Gran Turismo Sport Event May 19 & 20: New Trailer, Hands-On Gameplay, FIA Event, and More!

Gran Turismo Sport 72 May 12, 2016 by

Bang the gongs, cue the avalanche of GIF’s – it’s happening! After over six months of silence, GT Sport is ready for its first gameplay showing. As you’d expect of a company that has announced a title at a racetrack (GT6), and taken over an entire town for a release party (GT6 again), Polyphony is pulling out all the stops, showcasing the PS4 title in downtown London, at the Copper Box Arena, a former Olympic site.

The two day event begins a week from today on May 19. Kicking off with a livestream of a brand new GT Sport trailer, this private portion of the event will include gameplay opportunities for the members of the press in attendance, as well as the beginning of the first GT Sport eSport event. GTPlanet founder Jordan will be present, even taking on commentary duties. The evening will look something like this:

  • 6.45pm BST – 7.00pm BST: Run down of the day’s events, news and a showcase of the brand new GT SPORT trailer
  • 7.00pm BST – 8.30pm BST: Nations Cup Pre-Season Test and the Manufacturer Fan Cup Pre-Season Test of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships:
    • The Manufacturer Fan Cup Pre-Season Test
    • The Nations Cup Pre-Season Test
  • 8.30pm BST – 9.00pm BST: Trophy ceremonies (1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each cup)

You’ll have to excuse my infomercial tone here, but… “that’s not all!”. May 20 gets really interesting for fans eager to play the game, as Sony and PD will be opening up the event to a limited number of the public.

The game will be the main attraction of course, but with a record number of Vision GT models scattered around the space, a Q & A session with Kazunori Yamauchi himself, plus food and drinks, there will be plenty to do between test-driving Polyphony’s newest creation. Not to mention the numerous GTPlanet staff members that will be in attendance!

Wondering how you can gain access to this wild ride? Stay tuned!

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