Gran Turismo 5’s Telemetry Data Graph Video

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    1. Foxiol

      It is easy…one color one feature.
      Red maybe for brakes…white for acceleration (when you press the pedal and more.
      Some of this lines when you see upside it show you the top of something for example when you press the full pedal the lines hold the top line and if you let the pedal or take off your foot the lines drop and you do this a lot of times in track and this shows you the exactly time.
      When yo press brakes you can see the line on top when is full and drop again when you let it. Same thing for all.
      And shifters too.
      Then you can compare it and see when you are doing wrong or not against other player. It helps a lot.
      I used this feature with Ferrari virtual academy comparing Felipe Massa laps with mines to do better time laps. (i did almost the same in the entire lap)

  1. NBH

    If you can download this data like the ghost replays of the fastest time trial times then it will be really good. If you can’t compare your data to anyone elses then it’s not going to be that useful.

    1. NBH

      But when you do a lap you always try your best, you need to see someones data from a faster lap to compare and see where you need to make changes. Doing your own lap then looking at the data won’t make you go any quicker?

  2. dearlybeloved

    Here’s something that I like in GT prologue, the racing line is better in prologue because compared to Forza’s iteration, this GT version actually tells me what the speed should be when going around the corner(s). That is actually awesome and i only found out a little while ago.

  3. ripping_silk

    looks great. telemetry was most useful in the ‘Grand Prix’ series by Geoff Crammond…. This looks to perhaps even surpass that.

  4. Felix2107

    Any word on if it creates a data file that could be read in excel? That would be my perfect way to store and compare.

    1. Phil

      Probably not, it would be almost impossible to have so much data to be in excel and still be easily read and not to mention a total pain in the ass to work with. It would of been perfect to have stored all this data into a Motec log file.

  5. Apollo

    Does anyone know if the driving line that’s in the game is the absolute best line, or is it possible to use this to find a faster line?

    1. grog

      The driving line is just one route around a track, its not always the fastest.
      Just think of it as a suggested route rather than the only route, try to use the entire width of the track through corners, improvise, experiment, eventually choosing a racing line will become intuitive.

      I bet the Apex booklet will cover various driving lines/techniques quite well as usual

    2. grog

      and yes you should be able to judge your driving lines by the telemetry, it will be through interpretation of the data rather than showing a new driving line.

  6. Hypergolem

    Most of the players probably will just take a look at this feature from time to time, but since GT is a simulation is totally reasonable and logical that is present in the game. And definitely some hardcore drivers will really use it and find it useful. Personally I hope I will be able to use this and improve my driving! Start your engines!!!

  7. speedthrill

    it’ s the most handy feature i seem to miss in gt4; but it’s back!! wooot.

    Indeed, this is the key to advance yr driving skills, “why did i break so early?” “I should apply smoother pedal here”…
    I could gain seconds by just studying throttle and brakes.

    If you go in further you can really set the car’s gears for the track you’re on, study the gear’s, compared to the torque and check if you have enought torque every time you pull out the corner, readjust and redo…

    This is gonna be: me, a cool car, the ring for days, weeks…months…

  8. dearlybeloved

    I remember being very impressed by this feature in GT3. I used it just to see how I was performing and to say the least… this blows away Forza’s telemetry in the sense that it feels like that you are a race driver and you are studying things that other race care drivers/engineeres etc would be able to relate to.
    forever and a day seeing how fast you gear changes are (btw i

    Peace out!

  9. DaveTheStalker

    I hope people can help us understand this. I’m thinking this tool is not very useful if one does not “know” the track. Or could telemetry actually help learn a track?

  10. Clutch34

    Interesting. I don’t know how to read that, and I doubt I’ll use it very much, but hey, great way to learn something new!

  11. Robotron2084

    really happy to see this…but i would love to see a traction circle included,i think i remember forza having it?
    now if i can only see an in-race pit stop i’ll be happy.

  12. ShinFuYux

    This reminds me of the episode of Top Gear, where hammond was giving the opportunity to drive a F1 car. So, he drove it and this thing captured his results and the guy was like “Yeah, you’re riding the brakes and accelerator.”

    But, I’m curious to know if the game will teach you how to read these results.

    1. raceur

      I don’t know if the game will teach you how to intepret the results. I’d argue it doesn’t need to. To learn how, just read up on any racecar tuning book, in the same way the best driving techniques manual for GT is in fact the same ones racecar drivers learn from.

    2. Phil

      Pretty simple data you’ve got Speed, RPM, G’s, Gears etc. And it looks you can have 2 data log files on at the same time to compare. What you’re looking for is if you’re pushing the car to the limits ie. getting on the throttle 100% at the earliest time possible and not being a pansy and taking your time on the throttle, also how late you are braking and how much braking pressure you apply. Just have a play and you’ll find out what you’re looking for.

    3. isocuda

      they never really explained it in GT4, best thing to do is to take your best lap and make that replay A, and your second best lap, or a friends lap and make that Replay B, preferably using the exact same car, after a little while you’ll start to get what is braking, acceleration,jounce, etc.

      though for some hilarious figures, load a replay where you smash into a wall at full speed…. :P

  13. senna74

    I’ll certainly use it.
    When you’re looking for the best lap and you know the other guy is doing a lap 2 seconds faster than you; that tool will certainly give you a second and half maybe two.

  14. Circuit*star

    WHY?? Why do we need this feature? How does this feature helps us drivers??? Useless time spend making useless feature when all that time could of been spend making more premiums cars or adding more tracks.

    1. Jordan

      Telemetry data and analysis is one of the most valuable tools that a driver can use to find out where he is losing time around the track and how the car can be improved. That’s why it is employed by every professional racing team that can afford it, and it will be very useful for any GT player who is serious about becoming a better driver.

    2. Phil

      Real life it’s freaking useful. In the game however I’d agree with you not many people would actually use it and I don’t know if you can go and create your own channels with raw data. Of course it’s nice and all but the amount of people that would know what to look for from reading data would be very few.

    3. raceur

      This is a fantastic feature for those that are interested in vehicle dynamics, improving times and understanding how things work.

      If you just want to get out there and blast around, feel free, but please understand this sort of technical data is extremely important to many people including most of this forum.

    4. Snaeper

      All other good and valid arguments aside, the majority of a car and track model’s gestation comes from modelling. This is a simple feature that the programmers (people who don’t model cars or tracks visual bits, rather they just make sure those parts don’t mix with each other) could have added while everyone else was making various premiums.

      Besides, using telemetry is the only way to be a circuit star…….

    5. idlestation

      I agree with jordan, I have seen this on tv being used varied racing teams.

      GT for me has been about learning about cars, and driving properly and faster. I can’t wait to learn how to use this raw data to improve my times. Thanks PD!

    6. isocuda

      Thats the beauty of Gran Turismo, it appeals to both the casual user AND the hardcore driver….

      back in GT4 me and my close friend and driving buddy, we would take turn after turn on various tracks trying to best each others times in order to set a record….

      starts off by shedding a few tenths here and there, then that levels of to a few hundredths, and it would get to the point where after a few hours of driving we’d only be able to shave a few thousands off the time….

      THATS when telemetry data is critically the best tool in your playbook, by analyzing the differences in our lines and braking points, we were able to combine our somewhat different driving styles into one, making us both faster as teammates, its the same thing we do in the real world on Lime Rock and NHIS, but thats the point this game is a simulation and is intended to be treated as such, thus the same tools we see int he real world our in the game…

      But to counter-point, I can see why you would be upset, when they could be focusing their energy on you know lets say, making sure Seattle City circuit was in GT5 (GRRRRR ANGRY)

      IF it makes you feel better, the programing effort to make telemetry data is trivial compared to what it takes to do the rest of the stunning things they have so far

    7. YMG-7

      i’m one of the best drivers in london and high speed ring reverse. you can see my name (YMG-7) in professional lap time boards.. for example (i know this because i used his ghost a lot of time) in ferrari 599 lap time leader is behind me every single corner but in the last corner (like all the peoeple higher than me) he uses a different line there and takes more than half a second from his time (1.0’53.290- i’m 17.0’53.781).. i tried to find out what he is doing but because i’m too busy with trying to improve my actual time, i couldn’t figure it out.. but this fetaure will do it for me. :) i’m glad..

    8. Robotron2084

      in 5 years of development,this little bonus probly took less than a week to get together.
      it’s nothing more than the games calculations put on screen.
      Circuit*star,when you set a world record in time trials,not only will peeps observe your perfect replay,they will also analyze it on a fancy graph.neet-o huh!

    9. -=DV=-

      i hope it also includes suspension compression telemetry and realtime camber telemetry aswell as inside/central/outside tyre tempereture telemtry like that other sim on the other console does, i find the information provided by those the most important tool in setting up a car for a specific track, I absolutely love pulling every thousanth of a second out of a cars setup that i can, and then analyising my driving and figuring out where i can gain time once the car is set up properly.

    10. Greyum

      @YMG-7, no it will not. If he is taking a different line, instead of driving in front, why don’t you watch and observe? Take the same line and be even faster, IF you think you are fast enough, which I highly doubt.

    11. Erik

      @ Circuit*star: So you really think that the people who model tracks are the same people who collects the raw data for this feature? Besides, skipping the data feature would only free resources enough to perhaps model a roundabout or the headlight of a Fiat Panda. So “all of that time” was quite well spent in my opinion, as I’d rather have the data analyzer than a roundabout.

    12. Erik

      Besides, all of the data is in the game already, so all they had to do was to design a neat interface for it, which very well could have been done during a coffee break.

    13. YMG-7

      @Greyum yea i tried it too but i couldn’t figure it out and than some time later i bored. but i’m sure u would know, in telemetry you can see every single imput fo a spesific time at the same time. wheel angle, brake, throttle etc.. so you can compare both his and your lines and see what u doing wrong or different..

  15. syaieya

    I wonder if this is tied directly into the replay data. Having something like that to analyze a fast lap on would make it so much easier to figure how to get around some of the courses. Though I can’t really see them giving up the fast lap data of the record setting laps, that wouldn’t be fair to the record setting people.

    1. Sean S

      I hope they do make the telemetry available for the downloadable replays. It would be really valuable. As for “fairness”… F1 teams share telemetry between both sides of the garage :D

  16. isocuda

    Yet again GT provides telemetry that’s useful and very professional/hardcore

    where as Forza has also been “heres some random raw data”

    Just like from what we saw in GT4, this is a VERY focused track analyzer, I can’t wait to use it when me and my buddies start squeezing out the last few hundreds of a second between each others times….

    1. Greyum

      Uhuh, Forza just provides random raw data…riiiiiight. Honestly, you fanboys are what bring this whole community down.

      Besides, I highly doubt you are skilled and consistent enough to eek out a hundredth here and a hundredth there and actually have it make an impact.

    2. Dani

      @greyum: sure man, who would be skilled enough to do that and still buy a ps3 instead of an xbox :D
      C’mon, serioulsly, playin’ time’s over children, the king is back. Box your xbox properly and send it back to microsoft before you get your mind completely trolled. You’re on the right way already.

  17. Jakemania

    Pretty slick looking interface. Probably a feature someone like myself will never use. But, hey, the more features, the merrier.

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