Gravel Heads to Console and PC February 27

A new developer diary for upcoming off-road racer Gravel has revealed a 27 February 2018 release date. Italian developer Milestone will be launching its latest effort in the early months of next year and promises a thrilling romp in the dirt.

The video discusses the career mode of the game and the many features it includes. Milestone appears to have taken inspiration from Playground Games’ Forza Horizon series when it comes to world building in-game. The career mode will feature the aptly named “Gravel Channel” which acts as a TV broadcaster to push along the events you’ll participate in.

The drivers you’ll face in-game will also have a palpable personality instead of the faceless anons found in many other games. There are five masters that players will have to face off with, each with their own real-life persona. It’s an interesting way to help the game stand out from the crowd and reminds us of the old Need for Speed titles from years past. It’ll probably be as cheesy as those titles too, but perhaps we’ll see some Oscar–worthy performances…

Actual driving is split into four main disciplines:

  • Stadium
  • Wild Rush
  • Cross Country
  • Speed Cross

If you want to beat Gravel’s career model you’ll have to become proficient in all four. Each offers a different experience and we’ve detailed what to expect from these disciplines earlier this year.

Compared to Milestone’s other efforts, Gravel is shaping up to be a racer with more personality. The choice of FMV-style driver clips may not resonate with everyone, but it gives the game’s career a unique element in amongst the other off-road racing games.

Previous titles from the developer have attracted a niche but dedicated audience, with motorbike racer Ride being one of the standouts. We’re big fans of the underrated Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO, too. It’s still a bit early to tell but perhaps Gravel can find its own success next February.

More information on Gravel can be found on the official game website.

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