Gran Turismo 5 Delivered to Retailers Around the World

According to emails I’ve received from retail employees around the world (and this Signature Edition unboxing video from GAME), shipments of Gran Turismo 5 are already being delivered in preparation for Wednesday’s big launch. There’s even widespread reports that one store in France – which I won’t name – has informed its customers they’ll be able to pick up their copy today (Friday), but we’ll have to wait and see if that pans out… For now, check out this batch of more than 750 copies of GT5 delivered to a store in Canada. Thanks to Anthony for the pictures!

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  1. Andrew R.

    Tried going to Meijer and Walmart today saying “I think GT5 comes out today. Do you have any in stock?” Didn’t work. Oh well! It was worth a try. Will have it soon anyway!

    1. Bob-C

      Psshh, im not buying this, this is a stunt to keep us holding on just a little longer so PD can add 4 more skykines. You watch, monday we will get a another delay….Forget this, im going to play FORZA, im skiping this game altogether. Maybe ill pick up GT6 in teh 20$ bin.

    2. Andrew R.

      Does the C in Bob-C stand for what I think it does? Go find something better to do than saying stupid **** on a hardcore site about a great game series. Just go away.

  2. dearlybeloved

    At around 10.30pm this evening, I’d just received an email from in the uk saying that my copy of GT5 has been posted (i’d pre-ordered) saying that I should get it in 3-5 days and now I am concerned that I won’t be getting it on the day of release. I know my GAME store is doing an 11pm opening on the 23rd.

    Now I have to endure a whole few days of stress! I hope that I get it for tuesday am.

    Peace out.

  3. Flat4 4ever

    I just got an email from Gamezone (Norway). I won’t get the game before the 25th! While several stores in Scandinavia already have it in stock! Arrrrgh …

    1. Andse1

      It sucks bro.. i Pre-ordred my GT5 at Elgiganten, they wont send them before release ( and they got them in stock ), even though some stores already send some with post…

    1. cyborg

      when do you guys normally dispatch your games as i have had a SE edition on preorder since august. any chance i will get before wed?

  4. RTSolvalou

    zomg they really did use a picture of a go kart on the back of the biggest car driving sim in the world, fail.

  5. Senna74

    In france there is at least 21 stores that are selling it already (legally).
    There is a website with a map in france that’s showing the stores that had already put GT5 on the shelves.

  6. Foxiol

    Oh…here in Spain Game is so damn slow!…they don´t have stock by now. Maybe this monday or not…(i preordered signature edition).

    1. Senna74

      I think the discrepencies come from the difference between the SE; the CE and the normal version.
      And I believe the game in the picture above is the normal version

    2. Foxiol

      Yeah me too. But i told only what is happening to me with my order. They haven´t any yet. But it says that they send me an e-mail when they have it at the store. I hope i don´t have to wait more than the release date cause i´m traveling friday afternoon…(26)

  7. Red_9

    Am I the only one noticing the boxart color discrepencies between these copies and the leaked copies? Leaked copies had the SLS on the cover in silver, whereas the SLS on these copies is red.

    1. Senna74

      the signature edition comes in a monochrome silver color
      The standard edition comes in a red color.
      So the picture above is for the standard one.

  8. ken_b

    Overheating – nice plan! I pre-ordered the CE from Gamestop, with next day delivery. Hindsight I should have requested in-store delivery, but I’m not about to risk it getting botched by calling in to make the change. Heck, I am also thinking about calling my local store and if available early, I’ll go buy another copy while I’m waiting for my CE. Or, perhaps I can find some adult responsibility and just wait for my CE to be delivered! Nonetheless, smok’em if you gott’em!! Peace.


    I just called my local Gamestop to ask about the release date. He said there is no street date assigned to GT5 so they are allowed to sell it as soon as they get it in. That being said, he doesn’t expect to see any copies until Tuesday at the earliest, as they do not get shipments on the weekends. So, I will be blowing up phones till I find a store with a copy.

    1. S2KCR

      I was told by my local Gamestop that no midnight release either because its before Thanksgiving or something like that is what he said.

    1. canadasux

      Thanks for providing proof of your utter lack of humor…

      Now get back in your igloo and don’t turn the stove too high or your house will melt.

    2. idlestation

      It would have been funny with any other username..
      but when you have Canadasux as your username, then it is just insulting.

    3. Red_9

      I second idlestation. In fact, this could be considered flaming/trolling, which is obviously not allowed on the site.

    4. occasionalracer

      The heat coming off our Playstations working at 95% of it’s processing power will be just enough for us to keep us cozy.

    5. canadasux

      Haha. That’s the spirit. It’s just jokes. Even the username, canadasux, is a joke between some Canadian friends and myself. *GASP* I have friends from Canada. Oh noez!

  10. Emmepower

    Just west at my local GS where I preordered SE.
    The guy show me my signature edition that they received today.
    He told he cannot give it to me until 24. Just if any major competitor starts to sell before 24 they will too.
    Right now, he told me standard edition is not arrived yet. Forgot to ask about CE.

    Presumably minor shops starts to sell as they got it, maybe on Monday or Tuesday.

  11. sr20detblacktopdrift

    Did they forget to put the “steering wheel capatible” icon on the back of the game? I know its obvious for this game. This is awesome! it is finally coming out!!

    1. Terry

      Southern CA, USA – I have been calling around as of today (I’m unemployed). Tried K-Mart (based on what I’ve been reading certain stores have received them), however my local K-Mart does not have it. Same is the case with my local GameStop, BestBuy, Walmart, Frys, and smaller privately-owned store. Got my bicycle tires pumped up and am ready to ride up to 150 miles should I be able to obtain it before Wednesday the 24th :)

    1. GAST1976

      I m in France and i made a reservation for tomorrow 20th of November!!!!!!
      GT5 WILL BE IN MY HANDS (andPS3!!!)TOMORROW MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Foxiol

      Oh man!!! you are lucky…i am next to you in Spain and preordered my Signature Edition but still no news here. Enjoy it.See you on track!

  12. WhiteWolfDK

    Wouldn’t surprise me, I got mine SE today, unfortunatly I was at work so I have to go to the postoffice to pick it up, wich I can’t do until monday, but my retailer got their copies wedensday as that was the day they shipped it.


    1. m3peat

      Based on comments about their damage modeling, I’m sure your copy won’t have a scratch on it :p
      In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to it.

  13. Drogahnus

    Friend just got a copy from a K-Mart in his town (he’s 30 miles away from me). Gonna call my GameStop and try to convince them to let me buy it early :D

    1. Drogahnus

      Well, my local K-Mart said they won’t be doing, and GameStop won’t pick up their phone, despite me calling once every hour. And yes, I’m in the US.

  14. acekev1961

    I need to know if any Game store’s in London will be doing a midnight launch any info will be very helpfull thank you.

    1. Bernd

      Yes, the season is over. Sebastian Vettel is F1-champion and Sebastien Loeb is WRC-champion for the 7th consecutive time.

  15. Skralle

    I preordered signature edition from I got an email yesterday that it was sent from their warehouse. So i will get it today or tomorrow. Cant wait.. Btw. the warehouse is in sweden but only like 300km away…

    1. WhiteWolfDK

      Guess you live in DK, SE or NO then, as I has ordered the same place, mine was delivered today but as I wrote elsewhere – I was at work :( so I can’t pick it up until monday.


  16. firerider23

    AWESOME CANT WAIT but one question so now if i go ask for the game will it be available? or is it already availabe but retailers cant sell it untill nov 24?

  17. TruenoGuy86

    as usual the US version of any sony game package is neat, got my CE preordered along with the UK CE for the extra artprints and the dynamic theme :p

  18. Andy_cowley

    Ive just recieved an email from telling me they are taking my payment now and my signature edition is with the delivery company ready for launch day.. Now it feels real! Waited so long for this! I stumbled across gtplanet what must be years ago now and have checked the site every day since for my daily update on GT. Keep up the good work jordan!!

  19. jasr73

    Definitely no such luck at major games stores in the Sydney CBD today. I did the walk around at lunch time and pleaded my early release case and got a stern but polite ‘please come back on Wednesday morning’ to collect your pre-order. Fair enough.

    1. James

      Why do you think that?Just because you bought a higher priced version?If they were going to do that then they would have to sell to everyone which they aren’t going to do.

  20. MANU56BZH

    This is Micromania stores i think.

    “Allons enfants de GT5,
    Le jour de gloire est arrivé…!”

    Mine is collector for Monday.

    Happy drive every body…!!!

  21. Stune

    Nice! I noticed the back back cover is slightly different

    Now we have to wait patiently, or try and trick retailers into thinking today is the release date hmmm…

    1. Persojet

      [No reply, wierdly can’t post normally?]

      Jordan should keep up visitors record chase during GT5 release, maybe GTP will close up 10k visitors. :D

  22. Tenacious D

    Being in the belly button of America, I wonder if our shops will have them in by Tuesday, or as early as most other places, this week?

    Hmm… might have to swing by for a friendly chat…

  23. GT5_delayHATER!

    Aww man… looks like in Brazil we´ll be able to get our copy on monday. :|

  24. Bankai_GT

    I’m gonna go to Best Buy in the morning to pay the rest of my CE and try to talk them into giving me my copy a bit early. I hope it goes well for me.

  25. Damo

    I am glad to say that I received one such e-mail today! I can’t wait… the suspense is killing me! And what’s more, I’ll get it and will only be able to stare at it for a couple of weeks, because whilst I’m at Uni my PS3’s at home! =( Oh well, at least I’ve ordered the SE, so I’ll be able to take a look through the books and the like! XD

    1. Narutone66

      To hell with reviews, I don’t need any reviews to tell me if the game is good or not. If it’s made by PD, it must be good.

    2. Mig

      imo most review sites cant be trusted anyway…. do they get paid to give good reviews? i just played NFS:HP it scored really well yet the games an embarrassment…an absolute joke

  26. Juwlzxxx

    Wait…so Sony just started delivering them to the game dealers??? I thought they started shipping them a long time ago… I’m confuzzled…

    1. VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

      On the 4th photo, the 3rd line, middle item says “Add-On Content”. Look closely for it.

      Either that’s just strictly for the cars you preorder, or there is DLC that’s coming.

    2. unoc

      I was doubtful over it, but I can confirm it isn’t just your eyes, I’m seeing ‘Add On Content’ too…

      I hoping it isn’t pay content. It’s the worst thing about games these days, you buy the game and then either on launch day or within a month, maybe 2 months as a hook, you get told ‘downloadable content for 15 bucks’…

      Even one of my fav ps3 games, assassin’s creed 2 fell when they gave us a game and sure, the 2 missions weren’t ready, so give them to us later, for free, they were part of the pc game included, why couldn’t they just be a late inclusion for ps3? but no, it is 10 more bucks to get part of a game that should have been there…. If Gt5 starts flogging out hockenhiem, spa etc.. in track packs for 10 bucks a pop I will kill someone. I refuse to pay for things I already have. If it really costs more to add them then they should have increased the games price by 3 bucks for all, and then given free access to it.

    3. VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

      I played Assassin’s Creed 2 myself. When I found out that it skipped 2 missions and then put them as DLC for 10 bucks, I was upset. They could have set the game back for a bit to add those, or gave them to us as DLC for free.

      As with GT5, I might as well get a couple of PSN cards ready for this.

    4. Jope

      Of course there’s going to be DLC. Of course it is going to cost you. They are trying to run a business, you know.

    5. Lsasqwach

      The thing a lot of those games already have the content on the disc, and they’re selling stuff we already technically own

    6. Pedz

      Oh noes the dreaded DLC, whatever happened to expansion packs… They were always so much bigger and better value for money =[, now we’ll have to pay £5 for each car, even £1 for each new car would be too much.. Mainly because there’d be so many new cars…. Probably already 50 they’ve made and shoved into the disc before printing that they’ll sell you the unlock code later.. as Lsasqwach says. This depresses me =[. But still, mines been sent today =], I do hope I get it on Monday and the delivery people don’t listen to the seller saying to keep it till Wednesday.

    7. canadasux

      Good eye Vypa-Squad … I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it. At first, the game’s going to be pretty overwhelming, so I won’t care much for DLC. However, as time goes on, I’ll nearly expect it.

    8. FlareKR

      @ jdejes
      Me too, PD screwed us over with that one. If I make a review on Amazon this will be my cons:
      Why is the Veyron standard?
      Why is the VEYRON standard?!

    1. Bearcut


      What happened to “Take it to the track?” Those were fake/early copies after all?

      I’m confused. *scratches head*

      On the other hand


    2. seamus573

      Anyone in tue UK preordered from Check your account – mine says it’s in stock and being “packed”

    3. Red_9

      Anyone notice the changed color scheme on the boxart? The leaked copies we’ve seen have had a gray car on the front, whereas these have a red car.

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