Gran Turismo 5 “SLS AMG Driving Experience”

German readers, listen up! Via their “Daimler” blog, Mercedes-Benz has just announced the “Gran Turismo 5 SLS AMG Driving Experience” in the Mercedes Museum at the company’s Stuttgart headquarters. Apparently, the installation  consists of two GT5 Prologue-branded cockpits (the same kind Sony awarded GTPlanet user, Ahmed back in ’08) running yet another new GT5 demo featuring only the SLS AMG and the Nurburgring Nordschleife. What really makes it special, though, is a very generous time limit of what appears to be around 12:00 minutes.

That’s a big deal, because it’s 9 minutes longer than any other demo we’ve seen at the various game shows – more than enough time to get in a complete lap around the Nordschleife while acquiring a true feel for the demo’s physics and game play. The installation will be available from now until March 28, so if you’re anywhere near Stuttgart, grab an HD camera and a tripod and head to the museum!

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  1. slyght

    I live in Stuttgart and will be heading to the museum at the weekend to give it a try. Unfortunately I don’t have an HD camera nor tripod but I will try to take some pictures and videos anyway.

  2. shotty

    As far as DLC goes: GT5 will be shipping with ~1000 cars, and will cost around $70 (Canadian dollars) which comes out to around 7 cents per car. Keep in mind that you’re not just paying for the cars, you’re also paying for core game, tracks, so on so forth. My point : If they do decide to go with DLC (god I hope not), they wont get a penny out of me if they’re charging anything more than 7 cents / car. Just my 2 cents :)

  3. vampire63

    James Says:
    January 29th, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    It amazes me that for some HD footage of this game, we have to walk to some museum and set up tripods! Oh, and another tripod with a mic on next to the speaker!

    This museum is going to like film set!

    Polyphony, I have given up feeling mad. I just laugh now!


  4. James

    It amazes me that for some HD footage of this game, we have to walk to some museum and set up tripods! Oh, and another tripod with a mic on next to the speaker!

    This museum is going to like film set!

    Polyphony, I have given up feeling mad. I just laugh now!

  5. Zenith

    Razor: Final post in this conversation…
    it’s not like there’s some sort of city or museum to visit when I’m done playing the gt demo. It’s not like I was planning to hit stuttgart anyways. Oh wait… You’re wrong… Again

    You don’t know me so don’t try to tell me what I will and won’t do.

    Concerning driving apparel. I Think that a track suit is a bit much, since there is no collision or fire danger. But really it wouldn’t matter if the guy in the picture was wearing a speedo…

  6. Razor

    Zenith> think before posting what you won’t do. Now, with this weather, i highly doubt that you will drive 1300km (650×2) to play GTDemo for 12min.

  7. Guffaluff

    Damn, I envy you Kiwi :). If you can, it’d be awesome to see some footage, especially if it includes fairly decent sound, although it can be hard to capture off-screen.

  8. Autavia

    Considering he is wearing his jacket with what looks like jeans, brown shoes is not really all that wrong. Casual, sure, and grey does come off as a bit bland. Personally I would’ve gone with blue denim, stonewashed or deep indigo. Perhaps a copper “hanky” and pinstripe shirt with a fairly tall collar.
    That is how You brake the 8 min barrier on the North loop.
    Now go treat Yourself with the complimentary manicure and proteinpack, dye treatment in the Daimler Museum Gentlemans Salon. A sure way to shave an instant ten to twelve seconds of Your personal best.

  9. Zenith


    don’t troll. Shockingly, transportation is possible in Germany.

    Too bad GT is still missing a proper amount of German cars…

  10. RazzlDazzle

    You spelled “Daimler” wrong where you put the link to “Damiler” Blog… just thought I’d point that out to you. I got nothing else to comment on though… heheh.

  11. S3 Racer

    LOL, sure we probably don’t all have the best taste in clothes, but that’s 3 different colors on 1 suit-up. Not bad your time btw ;D

  12. S3 Racer

    Do you need to wear the same shit clothes (look @ the shoes: black suit, grey troussers and brown shoes… hilarious) as the “fatso” guy to gotta right to play?? ;P It’s a Merc!!

  13. S3 Racer

    Go Kiwi!! We need your vids.

    To far for me, at least to play 8 min of gt

    BTW: This cockpits by pd, which cost 15000!! has the steering wheel much to low to give a realistic feeling. But you gotta love the engine cover for the ps3.
    But i rather like the gt5 cockpit, simply and beautiful. And if i remember right, has the steering more high than this one.

  14. 8@No$

    @berlino bear
    no way you could do 7 59 in the motor wagen without cheating ! this thing topped at 10-15 km/h !!
    Anyway 8 min should not be very difficult but this is gt5 physics guys not gt4 so don’t compare your times… It would not be as easy as you think.. I really hope that times like 5 18 with any car but an F1 will not be possible in GT5…
    Imagine the variety and the cars of GT5 with these great physics… It should be driving heaven! I hope that GT5 will be out in April/May and it will be so good that i do not care if they delay it i will just wait… I have been waiting for 5 years, i can wait a couple more months :-)

  15. Dan_

    Well, we now will see if they modeled the GP-Strecke properly, even if the demo don’t go inside it, we will be able to see the modeling and presume by the resolution if it’s just a background or another section of the almighty nurburgring.

    Man, times like these makes me wanna be somewhere in europe, I certainly would get a car and head up to Stuttgart to enjoy some hours of GT (weekend is coming, german folks! C’mon to Sttutgart, where the GT sun shines! :D ), c’mon someone at GTP must take a full 12 minutes video with proper driver technique.

  16. Berlino Bear

    I did the ring in 7mins 59secs in the MERCEDES-BENZ Benz Patent Motor Wagen ‘1886. So you should be alright in the SLS.

  17. Razor

    scleeve> i did 8min without intensive testing with 2005 Subaru WRX STI spec3 and N2(!) tyres on GT4.And we know what GT4 physics where ok if we look at laptimes and laptimes should not be much different on GT5. 8min with 550hp SLS – easy.

  18. scleeve

    How can some of you say 8 minutes easy without knowing the full facts?… I’ve got well below that time in all sorts of cars but you don’t know what tyres that SLS GT5(P) demo has been setup with?? For all we know it could be on S1 tyres, no t/c etc and it could handle rubbish (proberly not). As I’ve said before, I don’t think any stock road car should be on R tyres becuase it makes it far too easy and too fast, stick it on S1’s and it has far more realistic (and far far slower) cornering speeds, but its also a better challenge.

  19. Bobajase

    And please lets have a decent driver behind the wheel and not someone spending 12 minutes trying to get around the first Corner!!

  20. Bernd

    You’re talking about the Grand-Prix Circuit ? Yes, I hope, it’s included, because that’s where all the pits are and where all races start, they don’t start on “the bridge”

  21. Bernd

    Miura – My best is 5:18 on GT4, using the Pescarolo. Don’t know, how much HP this Mercedes has, but 8:00 – anytime !

  22. greeny

    Hmm, I live about one hour away from Stuttgart. Too bad I don’t have a camera!

    Anybody willing to donate?

    Just kidding :)

  23. Quency

    Am I the only one who have actually noticed that the end date of this “demo” is the day before the previously planned release date for japan… Ok it had been delayed but how long ?

    If we just think about the sales that sony made with few games like Uncharted 2, FF XIII in japan, and also the coming “big hits” like MAG, Heavy Rain, GOW 3… Why do they actually launch their blockbuster GT5 just at the end of a good year. Or this financial year ends 31st march… Its not the first time that a game have been delayed for that particular reason…

    If PD said game will be ready, why not a launch in April/May ? like 2 weeks after the end of this german demo…

    Lets hope!!!

  24. NellyC

    Interesting finish date!!! Is it a hint?? PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE be the release date worldwide!!!!!! :)

  25. Miura1

    Have you read this? Be the FIRST to crack the 8 minutes mark, and you get “a little surprise from the product placement base.”
    Any GTP-fans with a record under 8 min? head over to Stuttgart!

  26. djcorrosive

    Still meh news, cause it wont be direct feeds (YET AGAIN) and it wont be HD (yet again) and we will have complete RUBBISH DRIVERS yet again!

  27. Whatbrown

    If anybody does go and grab a video please get some good sound too please. From the little bit we have heard, the SLS sounds like a beast as it should.

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