Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Demo Screenshots, Video

The Gran Turismo 5 demo has been made available to a select few people today, with screenshots and videos popping up everywhere. Sure enough, my inside source was correct, and the Indianapolis GP course is the circuit of the day. Unfortunately, GT5’s new damage engine will still not be shown off, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for the full game until we really get to try out that feature. First impressions come from German site VideoGamesZone, but they were a little disappointed with the demo’s visuals outside of the car’s interior.

gran-turismo-5-demo-370z-indianpolis-2With that said, someone with access to the demo also received an email from Sony that wanted to emphasize this is not a demo of Gran Turismo 5, and is only being released for GT Academy. Polyphony Digital has also posted a new press release, clearly stating the demo was “specifically designed for this competition to showcase the realism of the brand-new physics engine” and nothing more. I don’t really know what to call this thing, but it looks like it won’t be the full-blown preview of GT5 that some were hoping for. Regardless, it still looks great, and you’ll be able to pick it up for free this Thursday. Check out the game play video above via, see a video of the menus and options here, and don’t miss the screenshots from various sources below. Stay tuned for more news and media as it comes in – thanks to Mad94d for being first to send this in during the very early hours of the morning!

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  1. godawfuldemo

    this demo is terrible, the full game is only a few months away and nothing has changed since 2007 bar a few physics tweaks which are frankly shit

    and to those kidding themselves thinking they would make a demo this close to release that wasnt reminiscent of the full game you are idiots, this game is looking to fail, fail real hard.

  2. Diomedes

    My God ,its a 200mb download ….do you really think this represents the real GT5 ?We have already seen that game running in TGS and in Leipzing in August and looks way better than this.This is only a bit-sized demo to show the new phisics engine for gods sake …

  3. lans

    it is there! go to ps3 games on the playstation store then select racing games, if it is not showing on the main page

  4. devildogg666

    “Hellborn”, they are not demoing GT5 with this “demo.” This is for people who want to compete in GT Academy. They are doing the rest of us a favor by letting us taste something new. Relax.

  5. TurboTeam

    I like people who dare to give their critical opinion about the game…
    I don’t like people who give their critical opinion about other people that gave their opinion about the game…
    So, say something about the game and not something about the people that saying something about the game…

    For somebody (me) without experience in English this was the hardest comment ever… LOL


    After all, lets fight (and find) this out on track :P

  6. maxpontiac

    Even though I should be, I am not shocked one bit over the negative comments found in another GTPlanet thread.

    It’s a tech demonstrator, and a tool to discover the next virtual to real world racing sensation.

  7. 8@No$

    Agreed with Luke. Complaints and stuff like “This is not a demo wtf?? no damage, no skidmarks” are useless. Don’t you understand that this demo was made for demonstrating the physics engine ?? So why do you make complaints for everything else but the physics?

    Anyway is it me or the physics look kinda arcade-ish? Or is it the movement of the camera? While the resposiveness of the car seems accurate, the way the car sticks to the track after sliding over grass or a bump looks kind of … well not improved very much over GT5P. I hope this is the “standard” physics not the “professional”. Or that it is not what it looks like.. Anyway we get to play it soon so we will see.. I am sure we won’t be disappointed by the physics as it is the essence of the game…

    P.S. The tire sounds and braking effects seem much improved…
    P.S. At last :-)

  8. TurboTeam

    being critical doesn’t mean that we don’t see the good parts of GT5. The only thing is, if you call GT5 “THE driving simulator”, you will be judged like a simulator.

  9. S3 Racer

    I will give you my second american account. I don’t care about that one and than I message you my primary one. That should work. I need to visit a client now than in the car i will look at my private cell where I have my accounts written in.

    BTW:I always try to race clean (during races) and for fun drift like a savage. Only playing on the g25 (With a new clean cheap selfbuild rig). I know the problems with the wheels. Mine takes a place which i don’t really have.

    Will post pack in a few.

  10. Luke

    Ok, but how ? I don`t really want to post my PS ID or eMail here where everyone can read it and stalk me in GT5 later ;) Can Jordan help in this case ? I`m currently not at home, working in Munich, Germany, but i get home on friday over x-mas and new year. (PS3 @ home)

    btw. i´m 25 , and my driving line strongly depends on the car i drive, it`s pretty clean and thoughful with a grip car, but give me my beloved Lotus Elise 111R and i`m all over the place drifting ;)

    btw2. Are there any people here driving with a controller? I still use the DualShock 3 and can control any car the way i want it to. I own a Driving Force Pro but it`s always so much work here to set it up :(

  11. S3 Racer

    Thank you Luke . You seem like an person with good thoughts over the last weeks reading your comments.
    wanna exchange id’s if you over 18?! Presuming your driving line follows your thoughts : clean and thoughful?

  12. S3 Racer


    They give u a new car and circuit, new physics (most important ) and all you find is whinning on cameras, skidmarks, and damage (must be american ;P *kidding*) .

    Come on can you really judge this on a damn video played by a dutchman ;P. You don’t know his settings,…

    You’re just lame. Don’t expect PD on giving us any more gifts with this sucking going on.

    Never in gaming history before a developper let its fan base look at a game so close before release. i just can’t find the words. Sony clearly stated this is not a demo, it’s exclusive content exclusivly for GTacad.

    Ohhhh no no damage, now i don’t bu it, blablabla. Circuit is lame ??? Go play shift with *improved* and damn unrealistic circuit design. Jugding sound quality over the internet . WOW .
    @ strop: driving a racecar doesn’t mean you know how to handle it and know about physics and cars . Saw 16 years old pissers drive their mama’s ferraris 430 scuderia,…. (don’t saying you are one of those, but your opinion is biased as it seems to me and i’m not the only one)

    You guys just remember me this guy

    For all those who still are happy and excited:

    It’s amazing, look at the understeering and over steering (prob. more intense because of pad use). New circuit Woohoo!!¨

    Pretty excited: Just build me a new rig (if someone want’s bluprints, it’s just a prebuilt till i weld my big one. Cost : 100€ and maybe 3 hours of work) got my buttkicker yesterday, got my 7.1 denon last week, so this weekend i will lock myself up :D
    And all that topped with new physics to try out. Oooo damn i’m so hot to play it.
    BTW: Are you/we making a thread with the times for those not participating in Gt acad or is their an international ranking.
    At what time it comes out ???

  13. Luke

    It`s so funny. Some guys always keep complaining. First they complain that there is no damage, and when you get damage you start complaining that it is not good enough. PD heard that and postponed the game to develop damage further -> complains. Now you get a demo and a chance to get into GT Academy and you still complain.
    Stop complaining if you have no idea how hard it is to create such a game, and if you do, do it better ! You should be aware of one thing, GT is “The real racing simulator” …. SIMULATOR. Doesn`t matter how accurate GT5 will be, it`s still only a simulator for a simple home console.

    Enjoy it for what it is, not for what you want it to become in your dreams.

  14. shushkata

    A big disappointment for me. What were those 2 years spent for ? car modeling ??? The game looks exactly the same to me. If this is some kind of joke … it ain’t funny at all. They give us ultra little information on one of the most awaited games …. and finally we end with a Prologue-stile demo ?
    Looking on the ultra boring trailers of the demo i see no AA, no improvement of the shadows, no damage …. only a slightly better Sound from the car … ! Again, they are showing the ULTRA realistic screenshots, made somehow, somewhere, but not ingame at all. I was hopping for so much more. I adore the 1000 cars in the full version, and it is great, but if they spent the 2 years only for making the models, where is the point to wait for 2010 (or i don’t know when) to have s slightly better Prologue…

  15. SomLander

    You know what, looking at this demo’s Indy…it makes sense to choose it as the track got GT Academy entries.
    It has all types of corners and ways to drive through: long straight, very long right hander, and the S shaped hairpins.

  16. GT4ever

    Looks like they could just as well do the GT Academy Time trial in GT5:Prologue. Its just the same stuff with a new car and a new track. No improvements whatsoever… Still looks static and boring.
    I love GT games, but they should realy improve the game. So far its just the same as always with better graphics…

  17. Turboteam


    you are so right. I am a huge fan of this series but what i see in this demo dont blows me of my racingseat..

  18. Strop

    Sorry to disappoint you @slaphappygunner but no Xboxes to be seen in my house, only 2 PS3s and copies of GT3, GT4 and GT5 prologue, so hardly a Forza fanboy. When you turn the wheel in a real car the car begins to change direction, rather than just rotate according to how far the steering wheel is turned (a-la Pole Position). As for tire squeal, no it’s not realistic, you can drive pretty damn fast around corners and not make your tires squeal and if they started squealing when I made minor corrections going in a straight line I’d be stopping the car to check if anything was broken (and yes I’ve driven a sports car on the track, a race modified 911SC to be exact and let me tell you if you let the back tires on that start to slide on a corner the next person you’ll be talking to is the tow-truck operator pulling you out of the ditch).

    Both of the above are cheap arcade gimmicks to give five year olds a sense of feedback. They don’t belong in a modern game that purports to be of simulation quality.

  19. sgh

    5 years of development but damage effect still not fuly implemented, there is screen tearing, lack of AA, and my goodness at least show some skid marks from the tires.

  20. yanfloist

    looks A LOT like gt5p, just that the graphics looks more clean. The sound is still a HUGE let down. It would be nice to have the cars’ sounds to be just like the opening movies.

  21. slaphappygunner

    @strop, so in real life the world rotates around the car right…yeah that’s what i thought. and let me see you take those turns in real life going as fast as he did and not one tire scream for grip. yeah i thought so again. and the lighting is perfect, like you could do any better. you must be a forza fanboy trolling. go ahead prove me wrong.

  22. Orbit

    Looking at the other videos on Youtube [in-car, with wheel not d-pad], it is clear that these players are all using what looks like the ‘Arcade’ handling. If there is no ‘Simulation’ option, all my grand hopes of having fun with this version will be for nought.

  23. helix_9

    Actually I think this video is not proper game play. It’s just a replay in the overhead camera. I have compared this video to the other one (Gran Turismo 5 Demo Menu Preview w/GamePlay) and it has no motion blur.

    The actual game play would look worse than in this video. The replays always look better in GT. It’s hard to judge anything from this video though. We need to see it in HD.

  24. Strop

    I’m stunned that after all of this time and effort the best they can do is something that looks and sounds like Pole Position (Atari game from the early 80s). The camera appears glued to the bumper, the car rotates on it’s axis with steering input (wrong) and makes (god-awful) skid sounds with each turn of the wheel and the whole rendering/lighting model makes the car look like a hovercraft overlaid on a texture mapped background.

    PD are certainly leaving plenty on the table for the other companies to come along and kick their butt. Very disappointing considering how good a job they did on GT3 and now they seem to be only able to use the increased computing and graphics power to make it more cartoonish. I vote move PD onto the development of Pole Position 2020, and let some other team take over GT who can actually make it look and sound more realistic, not just give us pretty screenshots.

  25. helix_9

    It looks like they have added motion blur to the game play! I think prologue only had it in the replays. Hopefully they have ironed out that horrible aliasing too.

  26. dbarrade

    Wow, I can’t believe all these comments, PD have been very clear that this is a Time Trial to see who is the fastest with this car on this track. Period. It is not supposed to represent the feature set of GT5 or allow you to learn anything else about the game. It is an audition for GT Academy, nothing more, nothing less.

  27. TS

    Was hoping for some new music in the demo-that-is-not-a-demo. Been rocking the same GT tracks now for over a year, and they better have something fresh for the full release, both in-game soundtrack and ambient tunes.

  28. GTP_CWR

    Jordan, call it a…”Test Drive” Not Demo…wow, its interesting, so this is not going to be what GT5 is like, just another preview. Call it GT5: Prologue II. So, why even give it the title of demo, if its NOT a demo?

    Man, these folks at Sony are nuts. This game obviously means a whole lot to Sony.

    Why do we put up with this mixed message garbage Sony and PD dishes out? What is so wrong with knowing what the game will have, and knowing a release date? I think we can handle the truth, and I think it would benefit Sony and PD to starting being less conspicuous, because lets face it there are other titles that are being worthy enough to steal attention from GT5.

    Its interesting that they will make a “NOT DEMO” and waste time on developing that, and not give us any REAL glimpse of GT5, which might benefit both parties, because we can only make it better from here.

  29. RaceCarDriver

    PD is trying to tell you its a sim,use in car view.
    This has GT5 physics,the only important thing here.THATs what makes my hart beat.How good does it feel,is it a SIM?
    Gas and tire wear and ….. are extras

  30. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    the demo look amazing but it is only a time trial one car on the track just like GT HD l hope it has car damage so we can test it out before the real gt5 game come out. HEY SONY make sure you put the GT5 download in every ps store okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk don’t bullshit with has just like you did with ad hoc party i did not get that in my ps store yet~~

  31. Dontales

    Not a demo?
    In the “video of the menus and options” best readable at 20 seconds, there is the information that this is a demo version

    “Dies ist eine Demoversion des kommenden Gran Turismo 5, das 2010 erscheint.”
    Translated this means:” This is a demo version of the upcoming GT5, which comes out in 2010.”

  32. Gejost

    In the “video of the menus and options” he hits the wall at 2:30, looks much more realistic than in GT5:P.

    And what’s wrong with the bumper cam? It’s just a camera at the bumper like in every racegame, can’t do much wrong with that. In GT it isn’t to low like in other racegames or to high.

  33. caribbeantopdriver

    from the cockpit veiw, driving physics is a 10/10….. bumper cam…. THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN ON ANY RECENT RACING/DRIVING GAME. how clear is this for PD to not see????

  34. caribbeantopdriver

    this is my only problem with granturismo……… since gt2…….. the bumper cam is STIFF… it makes it look fake…….. how do the go from the no.1 cockpit view simulator…. to the worst bumper cam sim?

  35. bruce donlan

    The f1 championship edition Demo from a few years back has the Indy track. If you downloaded the demo in the past and deleted it you can go to your download list and get it again to practice the track for the next few days!

  36. Danny

    Oh no… since prologue ive had this fear, when on the outside view, the camera sticks right behind the car, i hate that, i liked it like on GT4 where the you can see the car turn, ive tried to use that view but i just cant get the corners right, i dont like the stiff camera view :(

  37. Alan

    It looks like Nissan havent really done much with this car over the 350z, beacuse of this demo coming out on thursday ive been driving the tuned 350z in prologue around the high speed ring and the top speed the guy hit at the end of the straight is virtually the same as u hit with the 350 and the end of the straight on the ring, around the 265kmph mark, i know im probably nit picking but the cars dont even look any different

  38. Piter_neo

    I just hate the exterior camera in Gran Turismo. It has started with GT4, that was the first Gran Turismo with that stiff exterior camera. GT is the only game I know with such camera view.

  39. Deadboy

    starting to feel a little unwell – may have to take thursday and friday off work ;)

    I’m sure my boss won’t mind too much.

  40. R53freak

    Damn, I was really hoping we could use our existing garage collection to drive on the Indy USGP course online (8 to 16 cars) but that won’t be the case.

  41. Dom

    Nice find but it looks like Prologue, which is not a terrible bad thing. I still dont get how you can stick to this camera view. It’s totally unrealistic and destroys the racing experience. Nobody should be allowed to use this camera angle, it makes any racing game look so stupid.

  42. Adam

    Man, I hope the improve the damn SOUND! the car engines, the cars flying by at high speed, the tire screeching! are horrible in this game. they need to make it sound a lot meaner. Thats one thing the GT series never got right. The sound is very important. NO car game has got it right when a car flys by you at very high speeds, the sound doesnt go left to right. If you watch racing on TV you will know what I mean. Not one has got this down right and its dissappointing. I hope they fix the sound in GT5 before release.

  43. noname

    Well.. I was top 13 with the ferrari 430 in London, so I hope I havent lost my “driving” skills :D Good luck to every1!

  44. tinniboy25

    will the demo only be playable if your playstation is online? i know it has to be downloaded off of PSN, but do you need to stay online to play it?

  45. CarBastard

    Let me get this straight, “it’s not a demo of GT5” but it’ll have two cars that are featured in GT5, a track from GT5, and the physics model from GT5…so…isn’t that sort of a demo?

    Nevertheless, I’m very excited about this I think it’ll be great although i bet my internet will take a day downloading it.

  46. goonersems

    unbelivable this is the 3rd demo already for one game and from what jordan is saying it isn’t the final one really ubelivable

  47. Mustangmiha

    Man, really, GT4P has got the best camera views. GT4 and GT5P are getting worse and worse (cameras, not games).

  48. James

    The more this ‘non-GT5, but is GT5, but not GT5’ demo is criticised, the more KY will want time to fix. End result, further release delays.
    Can we all just say it’s brilliant to get a release some time pre-2011?

  49. Alex

    WOW some people are just……. well lets say not smart at all. How can a behind the car 3rd person view be stiff and unnatural. WHEN YOU DRIVE YOU ARE INSIDE, not in a magic helicopter following all moves with a super camera. Dont drive like a chump

  50. Wobster3

    Would I be wrong to assume that this is fully compatible with the Logitech GT Wheel? I really hope it is fully compatible and would seem odd for it to not be.

  51. Wygonin

    I don’t like the view behind the car. It is so stiff, unnatural. I love Forza 3 view, but GT have better inside the car view.

  52. Sivers

    The second stage is 20 people from each country competing on another ‘exclusive track’. Assuming they mean exclusive as in not available to the general GT playing public, I can only hope we’ll get to see Spa… WOOO

  53. New User

    He’s driving with the D-pad no doubt. I wonder if the crowd in the stands have been updated for this demo. Hopefully they’ll look nicer in the full game than they did in GT5:P.

  54. Wobster3

    Certainly looks a little twitchy but I think this might be the driving style of the bloke playing it ( I think he is using an analog stick rather than a wheel) aswell as the outside the car view.
    I am a bit dissapointed that the graphics arent up to scratch but it will probably look better on a larger more high resolution HD TV.
    I’m still pretty dam excited about the prospect of having a chance to drive with the new physics engine and to have a bash at the GT Academy!

  55. Phil

    Polyphony’s marketing department, if such a thing exists, have done wonders with GT5. A few peope need sacking. “Oh yeah btw this isn’t GT5 this is for some other thing nobody cares about.” The camera also seems to be the same awful thing used in GT5P – it sticks behind the car religiously, giving you no feeling of movement. GT PSP’s GT4-like camera is far superior. I’ll download this as soon as it’s available of course, but this is a terrible way to market a game.

  56. Hawar

    I think it looks a bit twitchy because whoever was driving was using a pad. The drive will be a lot smoother with a wheel.

  57. Dan The Man The Lewis Hamilton Fan!!!!

    Is it me or does it look reallllll twitchy? or is it just the outside the car view?. Good find anyway, can’t wait.

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