Getting Behind the Wheel of FM7’s Porsches in Full 4K

Forza Motorsport 7 2 November 8, 2017 by

We’ve been spending more time with Forza Motorsport 7 recently, running on the new Xbox One X. This time, we’ve taken a few Porsches out for a drive.

We start with the Cayman GT4, at FM7’s new headline circuit, Dubai. It’s a track we’ll readily admit to not being very familiar with, so you’ll have to excuse the relative lack of pace. The GT4’s a very friendly car to learn the track with, though!

After that, you get a quick taste of us wrestling the 911 GT2 RS around the Green Hell. The mission? We were aiming to match the time the FM7 cover star set around the track in the summer. You can probably guess why we didn’t show the whole lap, then…

Lastly, we end the quick tour with the 911 GT3 RS at Maple Valley. The Forza classic track returns to the series in FM7, and it comes with an impressive blanket of rain here.

With 700+ cars available, why is the footage so Stuttgart-centric, you ask? These clips were all captured at Silverstone, where we spent some time with Porsche and Microsoft last month. You could almost call it practice, actually. Stay tuned for the full report on that event later this week.

Featured image courtesy of Kedmasterz.

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