Gran Turismo 5 Hacking Begins via PS3 Exploit

As you’ve probably heard by now, the PlayStation 3’s security has been completely cracked, allowing unfettered access to the console’s software, files, and games. Unsurprisingly, GT5 has been an active target for hackers taking advantage of the compromised system. Their first major accomplishment involves a way to easily duplicate game-saves between different PSN accounts (sorry, I won’t be providing any source links for information on how to do this).

That’s interesting, but the next step – manipulating the game data itself – could have far greater implications . Imagine, for example, the ability to manually set any attribute of any car in your garage (power, weight, etc.) to any value, or swap out engines, transmissions, and other parts. This actually isn’t a new concept to GT – it’s called “hybriding”, and it’s been going on since the dawn of the series (see GTPlanet’s own “hybrids” forum, which dates back to the beginning of the site in 2001).

In the past, however, hybriding was a mostly a solitary activity – nobody cared if you had a Daihatsu Midget II with 1500 horsepower. With the advent of online racing in GT5, however, this could enable dishonest players to compete with others using an unfair and hidden advantage.

Once again, hybriding in GT5 has not yet been accomplished, and may not even be possible. However, people are out there trying to do it and may be successful. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds and what, if anything, Sony will be able to do about it.

For now, take a look at these “hybrid” video clips from some of the older games:

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  1. cbabb

    Have people really stooped that low as to cheat themselves out of a great game just to show off. You hacked GT5. Grats. Now the game has lost all it’s value. IMO.

  2. ZeGermanBastorD

    I hope it’s true and PD can fix it.

    Bought a PS3/GT5 bundle only because i was so pi**ed from the cheaters in the PC games :/

  3. Vinura

    you know how every car has its own specific set of wheels that you can put on? well maybe you could use this hack to allow all the cars to have any option of wheels you want

  4. ZR1Driviera

    I recently raced online in NASCAR, and one of the people were literally almost flying, with one side of the car off the ground. Could this be the beginning? I think the save game transfers are fine, because there are those of us that will never have the time to level up and get the full experience of the game.

  5. KW-37

    PD could (maybe not easily, but COULD) calculate the absolute max HP, torque, down-force, etc. for every car. Then they could passively scan all competitors on online races for cars outside the maximum limitations.
    This might lead to a few false-positives, but it would be better than total mayhem on the online courses.
    As for hacking the game for non-online play… I say it’s your $60. Do whatever the heck you want to do with the data in the disc. You paid for it.

    As long as you aren’t affecting anyone else in online play, why should anyone care what goes on in the privacy of someone else’s garage?

  6. daics69

    all i have to add is that if you need to cheat, you’re obviously not good enough to be playing a sim. just go get a stupid arcade game where you don’t have to use your brakes and you’ll most likely be over the moon. sad

  7. Dave

    Engine swaps such as RB26dett in S13s or even just GST-t skylines

    SR20 or 13b AE86s (although the 4age can do pretty well in the game with 2-300bhp

    RB engined historic skylines

    RB engined 240z!!!

    13b Mx-5

    1JZ S13/S15s

    NASCAR engines put into other cars.

    1500bhp midgets is a little much but one with 3-500bhp would be pretty cool.

    K20 engined minis

    S65 or S85s in E46 M3
    S54 in the little 2002 turbo!!!

    RWD conversions to Evos and other 4wd cars like have been done in real lift

    4wd conversion and engine swaps to small fwd cars like have been done in real life.

    There is alot of cool stuff that can be done really but you’ll still get stupid stuff with making everything as quick as an X2010 but they will only be ruining their own game and can easily be kicked from online races.

    If somebody had a car with an engine swap in an online race that was realistic I wouldn’t kick them.

    bhp and weight restrictions are there for a reason anyway.

    Not sure how you could restrict other mods like crazy down-fore or grip though…

    On the good side of it… for people that don’t want to hack into PS3s but feel hard done by, maybe PD will make patches for legit engine swaps that are very popular

  8. SavageEvil

    This is going to be a mess, I hate hacking for all reason known to PC users. If you have had to buy internet security then you know what comes of hacking, even if you mean no malice with it, others will do just that. Since we can’t be certain who will and who won’t how about we just try to avoid all of it. Good thing I know a pretty reliable racer who runs races, will be a sad day if i have to run across someone doing this sort of crap.

    Think good things all you damn well please, we all know that the majority of things that we will hear about will be bad, plain and simple…people when given the option to have no limits, will do whatever they feel like.

  9. Alex

    Could this be used to include the missing gt4 content if people can get Seattle and fpvs etc I don’t see a problem infact most of peoples complaints could be addressed think custom event creator, or you could even rename the rufs porsches

  10. locokido

    Personally I will be jumping on the bandwagon if they figure away to change car settings to whatever you please. The current customization is way to linear in design and frankly very constraining. Like putting a turbo on a car and having it ACTUALLY make a sizable amount of hp increase instead of a lame 20 hp.

    Take for example of tuning a car for time attack. Unless your a tuner car or RM there is no way to achieve front down-force. I mean heaven for bid you by a front lip or extensions and the work.

    And thats just a small fraction of possibilities that could be done. Boost control anyone?

    Overall I think there is way more good that could come out of this than bad with this exploit. Just as long as people are mature enough to blow off the immature ones that go crazy with it.

    1. Ryan

      With all due respect, you are a fool if you think that more good will come of this than bad.

      Nothing will be gained for those of us who legally purchase our games, and after about a year of free-for-all PS3 games the console will be dead.

      Do you really think that PD or Infinity Ward or Rockstar will continue to pay licensing fees to Sony to make games for the PS3 when they know that they will only sell 1/100th of the volume they do now? Everyone will be downloading the games and installing them illegally. Since no one will be purchasing the games, no one will be producing them. This means no new games for PS3 no new DLC for GT5 or any other game you love.

      If the hackers are right and Sony truly cannot fix this then we are all going to be left with $300 blu ray players. The online gaming will be destroyed and there won’t be any new titles coming to Playstation.

      I really wish there was more coverage of this with updates more often as this hack could lead to the end of Sony’s participation in the console market. The PS4 won’t be ready soon enough and without continued income from game manufacturers they won’t be able to bridge the gap or the market share loss of 2+ years without a competing console. Microsoft will take over the serious video gaming market.

    2. daics69

      are u for real? you can’t just strap any old turbo to any old car or put any old body kit on any old car. people are never satisfied and its quite disappointing. YOU DON’T HAVE MUCH FRONT DOWNFORCE?? BRAKE EARLIER!!!

  11. Mr Clean 113

    How about the simple addition of a points based performance index, possibly power to weight ratio etc…. And put it right up there next to the players name in the lobby. Then you could see what’s up easily and remind that deusche who won and is trying to talk smack that he is driving twice as much car as the rest of the room. Ridiculous that this isn’t being used for matchmaking or something.

  12. LeftyWright69

    I just hope that no one alterd their cars for the Academy Qualifyer. Just crank up the traction and it’s a free playseat, how F’d that there’s even the chance that this could happen.

  13. Brian

    Cant stand the limitations in customization on consoles.
    These mods are possible and keeping pc racing sims alive ever since their release.

  14. YUBOY7

    I found out a way to glitch the game on the rome circuit by respawning off the track. It looked like the part in the video when the car was underneath the buildings. Is that what hybriding is?

  15. Super_Colossal

    I’m glad someone else listens to Satriani. That’s all I got out of this article was a good song from 1989. One of my favorites. As for the hacking, who cares? Let them get kicked out of games all the time. Their loss.

  16. RTSolvalou

    Yamauchi is no fool, he will find a way to counteract any attempted online cheating in the competitions.
    Also, I do not believe consoles are yet subject to the same law that makes it illegal for a server/online system to check for modified files on a system to then lock players out.

    Rockstar’s patches for IV on PC illegally checked for certain files and if certain ones were modified, to then block online play. If someone KNOWS if this applies to consoles (they are not close enough to PCs to be classified the same way) then please mention.

  17. Mr. Premium

    You know, if Polyphony actually allowed for more advanced tuning and customization options in the first place (engine and drivetrain swaps are performed all the time by enthusiasts in real life, why can’t we do it in Gran Turismo? That would be a huge draw for me), then maybe people hacking and hybriding cars together wouldn’t be an issue. Then nobody would have secret weapon cars doing a trojan on other players.

    But, being able to ‘swap engines’ as it were via hacking is better than not having any engine swaps at all. I can see people abusing it, but I can also see cheaters being easily caught, especially in races with power restrictions. A 1000+ Horse hybrid will be very obvious compared to the 400 horse competition. Things like suspension, transmission, aerodynamic settings… well they shouldn’t be restricted anyway, part of winning is knowing how to set up your car. Extreme suspension settings aren’t necessarily going to work in competition… at least if GT’s physics are anything close to accurate. For example, if you double or triple the downforce, you can effectively brick-wall your top speed. Turning your springs up to 20 or 30 means your car will bounce at the slightest bump, and will probably be uncontrollable. So something tells me there is hope.

    Maybe now I can tune an Ur-quattro to more than 375HP, like you can in real life.

    1. CaliBoy1990

      Yeah, why not? If they’re so worried about hacking, then they should step up and start offering more features to make us all happy! It’s a win-win situation.{And yes, don’t let certain hacked hybrids online.}

    2. samdu

      “Things like suspension, transmission, aerodynamic settings… well they shouldn’t be restricted anyway,”

      Yeah. They don’t restrict those things in real-life racing. Oh… wait…

    3. JPCaveman13

      I can see what you mean about engine swaps. If PD took the time to model the cars correctly, they can add a feature in allowing engine swaps but the swaps would be limited by space available in the engine bay and by mounting hardware. That would inhibit dumping the engine from a X2010 into a midget but you would be able to switch from a 289 or 302 ci engine to a 351 in a Mustang or drop a Honda/Acura Type-R into the CRX.

  18. CeeJay

    I think this has already happened. I was in a room last night where someone was going INSANELY fast around Le Sarthe. Unless it was just them using some sort of lag switch, they were pulling off laps in the one minute mark around the track. It was insane! I don’t think the X1 is even that fast!

  19. derrickgott007

    Simple solution to this problem. Let people put any car on any track and any engine in any car. Make it a certain class, name it unlimited. I think it’s stupid when companies restrict what car can run on what track. Take TOCA 2 for example. Maybe I wanted to run monster trucks on the Indy track…. Let me!

  20. MintBerryCrunch

    I think a 1500hp Daihatsu Midget would be awesome.
    While I hope they come up with some way to stop these things from going online, I think people who buy the game should be able to do whatever the hell they want as long as they don’t ruin the experience for others. Can’t they just lock out the console itself from using PSN if they go online with the hacks?

  21. Tim

    This is likely to be a temporary issue sony are remotely blocking anyone who has or will use a Jailbreak device , apparently they said on a post on the net the PS3 reports everything back to sony when it turns on.

    I personally think sony will patch GT5 because at the moment the hackers only have version 1.0 working not 1.5

    hence the reason the hybriding only works on version 1.0

    1. Jordan

      Could you suggest a better title for an article which describes the successful manipulation and ongoing investigation of GT5’s game data, made possible by the recent PS3 crack?

  22. Dustyr

    Hacking ps3’s is bad for everyone. I mean we lost the ability to dual boot our ps3’s with a Linux os because of hackers exploiting the psn store and pirating games via torrents so I think this is bad news

    1. me

      Lies, we lost otherOS because the RSX was nearly hacked in linux. The other crap was made up to scare little gullible kiddies and have them side with $ony. Piracy never happened until a $ony employee leaked the USB Jig device to the public, there is a LOT of piracy of BR and PSN games now, but at least you have the facts right, just in the wrong order. OtherOS removal caused piracy, not the other way round.

    2. samdu

      No, OtherOS was removed because Geoh0t was poking around in the OtherOS code trying to figure out how to access the GPU and, by extension, breaking down the wall separating OtherOS from GameOS which would have been a HUGE security breach more than likely leading to piracy. Sony removed OtherOS as a reaction to hacking, not the other way around.

  23. NZHippo

    Wow that red hatchback on the first video is hilarious! I could almost excuse hacking if they just stuck to making ridiculous cars like that.

  24. R1600Turbo

    I hope they do come up with a way to hybrid cars. I for one do not build these 1500 horsepower monsters.

    However I would like to swap motors, turbo cars that cannot be turbo’d, etc. Maybe find a way to put wheels on standard cars?

    1. S30Z_Guy

      I would very much like to give the 240zg at least 400 hp, It really pissed me off that I got less hp from it than in GT4 plus you can turbo random things that would just be dumb but you still can’t turbo the Z.

  25. Madman Apex

    forget the cars… i wanna somebody install spa or sebring into GT5. if im not mistaken there are over 200 real life tracks that have been created by computer race-sim communities. they could put rain at laguna seca or fuji. even, dare i say, port over midfield, apricot hill, motegi, infineon etc from previous GT games. since all the standard cars are just ports. you could even hack the series’. change the FGT series in 60laps per race instead of just 20. create the daytona 500 endurance, monza1000km. there is a possibility for some good.

    1. Madman Apex

      a fix to eliminate hacked cars from racing online would be have a “mismatch” check; this happens in the GTR/Race 07 series online. say in a lobby room there are 16 player. all driving different cars and there is one clown with a hacked PD-Kart. GT5 goes through a check and compares all the specs of each player’s car compared to what others have on their system. so it checks that hacked karts stats/figures compared to what the other 15 players have in their system. sees the mismatch player booted. but if a group of clowns want to all race in miatas that perform better than the X1 together online against each other, it lets them; but they would all need to have the same hack to pass the mismatch test.
      this i figure could help online.

  26. ashley

    to be honest… id except something like this on xbox, not ps3. i see ps3 as the grown ups console, the serious people, although you do get the occasional idiot. but the hints in the name.. “simulator”… lets keep it that way yea?

  27. Craigles

    I would like to dublicate saved data onto a different account because i really hate my psn name. Craigles2k9. I would much rather craiglesF40 than with a childish 2k9 at the end.

  28. Rylan

    I don’t see any hacking. I see the possibility of amending save codes which hasn’t happened yet.

    Till then this story is blowing things a little out of proportion. Duping is a far bigger issue in the online game.

  29. Major tom

    You can’t really stop people from hacking, however to the argument that says people will grow bored of illegitimate racing are being naive. Have you been on the internet it’s full of douche bags.

  30. sporkafife

    I am against hacking to get an advantage in online games. Which, to be honest, is what all the whiney little kids are going to do with It. And in my opinion, the word “hacker” has been f**ked up by these little idiots. Being a hacker requires skill, knowledge about the computer systems you are trying to hack, patience and an awful lot of trial and error.

    This hack could bring the PS3 to new heights. Sony now have competition on their own console, this could push them into releasing features which try to dissuade people from hacking. Like how the iphone OS has added many features to try and stop jailbreaking (like multi-tasking). So this could be a good thing for PS3 end users.

    Either that or we could have idiots with aimbots ruining FPS games, and 10Million horsepower cars destroying our driving games. For some reason I think I know which one is most likely to happen :/

  31. Patrocles

    I agree cheaters are lame.

    maybe the good side of this hack may allow some great stuff to be done to GT5. improved physics? better options?

  32. TakeshiSkunk

    Why does everyone think this just means cheating? :( You guys disappoint me.

    There’s a lot of legitemately cool stuff to be done via hybriding. Sure most of what you see is just dumb stuff, but I think it’s interesting when people take very specific bits of different cars in an attempt to create an excellent yet realistic vehicle.

    And really what drifter doesn’t want an RB20 s13 or a 2JZ 86 :P

    I personally don’t intend to mess with this unless I absolutely have to switch a save over to a new console, but I think it’s neat for the people that are into that side of GT. People are either going to work to match cars appropriately for good racing or just always pick the faster machine just for the sake of winning, I don’t think the introduction of hybrids to online racing would really change much.

    1. Warren

      Skilled drifters don’t want a 2JZ 86, that crap may be good for drag racing but for drifting a 2JZ would just fk up the weight distribution of the car. Plus the fact that it’s so light it doesn’t need that engine, an SR20DET for example is enough (like the 86 Hibino was using in the past).

    2. TakeshiSkunk

      Kinda completely avoided the main point of my post >>

      Yeah a 2JZ wouldn’t work amazingly in an 86, but I bet a lot of people would at least like to mess around with it. I think the RB20 S13 swap is pretty reasonable though.

      Trust me I don’t like overpowered cars for drifting, Most of the drift tuned cars in GT5 have way more power than I want. I run my S13 with around 300 and that’s plenty :P

    3. Warren

      Tho i agree, RB20 in an S chassis would be cool.
      Anyway I’ve been told that in terms of power and torque an SR20 is better than an RB20 (in stock form). But an SR can’t produce that awesome L6 grawl!

      RB25NEO would be even cooler!

  33. Red

    If GT5 is set up anything like the four previous GTs, an easy way to keep hybrids out of online races would be for PD to have something that runs a quick check to make sure the parts on the car are actually the same parts that you can get on that car (as opposed to the same part type from another car) and automatically kick out any cars that don’t pass that test. Of course, this does nothing about downforce or suspension settings, though those could be checked within a range, I suppose. Shouldn’t be THAT hard.

    Anyway, I love hybriding. It’s fun. When you get a few GOOD hybrid builders together, it’s the same as when you get a few regular racers together with fast cars, it’s just on a whole different level. Then you have the more realistic hybrids, like recreating famous tuner cars or more modern, higher powered versions of the cars already in the game. Or you can always go the silly route and give the X2010 the engine from a Midget or something, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

  34. g27 guy

    If these hacks allows us to get better pace-notes, hell, If these hacks allows us to add pace-notes to the rally, then this could be awesome. Looks like I will start looking into this and possibly getting an sdk somewhere to play with it.

    1. elrouss

      With the stages being, what, 5 minutes long at most, I don’t really mind having better pace notes, the race map is on the creen and drivers can look at it, which they can’t do IRL. Now if they stages were 20-25 minutes point-to-point, that would be a nice addition then, but they would have to disable the race map in the center of the screen, and that would feel like a real rally race…

  35. BWX

    Maybe they can add in a complete A-spec game, with as many races as GT4. Maybe someone could make Google chrome work on my PS3 so I don’t have to deal with this horrible excuse for a PS3 browser that’s on here now. Other than that it’s really not good for GT5 that the PS3 has been hacked. I wouldn’t use GT5 hacks anyway. GT5 being pirated isn’t good either..

  36. Brandon

    Most likely Sony will be able to detect if you are using homebrew software and will take measures to ensure you can’t get online to exploit stuff like this.

  37. Tarek

    This could be a serious problem if it allows people competing in GT Academy to modify their cars and get an advantage over others.

    1. TRC G00SE

      This is what i was thinking. And what about when the full leaderboards come out? Maybe this i swhy they have not come out yet?

  38. reece22345

    The exploit is hardware based so can’t be patched out.

    SCEA already has a court-supported injunction and preliminary proceedings against geohot and others who discovered the hack.

    Hopefully something good comes out of everything.

  39. Joe J

    I don’t see what the issue with all this hacking is. If someone wants to hack the game to have fun, so be it. It doesn’t affect me at all. If someone is hacking in an online lobby, kick them or leave. Simple. Its not like them hacking ruins my copy of the game at all.

    People enjoy games in different ways.

  40. Emmepower

    Ok, I don’t like this and i’ not interested in hacking my ps3.
    But I would love to drive my road cars with standard tyres on snowy tracks. Porsche and Lamborghini has their own “Snow driving experiences” where you drives supercars with tyres like conti wintercontact

  41. IzzyStar

    I hope this will be possible just to give GT5 more options.. engine swaps sounds really great! or make fwd’s and awd’s to rwd would be really great!

    1. filipo

      Yeah maybe :(. But don’t know, maybe leaderboards from Arcade Mode with Arcade Stock Cars wouldn’t be affected…

  42. Crazy88uk

    I’m intrigued to see how Sony deal with this. Isn’t the hack supposed to be pretty much hardware based, so no amount of software updates can stop them?

    On a side note, what’s also to stop a hacker tuning a fiat 500 to 10000 BHP and then selling it to a non-hacker? Would that be possible? If so, that may well ruin the market-place completely.

    I’m sure Sony are doing a big old face palm at this news right now. However, it should also be noted that although this has been done, how many people will do it? I know you can’t draw 100% the same comparisons, but the iphone jailbreaking is a similar principle, and most people just don’t bother with it.

    1. Bobby Digital

      lmao the marketplace BEEN ruined… where have you been?

      “Get ya x2010 hereeee” (1920’s newspaper salesman voice)

  43. Normalaatsra

    PS3 Gameshark could come now with this. Althought that program could be corrupted by an Anti-Hack PS3 update. But who knows….

    **imagines super quick passage of time in GT5**

  44. shigllgetcha

    it wont be a problem, another update will come along to remove the exploit, youll have to update in order to play online, problem solved.

    either keep your crack and play with yourself or take the update lose the crack and play with others

    hybriding will unlikely ever effect online play

    1. ste852

      Actually a simple update wont fix this. usually when a hack is done they are hacking the software, when the software is hacked a simple update to overwrite it would be fine.

      In this case the Hardware has been hacked, meaning the only way to fix this is to change the hardware, basicly scrapping the PS3 and building a new PS3 with new parts.

      So unless Sony puts a block on the console that’s been hacked via software to prevent it from going on-line, these hackers will be on-line in lobby’s playing against you, me, and everyone else and it will be up to them selves to decide weather they want to cheat or not.

  45. Sleepy-z

    I actually dont mind, there is no fun in blowing away your competition with a insane car and they will learn that, I messed with gt3 in the past on the computer and it wasn’t that fun blowing doors off people. Just kick them out of the online game if its obvious. Besides I did legit engine swapping that made sesnse, nothing rediculas since the game doesn’t allow swapping engines.

    1. Hoodie1878

      It’s funny how people see winning at all costs as their main objective, not realising that it’s how you win that counts. Winning is just the end result of the fun that happens in between.

      I imagine these ‘cheaters’ have some sort of inadequacy in their real lives that needs to be fulfilled in the virtual world.

  46. jujub

    Cheating is bad. But exploring the game code can be usefull to discover if there is any hidden features in GT5. Features still to be uncover by update. Like hidden tracks as in GT5P.

    1. Sharky

      Not really – don’t play in public lobbies, problem (mostly) averted. Considering some of the hijinks that go on in public lobbies already, the online experience won’t actually change.

      Playing with a bunch of buddies in a private lobby is always 100000x more fun than playing with complete randoms ;)

  47. Franc

    downforce, gear ratios, suspension, are not controlled by the limits, so you can have a car with RedBull X1 road stickiness and the HP limit/Weight Limit as required;

  48. Hun200kmh

    Surely the HP (and other) limits in online lobbies (set by host) will prevent or minimize the effects of cheating, isn’t it?

    1. NLxAROSA

      Like Franc below already said: there’s more to a cars setup, like gear ratios and downforce. And we don’t know how the checks/limits are implemented either: they may or may not respond to weird settings like negative values or extremely low or high values.

    2. Bandwidth815

      True. Can’t the host also kick out players? There is definatley no way to hide the fact that what you are racing a hybrid car.

    1. robert

      only a pillock would come out with a saying like that, race properly or not at all, the games for winners not idiots or losers

    2. GTracerRens

      1. Buy the signature edition of GT5
      2. Hack GT5
      3. Join the competition
      4. Win the SLS AMG..

      No is not gonna work. GT5 is not fun to hack, GTA IV however… :)

    3. Pedz

      Haha some of the stuff that comes from this might be quite amusing, not sure why everyones so opposed to a bit of “hybriding”, think of it as a Modifcation… Have none of you ever played a mod of a game, Battlefield2’s PR mod, the countless UT3 mods…

      I must say I wouldn’t like to see it used online as an unfair advantage, but I think id still find it hilarious if someone turned up in a midget to a Le Mans style race and rocketed off xD. Not at all fair, but hilarious. Also I don’t really see that theres much to be “unfair” in, its not really a competition, and you can always remove that player.. Also your not really loosing anything by them doing this, they can ruin their own game, it wont affect yours!! Fine.. so he comes first in a race, it doesn’t really matter anyway :S?

      Also as another note, I’ve never played a pub game when all of the people stay… So yeah no problems on my part.
      I cant wait to see some epic AI failures in cars that are way too powerful :P.

    4. Ruzzyman

      What you all seem to be forgetting is that it won’t ruin ANY game because should any brave hacker try it they’ll expose themself and their PS3 to a reporting with replay data to back up the reporting followed by a swift and permanent bricking. I hope they do it i really do.

    5. Greyum

      Robert, how I play my games is up to me, and if me using hacks and glitches means I progress faster and have more fun, what do you care? People like you spend too much time worrying about others.

    6. glitchyfinkleman

      We really don’t care how you play, it is a deeper disgust for your ilk. Your existence itself is repugnant, because your disregard effects the real world and us by extention.

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