Gran Turismo 5 Demo Available Now!


The Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial demo has just become available for download in the Japanese PSN Store, and it should start popping up in your region soon. Of course, anyone can create a Japanese account (video instructions available here) and the demo’s in English, so first impressions are already starting to roll in around our forums. Head over to our dedicated GT5 Time Trial Demo message board to share your own opinions and see what others have to say about it! The demo file itself weighs in at around 201 MB, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long if you’ve got a slower ‘net connection.

Also, stay tuned – in a few hours, I’ll be announcing GTPlanet’s own mini-competition to be held in this new demo, with two pretty sweet prizes up for grabs. You will need to be a member of the GTP_Registry in order to participate, so head on over and register your tag if you haven’t already!

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Comments (264)

  1. TheEDGE

    could anyone here tell us the total number who joined the trial, when I started to join lowest rank I was on the 10,xxxth place

    I hope on the ranking the total number of participants should be displayed on the ranking update…….

  2. 8@No$

    The physics are great !! Much improved over prologue ! Only driven the road car for 5 laps and I can’t go straight for more than 2 s I do not know how realistic it is ’cause i have never driven a high powered fr sports car, (but after this i would definately not buy one it seems dangerous..) But it “feels” more real than ever..

    The traction feels great the bumps on the road, the grass, the braking… this IS the most “real” driving game I have ever played, the guys did a fantastic job… I can’t wait for the full game…too bad I don’t have time to play a lot..

    P.S. This has become too difficult and almost annoying to handle with a DS3. Throttle and steering controls are way too sensitive for the controller, GT5 will definately be a wheel-must-have game..

    People enjoy this masterpiece!

  3. nissansilvia81

    Was sup fellas? Seems like everyone is getting their hot laps in, i will have to wait until after Christmas. I was wondering if anyone could answer my question a simple Yes or No would suffice. I am a norwegiam living in the US. Would i be eligible to compete in both the US and European competition or just one or the other? It seems unfair that other countries can’t compete since they are not on list. In the flyer it says “if you are from” …whatever country than you can compete it doesnt state restrictions so its not very clear and has gray areas. Anyway, good luck every try your best cause I WILL put down a very fast time i don’t own all the GT series for nothing, it has finally biult up to this moment. In the mean time i will be studying the replays until i get my PS3 slim!

  4. Luke

    @S3 Racer
    Not old, only experienced :)

    FINALLY, today i was able to play the demo in it`s full glory. Love the improved cockpit camera, gives you great feedback about the car, took me a time to drive it using the DualShock 3, after i could handle it the way i wanted to i switched to my Driving Force Pro and i was 15sec slower at first. But now i can sucessfully improve my lap times after each lap, already faster than with the DS3.
    The game steers like a dream, like IGN already said ^^ Made to be driven with a wheel :)

    And i find it very intereting to drive the tuned Z, do you think this will get us an impression of what every car in GT5 will be tunable ? Adding high quality Turbo adds a high pitched turbo sound.

  5. Michael

    after playing the demo i am really disappointed! the physics are NOT realistic.
    the car handles like a F1 car in the rain!! the physics has a “overspin” function, they totally overdid it. no real 370z would handle like the cars in the demo!
    i did some hillclimbracing with a bmw car in the past so atleast i know a little about how a car should handle…
    the physics in prolouge were way better WAY BETTER than this.
    (sorry for my bad and rusty english)
    greetz from germany, bavaria

  6. John

    After playing the demo and thoroughly enjoying the new physics, and after re watching how good some of the other footage of GT5 looks, with the attention to detail and polish of the environments etc., I don’t think we have too much to worry about.

  7. Will

    @ everyone so adamant that “for the last time this is not a demo!”

    This is a pretty good quote from memory of the main screen on the “download”:

    “This is the demo version of the upcoming game Gran Turismo 5”

    Who can argue with that?

  8. jaydiz94

    yah i like it alot lolz but all da forza fanboys r still hatin on it… well its there loss when we get da best racin game dis gen… lolz

  9. Bank Alexander

    How would it not work on an SDTV? I’ve been playing PS3 games on my SDTV since forever, I don’t have HD.
    They should still work with everything ;)

  10. ZR1Sa

    GT5 amazing i think it will Be Best racing game
    when i play with G25 i feel its a real racing
    thanks KY thanks GTplanet
    ill buy Japanese version in 31 march :)

  11. Anthony

    I’ve just tried to play on my SD Tv and it worked so for those who it is not working, you’re surely doing something wrong!

    Good luck

  12. Squozen

    I’ve only played 10 laps but I’m really impressed so far. Wonderful physics, the stresses on the car while braking hard finally feel realistic. A lot of people on the Internet don’t seem able to enjoy anything, it seems.

  13. FlareKR

    Damn. Just tried to play it, it doesn’t work on SD TVs! Damnit PD, if this is going to be your new direction to force HD down our throats, it’s the dumbest move in video game history, and I do hope you’re not going to do this.
    Oh well, back to GT5P for me. Still need to finish S class (I don’t want to buy an F40! I’ve seen enough F40s and F50s for one lifetime).

  14. BooBoo

    sorry that i ask but can i play this demo offline?
    Iwant to download it in my friends home because i have problems with internet and then play in home?
    Thank you for answers.

  15. eric

    Car models are actually pretty small, they are just surface models and a bunch of parameters used to calculate vehicle performance. It’s the track models that take up a lot of space. Say 75 cars take up one GB. leaving 800MB for each track. If that’s the case than one can expect that the Indy circuit in the time trail has one quarter the detail as a GT5P track.

  16. irishash

    @eric so what it’s it’s only 200 MB? it’s only one car with two variations and one track with one variation. Seems about right in comparison to GT5P’s 5 GB for 75 cars and 5 tracks with multiple configurations.

    If this “demo” is a look at what the final game will be, I for one will be passing on GT5 seeing as I have iRacing. In some ways I feel the physics upgrade made them worse overall, with TCS on the car slides around and is unpredictable. I’m almost positive that a stock 370z is nowhere near as twitchy as it is in the demo, although that could possibly be remedied by fooling with the steering angle in quick tune. I barely turn my wheel and the car starts losing grip then bites back hard like it was a huge weight transfer.

    Dashboard gauges are still blurry, grass feels like an icy day in the arctic and looks even worse, reflections are generic and blurry also.

    Overall: super disappointed

  17. eric

    Ok, a lot of people hatin’ on the time trail. My impression, but first a little back ground. I never played GT5P, and didn’t come into the series until GT3. I drove GT3 and GT4 with the D-pad for steering, x for gas square for brake, triggers for shift. Right away i found out this isn’t going to work for this demo. I used to be able to tap the d-pad to make minor steering adjustments, now a tap the the dpad is like turning the wheel to full lock. so i switch to the stick. it is a little better. I used to be able to tap the throttle instead of feather it. This just spins you out now. once i switch the the trigger for gas it helps a lot and you can turn some fast times, (was in the top hundred in the us when i went to bed). The bigest difference i see is the need to be a lot more precise with your inputs, something that is difficult with the controller, but not impossible.
    As for the people complaning about the graphics, keep in mind that the downlad was only 200Mb.

  18. yanfloist

    The game is GOOD! There are more sounds that you can hear from the engine. The handling is better than gt5p. some of the driving aids are turn off so it’s easy to spin out. the tune car is more fun to drive.

  19. Turbo_3800

    @ K_Soze: that’s cool tho, it’s just these few people that’s complaining about the demo assuming that this is how the full game is gonna be so their assuming and downplaying the game

  20. alex77

    Physics are damn tough – I know this topic has been done to death but it has really bugged me since GT5P came out. Why call the different set-ups Standard and Pro when it is so clearly better to be using a wheel rather than a controller? Surely use a different set-up for controllers and wheels and name them as such, instead of making controller-users feel like chumps just because they don’t have as much dexterity in their thumbs as normal people do with their hands and arms.

    I have driven a car every day for about 15 years and have had a couple of reasonably quick ones, plus I go go-karting when I can afford it. I’m no Lewis Hamilton but I hold my own, so why penalise me for not having a wheel set-up? Its very frustrating and makes me lose a bit of love for the game I have adored for over 10 years now, in every other iteration of GT it has been prety straight-forward with a controller, so why change it all now?

    I do realise that this demo is actually for GT Academy, so why even allow anyone to submit a time using a controller? There are plenty of people out there with incredibly nimble thumbs, but if one of them ends up winning the whole shebang how will PD even know that they are quick in a car with a wheel and a gear-stick or paddles when they’ve only been tested on their thumbs?

    Veryt frustrating as I know that I’m quick in a real car, I guess I’ll have to convince the missus that £300 on a gaming wheel is a good idea with a baby on the way!

    Rant over, I’ll put my toys back in my pram now.

  21. pegaz2507

    This demo is f… awesome! The physics…wooow! I am sure now that this is going to be the best racing game ever. With improved graphics, damage, 1000 cars…….We can only pray that they will add rain! This is going to be the longest 3 months in my life.I wish we could travel in time! Thank you PD,KY and ofcourse GTPlanet!

  22. Mickle Pickle

    Some people… …

    It’s a 203Mb Demo… it does not have the full feature, and full capability…
    the just put the minimum in for the Competition…

    Graphics (there are glitches here and there…) but it will NOT be in GT5…
    Graphics is not at the full potential.

    Driving physics, again i will repeat, has been remodeled and is an improvement over Prologue, and also closer to Real life behavior… (you just have been so used to the physics shown up until now from other games including Prologue) But this is brand new, at least give them the credit for trying to improve and start anew!, at least give yourself a learning curve before judging… you might see really what they meant to give you.

    And the use of the Pad, Joystick, Controller, DS3 or what have you, IS really better now! I swear… Throw out your old habits!! I DID, and Kaz really Helped us and all of you who cannot afford a wheel… THIS GAME WAS MADE FOR THE CONTROLLER and the Wheel (of Course) I have the wheel but i haven’t jumped on it yet… i wanted to test out what and how the input commands from the Joystick are.

    The Camera work during the race is also IMPROVED, believe me!
    I was never able to race with bumper, nor the cockpit view… All my life for every game, i had to have the Chase view to control the car… but NOW USing the Bumper and Cockpit view (Together with the use of DS3) FEELS SO MUCH more natural like driving… I couldnt believe myself… i am not a fanboy, i am trying to be as unbias as possible.

    As far as i am concern, i wouldnt worry so much about the full version…
    There are a few things to be fixed tho…

    I hope the ICY grass will be changed… because it’s GT holiday on ice once you happened to be out of the track… and trying to recover is a pain! LOL

  23. Berlino Bear

    @ Luke: yes, and he races them!! ;-) Does what it says on the time. Just like Im an athletics mascot who can outrun Mr Bolt. Did you see the steam comming out of my eye holes when Jessica Ennis was doing the 800ms?

  24. Sam__ NY

    Anyone but me notice the clock in the car is always at 5:32 pm. If it was actually right, my lap times would be 0:00:00 every lap.. which would be nice :)

  25. Luke

    I have always loved the way GT5P gives you the impression that braking is such an important thing to do. Loved it on Fuji after the long straight, breaking for minutes when the whole car vibrates from the ABS working, and i`m very happy to see they improved that shaking, even when not breaking and taking a fast corner.

    Maybe i`m the only one, but there is no other console racing game where braking is so important (and sometimes difficult with lighter cars) as GT. Even on Forza i get the feeling that a small tap on the brake is enough for every oncoming corner, and if not, tap again in the corner. I don`t think i have to mention the more action oriented Shift here (great game).

  26. K_Soze

    @Turbo_3800 : I only play GT5p in professional physics simulation mode… For me the GT5 demo shows a great improvement of the physic engine. Maybe because I am a video game developper and a car fan…

  27. Davide92

    @aleksandar SRB: I’ve been playing the demo on my PAL SDTV and, apart from the obviously small text, everything works fine ;)

  28. Turbo_3800

    Will most of you stop whining about the physics like little b*tches damn! If you’ve ever played prologue on the “Professional” setting & noticed through your thick skull that this demo behave almost the same, then more than likely it’s on the same “professional” setting. Its put out for “professionals” if that’s not you stop playing! Do u honestly think PD will make the full game without standard settings and lose out on large amounts of money and over half their fan base? Some people are just stupid I swear!

  29. wiseguy

    I plugged in my wheel and got hooked. That was fun. The input is spot on with wheel. No more delay. Physics are awesome. Car interior looks great. Indy looks good.

    I was dissapointed when using the ds3. It doesn’t feel right any more. For me, it’s way too hard to control. Maybe the TCS was throwing me off? Also, I noticed you can’t have the ds3, chat pad and wheel on at the same time. The chatpad HAS to be turned off or else it will take over your menu cursor and go crazy.

    There’s a few minor glitches in the game but I’m sure they’ll iron out all the kinks in time.

  30. S3 Racer

    So guys what about the physics (me:G25, no aids, sim, no powersteering)
    I think (my opinion, don’t need to be shared) the programming of the physics are PERFECT!!
    Only the balancing of it can be refined a bit , for me they achieved here around 90%.

    Exemple, Side Weight transfer: (simplified) If in the algorythm they got now 7/10 and it should be 5.5. Something like that. I’m not trashtalking the physics down just beeing critic.
    First everyone thought GT5P physics were great and by playing a lot, the flaws showed…
    Also people saying they easily drift the stock car I wanna see it on mytube, and know :wheel, sim? , powersteering on/off?

    all this little things change everything

    Again I think the algorythm are a dream…

  31. aleksandar SRB

    WTF so if I don”t have HDTV I can play demo???? Fuck you PD all my ps3 game work on my SDTV and now this!!!!!! Very disappointed…

  32. Djcorrosive

    GUYS get over it!! Sound like a bunch of high school kids! If people with to use th controller so be it! Each to their own, i use both, I’m only in my vision race cockpit when I can be bothered, other then that I’ll just use the controller, I’ve beaten my mates by a good 3seconds using a controller and them on a wheel.

    Don’t make a whole argument about it please gets boring

  33. WonkyFonk

    Last night I had a combined ranking of 23rd in Ireland, with a DS controller. Must be doing something right! It is tough getting a fully decent lap together though.

    I dont know what everyone is complaining about. This is only a taster of what is to come, and is basically a competition version. The graphics are fine as far as im concerned. and having watched the US GP there over the years, the track modelling is bang on.

    Im enjoying it anyway.

  34. MisterVW

    What’s with this nonsense that it’s unplayable with a pad? It just takes some adjusting. Slightly more difficult to play with a pad, yes, but not impossible. You have to realize that the area on the analog pad is much much smaller than that of a wheel. Therefore, the controls are going to be a lot more twitchy and sensitive to movement (imagine turning full lock left and right in an actual car while taking a curve…).

  35. Kr4usy

    How many times does it have to be said, this is not a GT5 demo! It states this in the opening credits to the competition!

    FOr people who remember the physicals testing setup that Kaz used which was posted up not too long ago it seems like they have given us a very similar setup. little to no smoke/dirt comes up with sliding on the road or in the dirt, fairly low res textures etc.

    Im sure they dulled the game back to keep the size reasonable, at only a tickle over 200MB its small. GT5 will use up a lot of teh BD media given to it, so expect that when bandwidth limits are not such an issue for issue like this to go away.

    For those complaining about using a controller, yes it can be difficult, and I cant wait to upgrade my old non 900″ steering wheel, but I’ve used the controller to get times within 3-4seconds of the best times so far, so it cant be ‘impossible’ to use…

    I’m personally really impressed with the game. Having also taken my sports car on quite a few track days I will say it bring back something familiar to me. sounds, and general sensations are replicated very well! Being in the photographic/design industry I have an eye for detail and if you know what you are looking for you can easily tell this is a dumbed down version for the competion. The fact the GT5P looks more polished (overall) is a simple indication that we can expect some very nice improvements when the full game comes out!

    Enough typing from me, time to get back into the game and hopefully tomorrow I’ll purchase a G27 and see if I can get those last few seconds back!

  36. Berlino Bear

    @ LeMAD : When the fecking Post Office get my BB working, I hope to be able to disagree with you.

    I have always played with a Pad, and got on fine. Hope to buy a Wheel for the full game though.

  37. Dean

    You all have to understand that GT5 was made realistic like real life driving.
    So it was made to be driven with a “WHEEL” not joystick.

    OK for example, in real life why don’t you replace your car’s wheel with a joystick and try to drive high horsepower car?, guess what you would crash badly.

    And finally @Peewee737 very important what he said I quote “Don’t play tennis with a hockey stick”.

  38. adam

    It’s not unplayable, it’s just quite difficult. Just take it easy and be smooth. Don’t use the d pad, it will be too twitchy and you can’t get a precise enough steering input to put in a good lap. Although I use the buttons, try setting the brake and accelerate buttons to the triggers. It might help, it might not.

  39. Peewee737

    Don’t play tennis with a hockeystick,
    never try drilling with a banana….
    But most importantly, don’t play a Racing SIM with a CONTROLLER!!!!!
    And if you do, don’t mention physics….Please.

  40. Devedander

    Hmmm… well tried it out a bit and… not sure what to say…

    Immediately graphics jumped out with a big WTF? I know this isn’t necessarily representative of what GT5 will be but why is this track looking like this? Is it still in development? A step down from GT5P begs the question why…

    Then onto the race… my immediate first impression… feels like Forza… Right off the bad my immediate thought was this feels familiar and not like GT. The way the car slides out when taking a turn too fast has that slidy slick feeling of taking a fast turn on Forza vs the grippy slide feeling of GT that I am used to.

    Too early for me to comment on whether I think it’s better (and the inability to adjust TCS makes it more to get used to) but it’s definitely different in a rather startling way.

    Had the sound down low as the GF was sleeping at the time but it sounds good.

    Initial impressions… glad this is not an actual GT5 demo… because if it was I would have some noteable worries.

  41. exenter

    Compared to the previous GT games this demo is extremely difficult and frustrating to play. I can barely keep the car on the road. OMG. I never had this problem in GT4 or GT5:P. And I was not impressed by the graphics at all. If the full game is going to be like this, I’m not going to buy it.

  42. Matt

    Fine, if trolling is defined nowadays as expressing genuine disappointment, then I’ll accept the label.

    I must say I am in complete agreement with Gt5er when he says Forza 3 runs much smoother.

    Everything about the Gt5 demo save for the physics is worse than Forza.

    Forza’s road cam point of view is closer to the track and so you get the feeling that there is more road to steer your car on. For an example, race Suzuka on Prologue then race it on Forza.

    The scale of everything on Forza just seems bigger.

    Then there’s the matter of the colors. The demo looks drab and is without a doubt a step down from Prologue. Lets not kid ourselves here. I can’t help but think this thing was rushed out in time for Christmas or something…I mean, the entire environment has a washed-out look to it. The sky, the track, the grass…

    Worst of all the game is still mired by the sluggishness that is impossible to ignore after having played Forza. 150 mph around a wide curve on Forza 3 compared to the same on this demo feels nothing alike. The sense of speed in GT just doesn’t match up.

    Like I said, the physics are a big step up and I would say they are the one area in which Polyphony has the upper hand at this point on Turn 10. But as far as I’m concerned, without some serious improvement in cosmetics and the overall sense of speed (and before anyone questions, I’m giving Polyphony the benefit of the doubt. I will reserve final judgement for the actual game) it will be hard for me to say Gt5 is still king of console racing simulators.

    *exhales*….So, that’s all I have for now

  43. mickle pickle

    At first it was kinda weird , mainly because of the driving physics code change !! It’s a real departure from what GT has always been, but this is a huge improvement ! after a few laps, it becomes apparent how easier and more natural this feel, much closer to driving in real life !! For REAL its impressive how they are able to make playin with the controller feell like driving… whiich would give a better chance to those without a wheel!

  44. Turbo_3800

    It all just feels like a drift event to me each corner lol and it pissed me off at first till I realized that these were the professional settings we’re racing with. Never really cared for that on prologue cause I suck with professional lol but Im learning to get used to it

  45. S3 Racer

    Ok did some laps yesterday and would be nice if there were actually comments giving an informative an subjective vision only of the physics:

    As I sayed yesterday; the physics are very very good, but as 4 now only perfect to 90%

    Stock car:
    I don’t know if it’s the TCS with the stock car, or the limitiation of wheels (not getting correct throotle response with the g25, position of pedal ain’t what I see on my screen).
    I think as stated the cars weights 4 tons, during a weight transfer, it’s nearly impossible to catch the car back. In the hairpins, even starting lowlow speed (30km/h) an pushing throothle only half way trought the car will spin out. (could be because of the TCS but that is not logic, cause TCS will limit the wheel that slips.)
    Again this all could have something to do that g25 is not fully supported and that that falsifises the input of it.
    Because drove not the 370z, but the 350 on circuit with ESP of, and such an ease to drift that car. In the demo nearly impossible. I think for a stock car WITH TCS enable, the car is heavy to drive which in reality is not the case . If it would their would be thousands of dead with370z! Could also be modified N3?

    The race car is nice, but sadly not much stronger, the gear ratio was heasvily lowered. The R1 stick god to the road. Race is fine. Need more time with it

    This is subjective after sleeping a night over it. During the weekend i will test and compare it to GT5P and GTR2.

    As stated Is an early and subjective opinion. Now what are yours thoughts about it??

  46. JackC

    I think it would be great if they can work on the brakes….
    compare to GTR2 and rFactor, I think the brakes on the GT5 demo are still too easy despite improvement from GT5P

  47. Bryan

    This demo SUCKS!!!!! No I’m not a 360 fan boy I’m a playstation fanboy. The car handles horrible it’s almost undrivable like a tank. I once loved GT now it sucks. Hit a wall and you start spining like 5 times!?!?!?! Oh yeah that’s realistic!! Why is it online only, not everyone has Internet why can’t I race offline and then go to a friends and upload my times?

  48. Jake

    Maybe you didn’t read my full comment, I wasn’t complaining… I was saying that I wish they had the the GT graphics to as a ‘demo’ game (demo as far as graphics) to show when people come over saturday. Now I will just stick with a demo movie.

  49. djcorrosive

    I’m really tired of hearing people complain about the gfx and trees, and no smoke, or dust.


    who cares about graphics now!

    EVEN the screen shots u see are glorified and photo shopped to give the WOW factor.

    GT5 will have better gfx and gameplay then the demo.

    common sense.

  50. Jake

    Kinda sad about the graphics… I realized the final game will obviously be better but I wanted something to show off at the family Christmas party =p

  51. GT5ER

    This demo is the new number 1 on the list of “My Most Disappointing Gaming Experiences”. I am a nut when it comes to the GRAN TURISMO franchise, but still spend time with rival racers during my GT5 wait.

    It absolutely kills me to say it, but it must be said. I’ve been playing a ton of FORZA 3 lately and have been extremely impressed with how smooth it runs. There is no way around it, Forza 3 makes this demo look extremely drab and sterile. I cannot believe how poor the track and overall setting looks. I just don’t get it.

  52. ralph89

    Yeah Iracing is still top notch, but the GT5 GT Academy trial is very impressive, I spun out like 6 times before I manage to get a clean lap (Tuned 370Z 1:38:332).

    The other guys said is true, the noobs will hate this demo for being too hard. Lmao. No offense to GTP rookies ;)

  53. SC

    On the turn on the long strait I naturally turned my head and I was impressed with PD’s work. The new physics engine is so realistic there is nothing that competes with it.

  54. D84

    well i play with the d-pad and i gotta say the car (well the tuned one) is far better “controllable” when it starts to spin out .. you can drift much easier without loosing too much speed

  55. Xerxes

    I fear many of you seem to fail to understand the purpose of this time trial. It’s NOT a “demo” to showcase what they have done so far. It is in fact merely a tool for the next round of GT Academy and was designed to be more accessible (i.e. even people who didn’t purchase GT5p can join in) and was not intended to be pretty.

    As a causal player (big fan of the series though) I’m not 100% sure of the new physics engine, it’s definitely not friendly to controller players and while it is infinitely more fun with a steering wheel, it is somewhat more frustrating for those of us who let us say, aren’t very good :P (I only have a Driving Force but prefer the Dualshock 3 simply because it’s a pain to setup the wheel all the time) but I’m actually worse with the wheel, spin out on every corner (but it is more fun)…at least with the Dualshock 3 I can make a lap but it “feels” horrible and awkward with it (it was fine in GT5p, I’m hoping it’s just because the physics are locked to “professional” in the time trial). That is my 2 cents, take with a grain of salt.

  56. yaya

    36th werd lol

    i love it. If the full game is like this ill be happy. A little graphics improvement wouldnt hurt but when you start to get fast you arent looking at the graphics, youre looking as far as you can see so texture quality isnt an issue.

  57. oneloops


    No doubt, the most realistic is this GT5 DEMO, great improvement from gt5 Prologue, the sensations of real driving and sounds are astonishing !

    Thank you very much PD.

  58. maxpontiac

    My setup consists of a PS3 connected via HDMI to a 65″ Mitsubishi 1080p HDTV. I am using a controller, plan on switching to my GT wheel tomorrow.

    Pros –

    Physics: The car reacts like it should. Kaz was not lying.
    Track imperfections: The cars show the uneven track locations with subtle movements.
    Visual clarity: The draw distance on this game is top flight.
    Sound: Top flight audio nearly everything sounding right.
    Weight: Cars feel heavy, with actual curb weight.
    Power: You can feel the 370’s torque and demand for throtle control.

    Cons –

    Graphical imperfections at times, and in certain locations.
    Two cars with one track.
    Mandated tuning set ups.

    If this is any indication of what type of game I can expect, I am stoked already. I cannot wait to see the customization and damage features with this driving.

  59. jc

    aside from the fast download im pretty disappointed. This is obviously designed for a wheel and i have neither the space nor money to get a wheel. The graphics seem ever so slightly less than prologue but that could just be me.

  60. irishash

    lol looks like it was just released in the US like 15 min ago. I’ve had the JPN version and I’m sorta disappointed that texture quality hasn’t improved, the shadows are still a bit aliased, and the reflections are still blurry. The physics are improved at low speed, but it’s hard to tell how much they’ve changed at high speed because the stock 370z has traction control on and you can’t turn it off. I read somewhere that we’d be able to play this offline indefinately, but I can’t even play it offline period as of right now, and under information about the demo it tells me I only have 68 days left to play before it expires.

  61. JackC

    after a few laps, I have to agree that it would be better if we can eliminate TC on the stock Z as it makes oversteering unpredictable.

    Otherwise, I think GT5 will be very promising with this physics as the phyics become more like GTR2 and rFactor, which is a good thing IMHO.

  62. JackC

    I’m downloading it now…!!! I’m from Canada so I assume you guys from the State should have it too by now…..

  63. PiranhaZ06

    Really shocked that it is announced that a demo as long awaited for as GT5 is going to be available on the 17th and it is almost 9pm and still not available… we really should expect no less with all the delays over the years. I have no doubt that it will be a really awsome game when it does come out, but what would you rather have… some who says… “It will take 5 yrs to develop the game” or every 6 to 12 months someone saying ok… just a little longer…” I really respect their work, but if I would have known, I would not have bought a PS3 a year and a half ago… well maybe their strategy works… got me on the hook and been there for 18 months… oh well… you can’t fight city hall…

  64. Yuri Orlov

    I’m not sure maybe Euro TT demo also supports SD but you’re PS3/TV must be PAL/Euro as well? Japan’s SD is NTSC, right? Same as the US.

  65. Matt

    Ok sorry for the caps but I must express the level of frustration I am having right now.


    What is going on here? It obviously doesn’t matter much since the Japanese demo is primarily in English, but what is the excuse for this?

  66. yanfloist

    well, as I thought – the US is getting the demo last….damn…It’s 7:30 pm central time here, and still no demo.

  67. Flagmo-T

    Time 2.14pm GMT+1 (Denmark) Nordic Gt5 Academy Ranking.

    Time Trail Tuned Car
    Anaq [FIN] 1’36.437

    Time Trail Normal Car
    Anaq [FIN] 1’48.872

    Damn That’s Fast! Congrats so far Anaq :O)


  68. Matt

    Why turn off active steering but leave traction control on??? :< I wanted that assist off so badly while playing the demo… it makes the car very unpredictable.

  69. Sam__NY

    So the demo is coming to the US…just not until about an hour before Friday. Why does the psn base everything off pacific time!?

  70. wiretap

    awesome demo!!!
    one thing i did notice though, no tyre smoke or dust when you leave the track during replays!
    smoke and dust are both there in game though.

    other that, love it!

  71. Luke

    My HDTV doesn`t provide HDMI, so my PS3 is connected via DVI, which doesn`t support sound. But i`ll be back at home tomorrow where the missing 4 speakers are and drive my way up to #1 :)

  72. MisterVW

    In the US and downloaded the EU demo. Physics are great, very realistic. The head movement is definitely a great addition. You can almost feel the track. Tire and engine sounds are much improved over GT5P. Graphically, it looks identical with a hint more AA and maybe better shadows. Didn’t get too ocd about it though. It does take a few laps to get adjusted to the traction control (I also don’t use it in GT5P). To me though the tuned car felt like there was braking assist turned on — yuck!

    Can’t wait for the final product :D

  73. Paulo

    As stated above, WHERE the F*** is the U.S. VERSION!?!?!??! I came home from work expecting it to be there. U.S. HATERS!! jk

  74. Flagmo-T

    @Luke Make sure your HDMI plugs is properly connected, I had the same loose of Engine sound on Peyo’s last Challenge, and i found out that One end of the >HDMI plug was loose.. :O)


  75. andy_cowley

    ive managed 10th with my six axis and im pretty sure thats getting to the limit of what’s possible with it because i have not done a quicker sector in over an hour now….
    going to dust off my G25 in the morning though and see what i can do! :)

  76. Luke

    I couldn`t resist, i unpacked my PS3 late in the night and downloaded the demo, and was very disappointed at first, the car handled very strange, but i soon realised it`s because i don`t get all the feedback from the sound. I have my Dolby System here, but only with one speaker ^^
    If i look to the left i here no engine anymore, if i look to the right the engine is louder.
    I stoped playing and i will, of course, test it again at home with my full sound system installed.

    btw. testing prologue right now, driving the Elise in absolute silence, except tires ^^

  77. Mickle Pickle

    Still stuck at the office… Probably 6 more hours before i can have a taste of the Demo…
    :( :( :( :( :( I am so anxious

  78. Mike

    After a quick drive:

    It took me about 6 laps to get a clean one with no spins in the normal car. The new Physics engine is unbelieveably hard with N3 tires. I would go so far as to say it is un-enjoyable with a controller. The normal car feels like it weighs 4 tons.

    I figured the tuned car would be even worse, but it is much more driveable, it practically steers itself around the track.

    The main downfall however is:
    You are stuck with TCS of 7. I never use traction control, so it is very hard to get used to.

  79. Zodiac

    Hey FELLAS!

    What’s with the very poor background?!!!!!!! They downgraded the graphics?

    I love the new physics and sounds….but i hope they will improve the background and terrrain.

    Thank You very Much Polyphony Digital! Keep up the great work! and MErry Christmas to you All!

  80. UGH

    Ugh, no demo yet, also i can see a lot of people spreading false rumors about gt5 can only be played on HD tv’s LOL.

  81. Flagmo-T

    @John woo :O) You’re right, I don’t even have a License.. Just felt like -> Haha Got ya from the AI :O) But OK, I listing to ya, and keep it in Mind.. :O)

    Demo Ends in 69 Days, not only the Academy, but the license of driving this trail as well, if the install info is correct.. Mine says 69days :O) I thought it was for keeps..

    Hmm so it’s just a borrowed Christmas gift!! Hehe sorry It’s funny :P

  82. dani

    am i the only guy here that isnt a gamer freak? i mean i played all gran turismo series but i dident knew that there were people who would ran away from the job to play a creppy demo!?! wtf. anyway..
    I tried the demo too, for 30min and in my opinion the gt5p have a better graphic and cookpit view. but its funny, the game reminds me of the ridge racer lol, every turn i make i hear the creppy tires sound from the gt1 :P i dont think that is realistic at all.
    i have no positive things to say about the game expect when you break in cookpit mode, it feels awesome.
    i have forza 3 too, and in my opinion, forza 3 is much better and more realistic.
    gran turismo was my favorite game, but i hope gt5 is gonna payoff this 5 years of work.

  83. xanavi R34

    @S3 Racer you seem to be a pretty hardcore gt fan. whats youre position at this moment. I just have a controller and drove 4 laps and i,m already 137th.

  84. Corbett

    My first impressions:

    -Even more accurate physics from prologue. The car behaves exactly as I would expect when the limit of grip is reached.. and surpassed
    -much better AA on cars (jaggies almost completely gone)
    -textures have much more contrast and are less “sterile” than previous gt tracks; ie more skid marks, cracks, imperfections although quite low resolution
    -tire squeal is as annoying as always but the engine and rumble strips seem improved and sound very nice
    -rigid bumper and third person cameras look twitchy and nauseating. (I don’t get why PD does this, GT3 cameras were much better IMO)

  85. GTracerRens

    It’s so difficult!!! When I buy the full game, I’ll turn the driving back on Standard instead of professional… I spin around about erverytime, but when the lap is fine, the time is also great. I was in 98th place in the Dutch Rankinglist. ;) Someone with GTP in his name was on the second place! Can’t wait for the full game, I just want to ride the Nordschleife… ;)

  86. John Woo

    @Flagmo-T — What you’re describing sounds like you hit the gas too early while still turning and it caused you to oversteer so hard that you spun. That is actually very realistic and I’m guessing you haven’t had much experience taking a real car to the limits of tyre grip when turning.

  87. Flagmo-T

    @bcb Hehe Just because i wear a tight G-string when i’m Racing, doesn’t make me a fag Or ?

    A Pirouette is like a 360 spin :O)


  88. gtone339

    I have downloaded it today lol. Im from NZ and the demo is a little taste of GT5. New physics, textures?, and stuff lol.

  89. Flagmo-T

    Weird Experience !! Coming around the Corner and i Did manage to keep the wheels on the surface, and then out of no where, My car Did a ballet pirouette, Not very realistic Sorry.

    Maybe there is a lost FM3 shitmas Elf inside the code, or a X360 SCrooge knacking Thingy spoiling the fun!!

    I’m actually a little sad for The SD-TV Guys, That’s really a tough Bommer, and a nutty finger in the air. :O(


    Dear Pure SD-TV User.
    Please spend! A big amount of your hard earned and saved for the holidays $-Money-$ On this Totally Gratis Free and Orsm GT5 Trail 1080HD Demo which is Better then ever.

    – – GT5 The Real Driving Simulator – –
    To be experienced on a Big Sony Monitor 1080HD
    Near you!

    And A Merry Christmass to you and yours.
    And Thank you for your support and understanding!!
    Santa PD_SonY


  90. Kevin

    Why is the car so difficult to drive? As soon as you touch the accelerator in the corner you spin out. I’m using the G25. Hope that the game is not as this Demo is otherwise I will have wasted EUR 70 on the game :/

  91. lonestranger

    I seem to be in the minority, in that I don’t see a problem at all with a “stiff bumper view” or cockpit view too high. They seem the same as before to me. Also, I don’t see poor graphics, but that’s probably due to my small TV, BTW you can try adjusting the graphic detail in the game settings.

    The driving is sweet, I’ve never enjoyed drifting in games until now, maybe because I don’t have a wheel. Here, even with the sixaxis, you can feel what the tires are doing, when each one breaks loose, and which ones catch grip again. Tons of fun in the standard (red) car on Indy, but this setup would be a handful on a track such as the ‘Ring!

    The SynchroRev seems realistic also, although I’ve never driver a 370Z in real lfe.

    My only complaint is “clipping/stutter” whatever you want to call it when crossing the start/finish, I guess timing & scoring take up a lot of resources.

  92. dalejrfanfreak

    I just got done doing about 20-30 laps with the tuned car. I think the game is MUCH harder compared to GT5P but that could be the track AND the fact that we can’t really tune on these cars. Overall the car feels very very loose and has a lot of oversteer. You really have to tiptoe around the track if you are using a dualshock 3 like I am. My guess is with the wheel it’s not as bad, since the top 15 or so in the rankings are using a 900 degree steering wheel. I’m actually pretty satisfied with the demo though. The graphics aren’t that bad imo (best representation of Indy I have ever seen at least…) and it controls just fine.

    I think once the real game comes out and people can tune on the cars things will be much less frustrating. BTW, I am #100 right now (probably not for much longer though).

  93. Dean

    I heard PSN Update with the GT5 Trial will be today 5PM Central Time in the US, but that’s not official yet. Also I downloaded the JAP demo and deleted it, waiting for the US release.

  94. Judas

    It also appears as though you can lock the parking brake by tapping O at a standstill. For what reason, I don’t know.

  95. Judas

    Did anyone notice that it uses the same kind of semi-anti-aliasing as GTPSP?

    I think the graphics look great. Pretty much as I expected it to be. And you will have to consider the fact that, as PD have said before, there is no “special effects” during a race. Only during replays and Photo Mode.

  96. NS

    …4 hours more to go… I am at work as well… saw the demo earlier this morning (it’s 8pm here atm) but have been on the road all day :/ I am way too excited that physics and sound have been improved, I just can’t wait… last night I got the f1 on gt5p. Great feeling on the gt5p! can’t wait for the final thing to be released!!! :D

  97. Mickle Pickle

    @ S3 Racer :
    I bought a Toshiba MK5055GSX Notebook 2.5″ 500GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) @ 5400 RPM (same speed as the Original HDD) so far so good… i restored all my settings overnight… and no glitches at this point…

    It’s Thursday morning for me right now… and i just started work… :( :(
    Been working on the PS3 last night, and now it’s ready to receive THE DEMO!

    Because of my situation, @ Sam__NY:
    Yes, true for me too…

    @ Phil & Nick:
    You are definitely hardcore complainers… still finding ways to neat-picking. LOL.

    Stiff camera for the bumper you say???
    I dont know how and why you guys would see that as wrong??!
    If it’s a bumper CAM, that seems pretty much realistic to me…
    Because if you were to fix a camera on the front bumper of your real car, and autocross your car.. 1st) you better fix it TIGHT, and 2nd) I would imagine that you will pretty much see the same stiffness once replayed… I dont see any fancy camera work can be applied there… as it should represent the camera being literally fixed tight on the bumper.

    At least THAT would be my guess.
    But let me confirm it once i lay my hands on this Demo, not until tonight…12 more hours of excruciating wait, as I just began my day at work, and i have a prior engagement tonight after work too! D&*# it! I will pretty much be the last one on GTP to test this :( :( :(

  98. Jeff V

    Anyone from Canada found the demo to download from Playstation store yet? I just checked, and it doesn’t seem to be there.

  99. Hernan

    Why is our fault? i dont have this problem with the 360 or the 99% of the Ps3 games, it doesnt say anywhere that i requiere a HDTV to play with my PS3, it says i can take full advantage of a 1080p tv but not required.

    I read the forums and maybe is a problem with the euro demo, il have to wait for the us demo.

  100. Matt

    @ Hernan.

    My thoughts exactly.

    Of course it is my fault for not having upgraded to new technology yet, but for the demo to be HD only is a slap in the face.

    Oh, and you have to be online to play it…

    Woe is me

  101. Hernan

    After all this time waiting for the demo i cant play it because i have a standart definition TV, this sucks, pure lazyness of not downscale the resolution, first time i have this problem and i have quite few games for both 360 and Ps3, pretty dissapointing.

  102. Flagmo-T

    So it’s LucasOrdonezSPA :) The most impressing guy GT5 Academy Right Now ? Well it’s Orsm to compete with Him and K-Yamuachi on the Board :O) I’m 159 on Tuned.. 000 On Normal (haven’t raced it yet!)


    PS. Team_MoFF-No4 is 11 on the Tuned, way to Go Mocker :O)

  103. Pal

    Can someone confirm the demo is only for HD users. I have a standard definition television. Are you telling me I can’t drive this thing due to screen resolution?!

  104. lans

    guys i need a partner to fly down to japan with me and steal a copy of gran turismo 5 i only have about 1800 dollars is ayone willing to join me, if your japanese that will be very useful
    i will give whateva monies i have.

    is anyone interested?

  105. S3 Racer

    Berlino Bear:

    funny and Kind of right…. was working on the finish of the accounting… boring and not much to do. + tomorrow last day…

    Now set up my buttkicker and ready to crack some times…

  106. JeffT417

    I’m not too concerned with the alleged poor graphics quality. This is a heavily COMPRESSED demo. It’s sole purpose is to show off the new physics engine. When GT5 ships, it will surely have a much higher level of visual quality.

  107. Flagmo-T

    Uhh The Live adjustment for the GT-wheel isn’t supported in this demo, even though you can set it up.. I’m talking about the Red Dial on the GT-wheel :O)

    Again probably for fairness in the Academy Race..


  108. Berlino Bear

    @S3 Racer : CLeaning the office. Why does it need cleaning? You havent done any work, you have been on here posting all day! ;-)

  109. Phil

    After playing it some more…meh. I personally think the stiff camera ruins the whole thing. The menus have some small improvements, like the start button highlighted in green, but the whule thing is mainly still a dull sea of grey. I like the fact that the jazzy muzac is still there. I personally hope this demo gets slated so they can work on the glaringly obvious flaws.

  110. S3 Racer

    @ Luke: Nice.

    @luke & dr boss
    yes obviously the graphics (engine) here are not the same we saw on so many pictures that PD and jordan showed us. I think it’s GT5P engine.

    Dr boss. you begin work and I m cleaning my office and am ready to go home now.

    See ya all in the rankings ;D

  111. Dr.Boss.

    n 8 hours i will be home from work, and cannot wait to play this.

    With regard to the lackluster graphics, can anyone confirm that the game is infact running at full 1080p. If we all remember, Prologue was not quite 1080p, they skimped on either the vertical or horizontal resolution (i cant remember)… But, Kaz has said many times that GT5, will be full 1080p (1920×1080)… if this demo has the same cheated 1080p that Prologue had… that is a pretty good indication that the graphics we see today are actually NOT GT5’s graphics engine.

    On to the more important topic, Physics. From what i am reading i have a lot to be happy about. I hope more than anything that the controls/physics are as tight and technical as everyone on these boards makes them out to be. T-minus 7 hours 50 minutes, and counting. This is going to be along work day.


  112. Luke

    @S3 Racer
    Yeah, i saw your ID in the comments, will add you as soon as my PS3 is ready to go at home, downloading 220MB should be enough time to enter some letters :)

    Still surprised over the small demo size, but that is a very good argument against all people complaining about lowres textures, obviously they didn`t pack the highres stuff into the demo.

  113. S3 Racer

    @Max Mosley: thx to clarify, misunderstanding from my side. I only could take a quick try,… but in 30 min, finished with work, and then …….(Homer mouth open and salvating, *need that icon*)

  114. TeamTurismo

    I have been excited all week for this and honestly cannot be more disappointed in what I just played and witnessed. It looks “cold”, depressing and empty compared to the other racers I’ve played this generation. As disappointed as I am with the overall looks that is not my biggest disappointment. No, my biggest disappointment by a longshot is how boring everything feels. It simply isn’t an enjoyable experience in any way. You have no idea how letdown I am about this demo. Someone, anyone, please help me out here and find some way to restore hope. Doesn’t have to be a ton of hope, any slither would do right now.

  115. Dr.Boss.

    In 8 hours i will be home from work, and cannot wait to play this.

    With regard to the lackluster graphics, can anyone confirm that the game is infact running at full 1080p. If we all remember, Prologue was not quite 1080p, they skimped on either the vertical or horizontal resolution (i cant remember)… But, Kaz has said many times that GT5, will be full 1080p (1920×1080)… if this demo has the same cheated 1080p that Prologue had… that is a pretty good indication that the graphics we see today are actually NOT GT5’s graphics engine.

    On to the more important topic, Physics. From what i am reading i have a lot to be happy about. I hope more than anything that the controls/physics are as tight and technical as everyone on these boards makes them out to be. T-minus 7 hours 50 minutes, and counting. This is going to be along work day.


  116. Max Mosley

    @ S3 Racer & GaBe_loGaN

    Ahhh! I see where the confusion was now. In regards to the physics, I was talking about the actual driving physics – only professional is available. In regards to the steering type if you are using a driving wheel,there are indeed 3 settings; amatuer, professional and simulation.

    I don’t think anyone was trying to misinform anyone.

    Just to clarify – Driving physics, only 1 setting (professional)
    Steering type if using a wheel, 3 settings.

    By the way I am talking about and playing the UK version of the demo.

  117. Hellenic_Force

    God why they put the demo??? haha i mean they put it and now i can’t wait for the full game… before the demo i had enough patience to wait till summer but now that the dero rocks hard i can’t wait!!! Qow the 370z is awesome!!! Especially the tuned one without TC is a pleasure to drive sideways!!!

  118. MilkMan

    Some of the comments here actually make me quite mad, complete ignorance of other peoples opinions just because you disagree.

    Personally I find this track boring, no matter what history it has I still think it’s a boring track. The physics seem nice but are definetly made for wheels and not for pads, not so good.. :/ And you cant really feel the surface, it feels completely flat, i was hoping for a bit more exiting physics like in NFS Shift.

    And the graphics, they’re quite bad, I know that it’s only a demo of the physics but it isnt helping sales really and I see no reason for doing this…

    Like someone said it does feel like a rush job and trust me, I love GT as much as you who will flame this, but I’m just judging the demo for what I think it is.

  119. juhaniman

    What, no clutch!?
    C’mon, try this: Switch to non-sequential mode and press Triangle while driving and try the clutch… does it work?

  120. juhaniman

    @ Adam

    “But is their clutch support in the GT5 Prologue?”

    G25 Clutch support was already in GT5P so why it wouldn’t be in this time?

  121. S3 Racer

    @flagmo-t : not you but phil, you seemed quite happy.
    And yeah ps3 is not the strongest system (compared to new pc chips, but in console is genius, but very hard and tricky to program on it AS IT SEEMS). I think PD will take 80% out of the ps3 now and the hole 100% in GT6 . they still need playroom. (like gta which lacked a lot of features from the old….)

    @Luke: ja klar versteh ich dich ;D, Did you got my id from the other thread ?

  122. Sweet

    Overall it’s worth it.. But it also has many flaws;

    – The bad things about it ;
    -Horrible textures through out the track
    -The bumper view is extremly stiff
    -The cockpit view camera is too high up
    -Horrible and when I say this I mean it horrible track Indy
    -Shadow AA problem
    -The main menu is very laggy, and poorly designed

    The good things about it;
    -The physics engine is greatly improved
    -Car feels much more responsive then Gt5p
    -It was a small file

  123. lans

    Im using a ds3 im getting times of 1.41.366 for tuned settings i can probably make it 1.40.200 or slightly less am i at the limits of using a dual shock controller?

    Fantastic Demo i would even pay money for it.
    This is real racing, i entered a forza competition in november with pro settings but it never felt this hardcore! it was always easy to drive.

  124. Luke

    @S3 Racer
    Luxemburg ? So if my knowledge about Europe is correct you should be able to understand was ich hier nun gerade schreibe, oder irre ich mich ?

    Maybe i`ll download it tonight and play for a hour, but i`ve already packed my PS3 :(

  125. Flagmo-T

    I’ defiantly not complaining :O) I’m Happy as a Little child that got a nice yellow rubber duck! for Christmas :O)

    To be Honest, I’m beginning to think, That the PS3 system is to blame, for the Lack of details in the overall Concept of GT5.. To Balance a Game like this, for the System it uses (PS3 engine), is a Pick in the dark, but my hope is that PD, will be spending more time on Raising the overall Quality, That’s All Folk’s :O)

    PS. It could also be scaled down, so it will run smoother on a PC system, and then to be released in near Future :O)
    ( We could hope so ! More interesting Championships, and £ $ Money to earn) ( Track editor ) your own Team Skins on Cars Etc..


  126. neem

    959th, get in! Daan is representing pretty nicely though, last time I checked he was in the top 10, pretty good going!

  127. S3 Racer

    As i think physics can be choosen in the demos apart jap demo. Cause in my menus i had to switch to sim!!

    Complaining about the graphs, is poor judgement on your side. It clearly stats that only CAR physics are from GT5.

    I stop now, because the people with some knowlegde are not complaining.


  128. Alex

    @ Phil,
    Indy is the most uninspiring track in the world? what are you smoking? do you even know the history of the track? why it was built? it was built by a guy who wanted to race but couldn’t since the roads in midwest USA were kinda bad so he decided to make a closed circuit for high-speed racing. The track first opened in 1909 but closed during WW1 and WW2 so the “500” will be 100 years old in 2016 and I WILL be there! Also one important thing to note is that Formula 1 has lost it’s biggest audience. The IMS attracted more fans to America’s 6 or so years of F1 Glory…or Farce? (cue 2005 “race”) than any F1 track in the world, think about that. It must be pretty damn f***ing inspiring to just be there, yea? :-P.

  129. Flagmo-T

    Yes Thank you PD..

    Great discoveries in the Demo:
    1. if you drive wrong into the pit, you’ll be send back in the right direction.
    2. Every name on the ranking can be used as a Ghostreplay ( downloadable )
    3. You can now see, what controller is used on every driver on the ranking.
    4. when you are in the start menu, and want to quit, when you press O you go straight to Exit!
    5. More features for setting up you screen .
    6. Great New Physic Engine :O) Wau great Work PD :)

    Not so Great Discoveries:
    1 SOme places the Textures are to Low quality, that can be done better ( lazy ness)
    2.Trees are Billboard 3D technic, which is like 2 squares add together in a Cross ( 90’s like ?)
    3. Extra texture on the Surface ( is Blurred, and to pixeled (staircases))

    –(O: * :O)–

    Merry Christmass To you all, and of course to PD, for this Fine Gift!
    It will be better yet!!

    Team_MoFF-No2 aka Flagmo-T

  130. GT4Ever

    Yep nice. Hope the full game is going to be more like this with more cars and tracks. Its time to put some details in. PD is king in making detailed car models, but if they are so perfectionistic, how can they ever leave tire marks out and make the track look so empty and detailless, and the sound: ARGH!


    great physics, very noise beautiful engine sound. but still the shadows problems.
    i can´t wait fot march 2010

  132. Hutcha

    Hi guys. I just bought PS3 2 days ago and have already tried GT5 demo.
    I got some questions. Is it worth to buy GT5P nowaday? or should I continue playing GT5 demo and wait until the full game is released????

  133. Phil

    In my opinion, this “demo” thing was awful. The camera is stiff, and looks and feel totally unnatural. You can’t play it offline, which is ridiculous. The menus are dull. Writing is small and hard to see on a standard definition TV, and the physics feel odd. Also, the Indy circuit is the most uninspiring circuit in the world. When I tried to push one of those warning markers on the circuit, they jerked across the screen like a shopping trolley, and when I pushed one against a wall, it went through the wall. Th interior view is too high above the steering wheel and I can’t even choose the colour of the car. But most of all it’s THAT camera which needs fixing. This feels very much like a rush job before Christmas to remind us that GT5 may indeed be coming out next year, and guess what, this demo has made me worried and fearful for the full game.

  134. Alan

    physics definitley feel more realistic but i use the a joypad to drive and am finding it way too hard and not enjoyable to drive at all, going on this demo alone if u gave me a choice of physics between prologue and the new physics then id choose prologue, these physics have been brought in to suit steering wheel drivers

  135. rofajole

    Is it just me or in the N3 tires you can’t unlock the Traction Control? I really like the N3 tires better, but with TC, I feel like I’m being limited…

  136. Max Mosley


    Only Professional physics are available.

    Makes sense really, when you consider what prize is available. PD and Nissan, obviously want the best and most capable drivers, who can transfer their virtual skills into reality. And after noticing the improvements in the physics engine in the new demo over Prologue, the fine line between fantasy and reality is getting more blurred! :)

  137. S3 Racer

    Ok guys. Just give it a quick try during my mid-pause:
    There are 3 options for physics (arcarde – pro- sim)
    I played in sim with the g25 and let me put it like that : HEAVEN

    It’s better than GTR and Rfactor 2gether!!!
    Over- and understeering is the most realistic i seen so far. Every little mouvement is reflected directly to the car. The little bump just before the finish line is soooo sweet.
    Did 2 laps with each car and beeing 74th combined and didn’t even try. (It seems I am the only Luxemburger for the moment :D). The lack of clutch is sad but understandable.
    tameen didn’t exagerated,… it’s simply huge. I hope that all the guys who were trashtalking the demo down(with the vids), are flushing red by now. Shame on u.

    Now I feel really sorry for luke who has to wait till tomorrow. Now I just hope it will be playable till GT5 comes out. Now the hardest will be 4hours of work, knowing what awaits me at home!!
    Ps: Lucas is first!! Good job. 3-4 guys in front of kaz.

    THANK YOU KAZ 4 THE X-MAS PRESENT, u made my day, week,…

  138. GaBe_LoGaN

    I’m at work and I won’t be able to play until the end of the day :(, Could anyone tell if there is a physiscs choice between normal or professional?

  139. ajsd

    Hey Dom, I am in the top 20’s with a controller, whats the deel with 200/900 degree wheels?
    This demo is great! don’t understand why they dont just put more cars and tracks in!

  140. Dom

    I’m doing a 1.38.0 with a 200 degree wheel – I think I have to upgrade to a 900 degree wheel for the last tenths. It’s very tricky to have perfect traction out of the corners, when your wheel angle is limited. I even lose a tenth in the oval part I think.
    Still great demo and love the physic upgrade!

  141. Phosphor112

    I’m not sure why it feels more exciting.. maybe because I’m pumped that GT5 has improved so much? Or maybe just the fidelity of GT5 compared to the GTR series.. it makes GTR seem low quality. The physics definitely is a HUGE improvement. I’m at my friends right now, so my wheel isn’t here, but I can just tell it’s so much more precise. Everything feels like it matters now.. if that makes sense. Like… before results were sluggish… idk, I’m gonna stop trying to explain it.

  142. Tim

    hmm it might not be a GT5 demo but the demo is built on the Gt5 physics Engine , Since I dont hold a full DL I cannot compete in academy the but I am still downloading it so that I can have a look at the car quality and sounds etc.

  143. missionfailed

    for once I made it in the top 25 !! at Pos 23 with on N3…. but that didn’t last long.. lol .. it was a rubbish time anyway.

  144. S3 Racer

    @Phosphor112 yeah you can. And if it is better than GTR, I will pass a lot of time with it, and the wait 4 the final version will be so much harder
    @ Luke : I will put down a donut for u lol

    20 min to go, so impatient…

  145. K_Soze

    Whaou, a little bit desappointed by graphics (I now it is not GT5 and I see the shadow greater resolution), but not by the physic engine, it’s hard, but it’s good (with a G25 it’s madness…).

  146. Luke

    I hate you all, i just came to work and in the evening there is the company Christmas party. To be honest i don`t really want to go there, but otherwise i would be an ass to everyone :(
    I won`t be able to play it until friday evening, so please keep me updated here ;) What about the new engines sounds ?

  147. S3 Racer

    same here lucky me i work 2 blocks away from home, my bro dl it for me now,… so in an hour i can give it a shot. Will be painful to just play for 45 min. Just hoping servers working then… :S

  148. Obli

    Why do people keep saying the graphics are poor? Why on Earth would they release a playable demo of GT5 with the graphics toned down? I’m expecting GT5:P graphics with improved anti-aliasing and shadows, nothing more… and what we see here will hardly change for the GT5 release, if at all.

  149. Crispy

    Just downloaded from EU store, and WOW…
    …server’s already down so the DEMO is unplayable!! Fan-bloody-tastic!!

  150. Djcorrosive

    Guys pls don’t forget it’s only a DEMO!! the gfx aren’t that good cause it’s for physics only. I think the sounds will be even better in the final version! They could be beefed up a bit! Tire sounds are about 70-80% real sounding

  151. wardo

    well just downloaded it off the jap store… I’m sorry but I fail to see what the fuss is about!? doesn’t look any better than prologue actually worse.. and yes I know it’s just a time trial thing to show off physics but after doing 1 lap i’m bored of it already it certainly isn’t anything flash but what would you expect from a 200mb download, if this is all they can give us after 5 years of dev time.. I fear the worst for the end product.

  152. Adam

    but is their clutch support in the GT5 Prologue?

    I just hope when they ship the final game it will fully support the clutch.

    Yes the sounds have seem to be improved. Could be a bit better but at least its not as bad as before, the engine sounds are better, and so are the tires sound. And yes the physics are awesome. The tuned 370z is so fun to drive! I can’t wait for the full game now. Damn!

  153. Imari

    No clutch support. The reasoning is that a clutch allows you to shift faster, and in a time trial this amounts to having to buy a G25 to be able to compete at the highest level. As it’s supposed to be open to all, they’ve just disabled it instead.

  154. gtkiller

    Yes no clutch for G25 user’s I know it’s a bummer but they need to keep the playing field equal when using the steering wheel. Would have been nice to play with full clutch and shifter though.

    Physics in this demo is amazing :)

  155. Adam

    Will this game support the logitech g25/g27 wheel? I do not see those models at all when going to the steering wheel options.

    and also does it support the clutch?

  156. S3 Racer

    Question to G25 drivers :

    I read NO clutch…. ???!!!


    It pippi me off. how the heck do you want a realistic countersteer with no clutch,….

    Hope it’s just in the demo, or i read something wrong, or some hidden menu agaiin….

  157. S3 Racer

    yeah i’m reading reviews in the forum now. I can’t wait to get of work. It sounds sooooo goood and that with the g25. I hope just to get a good time
    Maybe simulating sickness to get home early hahahah no, i’m pro, so i stay, but I will quick return during midday, to dl it install and install my rig. Then When i get home @ 1700 I will be playing @ 1702

  158. tameem

    @ S3 racer

    the physics have been improved heaps
    it is almost should i say “harder” and more”realistic” it feels more natural and the car reacts to every little movement. the head movement ZOMG when i went full on the main and went hard on brakes the whole car was shaking violently it was intense let me tell u

    it is hard to describe you just gotta try it

  159. S3 Racer

    ohhh maN I just started work :S grrrr…..

    Sounds good he first impression, gonna be a f///ing long day of *work*.

    @Mickle: which speed?? I have some problems with my WD, restart and then it’s fine.

    @tameen: give us more physics detail, so i can dream on at work hahah



  160. tameem

    just made a JAP account and downloaded the demo
    first thoughts
    physics = awesome
    sound = awesome
    head movement = epic
    N3 tyres = crazy fun
    overall = very good, emproved alot from the prologue

    now downside

    i made another user account on my ps3 and mad a JAP psn account then i played it. after a while i went back to deleted the account i made on my ps3. and went back to log into my real one only to realise the demo doesnt work on my one :( LOL so i ended up deleting the demo

    will download the AU one once the stores update which should be in 2 hours

  161. Matt

    What a nice gift from Polyphony Digital.

    Time to compare the physics and point of view to Forza with a critical analysis.

  162. Mickle

    Ok so who can give their first impression…. i am still in the process of swapping my PS3 HD 80G for a 500G…

    I will be downloading the Demo Baby within the next two hours! Pacific time !

  163. IronM@sk

    LOL, i’ve been checking the AU store every 30 mins today :( It’s 4:30pm now. Will check soon. Still playing some DiRT atm.

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