Gran Turismo 5 “Racing Pack” Bundle Announced for Japan

The GT5 Japanese release date has been announced today (November 3rd), along with yet another special edition of the game that includes a limited-edition, blue PlayStation 3 console. Read up on all the details right here.

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  1. eMke3

    I think PS3 should have color choices just like buying a car, which would be white like all my cars :) I’m really surprised that US is getting the game before, biggest market like Europe, and Kaz’s country Japan. Wonder why is the game released this way. Btw, I live in US so I’m happy to get it first, but feel bad for other people in the rest of the world, I know I would hate waiting extra day while someone is playing GT on the other side of the globe.

    1. James

      Dude, time zone difference. And anyway, I WANT that ps3, Maybe i’ll sell my boring black one and import a blue one without the game.

  2. nikhil

    jjmmmmmmm, the blue looks pretty coowl i think! defo agree that there should be a GT logo on it tho! either way i dont really care cus i dont live in japan…!

  3. Geo_212

    Yes, two things: It needs to have the GT5 logo on it, and it should be red. Blue just doesn’t look right…

  4. danielwhite74

    Aww.. This means Gran Turismo 5 can’t run for the Guinness World Record of “Best Selling Non-Bundled Game.” Gran Turismo 3 came just behind the current holder, at 14 million copies to Wii Play’s 18 million. :P

  5. ElieTheBear

    hey jordan ?? what are they ” Purezentoka (5 cars set) in the japan limited version of the ps3 bundle pack !?! are they the same chrome line 5 cars collection as in us or europe?

  6. DemonBlade

    Hope uk doesn’t get something like this, my signature edition is already setting me back enough and really don’t need anymore GT branded temptations :)

  7. Marky264

    Damn I Really want this so much! I’m due a new PS3 and I love the Titanium Blue! I have the Metallic Blue PSP and a Blue DS3 by my side right now XD, I wonder what Bundles the UK will be receiving!

  8. Tim

    also noticed on JP site there is a shot from the book , which looks like it will show details of every single car in the game with the exception of the special edition models.

  9. Mr Latte

    Not really that keen on this.

    Shame it has not got a GT logo or design.
    Id personally prefer a white slim and GT5 logo printed on it.

    1. Razor BR

      and have you seen the red PS2 , it was so wierd it looks like it was cheap or something ,it may be just me ,but the white ideia is really good , but its not a GT color , it used to , but not anymore

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