a bit more grounded, Gravel has its own answer to rallycross.

Speed Cross is what you expect from the name: real world hybrid dirt and tarmac tracks with seemingly no vehicle restrictions. We say that as the video shows a Toyota Hilux and Celica clash in a battle for first place. Given the exciting track designs in the other modes, we’re intrigued to see what Milestone can cook up to keep this mode relevant.


Fans of Milestone’s MXGP series will be happy to see Stadium events return. Clearly inspired by the motocross titles, this mode looks to throw players in claustrophobic tight circuits that probably shouldn’t host rally cars in the first place. Bearing this in mind, it looks really fun. If you’ve ever played one of the MXGP games you’ll know what to expect.

That just about rounds off all the events found in Gravel. Milestone is making the most of the license-free approach they’ve taken in the game. Not having to worry about motorsport specific regulations has clearly allowed the team to branch out into a different type of racing game. Ever since the demise of Evolution Studios, we’ve missed a fun off-road fling so Gravel could occupy that slot. We’ll find out when the game launches early 2018.

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