Gran Turismo 5 GPS Functionality, 3D Confirmed

Here’s some of the first news to come out of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Polyphony Digital has partnered with auto technology company Denso to develop a “GPS-track day unit”, one of which will be included in the new Toyota FT-86G. It works by monitoring your position as you put in hot laps around a real-world track (which is also in GT5, of course). Pull the memory card out of your car and plug it into your PS3, and the data collected will be used to reconstruct your lap within the game. From there, you’ll be able to watch your replay or compete against yourself by loading the replay as a “ghost” car.

According to MotorTrend, Polyphony and Denso’s GPS unit was tested in a race-spec Lexus IS-F at the Nurburgring last October (probably during Yamauchi’s VLN race). MotorTrend editor Peter Lyon was also able to confirm that a “3D version” of GT5 will be available “as soon as 3D TVs become available on the market,” (Sony’s 3D TVs will be available this summer).

Thanks to Snaeper for sending this in!

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  1. Buddy

    The majority of the people who will use this, also played the Turismo games before this, all of them. In other words, Turismo is one of the few games that has grown with it’s players. Turismo’s always worth the wait.

  2. Rocker

    This is definitely a *wow* factor all the way, but I agree with the points:

    – VERY limited use for < 95% of all GT5 players
    – Unnecessary delay and use of PD time/resources

    Racing against someone elses data might be fun, especially real-world professional racers. And not necessarily on track days either. How about loading up the winning racer for real-world sanctioned races? THAT would be cool.

    Lets go a step further. How about loading up the entire field for a given race, hmmm?

  3. MitsuStigi

    Nice comments. Now I see a true nature of this feature. Imagine competing against Schumi or even the Stig! In GT5 of course. :D :D :D

  4. Robin

    Wow a feature that no one cares about fitted to a car that no one can buy! Seriously PD stop messing around and finish the damn game!

  5. Moon

    why does kaz, PD and Sony put out useless news… give us more useful info… im not going to buy this game because it has integrated GPS with a car i will never buy…

    how deep are the tuning and customization in the game???

    where is the new damage system??

    where is the WRC/Rally aspect of the game???

    they need to stop avoiding the real questions.

    these “i cant get into detail” or “i cant say right now” answers are getting really old Kaz… this game has been in the making for 5 years and is close to release… you should start knowing and getting into Details.

  6. Jake

    I think it’d be neat if they could use the Nascar GPS that they use to track the cars during races and use it to actually race against real drivers while on GT5… It’s kinda out there, but it’d would be pretty cool if it worked. Maybe sometime in the distant future something like that could be possible?

  7. Dan

    Because gps doesn’t measure acceleration, breaking and steering input, my guess is that the ghosts you will load from this device will be different from the ones we see now. They will just be visual representions of whatever the gps recorded, and the actual model of the ghost will be irrelevant since there it contains no physics data. You could, in theory, drive a real life FT-86 around real life fuji and have the ghost car be a volkswagon beetle.

    It should be interesting to see how they implement the ghost cars for this. What about brake lights and the angle of the front wheels mid corner for the ghost?

  8. Max Mosley

    The only benefit of this to the majority of people who will play Gran Turismo 5 is, if on GT5 official site you will be able to download the gps data of actual race drivers onto your ps3 for you to race against.

    As far as actually using your own racing data, you would have to buy the Denso GPS unit, have a car that is represented on the game and by the gps unit (I somehow doubt the ps3 will be able to decode by the data exactly what car you are driving and project a visual representation for you to compete against) this feauture will probably limted to a few models and have access to one tracks that are also represented in the game. For all of you say you will find this feature useful you must be very resourceful.

  9. Flagmo-T

    1st of all.. Sorry for my knacking reply yesterday!! I had just been driving GT5P Online for a couple of hours on Expert Pp800 Fuji with a great bunch of drivers in a chat group, and stopped it, because of – You Know.. to many unsportly like Drivers coming in to a great experience, they actually ruins any Nice Dreams on GT5, and it continues to be that way until the release of GT5..and Hopefully!! it will be a total different experience driving online, Because that part the should have solved by now Right!..

    I Can’t stay away friom this News section, Jordan is so good add it!! :O) and of course it’s still News Though!! and I will Count to 10 next time I’m writing out of my head..

    KY if your are reading This Then Please consider if it could be the time, to release interviews with some of the real drivers ( Sebastian Loeb/ Nascar driver ?/Indy driver ?) ‘s experience of driving these Sim Modes in the Real Driving simulator, they don’t nessesary has to reveal any deep technic regarding the Modes it self, That’s for you! do and soon please, It’s Time!!

    This GPS, as so many has wrote some useful ideas about, Does give some since afterall, I do see the ideas of how it can be used, so Nice it is i Guess :O) The 3D tv and further new Sony products will of course has add a greater experience of driving GT5-6-7, But because of it being constantly delayed, I have used up all my savings for the release date 2 times ago, and I won’t pay for yet a new 40″ TV, I’ve got 3 now!! hehe I really belived that I was up too Par, with my great setup, ps3-Eye for head moving, big 100Mhz SOnny 40″ Great surruound system, playseat alcantara, Df-GT and a room for my self to drive 120% focused as pSN ID: Team_MOFF-No2.. and yet some in my new system will be a little old school, when Gt5 finally reaches us users..
    And excuse Me, we could experience lots of Updates before it actually will work up too par (overall Game).. we need action sooner then later KY.. Lets hear some real stories of what we could expect, in the different categories so we actually have something solid info aboout the Gran Turismo 5.. I for one don’t mind if lots of things couldn’t be better then it is, that’s the biggest issue of Balancing a game as huge as this, on such a small Console like the PS3 ( when talking further Gaming ) it will still be loved and treasured around the world, and it will also be the one to Beat!! But this weird talk about Beating other Nice attempts isn’t really what’s going on in PD ( I hope not) because then life is to short..:O)

    Has any of your heard about I-opener Racing, now that’s a new attempt for some real Racing VS Virtuell racing, you as a virtuall Racer, races against real racers on Tracks Like Holder. Now thats a good thing for further Sim Race.. Now this could be the same kind of ideas for Racing in GT5, and it’s a cool feature :)

    WRC has announced that they are going into Gaming, and promise That you as a Racer, will be able to race the same stages, and compare your time with ex: Sebastian L or Ken Block ( 2010 and 2011 for Ford yes please) and Made me think about GT5 again, is Gt5 the Game they were talking about! ? When i think about all what’s been said in GT5 and that article on and with this GPS and friendship with SB & KY, then that could be a Orsm Connection that I’ve asked for, for about 2 years ago here on GTplanet! anways other has as well i guess, But that is something I look forward to find out!!

    For all of you, I’m Not a Complainer, I do have alot of knowledge in creating Games, I’m a 2D / 3D artist, that is spending all my time in Racing and modding SIm racers (PC) Like Richard Burns Rally, and Others. I’m always going for the Last 10% in a project, because that’s were it all comes to Is It good enough! or can we do better, and yes we can!! lot of nasty textures and wrong decision, can be altered, to workable textures and finally giving the illusion of what it should.. for instance Take the Track Eigar Nordwand, first we had GT-HD’s version, It was beautiful, but need some corrections on the road surface (gt5p) but then The shadows on many spectators was gone on that version, and UPS that is sadly killing the illusion, and that makes you look and think, is that all ( lots of graphical stuff suddenly was visible for the critical eye, ( me anyway, but only because I’m saying well, it doesn’t work properly, we need a new solution, to make the illusion work again, and you didn’t for the GT5p anyway, just hope for the final version to be as good as the HD version, which worked as a great graphical illusion..

    That’s why I’m just trying to do what KY so often has asked us all to do, Give input and make your voice heard) but I can do better when making a comment, hehe yes i know!!

    Peace Out!! I’m a grown man, actually 48 :P

  10. squishydk

    MotorTrend editor Peter Lyon was also able to confirm that a “3D version” of GT5 will be available “as soon as 3D TVs become available on the market,” (Sony’s 3D TVs will be available this summer).

    Thats really all i think about in this post. It basically means that GT5 will be here before the 3D (wich will be here in the summer). Theres no way in hell GT53D will be released before GT5 normal. So this highly indicates a release between march and june, and thats what atters for me.

    About the gps: Cool device, prolly fun if you have tons of cash. We dont know if real drivers will put times in GT5 – if they do, its ace. If not its waste. But time will tell, as with so many other things in GT

  11. LordVonPS3

    @ Vivian.

    Keep in mind that the GPS / Altimeter / gear device being described here is built into the Toyota FT-86. Using the current gear, accelerometer and other data in addition to GPS information would of course make it possible to capture under steer / over steer, etc. All you need to know is what direction the car is facing (compass data), what direction the car is moving (accelerometer data) and what the current x/y/z position the car is at (GPS data).

    In terms of what all this means to Gran Turismo 5 fans… The point is that the game will enable the import of data to use for replays / ghosts. GT5 isn’t all about the Toyota FT-86. If you wanted to record data in other cars for specific drivers, then of course you need the relevant car, packing the relevant equipment and you’d need the relevant driver. Otherwise you couldn’t have a GT5 representation of The Stig racing around the Top Gear circuit in a Mercedes SLS AMG.

  12. SKID

    look what I found at–complete,-says-Yamauchi-san–a0008528-p0.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+PlayStation-Universe+%28PlayStation+Universe%29

    “Polyphony Digital bigwig Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that development of hotly anticipated racer Gran Turismo 5 is roughly 90 percent complete, hence why the game’s Japanese release was postponed.

    Speaking with the folks at USA Today, Yamauchi-san commented: “About 90% of the game is done. We are just working on the last 10% and polishing up everything.”

    He also touched on the subject of the forthcoming PlayStation Motion Controller – the colloquially dubbed ‘Wand’ – suggesting that if it were to be used with GT5, the device would likely be limited to navigating the user interface.

    “It might be used to maybe control the user interface like you would a mouse, but that’s the extent we would use it for,” said Yamauchi.”

  13. Viktor Navorsky

    Not even god have pleased everyone..why do Kazunory? Just relax guys.. keep your expectatives not so high…. and then you might enjoy the final game. I´m not gonna be mad if theres no skidmarks… night cycles, raining effects… i just want a lot of cars with interior and better psychs , some decent online mode , and a LOT OF EVENTS…to race. If there will be more than this… WOOHOO…but if not, OKAY.

    And let the man work…

  14. vampire63

    alucard0712 Says:
    January 16th, 2010 at 5:11 am

    Whats wrong with you guys???
    Really bored with that kiddish “don’t like this feature – gimme that game no matter how” – more they do – more you want.You wanna Ferraris,Lambos – they give us,damage – ok…and again and again people want more.pfffff!
    This is amazing technical achievement!This thing show us flexibility of game engine, and proves that GT5 is close to reality!And we be able to watch some professional races in game.That’s very interesting to see how it looks in-game.This is huge thing really.Scale of the game just huge.I’m really impressed that PD is so serous!!!

    You are playing the game ????

  15. Vivian

    off topic:

    It’s great that PD release GT5 in 2010.
    because everybody says that 2010 “the year of electric cars”!!!!!
    PD plays good marketing!!!

  16. LordVonPS3


    Dazzi, Imari, Yoh, Dimitris, Blitz187, vampire63, P3nT4gR4m, blubb, Mcav, FES, djcorrosive, Flagmo-T, twinspark24, Lemminkainen, IronM@sk.

    You don’t need a GPS device. GT5 integration with GPS enables everyone to *** race against the recorded laps *** of THE WORLDS BEST RACING DRIVERS in a video game.

    In GT5 it would be possible to race against ghost cars representing:

    * The Stig.
    * Michael Schumacher.
    * Sebastian Loeb.

    It’s obvious just how big a feature this is.

  17. LordVonPS3

    To :

    All the “GT Forever” whiners…
    All the XBot Forza fans…
    Anti-Sony Microsoft employees…
    Professional racing drivers…

    … and anyone else reading these pages…

    Do you remember when you were just a kid, playing on the latest video games and you ‘dreamed’ that it was possible to race against the ghosts of real drivers in professional motor sports…?

    Well here it is. GPS has now been confirmed. In GT5 it will be possible to take real race data from the world’s great drivers and make it available to you – the home video gamer.


  18. alucard0712

    Whats wrong with you guys???
    Really bored with that kiddish “don’t like this feature – gimme that game no matter how” – more they do – more you want.You wanna Ferraris,Lambos – they give us,damage – ok…and again and again people want more.pfffff!
    This is amazing technical achievement!This thing show us flexibility of game engine, and proves that GT5 is close to reality!And we be able to watch some professional races in game.That’s very interesting to see how it looks in-game.This is huge thing really.Scale of the game just huge.I’m really impressed that PD is so serous!!!

  19. IronM@sk

    Extremely useful if..
    A) You actually own a PS3 and GT5
    B) You actually regularly attend trackdays at one of the real world tracks in GT5 and..
    C) You actually own one of the cars that will be in GT5

    Making it useable by about 5 people in the entire world ¬_¬

  20. vampire63

    Waynz Says:
    and racing the Stig around Top Gear track would be the cherry on the cake. (or beat cod-piece Cowell).

    I like how everyone thinks that stig and other racers will import their times in gt5 specialy for us UNTILL SEEING IT IM NOT A BELIEVER

  21. Waynz

    It’s funny how a lot of people are blaming this “waste of technology” for delayed release date. Polyphony Digital don’t decide on the release date or responsible for delay’s. Sony decide when it’s released.

    PD make the game, Sony releases into the masses.

    But as said above PD didn’t make this Denso developed this software so PD CAN work on getting GT5 done.

    IMHO this is a perfect example of humans pushing the envelope on seeing what is technically possible, and racing the Stig around Top Gear track would be the cherry on the cake. (or beat cod-piece Cowell).

  22. ratb4stard

    More useless features. PD, stop stalling, give us some real info about the game like what tracks and an official car list. No one cares about this garbage.

  23. Jonathan

    Well lets think about this for a min. They said a special 3D version of GT5 will be released when sony releases its 3D tvs. So can anyone confirm an soft release date for Sonys 3D tvs. This might give an ball park est for GT5’s release.

  24. viejaloca

    Damn does the release of 3D TVs have something to do with the release date of GT5? Would they release the game in 3D and HD at the same time?

  25. yoh

    when will this game ever be launch ?
    Just finish the game PD please dont add to many features to the point it is taking forever. the problem is they are adding so many features which me might not need or just make the game overwhelming. not all technology that come out needs to be added. To many cooks will spoil the food.

  26. Tim

    the display looks good though , this is not unsual for polyphony they helped design the GT-R’s GPS and computer dials

  27. Tim

    This gives me pause to think , is polyphony finished delevoping GT5 and is it purely a sony marketing cockup with the release window and release date?

    if it’s the case then we cannot blame polyphony but the 3d is starting to make me think aswell could polyphony have decided to slam it in at the last mintute but if that’s case i expect an update to deal with that as we are expecting PS3 3D in a firmware update soon.

    but remember 1 thing sony have got to be very careful in how they implement 3D into games because not everyone has 3d tv’s and it could really damage sony if they start releasing 3D games exclusively for 120HZ 3D because people will find it unfair and go to something that they can use 3D with there setup I.E PC as i mention below.

    The pc is the prime example of how to get it right though Nvidia has both the 3D vision (no 3D tv) and the newer 3D shutter glass stuff (120HZ montor needed) that still allows people to have 3D whatever with or without 3D tv.

  28. Icant55

    Very smart and cool concept,but too bad i don’t live near any real world tracks and i dont have any cars that are in gt5 lmao!

  29. Sm0k3:D

    You sound like PD has created something new! it’s just a GPS! Y can save the telemetric data of a track just using my mobil phone!
    You now can load this data on a computer (or PS3)? WOOOOW AWESOME!

    I guess this “awesome” stuff has a price betwen 30 and 40$

    They has just implemented this in a cars game. Yo can now try to beat Stig? Yo just need to know his time lap…

    IMO this stuff has been “developed” to sell a special edition (to sell it 60$+ normal price…)

  30. vampire63

    twinspark24 Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 10:30 am

    This was exactly what I was waiting for…Driving a concept car on a track and then racing against myself in a game that will never be launched because of wasting time on such stuff…

    i have nothing else to say

  31. Tate

    For PD is great, but for us… i don’t see the real deal. I mean, is great for PD and GT make some business. But I, as a gamer, i want to see details and ground-breaking features that i can enjoy.

    And we’re still waiting for reverse lights and skidmarks!

  32. Spriggers

    You guys might be missing the bigger picture here. Could it be that PD will get some real racers track times and ghost laps and upload them for all GT5 gamers to compete and race against? That’s the really cool potential. A lot of real drivers love this game and just might be happy to post a good ghost lap or two for us to go up against. This also shows that PD have nailed the tracks to be able to have ghosts align on top of the tracks.

  33. ChicoMaloXD

    I think this feature will improve the quality of the GT series.
    They will be able to get the info of every detail of the cars on the racetrack. And will help to improve feature games.

  34. Pedz

    This 3D will probably work with Nvidias “3d Ready” screens, so to all the people with those pc monitors, there is no extra cost (for those who don’t know, there’s been 3d screens for about a year now…).

    This also means I’m guessing the 3D is done using the nVidia RSX graphics card with Nvidias 3d stereoscopic technology. This means we will get high quality 3d images and not some horrible ones (not that PD would do that anyway). So yeah I think the 3D is all processed by the Graphics unit.

    This also means there is no different “version” to those of you wondering, it just means you have to have a 120 or 240hz screen and compatible glasses with the screen. Admittedly at the moment you can only get 1050p(not 1080, even though they can be forced to 1080) 3D screens as of yet.

    So all in all I’m going to love the 3D function, as I was going to upgrade my pc rig to support 3D gaming anyway ^^.

  35. Jakemania

    It’d be cooler if they used the Nascar GPS thing that they use to track the cars during races and use it to actually race against real drivers while on GT5… Crazy out there, but I think it would be extremely cool. Maybe sometime in the distant future something like that could be possible?

  36. Johnno

    What you complainers FAIL to notice is what this means! It means real live data from actual racers can be made available for you to race against in the game! It a real world application that you too can use if you can afford it too. What the hell are you all complaining about???

    The 3-D option will probably appear as a patch when Sony updates the PS3 firmware.

  37. ralph89

    I’m loving the complains! Keep coming. Maybe KY will read your comment and send a copy of GT5 on your door step.

  38. maxpontiac

    I honestly see the ghost of professional racers being put out there on all these tracks for Gran Turismo players to compete against.

    Take your time PD, and bring us something amazing..

  39. Devedander

    I wonder if the “3d version” means an update or a whole nother purchase… maybe the 3d version will be stripped down a bit to accomdate the extra workload. Perhaps only tracks that are less demanding and lower number of cars on track…

  40. Lemminkainen

    I’m sure people who live north of the Arctic Circle will also be escatic when PD adds real-time simulation and tracking of dog sled races as well.

    I know it probably took only 1 programmer less than 2 weeks to code it, with a week more for validation, but still – when you announce a delay in Japan and immediately follow it with an announcement that a feature like this is being added, it sends a bad message even though the two are unlikely to have anything to do with each other.

    I think the point is that there comes a time to stop mucking about with features no one cared enough to ask for in the first place, and just release the game.

  41. 99EKB18

    Well said Geoff & Luke. I also goes to lapping event / track days. I’m in Canada. I won’t have a chance to use it only if in the future that DLC will include new tracks like Mosport for Canada. I still think is a great feature. Most of the people that can use it will be in US, Europe & Japan. I don’t think is just the GPS. It might even have brake, acc, g force telemetry built in to it. Just a thought.

  42. Luke

    Please realize that GT5 now is mostly finished, with all features. They are just bugfixing and testing now. Just because you hear the news now doesn`t mean they just started programming that feature. Many people here seem to think that way, same discussion with that weather feature from a few weeks ago. So quit your whining, wait until it`s finished and be surprised about the massive amount of feature never seen before.
    If you`re tired of waiting buy a X360 and play Forza 3, we patient people don`t care if you`re gonna miss one of the greatest racing games ever.

  43. Geoff

    The average age on this forum is obvious. A fair amount of people who play GT5 actually do go to real track days. One weekend will cost well over one thousand dollars (I’m in the States), considering you have to replace brake pads, tires (sometimes can get one more weekend out of them), and change the oil. Throw in the track day fee and it is an expensive weekend and worth every penny. So spending say, three hundred dollars on a device like this for a little bragging rights between your friends would make for some very good entertainment.

    I agree the game is taking a long time to release but the GT5 TT demo brought the game a huge step forward. So much better than GT5P was. Keep up the good work PD!

  44. Maximou

    You got some important point here. We have to put this news on his actual context wich is a show for automotive’s future and new technologies.

    Tim, maybe Kazunori thought about it years before GT4 and PD dreamed about it silence, working about it secretly. Maybe they felt it was time to release it because technology let them do it well.

    It seems like people are thinking : Kaz talks about it now so they just put the last 3 months efforts of 140 people working only on this feature, so it will delay…

    Every news, we see whiners and guys who keep complaining, it’s very tiresome for all of us. Moreover, most of time, the complain isn’t justified. Guys who don’t complain, are waiting might be pissed too. Please relax, be more zen, more positive, play Forza 3, have sex.

    Sometimes I thank god because I’m glad that people around there who think they know better how to do a good game than Polyphony, aren’t game developers.

  45. Flagmo-T

    One thing we still miss Info about is the Rally Part, Ky and SL is the best of friends, well that must be a great friendship both ways.. but then Lets hear something about the Rally specs/track/driving technic and such.. ? we have only notits 3-4 Cars That’s It!! Rally is one of the Hardest Driving sports there is, and defiantly one of the Hardest Sims to create.. so I’m Waiting on some news on that.. Ex:New cars, gimmicks as this, Just make me more irritable.. sorry, I should just stay away from GTp untill it’s released.. Sorry guys.. I’m full!! I will Drive My Time trails in Peyo’s Championship and stay away from this News section.. because I really feel like a Joke here.. they make us look a like a Hungry bunch a Nonames that is just waiting for throwing money after the latest technic.. and it won’t make the games better.. just more things to suck up the power of the PS3.. tsk tsk.. Have a Nice summer release..

  46. twinspark24

    This was exactly what I was waiting for…Driving a concept car on a track and then racing against myself in a game that will never be launched because of wasting time on such stuff…

  47. d3br34k5

    Stop greifing, vampire63.

    I don’t think there’s a better cross-industry feature that PD could’ve unveiled at a major AUTOMOTIVE EXPO. Read that, NOT A VIDEOGAME EXPO. This is right up there with their involvement in the development of the GT-R.

    PD is trying to cement an influential spot in the automobile industry and really isn’t concerned with quelling the whiners by revealing working reverse lights. Again, this new information was released at the Tokyo MOTOR Show, not the Tokyo Gaming show.

    I’d like a solid release date, confirmation of working reverse lights and skidmarks on trees too but I’m still very impressed that video game drivers will be able to take on real-life laps completed by any compitent race car drivers.

    Obviously, PD is very confident with the accuracy of their tracks.

  48. S3 Racer

    1st : this is Not purly designed for GT users. That’s just a gimmik.
    Business wise having only one market is risky (PD= Gt, even if it runs good), this is a hole new market for sony (automobile industry)

    Second it’s from denso so designed for racers not wannabe racers.

    And Pd will make money with every device sold. If this is what i believe it is, this will be standard in a few years in every competiton car.
    Think outside the box. or in: this is for track use, not ps3 use. Ps3 use is a gimmik.
    on track you will know where you are, which corner comes next… very useful. Even if you know the track. And the evolution of this device can and will be huge. Add this to telemetric data… it’s a dream. Let’s the heart of racers jump in cercles.

    @vampire63: Also I didn’t know you represent the entire community.

  49. vampire63

    S3 Racer Says
    Even if you don’t use it, this will be a seller. Every racer, racing team, professional and amature will buy it!
    I want to know how many of you who are visiting GTPLANET are racers racing teams or professionals .

    Yea WE wouldn’t use it and WE are the people that are paying PD’s
    and SONY’s bills so they must take care of US not for the racers and c.t
    WE are important cuz we will decide if it’s a good game

  50. Viktor Navorsky

    Ok…maybe a little bit useless for most of us… but incredible innovative , really merging virtual to real… something that a very portion of the atual race games do… I think its really a great improvement for the GT series credibility as a simulator…

  51. Flagmo-T

    Come ON PD. !! what a waste of time.. GPS LOL for what!! you can’t drive out side the trrack anyway, just follow the direction that’s it.. Nøgenberg nordsliefe could be 400km’s long, and it still wouldn’t make a difference…. GPS is for finding the road, not following the road.. Blah blah burp!!

  52. Luke

    It would be very interesting if it would work with every car or motorcycle, a standalone GT GPS device. Some time in the future i plan on driving a few laps on the Nordschleife with my motorcycle. If possible i would record my laps and load it into GT5, to see how my driving line looks like from behind, or from a replay camera.

  53. tameem


    that makes perfect sense. this GPS thing PD have made is going to change everything. it is going to bring real racing cars into our homes. i can imagine all race cars having them on board just for Gran Turismo. NASCAR, SUPERGT, STIG, omg if this is true this is going to be HUGGGEE!

  54. blubb


    it (3D) will take it’s time to be not only a marketing gimmick – but if we had to wait for GT6 as long as for GT5 it’s not a mistake to implement it now.

  55. Tim

    I can’t imagine that PD’s GT5 team are spending much of their development time on this.

    It is far more likely to be developed by a seperate team within PD, or even a third-party developer.

  56. blubb


    i only mentioned the 5 years because of the post by “Maximou” – i also think it will take 2, max. 3 years to get a good 3D TV for a payable price (payable and not painful – for me). The problem is most people and gamers (like me) already buyed a HDTV and now they come with the 3D thing so it will take it’s time until it’s payable, not only a feature of three or four games and the most new actually buyed HDTVs at home are broken.

    My grandparents already have a white SD TV since 10 years and they are very happy with it. ;)

  57. dbarrade

    I can’t believe no one has figured this out yet…

    How else are we going to race the Stig around the Top Gear Track?

    Every week when he takes a car around the track, he will have the GPS on board, and as the show goes to air we will be able to race the Stig.

    We will be able to race the Star in the low price car.

    We will be able to race Schumaker around Monaco.

    We will be able to watch a Nascar race from inside the car and even join in.

    This is imho one of the most exciting features announced yet…

    How cool is it going to be when DHolland or someone else from GTP laps the top driver at the Le Mans 24 Hour, or beats the AMG test driver around the Ring in the latest Merc Concept Car.

  58. Maximou

    Gamers usually can’t afford 2500 dollars a screen because of their youth… Don’t laugh about grand parents, some have lot of money that they just don’t want to give to their children… So they just spend/waste it to see, before dying, what the technology on Earth can provide best… :p

    Ok, ok, bad joke, sorry. But it might be true in certain case.

  59. mike smith2

    wow well done kaz. This is a great feature. , i just wonder wether we will get the new toyota when we pre order or when the game comes out. what a waste of time. 99.9% of gamers will never use this feature, kaz is just sucking the johnson of the car industry and has forgot about his real fans

  60. Dom

    The Sony 3D TV’s are not that expensive. The 52″ LX905 will cost 3099€ and comes with 2 3D glasses. The HX905 will cost 2699€, will have better picture quality, but needs to be upgraded with glasses and emitter for 3D. Other brands will offer full LED backlight with LD at the same price or even cheaper – and the design will be much better too.
    Anyway, if you ask me, street prices will be below 2000€ soon and calling 3D a gimmick is ok, but it’s not that it will take another 5 years. If you have played with the Nvidia Vision glasses, you won’t go back to 2D gaming.
    Of course, they will attract early adapters in the first stage, but seriously, if not we, the gamers, who else will buy a 3D TV? Your grandparents?
    I think and hope 3D gaming will be big in 2-3 years. I for myself will buy a new HDTV this year and it will be 3D ready for sure. Product life-cycles for TVs are like 4-6 years at maximum, nowadays. It’s not that we still live in the SD-era. I think within the next 5 years, all people who are potential customers will be 3D customers. If you haven’t upgraded to a HDTV yet, you are not a customer anyway. And it’s not that the TV market is small.

  61. Maximou

    Dhandes, I know a guy who spent more than 300 laps on the actual Nurburgring on his light tuned 350Z. What is he doing at home ? Playing Forza 3 lapping the Nurb on a car as close as possible as the one he owns… He lapped about 1000 laps of virtual ring (GT4, Forza 3 and other sims).

  62. FES

    this feature GPS will be useful only for those luckers who have both PS3 (with GT5) and this Toyota FT-86 (with possibility to drive it on those tracks loaded into that GPS), as for 95% of others (including me) it seems to be useless waste of time.

    As for 3D, maybe this is not bad but… if it will take another “half a year” of developing the game, then, guys, postpone this feature, let us just play GT5, finally, we`re really cravin` for it!

  63. blubb

    Didn’t want to hate, sorry. But I’m not that excited as many others here. As you say “maybe in 5 years or so” – i only see that many things had to be solved to make this thing usefull – and not only a gimmick for marketing.

    It’s the same thing with 3D – cool feature – but useless for most gamer without any 3D TV’s announced and the price of the whole thing (a new Sony 3D TV – we all knew the prices of the first flat tv’s + new developed shutter glasses). It will be an expensive useless marketing gimmick – at the moment – maybe in 5 years ;)

  64. Dom

    I hope the 3D mode will be full 1080p (even without HDMI 1.4) and not only limited to Bravia Tv’s (as speculated). There is this Z-buffer theory that could prevent making the PS3 compatible with other TV brands. Also it won’t be real stereoskopic rendering (the PS3 has not enough power and only comes with HDMI 1.3) but the 3D effect for the PS3 is still good, as game demos have shown. CES 2010 had demos of UC2, Wipeout, GT5 and others.

    From a personal standpoint, I would love to buy the LE9500 from LG or the Samsung C9000. Those TV’s look SOOO MUCH better than the Sony 2010 TV lineup! They will probably be more value for money and have 3D as well. I really hope the PS3 will work in 3D with all 3D ready displays. The first 3D HDTVs arrive in April (the LE9500 for example), so Sony better update the firmware for the PS3 soon.
    Imagine, GT5 in full 3D 1080p plus PS-eye for head tracking on a 55″ LED!!!

  65. AndyC

    Gimmick. Had better not be the reason for a three month delay. The only way I can see this being most excellent is if they get track data from FIA racing meets, Rally, Group C, F1, etc. Now that would be exceptional. Otherwise, some fat blokes R35 laptime cos he’s got mega bucks isn’t going to do squat for me. And living in country that’s pretty much guaranteed not to have a track in Gt5 makes it a waste of effort. I’d sooner have it earlier or with more historic cars etc…

  66. ruster

    about the usefulness for 99.9% of gt5 players … this technology can allow, for example, downloading of real track runs of professional drivers to race against them

  67. dhandes

    If i could afford to race around a race track i would do that. What i wouldnt do is race around a track then go home and see if i can beat it on my ps3. Thats just me though.

  68. Maximou

    blubb, if it’s as precise as what iOpener has, I think it will be precise enough to even recreate changes in altitude.

    Don’t hate the concept, it may be what look a useless thing right now but 5 years later, with maybe some technology upgrade and some polishment, who knows what it will become ?

    At least, the thing works. It won’t be part of GT5 if PD wasn’t entirely satisfied with it and if it didn’t expand at all the experience (remember of weather ?).

  69. Me.Switch

    Agree with S3 Racer.
    This is freaking AWESOME.
    That is the type of Detail and bloddy love for something you need to create something really special. Not good or nice or fun to play or something else you can use for many games.
    This is Special, this is what makes the difference between a good racing game or sim and “The Real Driving-Simulator”. Possibilitys grow immense (as some comments here already showed) with this feature and its way more than a gimmik no matter how many people wil use it or not.
    Gimmiks are Headtracking, interior damage….But GPS-Functionality is epic for a RacingSim!
    GT5 is getting way better than i thought it would be. The only thing i am “missing” is a F1-Series but this just would be more and more epic.

    Go on PD, you guys do an awesome job!

  70. Mcav

    As some of you are saying – 95% of users will not use this feature… Guess what… the game is going to sell more than 5 million copies. So even if 5% of users make use of it, then 250,000 people will make use of it.

    There are many other people who have more money than YOU that also have a PS3.

  71. blubb

    That GPS thing is a useless feature for gamer. Even if you really use that – what is the affect after all? You can see a replay of your “real drive” and maybe compete with your ghost – that´s it. I promise you will be much better in-game.

    About the possibilities for “real” race driver, i can only say that there are much more race tracks and variations of them than you will find in GT – so this needs a really good track editor which also implement grip differences and so on – and then it is not very useable for a (race driver) standart pc user.

    AND – it´s only a positioning system – how exact is that? You also need much more data to make that thing usefull for a simulation of your “real” round.

  72. Raitziger

    Similar to iopener but not live. It would be nice if there is database in game to download professional race driver’s laptimes to ps3. Also it would be cool that racing leagues included in game would use this device so that iopener style racing would be possible against real drivers.

  73. S3 Racer

    Did someone understand what this is.

    You know how many professional racedrivers use a duck-taped minimap of the track??
    This is a gps for a track. You gonna have a map of the track with positioning. This is huge.
    Linking it with GT is the little of it’s features.

    Even if you don’t use it, this will be a seller. Every racer, racing team, professional and amature will buy it!

    Stop complaining about every thing because you don’t see your interest represented!

  74. Raagentreg

    It amkes sense for PD to make more stuff for GT5 while Sony get the release date sorted, what else are they going to do? Nice idea, but probably won’t be used, a gimmick, but I like it!

  75. LIVEfromNY

    Why dont you read the article… it says this was developed by denso. all polyphony had to do was make a way to import the recorded data and convert it. I highly doubt they delayed GT5 for this feature. this OBVIOUSLY has been in the works for a while, this type of technology doesn’t just appear overnight. We all know of the perfectionism at PD, so i would guess this has been in the works for a while now, a year if not more…

    On another note that is a really cool piece of tech. although i have no use for it. Im sure there is alot of little things about GT5 we know nothing about that those crafty MF’ers at PD have been keeping under wraps. this just means we are in the final stretch… we’ve waited this long just stop crying about it already, go out and do something with your life. it will be here soon enough.

  76. Marky5244

    Although this is something not many people are likely going to ever use, and although it is a diversion from what is important to most people on this site – the release of GT5 for us to play – I think it is great that PD are looking and implementing innovative ways to use Gran Turismo. Who knows how this or any other new features PD have could develop. After all, the World Wide Web was some little academic project and look what happened to that! Ditto, for things like Facebook, Twitter etc.. From little acorns…

  77. iCyCo

    Gt5 is the closest thing to reality and I’m not just saying that but countless real race car drivers say it. GT with it’s academy once even created a real race car driver who’ve did very well in the real world by training on GT then using that along with real world training. So I’m very sorry for the guys who are complaining who can’t see the greatness of this, I for one can’t use it but that don’t mean it must be cried down.. it’s there for the aspiring racers who knows what it takes (spending some money) to make it as a racer. They’re people who spend hundreds of dollars just to gain a few more HP but that’s just to make the car faster, now they’ll have a chance to make them self better as well as they can be at the track at day, and analyze and try to improve on their lap at night with GT only then to apply it at the next track day.

    The only negative thing about is this majority of tracks people have access to wont be included. I’m going to put something out here now that’s far fetch.. but maybe the rumored track editor can create tracks based on google maps data or something that way users can have any circuit they want.

  78. Sm0k3:D

    If PD is wasting time doing this kind of things is because they have finished others features in the game like Track Editor wich ALL fans will apreciate a lot. (if not they are just crazy)
    Anyway is a fun stuff… You can put it in your bicycle and go around in your neighbourhood and then you import to GT5…. You can do it at night, using the Nigth Vision Gogles you get buying COD MW2…

  79. BlackDog87

    There is only one way where I can see this as a “beneficial” feature for the conventional GT user (such as myself): say…sebastian loeb (just an example) used this gps unit on say…nurburgring or fuji, etc, and uploads his “replay” on GT5’s server so the conventional user can download it as a ghost replay to “race” Sebastian Loeb. Will they do this? Will the conventional player do this if they did? I would, but I’m a freak. Who’s to say?

    The comparison of real life lap times and GT5 lap times must be really, really f*ing close in order for them to be bold enough to do this. I’m not going to be bold enough to assume they are, though. What’s done is done (or…well…you know what I mean lol). Otherwise, yes, this is a waste of resources. I’m not going to continue to complain beyond that, because it’s useless. I’m kind of having fun waiting and imagining possibilities anyway, ha ha.

    As for 3-D, I’m unconcerned at this point. Too much money to invest at this point, seeing as though I’m moving and money, while it won’t be tight, but I can’t be spending on new expensive developments such as a 3-D television.

  80. darkerk

    AwsomThink a little bit, my dear padawan, it’s true that almost every of us wouldn’t use the GPS functionality, but if when a real race comes to a circuit the real drivers use that in the classification lap and later they upload to internet….
    We can play against real drivers!!!

  81. Corbin

    Cool thing, Id use it if I was rich and actually took a car to a track. You know I have to say at this point, especially after this, we have a right to complain. Give us at least a freaking release date SONY!! THEN tell us about this update 99% of us wont use. Im ready to put countless MONTHS into this game….but IT HAS TO BE RELEASED TO DO THAT!!!!

  82. Wheel Nut

    Hardly a waste of their resources when such collaborations have in the past and will continue to help promote GT.

    For marketing and exclusitivity this once again establishes “Gran Turismo” as the most influencial driving game on the planet. I think its a good thing the car manufacturers and others can combine real wolrd with the world of “Gran Turismo”

    Its likely Polophony Digital have set person(s) employed that handle this area.

  83. P3nT4gR4m

    I’m beginning to think that someone with the faintest idea about resource management and how to keep a project on track would have probably been working on GT7 by now. How many more – only useful to three guys in the world – features have they wasted time on?

  84. dhandes

    What a total farce. Pd need to focus on the game, not crap like this. Surely they could have done this post release as dlc. 99.9% of us can play the game, and if u want this stupid feature you could get it later. No confirmed skidmarks,but a real time track gps feature.

  85. vampire63

    MJRTOM Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 4:21 am

    If Gran Turismo 5 cured cancer, someone would complain.

    I WILL thats not GT5 is there for ( got it ? )

  86. vampire63

    Its Unusable for 98% of the gamers But its realy inovative and i hope that there are other things like this ( but more usable ) inside as well.

  87. Blitz187

    Nice Gadget… but what the heck does this have to do with GT5? The majority of the people who play GT5 wont even be able to use this. Let alone buy one of those GPS units for your car. Bring out the game PD…. Your focus has taken a left turn some where and youre completely lost…

  88. Dimitris

    WOW!!! this will be really useful in my Peugeot 207…

    I could go doing track days downtown and then see the ghost car in GT5….

    IS THIS THE REASON FOR DELAYED RELEASE??? this is a joke feature, applying to 1/100.000 of GT5 players…


  89. S3 Racer

    PD is a company,which actually needs to get money in! Get new customers and new domains, extend their business scheme. And what better way to do this.

    Sure it doesn’t help GT5, but this was done a long time ago, not the 2 previous months.
    This is a great and clever way to aquire new markets, and that will grow notority and that can only help PD and the whole GT serie. If the industry helps PD afterwards, he will have more ressources to develop a real to life physics engine,…. and maybe pay porsche to get in LOL

  90. soLid

    While i totally agree with you Dazzi,you have to think that they are really pushing the envelope with such things. They’re merging whole industries here! Who else does that? In the long run i think they will be remembered for being the pioneers of the video game world…

  91. Imari

    My first thought is…who is going to use that? How many people will actually buy either GT5 or their fancy new GPS unit because of the interaction between the two. It just seems totally unnecessary.

    There’s pushing the outside of the envelope, but I think this has gone beyond into just a joke.

  92. N155AN

    thats kool, i picked up on it in one of the videos, but the map wasnt working, good to know in the final one it will be

  93. [UK] ANDYW

    I would so love to take that on my nurburgring trips… seeing my laps on GT when I get home would be insane!!!!!

    I cant imagine what these unit’s will sell for though… probably out of my modest tuners’ budget…

    Nice news snippet though :-)

  94. Dazzi

    I dont see the point of this to 95% of consumers seriously polyphony this is why you are falling back with the release date, stop making gimicks and focus on what you originated as, seriously no one will ever remember any of this near useless stuff you make, but people will remember GT5 as either a good game, or as things are going a game that could not cover up the 6-7 year development cycle.

  95. DaveTheStalker

    Very cool feature! One of which the majority of GT5 purchasers won’t have a chance to use. PD better plan on adding most of the world’s famous race tracks. They can start with all of the tracks used by SCCA, IMSA, and every other weekend track day club where people can use street cars.

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