Gran Turismo 5’s “Course Maker” in Action, Gameplay Video

November 14th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

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  1. Nov. 15, 7:38pm

    What about the explosions? The sound isn’t there. See ya.

  2. Nov. 15, 5:07pm

    @BHayes_S13COUP The Veyron might be standard. Perhaps the Supersports will be pemium dlc

    • Nov. 15, 7:06pm

      doubt it

  3. Nov. 15, 4:40pm

    Much better than I expected – not completely random and the results looks very good! What would be fantastic is an option to import / draw the contour lines so elevation could be adjusted. Anyway, I hope PD continue to work on this fantastic feature.

  4. Nov. 15, 2:18pm

    it looks amazing… i agree with a previous reply about the course flow, this should mean that you can in theory you can recreate most real world race tracks as they all flow. it will be great just trying to recreate local tracks from the world and racing them online. this game has been worth the wait. i would also like to say that those that bemoan about this is missing that is missing…its missing for a reason..DLC this game will run and run until gt6.

  5. Nov. 15, 2:09pm

    and yet u can’t change or paint the wheels on standard cars!!

    • Nov. 15, 2:27pm

      yep unnacceptable with the wheel issue

  6. Nov. 15, 11:45am

    I’m liking what I’m seeing.

  7. Nov. 15, 11:07am

    sorry, this post is in the wrong place

  8. Nov. 15, 11:06am

    @Benny ok, the hippy bus is kind of funny but there are a lot of other examples. you can say you don’t like the veyron all you want but fact is, it’s a huge achievement and almost anybody would agree that there is least a few less deserving cars on there. i mean it’s the friggin top gear car of the decade
    @Hayes it’s not me or cars I like, that’s my point. You can’t create a game meant for millions to play, for just one man. That’s my basis of critisizing the fact that the veyron gets second rate treatment. Just because you made the game, doesn’t mean that you should ignore your audience, and yoou should be smart enough to realize this isn’t just me that’s outraged over the veyron countach etc. Sure KAZ CAN do that but does it make the game better? Hell no and I think even you can realize that catering a game to one person’s taste instead of an audience is not the best way to do things

    • Nov. 15, 2:30pm

      Agree, you could argue that 80 skylines and only one 370z is a joke too, add to that the standard car issue with no wheel changes etc.. seems a bit weird, I’m sure we will enjoy it, but pd know what they have to do now.

    • Nov. 15, 4:52pm

      Dude, it’s not that the car isn’t in GT5, be happy that it is in. And I doubt they did it on purpose, maybe bugatti didn’t WANT them to make it premium because the damage etc. looks too good.

  9. Nov. 15, 10:46am

    Anyone knows how this guy got his hands on a GT5 copy?

  10. Nov. 15, 10:34am

    I’m just curious if once saved, and raced on, will there be replays…

  11. Nov. 15, 10:13am

    Atleast we know what turn10 gonna put in Forza 4 now…….

    Great job PD!

  12. Nov. 15, 10:12am

    Spa look-a-likes incoming ?

  13. Nov. 15, 9:59am

    I’m so glad you can adjust road width. This new feature will prove itself invaluable I think. I’m really psyched they put it in game.

    • Nov. 15, 11:15am

      agreed. I think that’s one of the coolest things about it. You can make tracks contract to the widtch of nurburgring, and expand it to the super wide width of mid field raceway lol

  14. Nov. 15, 9:01am

    I just hope that you can race karts on the created tracks.
    There’s no reason for that not to be allowed, but I’m trying not to get too excited ahead of time…
    Creating go-kart tracks will be the most fun I’ll probably ever have with a videogame! It makes up for the dubious car list and for the lack of Midfield and Paris!

    • Nov. 15, 11:13am

      I’m pretty sure you can race karts anywhere but there are certain cars you can’t race at the little oval kart track, piazza del campo. and ignore the fact that it’s not on the track list, it’s in the game, we already saw gameplay

  15. Nov. 15, 8:14am

    I wish GT5 Had a Car creator app so i could create my own badass car something other than a freaking skyline

  16. Nov. 15, 6:23am

    What is exactly the point of choosing details in the sections, when the game resets it randomly when you get to the nest section, it`s like a neverending story.

  17. Nov. 15, 5:58am

    I’d still like to recreate the GT3-4 era Test Course………….unless, it ends up being one of those unlockable tracks. =)

  18. Nov. 15, 5:09am

    Although this is a nice feature, and it won’t be perfect first time round I do think they could have allowed us more control over the course layout. Being able to re-create real World tracks would be awesome.

    I’m not sure it will extend the life of the game tbh. Due to the small number of tracks in the game, there won’t be that many to race on during career mode and it will get boring.

    I do like the idea of being able to upload your creation online, but due to the limited tools we’ve been given I don’t think the good tracks will be created by someone with any skill, just blind luck by the course maker.

  19. Nov. 15, 4:44am
    No new RUFS WTF

    Off subject but do you think that we can make a two tone paint job on our cars in GT5 for example???

    • Nov. 15, 5:45am

      It didn’t look like it in any of the videos I saw, but I can’t say that for sure.

  20. Nov. 15, 4:29am
    general of the army

    i hope we can share track’s :)

    • Nov. 15, 4:51am

      It was mentioned some time ago that people will be able to share their generated tracks online.

      Will be epic :)

  21. Nov. 15, 2:00am

    looks frustrating if you are trying to create something specific – when you adjust one section the others appear to get regenerated too, or perhaps there is a way to lock these in that I missed, or we weren’t shown. It does look very good and easy to use if you just want a random new track.

    Editors I have seen on other games (from a generation ago) were very clunky and ultimately useless, because the end result looked like a badly coded model, with lots of seams and breakups, etc.

    • Nov. 15, 4:40am
      No new RUFS WTF

      Yes, well at least we can rest assured that the GT end result will always be highly polished.

  22. Nov. 15, 2:00am

    i imagin how gt6 willl be !! >..< ……….

    • Nov. 15, 4:42am
      No new RUFS WTF

      GT6 will (hopefully) include all interior views for cars but not a certainty for sure, I know for a fact that all additional cars will be premium (surely) and that Porsche will be possibly included.. that and further tracks… God only knows what GT7 and Playstation 4 will produce!

    • Nov. 15, 5:57am

      @No new RUFS WTF: Truth is, GT6 probably will be for PS4…….and my guess is, may not be out for another few years.

  23. Nov. 15, 1:39am

    7 environments, pit stops and the narrowest setting is just wide enough for two cars. Quite nice, actually.

  24. Nov. 15, 1:34am

    looks great let’s see if you can make drag course

  25. Nov. 15, 12:12am

    Cannot.. resist.. the menu.. MUSIC!

    • Nov. 15, 1:03am

      I felt like I was in a clothing store on one of the videos lol

  26. Nov. 15, 12:05am

    this wil just consume all of my time in the game, and all you guys who are getting all worried about having so little tracks.RELAX. I am SURE the list posted it’s not the official track list, because if you look at polyphony’s website it just says “track list” if it was the whole track list, polyphony would have titled it “official track list” .Plus El Capitain is not in the track list but, it was displayed in one of the videos.

    • Nov. 15, 11:10am

      not to mention Piazza Del Campo, and we all saw video of that track actually being played in game yet it’s out. Also there are discrepencies to the car list too. Did anyone notice that the jaguar xkf ’10 or whatever it is is a standard car even though it”s a 2010?

    • Nov. 15, 5:24pm

      also whats not “officially” listed will be available as dlc in the future.

  27. Nov. 14, 11:09pm
    – SZRT Ice –

    I love the menu music…

    • Nov. 15, 1:04am

      Haha my GT5 playlist is about 800 songs so far =)

  28. Nov. 14, 10:47pm
    John Marine

    It has taken me a while to realize, but meticulous editing of courses (or taking a generated course and editing it corner-by-corner) will NOT be possible. The challenge will be in making courses based on its flow. I am disappointed, but building courses based on the flow of each course will be a unique experience. Building a dream track is not going to be easy with this system.

    I wouldn’t be surprised for the next GT (or maybe an update to the Course Maker system) if we’re able to have better control over mapping out courses like in ModNation Racers or in older games like “Moto Racer 2.” This system is still worth trying. I tend to be more excited about open circuits with this system than I do closed circuits.

    • Nov. 14, 11:06pm

      I’ll have to tinker with this before I make a full judgment but I’m not sure I like it because it lacks freedom to edit corner by corner.. It seems the entire course changes every time you edit a section so it certainly doesn’t look like we’ll be able to create “grindelwald”. Still, using this as a quick random course generator would be fun.

    • Nov. 15, 5:42am

      Grindelwald – I almost forgot about that track. I had a love-hate relationship with it. I remember the slight bends coming down the “straight” just before the finish line. I also remember getting stopped rather quickly and against my will. Good times.

  29. Nov. 14, 10:18pm

    I wanna challenge Tekken90 to a match of Tekken 6

  30. Nov. 14, 10:18pm

    Aw, I’m kinda said at the limit stages you can make your track in. I dreamed of a beautiful glowing city stage.

  31. Nov. 14, 10:12pm

    damn that menu music is GODLY.

  32. Nov. 14, 10:02pm
    Tenacious D

    I had to come in for a peek at GT Planet for some news I might not mind seeing.

    The Course Maker is going to be a VERY cool addition to the GT5 toybox. Not quite as awesome as a ModNation Racers level hands-on do everything track creator, but still flexible enough to generate endless numbers of tracks. I’ll never get tired of this game!

    Well… until GT6 anyhow. ;D

    • Nov. 14, 10:35pm

      If it did have the track editor of modnation racers, that would blow every other sim racing game out there

    • Nov. 15, 5:38am

      agreed SkyBreaker, but I think it does that anyway. One week, one day left. Can’t wait.

  33. Nov. 14, 9:55pm

    Mod nation Racers has a good track editor but a long time ago in PC was one Arcade game with RC Cars called Re-Volt (look for it in you tube) and has a very good track editor with a lot of things for those years.Pure 3D but really cool modifying the entire track with jumps, tunnels, bridges…a lot of things.It is not for compared but it was a cool way to make tracks in a game for me.

    • Nov. 14, 10:19pm

      I had Re-volt! That was a great game! Me and my brother spent hours and hours playing it and I loved the cool trance music lol. I do remember a track editor but never touched it.

    • Nov. 14, 10:38pm

      Look i just downloaded it again haha…is so cool and free now.for only 56Mg worth it. If you wanna try put in compatibility mode for Windows 98!! and then when you play if you want to test that rack editor just put in your name MAKEITGOOD. I have all tricks.Just for this 9 days until i get GT5!!

    • Nov. 15, 9:29am

      I made loads of custom tracks for Re-Volt…

    • Nov. 15, 6:33pm

      I played ReVolt forever. I just saw my ReVolt CD a few days ago looking though some old boxes.

  34. Nov. 14, 9:50pm

    Are we sure that user generated tracks work in online mode?

    • Nov. 14, 9:52pm

      I would assume so since one of the trophies is to share your created track online. I would hope you could use them in online races anyhow.

  35. Nov. 14, 9:38pm

    i always thought u could manually make your track (like Modnation style) and not generate it using ur settings

    • Nov. 14, 10:53pm

      The modnation’s track creator is massive… GT5’s course maker is not as powerful as modnation… But anyway, we can create infinite traks!!

    • Nov. 15, 12:03am

      I think a better track editor will be created for gt6. there was a video of kaz making a track on mod nation and he said he liked it alot

  36. Nov. 14, 9:36pm

    Wow that is just awesome, can’t wait to recreate some local tracks, like Willow Springs!

  37. Nov. 14, 9:35pm

    with or without the track editor its still going to be brilliant,i wonder how long you can make the track,be good for drag racing or testing the top speed of your car

    • Nov. 14, 10:09pm

      but the track editor really does push it over the edge of being just another great gt title with a crappy car list to an insanely innovative and revolutionary GT game with a crappy car list that will never get boring. games like gt5p get boring because of a lack of tracks (assuming they have at least 70 or so cars), this basically means an unlimited number of tracks and that along with GT5’s online mode, the game ain’t gonna get boring within the PS3s lifespan. basically, the ps3 has to become obsolete for this to become boring

  38. Nov. 14, 9:22pm

    What car is that he’s using?

    • Nov. 14, 9:26pm

      It is an Autobacs Garaiya GT300 from the Super GT Japan series.

    • Nov. 14, 9:27pm

      And there you have the production car. (2003)(

  39. Nov. 14, 9:17pm

    haha!! I want to try recreating the Autodromo La Guacima which is in my country Costa Rica… Should be fun!! An unknown course in GT5! LOL

  40. Nov. 14, 9:08pm

    Pretty cool.
    The only part I don’t like is that it looks like the whole course gets changed when you adjust one section to much. Still, it’ll add a lot more to do after playing GT Mode.

    • Nov. 14, 9:10pm

      too much*
      And yes, the load times are not the greatest, but at least it isn’t like MGS4 :P

    • Nov. 14, 9:55pm

      Yeah, I was really struggling to figure that out. I would want to compose the whole track, piece by piece, without it undoing what I had already done.

  41. Nov. 14, 9:03pm

    awesome !! i cant wait to make my own windy track with rain for my AE86 drifting experience :D hopefully u can make a custom drifting competition with these tracks for online hosting.

    • Nov. 14, 10:06pm

      Yes thats what im talking about :)

    • Nov. 15, 12:25am

      sign me up for that :D (cept i’ll try it in the 1988 concept camaro as well as the trueno :D, and since the concept camaro can have up to 500 hp, keeping a long drift wont be a problem, something i worried about if they put the same as my 1990 camaro rs [which sadly has only 140 hp, but its got some thump for a v6, thats for damn sure, the v8 only has 180 just so you know] regardless, i cant wait)

  42. Nov. 14, 9:02pm

    i bet the full install will cut back the load times. looks awesome.

    • Nov. 14, 9:06pm

      I just assumed he was running the full install

    • Nov. 15, 5:52am

      You bet wrong – they are already running off maximum installs.

  43. Nov. 14, 9:01pm

    I wonder how difficult it will be to recreate other tracks?

    • Nov. 14, 11:59pm

      Seems like if you were actually trying to create a real track or your country road it would be hard to duplicate, But I see it possible to do with alot of practice.

      I cant wait to see how close i get to Spa, Hockenhiem, Midfield and Apricot

    • Nov. 15, 4:12am

      As in real world circuits? If so, practically impossible without an extreme amount of luck.

    • Nov. 15, 11:37am

      I would try to recreate Mosport internatial raceway… and of you canadains will know what im sayin!

  44. Nov. 14, 8:55pm

    This is way more than expected. It’s not exactly randomly generated anymore, you can customize it in so many ways..

    • Nov. 14, 8:58pm

      I thought randomly generated referred to rally courses?

    • Nov. 14, 8:59pm

      The loading times scare me, but of course just like the release date, its worth the wait :)

      ps how come i cant post unless i reply ?

    • Nov. 14, 8:59pm

      Never mind, I get what you mean.

    • Nov. 14, 9:04pm

      Loading times don’t look too bad, considering Mod Nation’s lengthy load times. It didn’t really look like there’s any way to really control elevation or anything.

    • Nov. 14, 9:12pm

      The icon next to the number “1” looks like an symbol for elevation. Maybe it’s just me.

    • Nov. 14, 9:23pm

      yup and it’s also why THIS GAME WILL NEVER GET BORING. it almost makes me forget that travesty that is the choices made for the premium car list. the game is perfect besides the cars but nothing is enough to ignore that. sorry, I don’t mean to be negative but to me cars are important and it’s really more the principle of it than just the lack of cockpit view. that being said, the track list is awesome, the ability to use playist or folders from your HDD, rain, night, snow, 3D, head tracking, the graphics, the VASTLY IMPROVED PHYSICS, MASSIVE CONTENT and the improved sound on some cars (the audi r8 4.2 literally sounds exact) make this game by far the best racing title and probably the best game of all time

    • Nov. 14, 9:29pm

      Its looking less and less likely Im going to be able to trick that mode into producing ANY NASCAR config tracks. Rats.

    • Nov. 14, 9:42pm

      @350GT – I thought so too, but when he had it selected, it only gave the options of time, weather, and # of track points.

    • Nov. 14, 10:05pm

      @AGENT09 don’t worry man. I read a review of the game and you definetly can make ovals. You also can make a 6 mile straight point to point circuit which I assume is why there’s no test course for top speed.

    • Nov. 14, 10:16pm

      @HugoStiglitz_420 I couldn’t agree more. they leave out legendary cars from the premium list like the M3 E30, jaguar xj220,the VEYRON OBVIOUSLY and lamborghini countach while a random isuzu concept car, a fiat 500, an 06 and 05 ZO6 when we already have a ZR1 and classic vettes, a hippy bus, and a stupid ww2 jeep get first class treatment. It makes no sense. None of those cars have even close to a higher importance to the auto industry than the xj220, or veyron. It’s really rediculous that Kaz gets to put what he wants in the game an give stuff he doesn’t like second rate treatment. As much as I respect the guy, he’s going overboard. We already had an insanely disproportionate amount of japanese cars to other cars (I know they’re japanese but what developer would ever due that in a “car museum” claiming video game), now we have a ton of random cars, Kaz specifically likes, and a bunch of SUPER famous and important cars getting second rate treatment. The game is near perfect but cars are also important to me, and they royally screwed the pooch on that. Not to mention all cars should be premium to begin with. We deserve a less biased car list if it’s to be called a “museum of cars”

    • Nov. 14, 11:23pm

      @VEYRON STANDARD? WTF agreed. I’m still keeping in mind all the great things about the game and there’s a lot to like. I’m pretty sure most of the people here are probably really excited to get the game even if they have serious complaints. No game is perfect and complaints have helped the game improve in the past and this site is probably the first PD goes to for feedback. Hopefully they have some things up their sleeves. I’m literally going to say a prayer that the Veyron SS is in the game and premium. If the Zonda R gets into gt5 for it’s “production car” record at the ring… why not?

    • Nov. 15, 4:15am

      @Jonathan, “The load times scare me…”

      People really should choose their words more carefully! I’m sure you are not really scared (I hope not anyway!), and that you really mean you are “concerned” over them, or similar.

      BTW, these guys are running off maximum installs, so happy waiting!

    • Nov. 15, 5:31am

      @HUGO and VEYRON – Don’t you realize the list of premium cars is subjective? Kaz put in as many premium models as he could. Just because he didn’t put in your personal list of favorites doesn’t make it a travesty. Not everyone likes the cars you mentioned. Personally, I don’t like the Veyron or any model of M3 or Jag. It’s personal opinion. And as to getting mad about the VW hippie bus, think about it. If you have somebody picking up and playing the game casually, which car do you think they will take, an XJ220 or the VW bus? My money is on the bus. It’s going to be the greatest racing game of all time, and all you can do is whine because your favorite cars aren’t on the list? Get over yourselves.

    • Nov. 15, 5:39am

      This course maker looks great almost makes me forget about midfeild, seattle, and infineon. The car list i expected, but the track list was very disapointing. The course maker softens the blow of those tracks not making it in.

      Lol at VeyronStd. You think its redicoulous that Kaz gets to put what he wants in the game? It’s his game he can put whatever he wants in the game, no one is forcing you to buy it. Kaz, PD, sony or whoever doesn’t “owe” you anything or obligated to put cars in you like.

    • Nov. 15, 10:53am

      THAT’S AWESOME ! and the guy did a very nice track especially sector 1

    • Nov. 15, 11:07am

      @Benny ok, the hippy bus is kind of funny but there are a lot of other examples. you can say you don’t like the veyron all you want but fact is, it’s a huge achievement and almost anybody would agree that there is least a few less deserving cars on there. i mean it’s the friggin top gear car of the decade
      @Hayes it’s not me or cars I like, that’s my point. You can’t create a game meant for millions to play, for just one man. That’s my basis of critisizing the fact that the veyron gets second rate treatment. Just because you made the game, doesn’t mean that you should ignore your audience, and yoou should be smart enough to realize this isn’t just me that’s outraged over the veyron countach etc. Sure KAZ CAN do that but does it make the game better? Hell no and I think even you can realize that catering a game to one person’s taste instead of an audience is not the best way to do things

    • Nov. 15, 11:22am

      @BHayes_S13COUPE dude you’re pretty clueless. Expecting the veyron isn’t expecting cars only I want. Don’t you realize how popular the veyron is? and how respected it is? like he said, everything that top gear has done with it should be evidence enough that it automatically should get the best treatment if it’s in the game at all. We don’t even know the exact reason why it’s standard yet, but i refuse to believe even a biased person can’t look through the list of 217 cars and not find at least a few cars they believe to be surperfluous and that the veyron should’ve been premium, and not for, me , you , or Kaz, for the world. this game always make claims about the car list and something like this contradicts them

    • Nov. 15, 12:29pm
      Tom Ste… GT5!!!!

      Jakemania : the elevation is sculpted along the terrain of the site which i believe must be like a real terrain in real life.
      Also Aryanenzo: the loading times could change and become faster than this, remember the huge 10GB install.

    • Nov. 15, 4:10pm

      Wow, the Track Maker is definitly more complex than I thought! :-)

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