Gran Turismo Update 2.07 Released

June 1st, 2012 by Andrew Evans

Following the Gran Turismo network maintenance this morning (01.00 – 03.00 GMT/UTC), a small game update has been released.

Tagged as v2.07, the update weighs in at just 2,193kB and, as expected from an update of this kind of size, consists of a bug fix:

An issue was corrected where a pit stop was not possible in the Special Stage Route X Oval course (as included in the Speed Test Pack DLC).

Although there may be other, unannounced tweaks, users should expect nothing more than this correction, characteristic of Polyphony Digital’s continued support of their title. Thanks to all on our forums who alerted us to this.

GT5 Photomode image courtesy of magawolaz.

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  1. Jul. 24, 2:18am

    I just got the 2.07 and 2.06 updates, and GT5 froze up, so I ejected the disc, and now my PS3 won’t read ANY disc I put in it. I don’t know what the problem is.. Need help.

  2. Jun. 27, 9:08am

    I got the 2.07 it is over a gig in space. Probably because I didn’t get any of the other updates so that’s why it is so big :-p

  3. Jun. 17, 11:58am

    I can’t even install this update! So many error codes and now I have to do this from scratch :( Back to ver. 1….

  4. Jun. 11, 4:24pm

    has anybody noticed since 2.07 that when you are closely following another car or just leaving the pits at the right angle there is a audible sort of hi pitched noise that doesnt belong there i only say this because ive never noticed it before and because ive tried everything on my TV to eliminate it it persists… ie. equaliser sound modes turning it up turning it down nothing works the best wat to describe it is a sound that doesnt belong there and once you hear it you will know its really distinctive

  5. Jun. 10, 5:02am

    This update screwed up the physics!!! So i was practicing with one of my cars running consistent 1:52.5xx with SM tires and after the update my car in the same setup is running two+ seconds slower at 1:55.37x and the car feels like i’m driving on GT5’s ice covered gravel the car isnt sliding in just the front or rear the whole car slides(rally style 4wd dirft) which is not suppose to happen when i have dialed in the car to be pin point and have enough grip to avoid sliding and it really makes me want to toss gt5 and my ps3 into the trash GT5 has been a headache sense day 1 i all of a sudden feel stupid for spending the 400 bucks i spent on my ps3 for this game and not to mention pd can’t stay true to there word’s kinda like our Government i wont be buying a ps4 and i sure as hell wont buy GT6 if GT5 is any indication of whats to come in the future.

    • Jun. 16, 12:29am

      Chillax and stop whinegasming

  6. Jun. 9, 7:09am

    the hell are the new car dlcs?

  7. Jun. 8, 6:11am

    since this update i can no longer use my ps3 controller while its charging on usb… :(

  8. Jun. 7, 4:38pm

    This update caused my route x not to load most of the time. >:(

    • Jun. 8, 1:25pm

      Now it doesn’t even load at all. My PS3 doesn’t even use the hard drive to load it like its suppose to. I didn’t pay money for a track I can’t use. D:<

  9. Jun. 6, 12:21pm
    Captain Roh

    Theres only one thing that would improve GT for me, ‘Tyre Type’ filter in open lobby.

    Little frustrating searching but I guess I’ve lived with it this long ;-)

  10. Jun. 6, 4:26am

    If PD would fix this ONE THING with an update then the game would be golden (or pretty close)…


    • Jun. 16, 1:57pm

      I agree with being able to purchase any of the standards at any time.

  11. Jun. 5, 5:45pm

    so when is the next dlc?

  12. Jun. 3, 11:24am

    This update ruined my ps3.

    • Jun. 3, 3:11pm

      Did it get the ylod?

  13. Jun. 3, 1:05am

    Am I the onlyone who needed to download 475mb? It seems a bit much for just a bugfix

    • Jun. 3, 1:10am

      If you’re downloading 475MB, then you’re undoubtedly downloading the previous update ‘2.06’ – update ‘2.07’ is only 2.9MB.

    • Jun. 3, 1:12am

      Than I probably have missed the previous one. Didn’t play the past few weeks.

  14. Jun. 2, 7:23am

    Reading through all these comments made me realize that this is an amazing game and i think everyone expects too much from them wenall expect them to be the leader its kinda amazing though looking bak to gt – gt5 i m always excited for the next update those ideas to seem great to i hope they apply
    Thoses in the future

    • Jun. 2, 12:32pm

      Agreed. People need to stop complaining or develop their own racing sim.

    • Jun. 2, 3:30pm

      Yeah, but without complaints Polyphony Digital wouldn’t know how to improve their game(s).

    • Jun. 2, 6:08pm

      That’s not what he means. Stating problems with the game is one thing. The way(s) some of these guys go about expressing their feelings about the collection of problems is taken too far to still consider it constructive criticism. On a forum that doesn’t let us use bad language, I think some of those people need to learn some decency in the way they go about expressing their thoughts and opinions.

    • Jun. 3, 3:51pm

      I’ve said this a few times now but; it’s the same with any game series’ fanbase. Just be glad this isn’t a Sonic The Hedgehog forum! :O

  15. Jun. 2, 5:12am

    If pd are wise this is a rolling testbed for gt6 which should be released with the ps4 launch ! Otherwise they need to go to turn 10 to get some ideas because the length of time this game has absorbed is simply daft if sony want to get ahead in the next gen war .

    • Jun. 5, 5:58pm

      true.. Forza has some nice ideas in it, but when I think about it, really the only thing I would port from forza is the livery editor .. though I would hope to make it somewhat better/easier to use..

      some people say GT has better cars, Forza has better tracks. I agree with GT having better cars, but forza doesn’t win in wiht the tracks for me … yeah, they don’t have the “old style” trees .. bun inlike GT they usually have fewer textures on the ground (might be limitation of xbox) .. whereas GT has great variaty in everything

      if GT6 has livery editor, option that more cars could be race modified, remove standart cars (even when it means they will have to go to 400-500 cars instead of 1000) .. then I will be more then happy!

      btw. if PD release GT6 on PS4, then it’s likely take longer then if they released on PS3

  16. Jun. 2, 12:18am

    How long has this amazing game been out for now? I don’t they will ever get it perfect, but you have to admire there determination. MOST UPDATED GAME EVER

    • Jun. 2, 6:01pm

      Perhaps it is updated so much because it was far from ready??? Just a thought.

    • Jun. 3, 1:20am

      2.07 is GT5’s 20th update.

    • Jun. 3, 12:27pm

      Let’s not forget the amount of bug and track glitch fix updates there were. There were a few of them.

    • Jun. 3, 12:52pm

      “Perhaps it is updated so much because it was far from ready??? Just a thought.”

      WAIIIIT, what? I thought everybody knew this.

    • Jun. 5, 6:01pm

      it’s intersting though .. that I can’t recall ANY bug that I experienced while playing it from Day1

      for me it’s more like they were adding features rather then patching broken game

  17. Jun. 1, 11:12pm

    Pits don’t work on SSR7, they fixed the entry but not the pit crew

    • Jun. 2, 6:50pm

      Did you mean ssrx

  18. Jun. 1, 10:39pm

    +1 skyrunr10k :) Diggin your list bud.

  19. Jun. 1, 7:22pm

    Well said skyrun…very realistic and good ideas…who said these were obsurd!!! Think your on planet mars not gtplanet.

  20. Jun. 1, 4:26pm

    I’ve said it before, I’m still using version 2.05 until the sound problems everyone is talking about are resolved in an even newer update. Of course the biggest downside to this is I have NO online features!!!

    • Jun. 1, 5:55pm

      I noticed the sound problem. I was driving the mazda 6 race car & I could barely hear the car, I was like, what is wrong with this thing. It’s annoying.

    • Jun. 2, 12:20am

      Turn it to small or large theater in options.

  21. Jun. 1, 2:48pm

    I would have never known as that course is CRAP.

    • Jun. 2, 12:41am

      In your opinion. Other people such as myself like this course.

    • Jun. 2, 2:47am

      SSRX has it uses as intended. Great way to benchmark my cars acceleration and top speed vs distance in various ways. Also great for online and one make high speed runs, especially since the Mercedes SL600 2004 finally showed up in my UCD. I quickly added it to my almost 500 car garage(small).

  22. Jun. 1, 2:43pm

    Now let’s fix the sound bugs that 2.06 brought us. I can’t hear my cars most of the times regardless of my setup. Tried with 5.1 surround, 2 channel stereo, 4 channel stereo; also tried playing with the game’s settings and even ending up unplugging everything and using the tv speakers. No success.

    Also, fix the music in at the Redbull Hangar. It sounds like the music is being played by two different sound systems, but at different times.

    As for this bug, I didn’t even noticed that SSRX had that problem…

    • Jun. 1, 3:17pm

      I had same problem. Go to sound settings and turn off dts keeping 5.1 on. Waahla, sound!

  23. Jun. 1, 2:41pm

    It is surprising to me that so many people would complain about a free update to a great game that has been out for so long. Just in case PD does watch these threads here I my biggest grips, but I can certainly deal with them. I think everyone would benefit from them and end up playing more.

    1. An all cars tab. I really don’t care if a car is “premium” or not, I’m going to race what I’m fastest around the track with
    2. A filter option for: <=300pp, 301-400pp, 401-500pp, 501-600pp, and over 600pp
    (A filter for street/production cars (excluding concepts) would also be VERY NICE)
    3. Online filter rooms by pp
    4. Online filter and a special track for drag racing
    5. Online 30 second to race warning when you are tuning (I shut music off, but i think it changes before the race starts)
    6. Ability to change cars within Practice mode
    7. Paint shop, disable and grey out options that are not available before you can click on them
    9. Show torque along with hp in car list
    10. In basic tuning have an option to buy all upgrades and tires at once. It just hurts game play when I get several new cars and can't drive it without tuning it for 20 minutes.
    11. Another tuning preset for the "stock" setup

    Also, keep track of my best laptimes and cars regardless if it is a practice, seasonal, or online race.

    • Jun. 1, 2:45pm

      PS Online drag racing track would have a Christmas Tree and a burnout run. ;)

      PPS I’m sure there are enough people playing seasonal events at any given time to race against actual players. Even 3-4 mixed in would be great.

    • Jun. 1, 3:54pm
      Z Crazy

      Of that I would love to see these.

      3. Online filter rooms by pp (and the ability to use PP and power to weight at the same time in room settings)
      4. Online filter and a special track for drag racing
      5. Online 30 second to race warning when you are tuning (I shut music off, but i think it changes before the race starts)
      6. Ability to change cars within Practice mode

    • Jun. 1, 5:45pm

      With the exception of a proper warning to alert someone who’s tuning that the race has started, ALL those other ideas are completely and utterly absurd. I know Kazunori & Polyphony Digital aren’t foolish enough to even entertain the thought of applying those ideas to GT5.

    • Jun. 1, 7:24pm

      ^ Really? …. You enjoy going back and forth between practice and garage?, isn’t that annoying? ….

    • Jun. 1, 9:15pm

      I agree with most in Skyrunr10k’s list, and he is only asking for filing/menu mods. This should be nothing to add programming-wise. These requests highlight and yet fix some very annoying “suspension of fun” characteristics typical of parts of the GT5 experience. My favorite? “Ability to change cars within Practice mode.” I want to drive a car on a track I made (I actually LOVE the track editor), and then quickly switch over to a similar car. Because I’m always enjoying the different characteristics between cars, but on the same track. I only drive 1-2 laps then I switch out. But when I have to exit out of a bunch of menus just to get to my garage? It makes you wonder why they didn’t put more emphasis just on the filing characteristics of the game– their menus are arranged craplike to accomodate an inefficient filing system.

    • Jun. 1, 10:12pm

      That’s probably the most realistic list of wants for GT5. They’re all great ideas and seem extremely reasonable. Little things like that can make a huge difference!

    • Jun. 1, 11:12pm

      DRAG RACING TIME TRIALS….i loved going to the drags so why not have time trials…i just got a pc game nhra thunder,i really enjoy it,burnouts,staging,reaction times,do they drag in japan….would a 2 car starting procedure at SS route X be good enough???launching 2 cars at once…..see,im not just a pretty face :)

    • Jun. 2, 12:39am
      Pit Crew

      Very nice skyrunk. you go bro lol

    • Jun. 3, 2:15pm

      You see, this is a point I’ve been putting across for a while now… PD should be looking more intensely at GTPlanet, and see what people REALLY want, and start doing incredibly simple things (as stated) that will increase the replay value and refine gameplay. They’ve done it before, just a bit sporadically. New cars don’t increase much replay value, having more things to do WITH them DOES. I’m talking tuning, game modes, tracks, and other features (like a basic livery editor, more events [aside from seasonals], and more track editor parameters, more rims and more aero kits/race mods). All of these seem reasonable, except for MAYBE the basic livery editor. I wouldn’t mind paying for ANY of those. I LOVE the support they’ve given us so far, but there’s PLENTY of BETTER things they could be doing.

    • Jun. 3, 7:20pm
      Pit Crew

      @skyrunk Sorry bro you forgot one; Day to night transition for all tracks including online lobbies option.

  24. Jun. 1, 1:13pm

    IDT Sony is in any hurry to release the PS4. I also think our games will no longer be sold to us on disc once we see the PS4.
    They may want to let Microsoft get their feet wet (or sticky) first. Gaming formats and technology is going to make a big change in the next year or two.

    The entire gaming focus will be on “Open Source” software. Just like LINUX, except we’ll be pulling/renting stuff from the GT5 servers or NFS, or BF3/4 servers. No more disk except for maybe backward compatable stuff. Hopefully some of the older games will be ported. There is a chance our investment in games will take a hit.

    The game will look just like GT Academy does now. But the graphics and sound will blow you away. Also, because of the introduction of open source business model, we’ll no longer have to worry about not having certain cars because of Microsoft.

    The memory on the console will be used more for video and network adapter performance.
    The video and I/O speed will be on par with the best gaming PC you can build. Gonna be sweet…IMHO.

    • Jun. 1, 1:29pm

      At first, I wanted GT6 on the PS4, but now I feel GT6 will be on the PS3, though I still would prefer GT6 on the PS4. :)

      The Course Maker, graphical inconsistencies, physics, AI – just so many things will be easier to do/run on something with more power. I’m not sure if most people understand that the AI and physics both take up a lot of memory to run. The smarter the AI is and the more powerful the physics engine is, the more memory that gets used. I only have an understanding of that, but not any serious knowledge.

    • Jun. 1, 2:47pm

      Says the people who can spend in all this…

      If this happens, the gaming industry is dead for me.

    • Jun. 1, 3:30pm

      “I also think our games will no longer be sold to us on disc once we see the PS4.”


    • Jun. 1, 4:14pm
      tube chaser

      AJ, I’ll wager a precious New Car Refresh ticket that GT6 will indeed be on the PS3. Granturismodotcom’s June 1st news article regarding GTacademy quotes Kaz as saying it is “along our path from GT5 to GT6” so its clear to me PD could squeeze out enough processing power from the ol’ dawg. Heck, I’ve been playing Midnight Club again and despite the dreadful physics, Rockstar produced decent AI in a dynamic city with .. livery editor; perhaps PD need to poach some of their staff.

      Dead right Husky, I might just stick to ZX Spectrum emulators if that happens lol!

    • Jun. 1, 4:25pm

      Well tube chaser, I’m pretty sure you’re right. They usually release GTs in twos for each iteration. If you look back at the previous GT games; GT and GT2 on the PS, and GT3 and GT4 on the PS2. So, more than likely, they will follow suit by releasing GT6 for the PS3.

    • Jun. 1, 4:52pm

      I’m not going to be able to afford the PS4 when it comes out. I only got a PS3 as a christmas present since I don’t get birthday presents. How dare you! :/

    • Jun. 2, 5:56am

      do you remeber how well soys last “download only” console sold?…shorley they learn from lessons

    • Jun. 3, 9:27am

      There will be discs, Sony scrapped a disc-less design, but there will be huge hdd or ssd to store dl games

    • Jun. 5, 6:14pm

      it’s like Jakhole says

      it’s always finding a balance between all the game elements.. if you want all the game elements to be the best in the field, you usually need better hardware for it, which is not possible on console (until cloud gaming .. but that’s imo still long before it wil happen on serious level)

      so they could have sacriface on the graphic/shaders for the cars and improve AI, add livery editor etc. .. but wouldn’t people complain that the cars don’t looks stunning?

  25. Jun. 1, 12:56pm
    Veyron Tony

    Hello, semi new here, joined last week, lol, I was one of the first to have the no pit stoppability(?) issue and I mentioned it on the OTHER forum, the one with the typists (not drivers), and was denounced as a bad driver/quack. But I`m glad it was addressed.
    I`m driving a LM Camaro right now and the sound seems to be re-adjusted, but I was having the loud (other car) problem, which again, I was discounted.
    I like this forum better…

    • Jun. 1, 1:18pm

      Yep 2.06 scrambled the sound, especially for those using Dolby Digital or 5.1 7.1 sound processing.
      I hope they fix it. Because it was really good prior to 2.06. Even adding exhaust and transmission did not destroy the engine sounds. It was freaking awesome. I really hope the Ninja Edit that one.

    • Jun. 1, 1:20pm

      Yea, this forum is much more open when it comes to that sort of thing, except I have no idea why those other guys didn’t believe you. Disturbingly strange, that is. It’s not like you were bringing up problems that would prevent you from being able to play. I don’t know, it’s just odd that that happened to you.

    • Jun. 1, 1:36pm

      Hey “jackhole”

      The track I really want more than anything is Special Stage Route 11. I found out it was pulled from GT3 and the games that followed because it was a memory hog. But man, what a track that was. I really hope they find a way to bring it back. Those not able to see GT1 and GT2 games would really love this track. Those who did see GT1 & 2 know what Im talking about. Simply awesome course.

    • Jun. 1, 2:49pm

      I’m affraid that the sound is screwed up no matter what setup you use. It does seem to be much worst with 5.1 though.

    • Jun. 2, 12:29am

      2.06 sound was great for me. 7.1 through HDMI, large or small theater. WAY better than pre 2.06. I think you people have odd setups or other issues.

  26. Jun. 1, 12:29pm
    tube chaser

    Well fellas, whether or not the content of this update pleases everybody – we can all be stoked that Spec 3.0 is one update closer than it was yesterday. Shamown!

    • Jun. 1, 12:35pm

      Seems really likely that we’ll be getting it well before the end of the year even though Spec 2 was released in October last year. I can’t believe how fast time went by since Spec 2.

  27. Jun. 1, 12:25pm

    Best developer ever. Hands down.
    (Screw you haters)

    • Jun. 1, 12:50pm

      I don’t know about the best, but definitely they are the most dedicated and least deserving of all this anger and hate they receive. All, because they took too long getting the core of the game to a high enough level. That includes the physics, graphics.

      Something that must have been really time consuming and something that seems to be overlooked by GT players was getting the physics of driving on rain, dirt, and snow (and karts) in a game with as much depth/variety to it as GT5. A lot of people believe it’s quantity over quality with GT5, but it saved PD a lot of time to NOW focus on adding simpler to produce content and features.

    • Jun. 2, 12:00am

      Yes. Thanks PD for continuing to introduce new bugs and fix old ones.

    • Jun. 2, 10:32am


  28. Jun. 1, 11:41am

    fix the clutch! lol i want to be able to flatfoot shift

  29. Jun. 1, 11:16am

    Can i ask why is there so much flame on gtp??

    • Jun. 1, 8:16pm

      Usually there isn’t… ever since DLC started being released, people got addicted to that concept, and started saying “controversial” things (to put it lightly) that they hadn’t been saying pre-DLC, and it slowly kinda changed the mood of the community. I don’t know if you’re new here or not, but if you are, just watch the reaction to a DLC. The entire community lights up and seems happier. But really, if you compare GTPlanet to YouTube, this an incredibly peaceful and intelligent fanbase… Look at a GT5 YouTube video comments section, and see how many people speak with all caps, start flame/console wars, troll, and some even ask “What’s a Standard car?”

    • Jun. 2, 12:53am
      tube chaser

      What’s a Standard car? :ducks:

      I’m surprised a definition in Urban Dictionary hasn’t been added yet. Yeah Quake nailed it – we’re all jonesing for the dee-word. Tracks especially, oh and a Maserarri CCX, Porschevette Boss Edition, Acura Atom etc. Oh and the car wash crew in GT Auto needs to be all female with teeny white shirts. Its not much to ask. C’mon Kaz, the world ends in just over six months – we ain’t got time mate!!

    • Jun. 2, 10:40am

      +1 ….”the car wash crew in GT auto needs to be all female with teeny white shirts.” LOL – this would be interesting.

      In all seriousness, where is SSR-11?

    • Jun. 2, 1:01pm
      Pit Crew

      @tubechasr girls in teeny white shirts? this is still a family game. instead change the rim and wing models in gt auto and drop the whole animated auto garage workers alltogether. better yet, let me change oil (wash car) in my garage and buy the rims when i buy my tires in the parts section. aero kit where i lighten car.

    • Jun. 3, 12:30pm

      “In all seriousness, where is SSR-11?”

      It’s the long Special Stage Route with rain. Is that what you mean? It’s in Japan (Tokyo? maybe) if THAT’S what you were asking.

    • Jun. 3, 9:16pm
      Pit Crew

      @anothe _jakhole I think your refering to Special Stage Route 7. SpecialStage Route 11 was in GT1 and GT3, with small differences in both game versions but alas did not make final track call for GT4 or GT5.

    • Jun. 6, 11:09am

      I was actually referring to it being in GT5. Seems as if it was overlooked by PD.

    • Jun. 6, 6:23pm
      tube chaser

      Pit Crew, y u no recognise parody?

  30. Jun. 1, 9:53am

    If GT5 was an EA game, they would have patch this bug next xmas or never.
    Somehow I’m glad PD are at least trying. While EA are basically just trying to get your money.

    • Jun. 1, 11:15am

      ikr, same happened to battlefield 3 super patch (a big as spec 2.0), they told they will realase it in february, until april ge got the patch, lol

    • Jun. 1, 11:37am

      if GT5 was an EA game, the public game servers would be shut down by now, because everyone would be playing only this game, nothing else, and thus not generating other revenue to EA.

  31. Jun. 1, 9:46am

    Just curious to know, did they fix the car sounds by any chance? Haven’t had time to update it yet.

    • Jun. 1, 11:00am

      The sound for the cars was done in the 2.06 update. Very noticeable with the RM ZR1.

    • Jun. 1, 12:35pm

      Sorry, I meant when your car sound fades away when other opponents come close whilst racing. It’s still noticeable…

  32. Jun. 1, 9:22am

    can anyone confirm what are the 5 or 10 unannounced game changing features in this patch?

  33. Jun. 1, 9:11am

    Check that, he’s not on Honda twitter. Im just a dumb arse!!

    • Jun. 2, 10:39am


  34. Jun. 1, 9:04am

    The update process is not going to end. The only theoretical end would be when the game is perfect.
    We all know you strive for perfection, but it’s never really found.

    The fact that Kaz seeks to perfect the game is what we should all be grateful for.
    It means the game simply won’t die because he will always look to perfect it.

    Subject change: Kazunori is currently tweeting with Honda Motor Company. Wonder why?

    • Jun. 1, 9:26am

      Probably discussing the launch of the new NSX?

  35. Jun. 1, 8:31am

    Wish they’d fix the slow network problems (or whatever is causing the single-player game to ocassionally take so long to save). I actually had it lock up on me yesterday – after a race it just sat there on the “GT” screen forever. Had to do a hard reboot and I sure am glad they added the duplicate save file because doing that apparently corrupted my first one.

    • Jun. 1, 10:25am

      I’m getting this now; after the update. The game locked up on a GT load screen 1st attempt. Second attempt it took a good 5 minutes to get to my GT home page, it even took a couple of minutes to let me move the cursor after the login bonus popup. What’s going on here?

    • Jun. 1, 10:37am

      Seriously, I was having similar problems. Come to find out it was only my game disk being dirty. If your disk is scratched or smudged, I suggest cleaning it or getting a new one.

  36. Jun. 1, 8:28am


  37. Jun. 1, 8:13am

    Well whoever races 5 laps or more at SSRX all the time should be happy with the update. I didnt know it was a problem with the pitting on this track anyway because i havent race on it in a long time. Glad they fix it.

  38. Jun. 1, 7:51am

    I have two league races thus weekend at SSRX. One in GTP Indycar and one in GTP NASCAR. Both with large fields and with teams using different put strategies. Thank you PD for fixing this so quickly. :tup:

    • Jun. 1, 7:59am

      Seriously, people ‘race’ on this circuit?

    • Jun. 1, 8:02am

      ^ like i wouldnt want to race here (too long and boring)

    • Jun. 1, 8:11am

      Yeah I can’t see the point driving/drafting for 10kms then turning slightly right even on CH tyres doesnt sound like much fun. (These series use RH or above) :S

    • Jun. 1, 8:33am

      ^ While SSRX isn’t a track to YOU guys, it is to those who use draft and other strategies to win on. Sure it isn’t fun, but at least I won’t log in and say it’s boring or not fun on the *INTERNET*….. l:\

    • Jun. 1, 10:01am

      Paint Drying contest ne one LMFAO

    • Jun. 1, 11:47am

      It’s not a race track, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find different ways to use it. I’m not interested in it though.

  39. Jun. 1, 7:27am

    i didnt even know about this fail, so i was like wait didnt we just got a update? and i checked on the news and saw the msg and i was like wtf?

  40. Jun. 1, 7:12am

    needed as toff…..

  41. Jun. 1, 7:10am

    Technically, they should be done in november 2012. They (PD) said that they needed another 2 years.

    I wonder what will happen after that. I guess Kaz and his crew have priorities.

    • Jun. 1, 11:55am

      “When asked if GT5 is so big that it will be released in ‘stages’, Kazunori responded ‘The effect of complexity and size to the development time is very big. Practically speaking I would have wanted another two years of development time.'”

      Two years of updates and two years of development time are pretty different. There’s only a select team that works on GT5 updates, while the rest of PD is working on GT6. If GT5 weren’t out yet, they’d be able to do all the updates we’ve had in half the time with the Standards being improved in a quicker time too.

      I think we’ll have a better idea of how much longer they’ll be updating the game after we’re able to get Twin Ring Motegi and the GT Academy cars. I find that only getting Twin Ring Motegi as payable DLC isn’t enough. I think there’s more to it.

    • Jun. 1, 8:27pm

      ^ To add to what you’ve said, PD hasn’t had their full workforce on GT5, even at it’s release. So even if they had the “theoretical” 2 extra years and it was possible to update GT5 like it would’ve if it was still under development, it would still take longer than 2 years because of low workforce in the GT5 department. I’d actually like to know what percentage of PD’s workforce is on what; also if they have a separate “GT5” team, and a separate “GT Academy” team. I’d imagine it’s the same team, for everything is the same between the two games, excluding the leaderboards.

  42. Jun. 1, 7:03am

    Done on one ps3, just the other to go.

  43. Jun. 1, 6:52am

    That’s my photo :D Thank you Famine!

    • Jun. 1, 8:23am

      Nice shot!

    • Jun. 1, 10:36am

      fantastic shot, miky!

  44. Jun. 1, 6:26am

    Pitty not included the desired Nissan GT-R 2012 …. :-(
    Anyway, thanks for the update PD.

    • Jun. 1, 8:59am

      The black edition ’12 GT-R?

    • Jun. 1, 9:35am

      I think he means the N24 they used at this years race. Not likely to get it any time soon.

    • Jun. 1, 11:53am

      We need another GT-R or Nissan for that matter, like we need a hole in our heads. Really?

    • Jun. 1, 11:56am

      It’s a beaut. I wouldn’t expect to be getting it for another 3 months minimum.

    • Jun. 1, 8:31pm

      I wouldn’t mind a new GT-R, as long as it doesn’t look or feel much like anything we already have; I’ve got a feeling that this new GT-R will perform a lot like the previous car used at the Nurburgring 24 hrs, just slightly quicker. I don’t mind if we get it or not, frankly, I’d rather have new features or tracks, but I’ll accept anything they throw at us.

  45. Jun. 1, 5:34am

    Yay, even small things are updated PD: you guys are great!

  46. Jun. 1, 5:26am

    How many updates in total has GT5 had now. Must be around 15-20 surely. Yet people still say that PD don’t care and have given up on GT5.

    • Jun. 1, 6:33am

      17th update

    • Jun. 1, 6:36am
      HKS racer

      Well, to be fair some updates are just bugfixing of previous updates.

    • Jun. 1, 6:45am

      Still 17 updates. I can’t think of a game that’s had even ten.

    • Jun. 1, 6:50am

      this because they published the game before it actually finished, they have continued to developing the game after they have pulished/sold. so this is not support or “not giving up” as you say, this is just finishing a job.

    • Jun. 1, 6:52am

      ^ There’s probably some PC titles like WoW that have had more… But I’d have to agree that this is the most well-supported console game out there so far.

    • Jun. 1, 7:03am

      Indeed, you can’t really count things like this as updates, they’re just fixing the fixes, and very small ones at that. About four have been like that and only inflate the overall number when other companies would have bundled them into one update, or got it right the first time.

      Also like most of the PS3 firmware updates of the last two years, many of the updates have been pretty worthless for most people.

    • Jun. 1, 8:01am

      @m8h3r and Quakebass

      Minecraft and probably some other game have had more than GT5. Just saying…

    • Jun. 1, 8:50am
      HKS racer

      1000 cars they said, How many dupes they made. the number of updates is like the overall number of cars in GT5.

      They are booth inflated.

    • Jun. 1, 12:00pm

      Stop with the duplicates talk. Look at GT4. It’s the same thing. It’s not only characteristic of GT5 since there were so many duplicates in GT4 too. At least they didn’t leave the Standards like they were at the beginning of GT5.

    • Jun. 1, 12:01pm

      It’s getting really close, or already there, to 3 GB of updates. That’s HUGE.

    • Jun. 1, 12:21pm
      HKS racer

      Stop with the duplicates talk. LOL

      Stop being trolled by PD I would say.

    • Jun. 1, 12:24pm

      Yes, PD needs to keep quiet about GT6….. GT5 was too over published and overexposed before release. They shot themselves in the foot. And as far updates go,…. I don’t see them as something to brag about, just shows how broken the game really was, or how out of touch PD was with the community

    • Jun. 1, 1:32pm

      HKS racer
      “Stop with the duplicates talk. LOL
      Stop being trolled by PD I would say.”

      Cool beans! Guys like you wouldn’t have expected PD to support GT5 this long WHILE improving the Standard cars’ appearances (you “guys” said it was in our heads over a year ago) and some people are still saying PD isn’t doing enough and MUST communicate with us.

    • Jun. 1, 1:37pm

      “Yes, PD needs to keep quiet about GT6….. GT5 was too over published and overexposed before release. They shot themselves in the foot. And as far updates go,…. I don’t see them as something to brag about, just shows how broken the game really was, or how out of touch PD was with the community”

      They’re not something to brag about except for that it reveals the level of support PD could only show in the past with GT5 Prologue, and we know that GT5 was released without Kaz wanting to release it meaning that it was released too early, regardless of how long it has taken.

    • Jun. 1, 1:40pm

      That’s the thing, they didn’t even need to update the “demo” that is GT5 Prologue. What makes people think PD needed to update GT5 after Spec 2? We’re all only guessing what PD had in mind for GT5, because ever since Spec 2, we’ve been getting some things people have been asking for.

    • Jun. 1, 8:35pm


      So obviously you didn’t read my comment correctly, because that’s exactly what I had said; A PC game’s likely had more updates that GT5, but GT5 is likely the most updated CONSOLE game.

  47. Jun. 1, 5:18am

    Awesome :)

    • Jun. 1, 6:32am


  48. Jun. 1, 5:03am

    People actually do races on that track with pit stops? Wow that must be dull.

    • Jun. 1, 8:03am

      ^ like

  49. Jun. 1, 4:50am

    5 seconds,kewl

  50. Jun. 1, 4:48am

    I’m probably the last person you’d hear saying this. But honestly, this is a pointless update.

    • Jun. 1, 5:00am

      Ageed :(

    • Jun. 1, 5:24am

      Well, I’m sure all the people who couldn’t pit at SSRX don’t agree.


    • Jun. 1, 5:31am

      The SSRX pits are one of the coolest ones in the game, so they make great photo ops. Kinda pointless for races though…although I guess you could do a “super Indy 500” on that track if you were REALLY bored :p

    • Jun. 1, 5:50am

      *Wonders where that tumbleweed is going.*

    • Jun. 1, 6:19am

      yeh…buck rogers….hawks cruiser…mmmm

    • Jun. 1, 6:57am

      @ tiger61378:

      You’d be surprised at how fun a Route X Endurance race can be, especially if you’ve got 11+ opponents all with just about equal performance; you end up teaming up with slower cars (because you’ve set your transmission to a ridiculous top end and don’t accelerate so well towards the beginning) to reach the higher end cars, and eventually (if you make the race long enough) you’ll run low on fuel, and may lose tire strength (but that’s only a slight worry on the big banked corners), so there ends up being a whole lot of strategy involved, just with a different skill set. Much like NASCAR has a different skill set.

  51. Jun. 1, 4:47am

    wohooow :D

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