Gran Turismo 5 v1.08 Update Fixes “Money Glitch”

The latest GT5 update, v1.08, has just gone live in Europe and North America (it became available in Asia earlier today). According to Polyphony Digital, this small patch only fixes one issue that has become something of a hot-topic in our forums over the past few days. Known as the “SSR7 glitch” or the “online money glitch”, it allowed players to quickly accumulate a lot of money and A-Spec experience points – check the video above to see how it was done.

v1.08 weighs in at just 1.7MB in size. Thanks to lilmann73 for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode thumbnail image by Moglet.

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Comments (188)

  1. Lonnie Kerchief

    PSN won’t be as heavily trafficed with this glitch, especially since they just patched the vulnerability that allowed custom firmwares to get on the network this morning. You’ll actually notice quite a few less people on, actually.

  2. sinister_300zx

    all i have to say is..glitches are put into games on purpose in almost every single game there are always glitches or yea they patched it..buttt theres another one out there already and when they patch that one..another will pop up and wont end until every track is it get boring after a while you only get 20,000,000 and once you buy all the cars you want…what else is there to do??? exactly so yea drive around in circles but when its all done..what more is there to do..they need to update the dealerships cuz theres alot more cars out there but i could care for more cars i would just like to see more races

  3. AuToNoMy

    maybe if you let us win a gift car everytime we raced ofline and also the ability to sell that gift car might help as well and you should use the bonus cash like it used too on the psp version :)

  4. Demon2330

    I hope they are all ok , that was a nasty earthquake even watching the video’s on the net and news you can see that.

    I expect PSN will be heavily affected over the next few day’s also that of nintendo’s E store.

  5. LoneWanderer

    For those bitching at PD, stfu. They have more to deal with at the moment besides your requests; I’m sure they have been affected by the nation’s earthquake.

    1. stoney71

      We have been b**ching at PD since LONG before the earthquake and they still haven’t fixed the REAL problems with GT5, so there is no excuse before the earthquake. That being said I(as well as everyone else, I’m sure) only hope for the best for all of Japan now that this terrible disaster has happened. I’m not expecting them to deal with GT5’s problems at the moment, but I also know sometime in the future they will be able to work on video games again and then I would like to see some of these problems fixed when they are finally able. I’m sure they will have their hands full for quite some time, though.

  6. Praggia


    Well said brother well said. I hardly compete in races anymore I only play GT to drive the great PREMIUM cars and try to beat my own lap times. I don’t care about racing online I just want to drive…..
    That said……I do need more tracks to DRIVE on PD please preferably real world circuits Thank you

  7. Stu

    ‘I love Gran Turismo 5 cause of my passion for automobiles and motoring not for money and xp points, play the game to drive these amazing machines not to cheat or find glitches. Im sure if you bought gt5 you bought it cause of your passion, not to just by some video game. Cause its more than that.’

    Which is why there should be an option to open everything up for those who want to drive rather than earn credits and XP.

    1. Uhhh, yah,

      Sounds like you didn’t develope a passion for the right game. Come to think of it, I can’t think of a single game that would make you happy. It’s good to have dreams though…….

    2. stoney71

      I can think of thousands and thousands of past games that made me happy by opening everything up with a cheat code (IF I wanted to use them), and several new ones. Grand Theft Auto IV comes to mind. If you remember, almost EVERY game came with cheat codes built right in the the game code. Everyone could play those games however they wanted, why is that such a horrible thing. Choice is not a bad thing people, we could all play GT5 the way we like if PD would just let us. It would be really easy to lock out anything obtained with a cheat code from being used or traded online, then nobody could get ahead of anyone online by using one, but could unlock parts of the game for themselves if they wanted. I guess that is just too terrible to even consider.

    3. Ted

      Considerring PD has never put in cheats even though some people have complained about it since GT1, and given that you just provided a completely different arcade style driving game as an example of something that makes you happy, you just completely validated “Uhhh, yah,’s” main point.
      GT isn’t every other game, never has been, never will be. The day they start trying to be more like GTA, or any other game, is the day the last true GT is ever made.

    4. stoney71

      I never said I wanted or expected GT to be like GTA or any other game. I simply stated that most games used to come with cheat codes built in and I used GTA as an example that there are still game developers out there including them in their games. Nobody wants GT to become an arcade style game, we just liked the gifting feature the way it was before update 1.07. I myself do not like all the grinding, and grinding, and grinding just to ‘afford’ a small number of the cars I like. The gifting feature allowed me to trade for those cars without all the grinding. I think PD should let me ‘trade’ cars unrestricted or give me some other way to unlock the cars I like without months of grinding. I want to be able to play GT5 and have fun in the limited time I have to play, not spend most of my time grinding for credits.

    5. Scallywag

      First you want to cheat, justified with: “I can think of thousands and thousands of past games that made me happy by opening everything up with a cheat code (IF I wanted to use them), and several new ones. Grand Theft Auto IV comes to mind. If you remember, almost EVERY game came with cheat codes built right in the the game code.”
      Personnaly I preffered the old gameshark over codes, but that does say to me you want it to be at least something like GTA/every other game.
      Then you say you just want fair trading when it’s pointed out that ain’t happenning, but I read that has you wanting duping back without saying it outright. Not happening.
      I’d agree about not wanting grinding, I wouldn’t mind getting rid of much of it myself since GT1, but that position still gets covered by yah’s “Sounds like you didn’t develope a passion for the right game.” comment I think, cause grinding is the way Kaz wants it, evident by the fact that it’s only gotten worse over the previous versions. He’s been well aware many of us don’t like it for years, but people who can’t deal with it are not the target market. You either learn to have the patience to get the special cars, or you find another game. He’ll tweak things a bit in comprimise, but we’re never getting everything just handed to us. So “yah” got that right also, never gonna happen.

    6. stoney71

      I will agree with you on it will probably never happen. That is the reason I WILL move on to another game and not buy anymore PD products in the future. That disappoints me because I happen to think the core gameplay of racing and tuning are GREAT, but if I have to grind for months just to race with and tune a few of the cars I like then that takes all of the fun away. That is my opinion. If you read through these forums many, many other people seem to feel the same way, even the hardcore GT fans seem to hate all the grinding. If that’s the way Kaz wants it, and he can’t or won’t change it, then he obviously doesn’t care what the fans of GT want. To me that is what is wrong with GT5, not all the cheating. It seems most of the people only trade, dupe, or cheat in other ways to get out of all the grinding, so Kaz and PD should be looking for better ways to add replayability instead of forcing everyone to grind so much.

  8. DStig1

    Just thought I’d like to offer my condolences to anyone and their families/friends affected by the tsunami in Japan. Devastating stuff.

  9. sinister_300zx

    *kicks back..evil laugh* see what happens when 1 person finds something and then pretty much everyone blows it up.mostly all these little annoyin kids who play..i did it so was fun while it lasted i knew it was gonna get want money stfu and grind.B-spec,this aint NFS or forza where you get easy money.its GT and its always been a challenge to get money..stfu already its patched go play with hot wheels

  10. Leadpaint

    Now if PD would remove all credits,XP, and cars gained by this exploit then the world would be a better place.

    1. Ceebee

      Im hoping PD does the following things:

      – Give more CR when driving online races.
      -Im in this game for the long haul, but i still need CR to buy cars as they become available. With 12k to max 20k for a race it will never happen)

      – Removes or decreases the amount possible to change on HP and Weight.
      – it ruins the game when you can run an R8 race car with 400 Hp and 1150Kg.

      – Add the possibility to set car type for race.
      – For example: Gt-cars, race cars, jgt or LM categories.

      And make the F***ing Fto super touring car more available, ive been looking for it for 3 weeks now) and its by far the best car in the category.

  11. theArmourKing

    translator 2.0
    I see that you are just like your freind”buzz”: bla,bla-man
    I sure that you do nothing important in your life…
    Dont cry, everyone know alrady about this.

  12. ##GreenHell##

    I love Gran Turismo 5 cause of my passion for automobiles and motoring not for money and xp points, play the game to drive these amazing machines not to cheat or find glitches. Im sure if you bought gt5 you bought it cause of your passion, not to just by some video game. Cause its more than that.

    To PD, Im sure you dont but dont let people tell you how to run a game, you guys have achieved all there is to achieve and then some with this game. Thank you

  13. Tony

    OMW it’s gonna take more than a month to get all the cars I want and then for me to get bored with GT5 because there is nothing else to win and all I can do is drive more races!

  14. GTP_Wwrruumm


    I think no one of the PD guys understands that the guys doing that, because the prize for the high rank races are awesome dissapointing.
    When the next update is gonna only fix a glitch too than im gonna freaking out.
    I dont wanna see anymore this placebo-updates.
    even the OCD doesnt been updatet. PD should make the Online races more fairly so you can see if a car is tuned.

  15. Pryor

    @Anthony Henley
    I done the glitch to buy a few JGTC cars. It by no way means i’m a cheater at life, thats a bit much ITS JUST A GAME, chill!
    I don’t understand how something that in no way affects other players experience of the game can cause so much rage, the abuse everyone is giving each other is all a bit sad really.

  16. Antony Henley

    If PD hadnt patched this as soon as they did there would be all the haters around posting see we told you PD dont care. They cant even patch a glitch.
    Well they patched it quick and now the only people that are moaning are the cheaters / glitchers because they dont want to work for or earn their money. Do these people relate to real life like this. They dont want to have work for money so they will try and cheat their way through life. It was a small update, two weeks ago we had the remote racing update, thats netted me over 4 million credits, in which I am grateful to all the people that have used my drivers. Maybe some of you glitchers / cheaters should start actually using it and trying to earn credits the legit way. Stop using the age old excuse, its too little reward for too much work.

    I noted with the seasonal events people complained of them at first being too har, so they were made easier.
    People complained that they were too easy to do and you won loads of money.
    Now people are complaining about Not enough money for the wins….
    What next I wonder?

    1. marsh-420

      No only the elite and the unemployed complained about the payouts being too high as they’d already gotten to level 40 or spent so much of their precious time grinding away that as soon as money became available to the employed and people with social lives they moan because everyone was on the same level as them completely disregarding the fact that it doesn’t make them any better drivers

    2. ù_ú

      I don’t think PD is allowed to put in subliminal messages that cause impatient, lazy, self centered whinners and ADHD inflicted children to suddenly get cured, or a clue, and join the real adult world, or they would have already fixed the REAL problems with GT5.

    3. Forsnizit

      Nope, I think he’s about sumed it up. Out of the 6 million plus people who bought GT5, less than one percent hangs arround here making repeated posts about not getting everything they want, when they want it, whinning about the unfairness of life and how awful PD/ other members treat them, etc, pretending they speak for the rest of us, and spamming up the site in the process. He’s covered that pretty good quite frankly.

    4. Dean

      You have to give respect to get respect.
      People posting the same old stuff over and over about how crappy a job PD is doing because they are incapable of playing the game the way it’s intended, then telling people who don’t agree to sthu and mind their own buisness, doesn’t exactly beg for respect.
      Plenty of different opinions get posted here, and respected, because those posting them don’t pretend to speak for the majority, don’t try and cram their opinions down other peoples throats, don’t tell people with differring opinions to mind their own buisness, or suffer from the delusion that repeated postings of the same thing over and over and over will somehow result in PD thinking that one opinion is somehow the most important one on the entire site.

  17. JDMsk8r

    I find it sad that people complain about Kaz patching up a glitch so people could cheat, why cheat in the first place! No wonder he hasn’t implemented new events and such yet is because he notices the wrong things people have been doing. much like the duping, we complain and complain and at the end of the day, It’s our own faults.

    1. lilmann73

      He doesn’t add events because people resort to other ways of making a decent amount of money because said events have racing tires’ payout? Sorry I don’t want to race Indy 500 times to afford a decent car.

    2. It's gett'n old

      Funny how the “I don’t have the time to grind” crowd always conveniently ignore the fact that b-spec can do all the grinding, and leave the casual playing for the humans.
      Heck, other people using my bobs in GT Anywhere, alone by itself, without even having my PS3 turned on, paid for one of my Ferrari F1s just last night.
      I guess when people spend all their free time complaining on the web, it doesn’t leave enough time for such involved tasks as spending five minutes a day collecting millions worth of free credits from the GT5 servers. I guess PD needs to make a C-spec mode where the game simulates a person to run B-spec in order to make money for A-spec. We could level up C-spec Carl based on the number of dupes people have in their collections so the people with the least honest effort put into the game get the biggest payoffs……..

    3. stoney71

      The thing that is gett’n old is all the people trying to tell me the way I should be playing my game. I guess I’m not smart enough to figure out how to play video games in a fun way for me. I don’t give a s**t how YOU play your game, if you don’t want to dupe cars or use glitches to make credits then don’t. If you don’t want to trade cars to get the ones you want, then don’t(trading is not cheating, either). If you want to play B-spec, then do that, but I shouldn’t have to. I just want to be able to tune cars and race them, for some reason PD and a few people on these forums don’t seem to understand that concept. Imagine that, I just want to RACE and TUNE RACE CARS in a racing game. I don’t want to spend my VALUABLE time grinding, and grinding, and grinding, and grinding to be able to do that. You, PD, and every other person on these forums should understand that and let me play MY game MY way. IF I cheat, it doesn’t effect you. IF I dupe cars, it doesn’t effect you. IF I don’t play B-spec, guess what, it doesn’t effect you. It only effects MY game, for good or bad. Why do you care so much about how I play MY game? It is really none of your business. The reason I am spending my time on the web is to make my opinions known on how to improve GT5 in hopes that someone at PD may read some of these forums and give the people who bought GT5 what they want. Just like when I’m playing video games I am spending my time how I like, not how YOU like.

    4. Forsnizit

      And there’s the standard pointless response……..Guess what, the rest of us don’t care what you do with your game, but the fact that you seem to think only your opinion has a right to be posted takes the prize. I just wonder how many more times posts like yours will get ignored by PD before you all realize 90% of what you all keep cry’n about is never going to change to your satisfaction.

    5. B00MBA

      My guess would be another 6 to 12 months. The complaining is lasting much longer this time around because of the possibility of updates i’m afraid. It’s nice to have them available, but it leads to people thinking they’re getting every little thing they want just by posting it 1000 times.

    6. stoney71

      I don’t think anyone here is hoping they will get every little thing they want by complaining or posting it 1000 times. From reading this page and many, many other forums most people just want the gifting feature PUT BACK the way it was with no restrictions. That isn’t asking for a new feature to be added in an update. That is letting PD know we don’t like them taking out our favorite features with a so called update. We wanted that part of the game left the way is was before update 1.07. Even if YOU don’t agree many, many people didn’t want the gifting feature limited. If you think I’m wrong, read the other forums here at gtplanet.

    7. BMX

      Notice how he now skirts the whole duping thing he’s been going on about, and makes it try and sound like he just wants the trade limit revoked? Hehe.
      And it most likely will be after they “dupe proof” it. But duping is not a “feature” no matter how many people BS themselves that it was, and that’s clearly what the replies to JDMsk8r were about.
      The fact is, you can still dupe cheaper cars, I do every day, so the cap keeps it from being massively profitable, and will remain untill they can stop dupes entirely. Duping for major profit is over for good no matter how many people complain.
      The comprimise, as mentioned, is GT Anywhere, the cash farm simulator, and unless they raise the rewards again, or bring back farming prize cars (still requires grinding), then that’s all we’re getting. That is why people are tired of hearring over and over the same complaints. Anyone who knows PD from 1997 till today knows that they don’t like cheats and exploits and are not going to bring this one back has a “feature”. Gran Turismo has always been a game where you grind for the most exspensive cars. Just some GTs have been more tolerable than others.

    8. stoney71

      I didn’t skirt around anything, the whole point I am trying to make is that IF I cheat, or anyone else cheats in GT5 by duping cars or using a ‘money cheat’ then it doesn’t effect anyone else, so why should PD put so much work in to keep everyone from doing those things instead of fixing the many other problems with GT5. Everyone has their own reasons why they play a game, and their own likes and dislikes about the gameplay. If PD would just give us a way to ‘earn’ the credits without all the BORING grinding, and maybe make the cars more affordable, most people probably wouldn’t bother so much with cheating in the first place. I think the core of the problem is MOST people don’t like to grind, so they look for all sorts of ways to keep from doing it so much. All were asking is for PD to PLEASE fix this core problem and most of the cheating will probably stop on its own and the cheating that doesn’t really isn’t hurting anyone else anyway. Just because past GT’s have made people grind doesn’t mean that PD can’t find a better way to add replayability with GT5 and stop the grind now, it seems to me that is what most people are really asking them to do here over and over.

    9. PssibleDuplicatePost

      Most people who bought this game are not here posting these complaints, they’re playing the game.
      Most people who are members here are not here posting these complaints, they’re playing the game.
      I doubt either of the above would say the game is perfect by far, but they definitly are not up in arms over a couple exploit fixes and some grinding. Especially not the fixes because a majority of people playing GT don’t even have the ability to download the updates. A majority also either by choice, or lack of internet conection, do not trade, or play online.
      However most of the people who ARE posting here are the same comparitively tiny group of people posting these same complaints repeatedly, pretending to speak for the rest of us.
      You want to claim to speak for some kind of majority, you need to go to the Feedback forum, make a case for having PD just hand you everything, and whatever else your trying to sell, (others are right, you seem to change positions to benifit your case) and get 7,457 people to vote for you, and even then, it’ll only count for a majority of this sites voting membership, and not the whole world’s GT players.
      Untill then, PD has been watching and fixing things on the list, So saying they are not fixing some of the most common complaints is just bull bordering on trollbait.

    10. stoney71

      First off I never skirted around anything because I never said that I was or wasn’t cheating. I said it wouldn’t effect anyone else if I did, therefore it shouldn’t matter to anyone but me. I am not debating the whole right or wrong to cheat issue. I also am not changing positions, either. Maybe I am not expressing myself well enough. My point is I don’t think most people would be cheating so much if GT5 didn’t require so much grinding to get so little credits and experience. I’m also not trying to speak for anyone else. I said by reading many of the forums on this website, no matter how small the membership, it seems many people do not like grinding for months to get so little. I also never said PD wasn’t fixing anything. I said they only seem to be trying to keep people from cheating instead of fixing the reasons they are cheating which is the core of the problem.

  18. scoop2004

    Who the hell finds these places to escape the track? And then finding your way around an invisable road afterwards??

  19. geoff allan

    Does anybody realise that “could care less” means that you could care less? I believe what you mean to say is “couldn’t care less”?

  20. Ferrari

    Lol thank god

    next up: 1 million dollar car gifting needs to be removed. PD, PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION ON TRADING FREELY! :(

  21. recca

    I don’t see why everyone is so against it. If you’re not a car enthusiasts there’s no way you would want to stick to playing this game, thank god I am, but honestly speaking it does take too long to grind and get money in order to buy the cars you want. Many of us here have agreed that the leveling system is pretty flawed. Even with the glitch and earning millions of xp points, it still took me awhile to move up a level. There’s no race in the game that gives you that much experience so actually having to do it legit would take a long long time.

    If this can help people to earn more money, buy more cars, so they’ll play the game a little longer I don’t see it as being that big of an issue where people have to mope about it.

    For myself I used it to boost my rating to level 40, not that it did anything it just felt more complete, and it’s not like i couldn’t have done it legit; it just helped me get there a hell of a lot faster. And next I used the money to buy a ton of cars that I wanted to collect, have one original and one tuned.

    1. stoney71

      By my calculations, if you were to Grind Indy for 40hrs. a week (most full time jobs work about this), it would take you about 2 months to be able to get enough credits to “buy” all the cars without “cheating”. That is only IF you could get the cars to come up in the UCD in the right order and didn’t upgrade or tune any of the cars. Who in their right mind would want to WORK that hard and long for a game instead of PLAYING the game and having fun? PLEASE FIX THIS, PD and most people will stop “cheating”.

  22. cbabb

    Like 8 updates so far, and yet not one of them is worth actually updating. They are just sorry measly attempts to make the game ‘better’. I have slowly lost interest in this game. There is just not enough to it. This is the only racing game I stood behind. I refuse to buy NFS. Waste of money. PD has dissapionted me.

  23. Prototype_Z15

    PD is FAILING at GT5 now. First they make tearble A-spec events with low money. Then they give us sesonal events with 1million dollar pay outs, take it away after 3 weeks and put more 10,000 dollar events with no car bonuses. They take away trades over a million! Most of us don’t spend 24/4 on GT5 and play a-spec or stupid b-spec. And they expect us not to cheat to get quick monney! PD has really just fell into a hole that they can’t climb out of

    1. uhœ

      “PD has really just fell into a hole that they can’t climb out of”

      Yah, people said that about gt3 has well. Fortunately for PD, “most of us” are off playing our game, and not on the fansites posting how outraged we supposedly are that we can’t have our cheats and glitches. PD already got it’s money for GT5, and the real fanbase, plus a whole new crop of noobs, will give them money for GT6, 7, 8, and however many more they ever make……..has it’s always been.

  24. Tvensky

    Thanks PD for the FIX.. :) hope there will be no more this kind of gliches.. PD have to check it all once again.

  25. Ryan

    What a shame that this is the only thing PD is ever going to fix. I agree with all the people complaining that this is all the patch does. PD has proven to us over the past few months that they are completely oblivious to what we want and are never going to give us patches to fix any of the games problems. That’s just awful that in all the time since this game was released they only ever took the time to make just this ONE correction and have done nothing else whatsoever.

    I really wish they’d address my personal pet problem instead. And I won’t be happy until they do. Even once they do, I’ll find something else to make my pet problem and I’ll still complain because complaining makes me look like I’m more of an elite racer than the people who are able to enjoy this game.

    1. h2g2

      Best comment ever.

      I didn’t know about the glitch, and I’m glad it’s gone, but I still think it’d be nice to be able to drive on the geometry around the track. Even if the functionality is only available offline in a limited developer console, seeing things from different perspectives would be pretty interesting IMO. Imagine turning off collision detection for the walls on the Nurburgring, then replicating the fatal crash that happened around Bergwerk.

      That being said, any way to get stuff without working for it should be patched. ‘Play the way you want,’ ‘Games are for having fun,’ ‘PD doesn’t pay enough per race,’ yadda yadda yadda. Say whatever you want. But when it comes down to it, in games with an online component, it really does matter if someone gets something unfairly. I worked and played hard since the game’s release to get up to level 27 with just under 100 cars, and the fact that someone else can get to the same level in addition to 20 million credits in under an hour just isn’t right, no matter how you try to justify it.

    2. novcze


      What a joke, how is affecting you if someone gets more money than you. Do you check how many cars he has in garage or his lvl.? … it looks like you are only envious.

    3. stoney71

      I have to call Bulls**t on you to h2g2. It doesn’t affect you one bit how many cars or credits someone has or how they got them. It still doesn’t make them any better of a driver, so if you can drive better than them you can still beat them in a race. Games ARE for having fun, I didn’t buy the game to work(GRIND), I bought the game to tune and race cars. I can work all I want in REAL life. If PD would fix the broke credit (xp, reward, etc.) allotment system nobody would feel they need to cheat.

  26. Stopwhining

    Well ladies, haters, cheaters etc

    If the game actually paid out more, less people would’ve resorted to doing this glitch.

    As someone said before most of the a-spec races payout barely enough for a set of racing softs.

  27. Rios

    Damn, who was the first person to figure that out? Seems like it would be hard to come across something that involved by accident.

  28. jim

    why is everyone so obsessed with getting 20mil and lvl 40? play the game and enjoy it for what it is. I get just as much of a buzz from racing a 98 mini or mazda 110s as I do from 458 italia or GT40 Race Car.
    yes there could be more events, but the seasonals give you nearly as much cash as the Indy race and your not mindlesly driving round in a circle.

    1. dudejo

      if there’s a goal, people will work to reach it.

      if that goal has a low pay/effort ratio, people will complain.

      it’s only natural.

    1. marsh-420

      did everyone use the green and black suit? (i did personally) but it seems everyone that is complaining about getting their suits back had these colours lol

  29. blake

    im glad they fixed this. in 3 days my friend went from level 31 to 39. we had a compition of who could get to level 40 1st now hes 39 im 32. but i don,t care much about glitch i just hope they remove kicking peaple from races ive seen to many friends kicked for no reason or because they acidently bumped someone. kicking should ONLY be used for hackers & glitchers ive had someone spin me out 50 times on a race but i kick him? no. btw sorry for getting off topic couldn’t find a fourum for this

    1. marsh-420

      if someone is knocking you off the track 50 times in a race for real room that’s a pretty good excuse to kick them if you ask me

  30. NoonenF1

    I can honestly say that I never used the “online money glitch.” Although, I’m not completely free of guilt. I did go online and followed a friend around to show me what it was. We ultimately got bored and just drove around the outside of the track.

  31. AuToNoMy

    maybe if you would let people sell there junk useless cars they wouldn’t feel the need to cheat i personally have not cheated on GT5 but i do have alot of duplicate cars or cars i just don’t want :(

  32. Kein

    No it dosent but if if u dont get payed enugh u look elsewhere for a job(get another game) pd will lose custom if thay carry on

    1. Dan

      No, he’s saying that the glitching made the game more fun, because it alleviated the grinding experience so svere that many would otherwise have given up and traded the game. I, for one, am against the whole system altogether. PD, for goodness’ sake, THAT’S WHAT LICENCES WERE FOR! Level grinding is good in CoD, absolutely not good in GT. They’re different types of gamer experience.

  33. Antony Henley

    Actualy I am really glad this has been nipped I the bud asap, The glitchers ruin so many decent games. Shame their gonna have to go back to the drawing board on this one. Boo hoo you gotta work for your credits,’boo hoo

    1. marsh-420

      oh wow sorry sir i don’t have all day to sit on my ass playing videogames unlike yourself but congratulations on having so much free time to grind away

    2. stoney71

      Well Antony, I agree 100% with BuZZ KiLL on this one. It’s a freakin’ game. How does the way we play our game affect you? It doesn’t, so how can anyone else be ruining the game? You should play it the way you like and quit worrying how the rest of us play. The key word here is PLAY. If you want to spend all of your playtime grinding for credits, so be it. I DON’T !!! Many, many, many other people don’t either, that is why they find all these glitches and so called cheats. If I wanted to WORK that hard, I can do that in REAL LIFE. I just want to be able to race and tune cars, not GRIND for months. You and PD need to get it through your thick skulls that VERY FEW people enjoy grinding. They NEED to fix the broke credit(xp, reward, etc.) allotment system instead of playing nanny and they wouldn’t have to worry about all the “cheating”. I also have to call Bulls**t on you too Sigmaviper11. Just because PD MIGHT have legal ownership of the game, I(and everyone else who bought GT5) have a right to EXPECT a well made game. Many people feel the game needs to be improved in many ways, and they are entitled to play the game the way they like. When I bought GT5 I expected to be able to play a racing game, not have to grind for months just to be able to “buy” a FEW of the 1000+ cars that PD said was in the game. They need to quit spending so much time trying to MAKE me GRIND for credits and xp, and just fix the real problems with the game. There are much better ways to add replayability.

  34. SKOT Free

    Wow losers and their excuses never fail to Amaze me! So let me get this right, Since PD doesn’t offer enough Money and EXP, this justifies Cheating? So if your Job doesnt pay you what you think you are worth, this Justifies Stealing from the Register? BTW Yes if you cheated you have no Skills whatsoever, because if you did, you wouldn’t have to cheat.

    1. - Uhh -

      This specific cheat has less to do with skills, and more to do with patience/time. So it should read… “BTW Yes, if you cheated, you have no time /patience (to waste on the same boring grinding and horrible leveling system) whatsoever. Because if you did, you wouldn’t have to cheat.

      BTW, if you set up a race, and say, ok everyone, this shortcut is allowed, and EVERYONE in the race does it, how is it cheating? You still have toget 1st before everyone else. And the glitch was cool for other reasons, like the freedom you had wich all GT tracks lack. Drifting up and down the on ramps, going behind the telephone booths, seeing the track from a new perspective, and driving around freely in a seemingly endless space. Telling me to go somewhere else is pointless because nothing else on PS3 compares in terms of driveability. Although TDU2 has what GT5 lacks (seemingly unending road) the physics aren’t the greatest until you tweak them in options. But still worth it to anyone looking for something less redundant.

      GT5 is the best racing game yes, but I’d trade 800 cars for 100 more tracks.

    2. BuZZ KiLL

      Another moron who is spouting the “moral high ground” BS by comparing a VIDEOGAME to real life. Grow up, get a life. Its a bloody videogame which people have paid money for. They have a right to play it however they choose. How the hell is it their fault? What the feck was PD doing for 5 years sitting on their backsides that they didn’t see this flaw? Their BS credit system is absolutely responsible for people trying to find new ways to cut corners. If people were satisfied with the number of races or the credit allotment you think they would bother trying to cheat? Keep your flawed sense of morality to yourself. PD has given us a half-assed game. The people are not wrong to be frustrated about it.

    3. Sigmaviper11

      @BuZZ Kill – You do realize that even though we’ve all purchased a copy of the game, everything still belongs to PD and Sony. Pictures, Replays, Game engine. . . all can be legally viewed as registered and owned by Polyphony Digital. While you are entitled to play the game, it’s still their game, and they can run it adjust it and “fix” it as they see fit.

      So quit complaining, because the “moral high ground” people have one solid thing over you. They’re still enjoying the game without having to resort to a deceptive means of acquiring its contents. If you don’t like it, play something else, or just be patient until PD decide to fix the payouts for the races.

    4. Duhh

      @Buzkill, oh my god, totally agree with, how did PD overlook the fact that someone might one day try to drive through a barrier, off of the known road, underground and through and beyond the space/time continuum?
      How and why do people find this crap instead of PLAYING the GAME as it should be PLAYED. (added that in capitols so I wouldn’t get abuse about wanting it to be ‘reality’)

    5. BuZZ KiLL

      Sigma viper : I’m sorry that’s another load of crap you just said. Sure they can fix it. Fixing actual PROBLEMS with the game that is. Not muck around with the happiness of a large percentage of gamers and remove trading and cut back the XP gains. That’s not fixing. And YES once I buy the game I have every right to do what I want with it. According to David Jaffe (legendary creator of God of War and Twisted Metal) “If you buy something, it’s yours. You can take a f*cking sh*t in it if you want to.” Nuff said.

    6. Dean

      +1 Sigmaviper11 for posting facts and not bull. Unfortunately David Jaffe didn’t write the EULA for this game, so quoting him means nothing.

    7. Gremlin

      Yes, it’s extremely rare that the end user is sold the actual software. 99% of the time what your buying is a liscense to use the software, while the seller retains the ownership, has well has any rights to dictate it’s use, revoke the liscense, and often they even reserve the right to request destruction of the physical disk. GT5’s EULA/Terms of Use is pretty standard in that regards. However, enforcement of a revoked liscense is also extremely rare, and since people rarely read or understand EULAs, it leads to the common misconception that the end user owns more than just a liscense for use of the software.

    8. Kevin

      Besides the eula thingy, arguing that they can’t doesn’t change the fact that they did and will continue to do so. So who wants to start off the next round of empty class action suit threats that will never happen? Anyone…….? XD

    9. LOL

      Why bother to argue with a guy who’s argument is based on (1)PD can’t (even though they did), and (2)he can (even though he can’t because it turns out PD put a stop to it)? You might has well be trying to arguing the color of the sky with a blind man for all it will get you.

  35. Kein

    If every1 didnt post things like the glitch cheat over forms n YOUTUBE pd wouldnt have a clue about it n people would still b able to do it, i blame the idiots that have there nose way up pd’s rear end… Pd sort out the money and xp issues then u wouldnt get people cheatin would u??????

  36. Tony

    I find it really weird when people do stuff like this to get credits. I really enjoy playing GT5 so I play for an hour or so each evening. Running races I’ve already done but trying to win with the lowest performance car possible. Every now and then I have enough credits to buy another car that I want. I think it is fun and relaxing. Yeah sure I would love to by all the cars but I can only drive one at a time, it’s like there are all these old pokemon players out there that still ‘GOT TO CATCH EM ALL’!

    Good luck have fun….

  37. Markus Vhane

    I didn’t even know this was happening, I’ve been too busy playing “Dragon Age II”. LOL…

  38. Dino

    It’s a shame really as the money was handy for buying cars and upgrading them for championships I’m in.

    They fix this but they don’t fix the free lobby timing or the terrible AI etc etc? PD sort this game out!

    1. Antony Henley

      Never a truer phrase has been uttered in this thread. Another “up yours” to the I want everything now godammit” generation. Well done.

  39. GTP_Hun

    Jordan, as of this morning still no patch in Europe or at least many european countries. I checked and I had no patch to download (Portugal). Saw $$$$ marked lobbies with hosts from Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France …

    1. David

      Well I’m happy to earn money The good old fashioned way. Its been 6 years in the making I don’t want to open up/unlock everything in 5 minutes. It’s probably another 6 years until GT6 so I can take my time.

      Each to their own though.

    1. PD-Kaz

      Do you think that PD never has any of their people play the game? I imagine they’d never see any of the 50 glitch rooms.

  40. Deathsarthe

    I’m laughing at the people who went out and bought/trade/duped the best version of the GTR – tuned it to the max just for this glitch alone. When I did it, people were actually conversing about their 3.9 second lap times and different suspension and tire setups lol

    Sucks they didn’t give us a more viable means of funding. I mean this is twice now the fans have acted out of some sort of desperation to break this game and just get out of it what they past titles were great for… credits and cars!

    1. slackboy72

      Yeah, I spent 300,000 Cr only to make 55,000,000 Cr back with my sub 2s donuts.
      What a waste of virtual money that was!

  41. marsh-420

    I knew I should have taken advantage of it whilst I could, thanks though PD make a great effort to get rid of a glitch people were exploiting because the credit and experience is poor BUT YOU STILL DONT MAKE ANY EFFORT TO FIX THE GAME!

    1. NapalmSanctuary

      hes talking about the poor cash and XP rates, you gotta have too much damn time on your hands to make any real progress. most of us have jobs and lives.

    2. marsh-420

      Eggman, yes those patches were great and I am actually pretty impressed with how much they’ve gone and patched and improved on what i brought back in december but the credits and exp. problem is still one of my main gripes. I still don’t know why they got rid of the Bonus races (or at least made them less often) they should have kept them or at worst lowered the credits and exp as it made all of a-spec worthless unless you enjoy beating aweful drivers even when they’re in cars 50bhp higher

  42. New_Soul

    There is no 1.08 where i am, online still works, and a lot of gliching is going on in the online lobby’s.

  43. Snaeper

    While I wish I had gotten a bit more of a chance to perfect the art, I DID get what I wanted out of it. That is a bit of cash (only 1 mil which isn’t too much considering what most people get) and I finally hit level 30 having been stuck in the middle of 29 for a long time.

  44. NapalmSanctuary

    if they allowed you to win decent cars from races and either cut the amount of money it takes to restore rigidity and rebuild motors or made it easier to make money id have no problem with this, but as it stands, if you have a life and/or a job its just futile. i love GT games but i have no time for GT5(and i really REALLY hate to say that, but it is what it is).

    1. NoName

      You are who?

      We would never be friends anyway, you prob slow and cant make 10 laps with out off course or wall banging. GTFO

      Take your holier than though attitude on down the road chump.

  45. SS7

    Well, I’m now sitting on a cool 20mil, and have every car I ever wanted, with enough money to finish fully modding and then some.

    I’m not complaining.

    3.5 mil credits in just 10 minutes is WELL worth the effort.

    1. Goshin2568

      Haha post’s like yours always make me laugh. Guess what? The game has been out for LESS THAN 4 MONTHS. Now what are you going to do? Run hotlaps until GT6 comes out? How long until you get bored and stop playing at all?

      I’m taking it slow. Haven’t done my licenses yet, just started B-Spec a few days ago, still not done with aspec, and still haven’t had a money problem.

      I plan in measuring the lifetime of GT5 in years, not months.

  46. iBomb4

    Well, i guess I’ll be the first to say it. I tried it, i loved it. With 3 people on the course coming in second place still gives you 1.4 million. I dont really care what a soul in here thinks about it. You do it your way and I’ll do it the way someone has found, it isn’t hurting me any. In fact It really doesnt matter anyway, it’s not like we can trade these nice cars we buy with the money they put an end to that. Not complaining just saying.

  47. Ying_yang_6o4

    Tried it, couldn’t get it to work, didn’t care. When I watched other ppl doing it they were just going on circles doing donuts. How lame. When I asked how it’s supposed to be done everyone kept quiet on their mics like it was some big secret. Elite donut burners have a pretty tight crew

  48. Squozen

    Hey Polyphony, a bit of internal logic in the game to check for 2-second laps would be great. 6 years and you don’t even have basic laptime checking implemented?


    Cheaters gonna cheat, haters gonna hate.

    LOL I’m just glad that this BS is dead. I’ve tried it for once, and it’s quite pointless to just spin around in circles just to earn even more credits.

    1. - Uhh -

      It’s what we all do on a regular basis… The circles are just much bigger, and it just takes much longer.

      Where as this could be done in under 8 minutes and could bring a level 6 to a level 22 in one race. Plus $3,000,000+ in the process.

    2. NoName

      Was down to 1.1x lap times, fastest finish was 6min 24sec.


      BTW Hater, the real racers were still fastest doing this. BOO YA hahahahahah

      BTW I am loaded to the gills. Now when my league racers need rebuilds I dont have to grind indy or the like.

    3. - Uhh -

      $20mill in a day was awesome… Hard drive corrupted recently, 2 months of data gone. Thx to this, I back to where I was before (A-Spec’wise atleast… Couldn’t teach Bob how to turn into the wall…).

    1. rydeen

      ‘DAMN! that sucks! They released a patch with only 1 fix. That means they arent working on fixing all the other failures.

    2. Brandon

      It doesn’t mean they aren’t working on other fixes. It means that they felt strongly enough about fixing this glitch that they didn’t just wait to lump it in with the next batch of changes. And you know what, they wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of stuff if people weren’t so bent on finding ways around the standard system of race, reward, repeat. If you’re bored people, try driving another one of your 300 cars! It’s a driving game! Drive!

  50. Bakemono858


    If you see where you begin the glitch, it’s not really hard to find. Then after that you just explore the map.

  51. Sigmaviper11

    I love the fact that everyone who relied on that glitch is bitching to him to remove it. Its patched. They can shut up, noobs. Hate cheaters. Most of them aren’t that great in terms of racing.

    Yes we want money, no we don’t want to drive in circles for two days to buy a car, PD, will you please release the restriction of winning a car. One time win really sucks. Specially since we can wait patiently and buy them. Just let us win them multiple times so we can sell them legitimately.

    1. chattimus

      Actually i know alot of great racers that did it glitching doesnt mean they suck for the most part except for those that abused it but like i said before all my friends and myself included did partake but not cause we wanted to level or anything it was just so we could get some of the cars in the game easier without hours of pointless grinding and i know there are alot of hipocrits in here also cause this glitch duping cars or wall banging and corner cutting are all the same thing you cant pick and choose which cheats or glitches are ok and which ones are not( that wasnt directed at anyone in particular iam just generalizing)

    2. NoName

      You are talking out your rear. I know one a few people out of the video are league racers. Very good too.

      Why not take those names add them and call them out to a race.

      Or is it easier to talk smack and not back your mouth up.

    3. Sigmaviper11

      NoName – Chill, chattimus is presenting the same case in a more civil manner.

      The point being this glitch is used by all ranks and skills, as opposed to the typical noob racer.

      Hopefully it’ll prove a point to PD when they’re top of the leaderboard drivers are found in vids pulling this. We need easier access to credits PD.

  52. Hatmantc

    this is way i only play GT5 with people on my friends list. with that backup save scheme and glitches like this, just sucks the fun out of things. it’s nice to know my friends don’t resort to things of this nature

  53. AnPrionsaBeag

    I wonder how people find those glitches anyway. Do they spend their time trying every wall in the game?

    1. theArmourKing

      translator 2.0
      you are just like your freind”buzz”: bla,bla-man
      I sure that you do nothing important in your life…
      Dont cry, they alrady know about this

    2. Duhhh......

      Wow theArmourKing, he got you so mad with that one, you couldn’t even find the right reply button for your tardo comeback. Guess that happens with you kids sometimes when you spend too much time pretending your living a life in videogames, and not enough time really living a real life in the real world…….Really, try it sometime. You’ll be amazed by all the realistic realism……..

    3. lolololol

      Really hilarious…..XD
      Realisticly, it’s funny because it’s true.

    1. chattimus

      See you would think that PD would do a lil more than fix it they would give us more money for the races i could care less about te experience but yes i did it a few times so i could have enough money to buy cars i mean there are countless cars over a million dollars and engine rebuilds etc that we have to pay for and PD gives us chump change for racing if we got decent money noone would try to find those glitches i mean i got 500 thousand for 25 laps at nurburgring wasnt even enough to rebuild my engine in an lmp car in closing i dont like the cheating eithier but damn instead of pointless grinding i would rather race and have fun with my game

    2. SE's are not...

      hey mcfizzle how about you stop using the same lame-a** excuse, as the Seasonal Events are not new events and they still give the same aweful exp. and credits they are just as much a waste of time as the races on A-spec

    3. mickismick

      @SE’s are not…: seeing as though you think A-Spec is a waste of time, you should ask yourself “Why am I playing this game?” Seems to me that this game isn’t for you. Move along.

    4. RTSolvalou

      Can you not just use B-Spec racing and fast forward a race like in GT4?
      Set my NuR r34 to speed 4, Knocked out 5 races, won plenty cash and a 250k car in less than half an hour with no effort at all.

    5. McClarenDesign

      Cliffs Notes: It’s never good enough for some people.

      There, I just saved you two long boobless hours of reading posts and people complaining… just like every other thread.

    6. mcfizzle

      I know what he is refering to. What is the difference betweeen seasonal and A-spec. I don’t see one and infact the events they are adding are events that were in previous GTs. They give you credits and experience so again, stop using the tired excuse of add events. They add events every week or so. I don’t see the difference between them being under seasonal or A-spec. But if you can show me the difference, please do.

    7. GranTurismo360

      WTF! I had 6,821,997 credits WITHOUT cheating and then the 1.08 path came up. I thought it was going to update the Online Dealership, so I decided to update it. But guess what? MY MONEY DECREASED TO 901,668 CREDITS! OMG! WTFWTFTFWTF! POLYPHONY, YOU’RE MAKING THE GAME HARDER FOR US THAN IT NEEDS TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    8. geoff allan

      You do realise that “could care less” means that you could care less? I believe what you meant to say was “couldn’t care less”? Your post basically says the opposite of what you meant……..i think?
      I do agree though that PD has screwed up by us having to grind at all. They should just give us a massive list of fresh races that take us to level 40. More tracks like Spar and a few classics like Seattle and New York. I wonder what Nordschleife in reverse would be like?

    9. BuZZ KiLL

      @ArmorKing : You’re a fecking joke. You and toss-pots like you who are stupidly fanatical about a videogame being real. You want reality, go and buy a fecking car and drive that you moron. That’s reality. Gran Turismo is a bloody videogame at the end of the day.

    10. theArmourKing

      buZZ kill:
      :)))i love it for its reality,
      Thr real driving simulator
      For the people like you their’s other games:
      N.Ph.S:))) or The stupid Phorza:))))

    11. GTP_Wwrruumm


      why put more events better to work on crap glitches as work on seriously problems like the replay enhancements or make other players see if a car is tuned in online mode.

      I’m really dissapointed of PD not of GT5 its a great Driving Simulator but with this crappy Updates (1.07, 1.08) the game dosnt will become better. Only much harder for casual gamers.

      Next time i want to see a patch with much more sense. For me i can say i never used this glitch or heard about it.

    12. Translator 2.0

      buZZ kill
      ::)))i love it for its reality,
      Thr real driving simulator
      For the people like you their’s other games:
      N.Ph.S:))) or The stupid Phorza:)))”

      “I’m 12, and have never driven a real car.”

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