Gran Turismo “Movie” in Production by Sony Pictures

Hollywood news site “TheWrap” is reporting some certainly unexpected news: Sony Pictures has started production on an “action movie” based on the Gran Turismo series.

The film will be created by Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti, two high-profile producers who have worked on Oscar-nominated films such as “The Social Network”, “Moneyball”, and the upcoming movie adaption of the best-selling book “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

TheWrap notes that Sony is looking to compete with car-related movies from other studios, such as Universal’s “The Fast and the Furious”, DreamWork’s upcoming “Need for Speed”, and Legendary Pictures’ upcoming “Hot Wheels”.

No further details are available, but GTPlanet will keep a close eye on the progress of the film as production moves forward.

Thanks to CorvetteConquer for the quick tip!

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Comments (354)

  1. DaveAyeJasik

    Sooo, the first half hour will be trendy jazz music and then an hour and a half of engine sounds? The human element is one of the major things GT has been missing over the years. I’m really interested in how they can make this work.

  2. DYLAN777-is-not

    So this will be a documentary right? It cant be an actual movie with actors and a storyline? Thatd be like making a movie about a door or a tree stump. Gt is all virtual so if it was an actual movie itd be worse than a movie about a stump or a door, it would be like a movie about a virtual tree stump or door but with kitchen appliance sound effects. ‘the tree was cut down by a chainsaw that sounds like an electric tooth brush…

  3. wheelmonstor

    It’s going to focus on the battle for track supremacy between the hackers and nonhackers. The title will be “Gran Turismo, Curse of the Hacking Banned”

  4. viperfreak

    That’s going to be the most boring movie ever, there is no story whatsoever in GT haha. I love GT, but there would be no point in making a movie like that.

  5. Normalaatsra

    If I remember correctly KY had studied film studies and has a masters in it? I wonder his involvement in the topic had an influence with all the Gran Turismo trailers which are admittedly awesome, if that’s so, he should direct the filming. Or if not, get him to work with the film.

  6. tpark103

    This has proven to be one of if not the most controversial topic to date. Without much to go on once again we find ourselves speculating. Sony isn’t a company that is known for putting out a large amount of bad product and with the two people they have producing this film it has a good chance of being something that movie goers will enjoy. From start to finish it takes so many years for these progects to make it to the theater so lets see what further developments come before we are to quick to rush to judgment.

  7. vr6cas

    Off subject but does anyone know how the gtplanet app on google play for android is? Is it worth getting? Does it always run and eat a smartphones battery? Or should I continue to just google gtplanet instead? Thanks in advance for anwsering.

  8. Dinofly

    Let’s hope a motorsport related movie (i can’t wait for RUSH for example), and not a stupid and pathetic action movie in which people drifts around and stuff blows up.

    1. marxlien

      +1 i’m really excited about RUSH looks awesome.
      If this is should be only about cars, the most pure car movir ever.

  9. syntex123

    I couldn’t think of any good ways this movie could be a hit.. But, I will watch it. Hope it’s a GT Series documentary, really. + some GT Academy stuff.

  10. sporkafife

    I hope this will be a good movie, because I love the Gran Turismo series. However, the history of movies adapted from video games does not lead me to hold out very high hopes for this one… I’m looking at you, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Postal, Tomb Raider and the many other movies based on video games that were completely terrible.

    My hopes aren’t high, because I have been bitterly disappointed in the past, but I shall keep my eye on it :P

    More excited about GT6 though ;)

  11. sibbystiggy

    This movie has no limiting or specific factors so there are too many possibilities of what it might be about, they could make it about almost anything really that involves race tracks and cars

  12. sibbystiggy

    I honestly have no idea what this movie could be about if it wants to catch on and compete with movies like fast and furious, the only thing it could be about is gt academy (journey into it) or somin like rush 2013
    But I think it should be about a guy who gets sacked into the game and then races to the top without any danger of dying or fear and limits, hw can only escape once he gets to lvl 40, this would be crazy

    1. TokoTurismo

      Pfft, compete with Fast and Furious… Man I used to like that movie back when I was a kid but NOW, I hate it and it blows, not only those but it sucks too. I hope this GT movie freakin kills it, save us all from that dumn movie already because its so stupid.

  13. magsolid

    Seriously, the movie should be about a fictional story with a made up character who wins GT Academy. Who wins a bunch of races against the world’s top race car driver, and get chase by some annoying videogames hater.

  14. pnbr0014

    what the hek are they gonna base it on? loll.. gran turismo doesn’t have a story line :P.. the only way i see this being remotely related to the game is if they make a movie about GT Academy. I don’t even think there is enough there to push that beyond a series anyway..

    1. another_jakhole

      YOU don’t understand creativity or imagination. A GT movie can be so open-ended and you’re dismissing that by saying GT can’t or doesn’t have a storyline. In my eyes, most of you people are as ignorant as a some other jackhole.

  15. WRP001

    Next week someone will announce “Forza: The Movie”, but it will cost $5 more for a ticket but include 3D. There will be no option for the cheaper 2D movie until the 2nd run. LOL. I will pass on both until they come out on DVD and since I have a PS3 I will get the Blue Ray version where there are cut scenes included in which the leading man drives a chromeline car.

  16. vasiliflame

    This will not be related to gran turismo game I aim 100% on that . The movie may be called gran turismo , like the BMW gran turismo has nothing to do with this game.

    Sony cannot hold the copyright for such a word just like titanic movie couldn’t copyright that name …. I am afraid everyone has the wrong end of the stick and it probably just be a general car movie


    1. e30 freek

      On the first few lines of the article it says “based on the Gran Turismo series”.
      Im afraid you got the wrong end of the stick or whatever

  17. Bran Flakes

    Out of all the games I’ve played, I never expected GT to be a movie.
    As many of you have said, there is no storyline to GT so they might just do a movie about racing. I’m wondering how many people will show up for the premiere of the movie

  18. GT Pro

    Possible working titles:

    ‘The Fast and the Skyline’.

    ‘Nissan Skyline: The First Movie’.

    ‘A History of Skylines’.

    ‘Gone in 60 Skylines’.

    1. LeftyWright69

      Slumdog Skyline
      Pirates of the Skyline
      Paranormal Skyline
      a Charlie Brown Skyline
      Miracle on Skyline street
      Planes, Trains, & Skylines
      Fast Times at Skyline High
      Arsenic & Old Skylines
      One Flew Over the Skyline
      Larry the Skyline guy
      Lord of the Skylines
      Planet of the Skylines
      Journey to the center of the Skyline

  19. WarriorManiac

    Just hope the movie doesn’t have flickery shadows, suspension less driving, and space rocket smoke when skid with a 70hp japanese cookie box.
    And btw i bet a dime or Two that the main plot will be a gang of miatas or gtrs xDD

  20. Lambofanghini

    It’s hard to beat a movie series that was practically inspired by Gran Tursimo 1. I wish them good luck.

    1. AERO_HDT

      If you’re referring to F&F – I think those movies were inspired by NFS Underground…. not GT.

  21. M60secondhits

    Just think about as a car lovers movie. Just full of loving premiums and standards cars. Because if anyone thinks about it. When was the last time anyone has seen a really great car film just film that’s focused on hyper, exotics, and sports cars. Maybe a some gt1, gt3, and prototype cars. I would like to see a movie about great cars that I’ve none to love from gran turismo and forza in a movie with sexy big boob looking chiks in mini skirts like that corny ass redline movie, but them chiks were bad as hell!!!

  22. disinfected

    Oh look, people taking this opportunity to bash GT5, as in every other front page post. Get a new hobby.

    1. biftizmo

      This could inspire a new generation of racers….
      Who’s gonna audition for ” university drop out gamer hero”?

  23. sdf

    It will either be ditched (like uncharted, gow of war, devil may cry) or it will be bloody awful (like resident evil).

    1. Mer1nza

      How dare you! I love Resident Evil :)

      Seriously though, how on earth are they going to make a movie out of a game that literally has no story to it. It’s obviously just going to leech off the popularity already associated with the Gran Turismo franchise but have no connection whatsoever to the game. Maybe the best one could hope for is the inclusion of some of the fictional GT tracks, but even that is a stretch I reckon.

    2. ScotteDawg

      I too thought Resident Evil was good. Not the best, but good! ;)

      @Mer1nza – Pulling a story-line out of ones ass is what writers are paid to do! Look at the G.I. Joe movies for example! As for the fictional GT tracks, ever heard of CGI?

    3. ScotteDawg

      I too thought Resident Evil was good. Not the best, but ok! ;)

      @Mer1nza – Pulling a story-line out of ones ass is what writers are paid to do! Look at the two G.I. Joe movies for example… As for the fictional GT tracks, ever heard of CGI?

  24. chevyisawesome

    U people need to chill out!!!these are high class movie makers making a making with a great story line that’s going to go into it and once it comes out and its the best movie ever that year I can rub this in your faces! who’s with me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!(I bet no one)

  25. gold_ultima

    The only way this works is if it’s something like Initial D, where someone aspires to get better and better at driving and strives to be a professional racer. Get really technical with it and really showcase driving techniques as the centre stage.

  26. warpkez

    Either this is a bit late for April Fools, or really early for it.

    How could they make a movie about driving an arcade car racing game against AI that is so dumb it does not know its arse from a whole in the ground?

  27. NT110

    GT actiom movie?
    What action movie elements are in GT? Therde are NO explosions, NO gun fights, NO car stunts… there isnt even car damage!

    While I love the game, an action movie Gran Turismo does not make. If they just use the name, then that’s also stupid because people will see the movie and then buy the game, only to give it bad reviews and scores because it is “boring” due to no explosions, etc.

    I really hope this is one of those movies that get cancelled during production.

  28. Jason115

    You must have ALOT of imagination to turn GT into a movie. I bet that it would have nothing to do with the actual game.

  29. sayba2th

    Chill out one and all, the movie will go into production, and the release date will just keep getting pushed out, so it won’t be out til holiday 2080. By that stage most of won’t be around any longer to see the impending car crash. A lot of people will be mad though that Vin Diesel will not be able to be signed Sony due to the fact he is with Universal and they will never let Sony have him.

  30. P0UP0N

    Wow, trying to get more milk out of a dried up tiit… I have a hard time believing Kaz is going to accept this abomination.

  31. rjayco

    All joking aside, THIS is the most idiotic idea ever. I don’t see how this could work ever if you did have “Oscar nominated” producers.

  32. JustBecauz

    A movie about a driving simulator game… Look out, Microsoft Train Simulator 2013 could be next! This is ridiculous.

  33. SaintSaiya

    Boring,cars will be undistructible, is the storyline going to be about the avatars? Or the gloves, suits and helmets?

  34. Flagmo-T

    Storyline ‘ good guys – bad guys ‘ Good guys, want bad guys, to stop manipulating and cheat the buyers of the series with old stuff, and saving the best for last, and the bad guys want to stop the good guys for revealing the scam they live by everyday ..

  35. Rushton1996

    This sounds interesting, although there is a possibility that they just use the name “gran turismo” for the title but not actually have any connection to the game.

  36. KinLM

    If they make this movie about GT then it could be interesting!

    People could go to the store with their new paint chips for their cars, in search of the gold chrome paint chip!

    Movie editing would be fine for damage because in GT there isn’t any damage anyways!

    The people with cars that have tinted windows could be in the “standard” cars.

    And then there could be a big battle in every race in which people call other people cheaters for using illegal parts.

    And then Jeff Gordon could pop out of nowhere and say “Use the force.. SKID RECOVERY FORCE!”

    Note: I used a lot of sarcasm up there. I hope it’s good but I’m scared this movie won’t be too special, or anything like GT. GT isn’t meant to be a movie.

  37. DBalog

    Action movie based on gt series???
    Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti, please stop this project, sounds really bad

  38. sammo85

    Not sure this will work, I wanna play the game not go to the cinema and watch. Especially when most of the cars in it will be Nissan.

    Also I can’t see cinema goers being to impressed with a car having a scratch from a 200mph Collison.

    1. SillyBillyP

      Oh, I’m offended alright. I reckon this movie’s gonna rank as one of the greats. It’ll be a Citizen Kane for our times.

  39. Hud1977

    I wonder how many different versions of a stock Mazda Miata will be showcased in the movie. 30? 40?

  40. lancashire lad

    Regarding the damage i would assume when a car crashes at 150mph someone will run out with a paint brush and slap some black paint on the side of the cars involved

  41. panjandrum

    I can’t imagine this working at all as typical action-flick blockbuster. Gran Turismo doesn’t appeal the same crowd as most racing “games. What *could* work would be a deep and introspective work along the lines of Grand Prix or Le Mans, or possibly the upcoming Rush (looks promising.) If they try to do a fast-n-furious type of thing it’s almost bound to be a complete disaster.

    1. GTman1996

      Gran turismo is meant to be played with a proffesional state of mind, which is what i think theyre going to forget about :/

  42. acedition333

    I feel that I should be in this movie…..
    I want to be that guy who gets driven off the cliff with my GTR and blows up! I hope they get stunt doubles. Hehe!!

  43. R34EVO9

    Been thinking bout this since last night and if kaz has any say in this . It can get pretty confusing and this might be the end of gt series. It will might be the thing to turn alotta hardcore racers away from the gt series. If there using ea as an example nothing good can coke from this

  44. Blood*Specter

    Exposure means everything. Sony is working prospective PS4 customers and giving long time users something to talk about.
    Smart way to attract new users.

  45. fordskydog

    This will be one retarded movie. Plot? Nah. Character development? Nah. Just ACTION ACTION ACTION! Isn’t that why we play the game? I would never watch this movie, but my wife would NEVER watch it with me.

    1. tpark103

      Agreed, usually video games don’t make the transition to the big screen very well. With good writing and a healthy focus on the cars lets hope they can pull this off. I be optimistic and supportive.

  46. phil_75

    Here comes the end!

    GranTurismo will now be going the same route as Dirt.
    All Americanised “Yee-haw” “high five” “awesome drift” crap!

    The end is nigh, thank god pCars is in development and this may even lead to me having to buy a SpyboxOne for Forza, and i really don’t wanna do that!

  47. magsolid

    Please movie director, make this a movie about about a dude with X2013 car and a “fast and furious” style.

  48. OscarGT5RB8

    Please… There is a shooting in Nurburgring during the Dream Casr Championship, later comes the police, and the bad guy escapes in Nordschleife, and appears Bob in his 370Z and destroys the bad guy’s car. The next scene is in Grand Valley Speedway, near is a big hotel, inside are orgys and…

  49. smskeeter23

    Most movies are filmed at 24fps…

    This one will be filmed at 24fps, 32fps, 18fps, 50fps, and 10fps interchanged at random intervals. There will also be 75 second pauses in between scenes throughout the movie that simply show a growing bar crossing the screen with the movie title.

    1. TomBrady

      Constant 24 FPS which is why it looks smooth unlike video games running at 24 fps. Or so I’m told

  50. deepsouth

    The movie will follow a gamer who gets through GT academy and earns his first professional podium win while having sub plots of street racing and sex.

  51. Teal

    How long tll we have people trying to splice in their own scenes with the claim of” Just trying to make ir more realistic”

  52. Tvensky

    this could be greatest car movie ever.. you know why??

    even without saying a word and any story.. with 1000+ cars or even less.. in a movie.. on racing track in full HD watching worlds greatest cars…

    that would be like Top Gear only in bigger scale! :)

    1. ScotteDawg

      I was thinking the exact same thing! Keep it English with Jason Statham in the lead roll, Simon Pegg as his off-sider and the Stig as B-Spec Bob!

    1. another_jakhole

      Call me Intrigued. GT being produced by those two (awesome) and who knows who else. But at the same time, it worries me that the director and writer(s) could take it in the wrong direction.

    2. another_jakhole

      I’m not a writer. Let’s just say, I hope it will be nothing like the Fast/Furious movies and that it actually has substance without the flash to compensate like Fast/Furious does.

    1. TomBrady

      Fast and Furious movies are great fun as long as Torretto and O’connor are in them. Otherwise yea, they’re garbage

    2. ScotteDawg

      Tokyo Drift was the only movie without them in it, though Toretto DID make an appearance in the final scene! I haven’t seen Furious 6 yet, but I think all the movies were ok! They seem to have gotten better as they’ve progressed through the movies…

    3. ScotteDawg

      aj, I only said they were ok, not good…! They have gotten better but that doesn’t mean they’re good…

    1. Neilson248

      just to clarify, even though it says that, “Sony is looking to compete with car-related movies from other studios, such as Universal’s “The Fast and the Furious”, DreamWork’s upcoming “Need for Speed etc”, I dont believe that they are going to go down the same route as those games. Gran Turismo is not (meant to be) a fictional game. It is trying to be a full-blown simulator (and it will get there soon).

      Notice the producers are have worked on Oscar-nominated films such as “The Social Network”, “Moneyball” etc which are not fictional movies. They are documentary-style movies and anyone who has watched them will probably agree that they are very decent movies, so why should a GT movie be any different. Gran Turismo is so famous now, that it is fitting to have a movie made about it.

      Just chill and be positive guys, shucks!

    2. JeremiahTB

      The Social Network and Moneyball are doc-style films. District 9 is a doc-style film. Those are films based on real events, but most situations are made up.

    3. another_jakhole

      I know what he means. Neilson, I’m thinking and maybe even hoping that the GT movie will be what you think it could be.

    1. GTHEAD87

      This could well be it. The story of upcoming champions. I wonder who they make die? A need for speed movie? Fast and the furious to me. Hot wheels could be good with the special effects they can produce these days.


    You rarely see good movies based off games (the Mario Bros. Movie was pure evil (and not in the good way)).

    1. KFM

      Why the heck was this comment in response to the SMB movie? I’m never posting using a mobile browser again.

  54. HKS racer


    A stock Nissan GT-R beating all the other supercars / racecars in the world.
    End of movie.:)

  55. Madertus

    Sony is looking to compete with car-related movies from other studios, such as Universal’s “The Fast and the Furious”, DreamWork’s upcoming “Need for Speed”, and Legendary Pictures’ upcoming “Hot Wheels”.

    This is easily the most ambitious project ever.

    1. ScotteDawg

      @KiroKai – GTO is like any of a large number of people who comment without reading the article first! He will be on my “ignore” list!!

      @GTO_VR4 – Read please, before you spout off your mouth! We are all offended!!!

  56. KiroKai

    Will there be nothing but dull 5 lap races? Just like GT5, no story line at all?

    Imagine the PEAK OF SUSPENSE OHMAGAWD – random AI car hits the player car!!!!! GIVE IT AN OSCAR NOW

    1. another_jakhole

      There’s no story to a car game called Gran Turismo. “They” will need to use their IMAAAAAGINAAAATION to make something out of a game based on cars into a storyline.

      “…how do you imagine a SUCCESSFUL Gran Turismo movie.”

      You’re quite the wizard.

  57. dbarrade

    Surely this is all due to a misplaced line break… I bet someone in Hollywood said “Hey let’s make a film about GT
    A” and the movie is really supposed to be about Grand Theft Auto.

    Can’t wait to see the Meme thread…

    1. ScotteDawg

      Look up “Grand Theft Auto imdb”. There was a movie made in 1977 with Ron Howard in the lead roll, Marion Ross as the mother of Ron Howard’s girlfriend and even Erin Moran made an uncredited appearance!
      For those of you who don’t know who these actors are, they were all in the US sitcom Happy Days…
      However, you should know Ron Howard – he’s now a big-time Hollywood director!

    2. ScotteDawg

      @smskeeter23 – 1977! It was made in 1977! Only a B-grade movie…

      I’ve seen it and was not overly impressed with it, though it was A LOT BETTER than the original “Gone in 60 Seconds” made in 1974! I could only watch about 10 minutes of that!! The re-make with Nicholas Cage was better…

      Which reminds me – wouldn’t be good if a premium “Eleanor” was in GT6!?

  58. Deko Wolf-GTPT

    The quicker I forget about this, the less sick I will feel.
    I surely hope this doesn’t go forward…no plot, no characters, what the heck? At least Need for Speed would be a Fast and Furious spin off. But this? This is just…urgh, can’t pull enough will to formulate the necessary words in order to express how I feel.

    1. infamousphil

      All PD would have to do is come up with a decent story with…
      1. A decent plot, damsel in distress
      2. Chase and Race scenes, street and race cars featuring GT venues and cars,
      3. Bad guys Turn 10/FM and
      4. Mysterious ending (Porsche coming to GT7) ;)
      It would take a couple of years to produce the film with a dedicated development crew.

  59. Dazza-On-Toast

    I hope the sounds of the cars will be recreated from the game sounds! *waits – shifty eyes*

  60. Firehound427

    They should be sponsored by Nissan. Not only would they get cars and funding, but it would really feel like Gran Turismo…

  61. cyberfella

    Can I drive the drift scenes for the movie please? I’ve achieved gold trophies in all seasonal drift events over the last two years and drift online regularly. I’m like a virtual Frederic Aasbo.

  62. fishard517

    this will be interesting. are they basing the movie off the game? or are they using the game for footage in the movie? or are they showing some kind of documentary of people racing with the game?

  63. Johan

    If they could make an movie about Mark Zuckerberg, why not tell the story of an average driving enthusiast becoming an established and respected associate of motorsports and the automotive industry. A journey he begins by making a game for a console once looked upon as a mere toy.

  64. Bluntified

    I actually like the idea, they can work wonders with this game. Take a bunch of racers and show their rivalry and turmoils of racing. Considering what these producers do, they’re magic with action/drama type films so this game would be a good base, its got both.

    You have to admit, racing isn’t all fun and games, its a tough competitive sport.

    1. RaceReady

      Vanishing Point was an awesome movie. The old one(with the 1970 440 Six Pack Challenger) and the newer one(with the 1970 426 Hemi Challenger). I have seen both of the real cars in a Museum in Tennesse. :)

  65. Halcyon925

    If this movie has the characters in a Gran Turismo World, then they’ll complain about having to pay $36,000 for tires, $250 for car Oil, and $400-20,000 for car parts. And they’ll be wondering why they’re still alive after crashing into a wall at 200mph.

    I’d piss my pants if they drove in a X1. They’d die while turning! Lmao

  66. 2012GT325

    WTF? The most unexpected news EVER! The only news that would have been MORE unexpected would have been to announce GT7 for PS4 as launch title. Or that they got Porsche and all premium cars in GT6.

  67. Stormtrooper217

    Wow… I personally don’t think that this is a good idea for a movie, even though most of us are diehard GT fans. What’s next, “Air Conditioner – The Movie”?

    1. Quigz125

      No the next movie I heard is going to be “Freshly Painted Wall – The Trilogy”. Lol. I’m kidding this would be interesting to see how they could make a movie about GT. probably going to see a lot of very nice cars in this movie. :D

  68. BKGlover

    For the love of all that is, PLEASE let this be a hoax. I dread to think of what Hollywood will do to shatter Need for Speed into pieces, Hot Wheels needs to stick to toys, and the Fast & Furious series has played itself out for me. If this happens, I’m immediately classifying it with Batman & Robin, Super Mario Bros., and Shazaam.

  69. QuikSlvr223

    And has a huge GT fan, I pretty much have to watch it whether I like it or not. I predict it will be the second option.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Going by the standard of work these two have done in the past, I’m thinking it might actually be an “alright sorta” movie!

  70. infamousphil

    What’s your favorite car movie?
    le Mans, Gran Prix, Gumball Rally, The Driver (O’Neal), Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper (Renolds), Death Race 2000, Death Race a couple of? Fast and Furious…

    Anyone else?

    1. infamousphil

      I save all online 1st of 3, 2nd of 6, 3rd of 9 and all full (16 cars) race replays as trophies. Lol, I ain’t that good but have just reached the 100 online win mark. Nice coincidence with the news.

    2. AcenSpades

      fave movies ok: smokey and the bandit (the last one killed the whole thing) Bullit, Ronin, Italian Job the original version, all Dirty Harry movies, Taxi (french version way better, U.S. version sucked horribly) Nowi know some of these may no be car based but they had some of the best car chasing scenes that are worth watching. oh yeah, 007 too.

    3. Quigz125

      By far my favorite is any James Bond film. Especially those that feature the Aston Martin DB5. My mouth drools over that car and I really hope it’s in GT6. Gadgets optional but the car should be mandatory.

  71. MadmuppGT

    I can see it being a hollywood style story telling the story of an academy winner going on to win the 24 hour Le Mans race… Or maybe we can expect something with the excitement of what we saw in the Rush trailer that focuses on the passion of racing.

    Or as many have said maybe a documentary in the mold of Love the Beast or Truth in 24

    If you havent seen either of those documentaries then please do, because if you didnt get the itch to play Gran Turismo before you see them you will when theyve finished

  72. infamousphil

    Wow, 70 comments already!? The haters are in full force too.

    I love car movies… even the bad ones. If done right it won’t have those hyper clip scenes of 2 second flashes of steering wheel input and a suject car flashing by the screen shot.

    Great car movies like Gran Prix and le Mans have good character development and their cars properly rivaled.

    With what PD does with their intro movies, it could be a most beautiful film featuring vehicles most recognized by cars nuts like myself. I would love to be part of the production team on this project. Really looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

  73. KilzoneStrife

    I hate the idea, but I want more exposure for my Gran-Turismo. I want it to break 20million sales on PS4.


    You have got to be kidding me. Just when I thought the Need For Speed Movie was BS, this comes along (as well as a Hot Wheels Movie). Hollywood is just hellbent on destroying everything.

  75. Quakebass

    Uhh… You missed April 1st by a good 3 and a half months, buddy…

    But in all seriousness, how do you make a movie based on a game without a plot line…? GT doesn’t really HAVE one… Unless their doing something like a documentary (real or fake) of a GT Academy driver…

    And isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey basically a porn novel for women…?

    I’m actually a little interested in the HotWheels movie… There was an old series (Acceleracers) that had a compelling story but was discontinued, and replaced by a more childish cartoon. It’d be nice to see the story continued, for my childhood’s sake…

    1. ScotteDawg

      That G.I. Joe plot was pulled out of nowhere and 2 movies were made from it! They were NOT good movies by any stretch of the imagination, but they didn’t destroy the idea behind the original G.I. Joe! Give these guys a chance and let’s see what they come up with before we ‘poo poo’ the idea…

    2. Quakebass

      Yeah, QuikSlvr223, that and World Race/Highway 35 were the entirety of my childhood. This new BattleForce 5 stuff is just weird… And for some reason they took Vert from the original series and put him in…

  76. magsolid

    The movie is gonna be about one young GT gamer dude, who race real car in hope to get around a bunch of race tracks, while getting chased by an anti gaming group which consist of angry parents, videogame haters, and virtual to reality disbeliever.

    1. UnkaD

      That would be cool. Something along the same line as “On Any Sunday.” Fantastic motorcycle movie that doesn’t need a BS plot of any kind. They could do the same with auto racing.

  77. hobanator24

    Did anyone think it could an action movie powered by GT6? Or perhaps an action movie about a novice car enthusiast who tries to enter the world of motorsport & is challenged by all the greats of each category such as Jimmie Johnson, Helio Castroneves Sebastian Loeb, & Sebastian Vettel, leading up to challenge The Grand Master Kaz? I’m hoping for option 2.

  78. hardvibes

    Well Kaz said that GT5 looks better than real life.
    Expect standard cars and 2d trees.
    And vacuum cleaners sounds.

    P.S. “and the upcoming movie adaption of the best-selling book “Fifty Shades of Grey”.”

    We’re doomed.

  79. DCybertron

    Why an action movie? Why not something like GT Academy? Gran Turismo’s never been about the action stuff. (Though an epic chase scene around the Nurb with a Michael-Bay-amount of explosions would be entertaining.

  80. DriftinAssassin

    After reading most of these comments, I’ve got an idea. Maybe it’ll be a movie about GT Academy? Like maybe next year’s final event wont be episodes on TV but rather a movie on the big screen? If it isn’t that I don’t understand how it will be an action movie. There isn’t any action at all in any of the GT games unless you’re in a tight spot and make an epic move to win the race at the last moment. Atleast we get an Uncharted movie with a Gran Turismo movie, and on a side note a Need For Speed movie.

  81. research

    This makes less sense than most of the crap coming out of hollywood these days, and that is really saying something. I can’t imagine this being good for motion pictures, motorsport, or Polyphony Digital. Nothing AT ALL during my 15 years of playing this sterile racing simulator tells me that this would make for a good action film. Nothing.

    I know the laws of the universe require me to radiate good vibes towards this project in hopes that it will somehow help the franchise, but damn. I’m not seein it. Another movie studio, OUT OF IDEAS. Do we really have to sit here and go over the long list of game franchises that actually had the substance to be a good film, and still turned out to be trash once these doucheblasters got ahold of it?

    I was happy to hear Kaz mention the now-infamous “human drama” line, but not if it comes with the mark of the mind-melting, population-entraining, bohemian-groving, spell-casting sorcerers of Hollywood.

    1. Falango

      I highly doubt PD has anything to do with the movie. This is being put together by Sony, and will likely be worked on by Sony Pictures Imageworks.

    2. research

      yes, I agree with you on that. The ending result, though, does not look good for our favorite Sim-racing studio. Chances of this thing being a full-blown mockery are high.

  82. GTboyz

    At least…. At least use the “green hell” as the track. But still, out of those game with stories and characters (uncharted, twisted metal etc) they pick this ?? What is wrong with them ?. Next thing you know, they’re gonna make a Playstation movie.

  83. Castrol96

    I would like to see the original gran turismo courses like Special Stage route’s and the others in action. Even though it might be a Gran turismo movie, i hope they don’t choose any cheese protagonists, Gran Turismo is a big tittle, i got a large feeling they could easily mess this up. For sure we will see tons of GT-R’s basically nissan’s and what if the whole movie just based in silverstone?

  84. Froudeybrand

    So it’s going to be a movie full of nissans and sony product placement hahaha. But seriously if they do this I think the plot should be about an average hard luck joe that starts to race in small crappy events and then finally getting a career in something lol

  85. Revoy

    It should be a horror movie based on the music from the Honda dealership in Gran Turismo 1. I’m sure a lot of you know what I’m talking about.

    1. devicemangler

      YES! You are absolutely right. Now I need to go pop that disc in one more time just to hear that track. What memories!

    1. ScotteDawg

      I’m thinking Jason Statham, Dominic Purcell, Stana Katic, Damian Lewis and Robert de Niro as the main cast with Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tom Cruise, Nichole Kidman, Ryan Gosling and Sung Kang as supporting.

  86. Castrol96

    A movie!. what the hell, whats going to happen in it, and if they make it they better not mess it up.

    1. Quakebass

      Dude, this is GT we’re talking about. The GT-R will be the hero.

      EA will be Godzilla, and the GT-R will defeat it, becoming friends with a Porsche.

    1. Falango

      If there’s a Veyron in the movie, I hope they completely crush the blacks of the interior shots in post production

  87. Falango


    You are the favorite, but you start from the back of the grid! You must find your way to the front (in only 3 laps, sorry) and dodge your way passed the AI that sticks to the racing line like glue (but unexpectedly brakes 50m too early). If you succeed…… have to do it again, and then again, and only then, will be be deemed worthy to be the owner of a shiny new……Honda del Sol from 1992…..

    1. trev555

      You have a minor setback when you drive into a barrier at 200km/h, but fortunately you survive unharmed to be able to spend some remaining credits on a car wash

  88. TheeFrogmanlego

    =D why not make a motor storm movie that follows the brutal off road drama of the deadly races.. hm?!?!?!?!??!?!

    1. ScotteDawg

      Actually, I was surprised that a movie called “Pacific Rim” came out and was NOT about Motor Storm!

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