Gran Turismo’s 15th Anniversary Promotions Announced

December 20th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Polyphony Digital’s official Japanese website has just been updated with information on how the company will be celebrating Gran Turismo’s 15th anniversary, taking place on December 23, 2012.

As of writing, the information has only been posted in Japanese, and it is unclear if or how these special promotions will extend to the rest of the world.

First is “Gran Turismo Apex 2012 Magazine”, an updated and digitized version of the Apex Book which was originally included in the Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition set. The book will be available in the PlayStation “PlayView” format and can be downloaded for free in the PSN Store today through August 1, 2013.

Second is a commemorative GT5 Seasonal Event Time Trial, taking place on the Nurburgring with Kazunori Yamauchi’s Nissan GT-R N24. The top in-game prize for the event will include a golden Mercedes SLS AMG.

As for real-world prizes, Polyphony Digital will be giving away over 60 die-cast AutoArt models of vehicles in Gran Turismo 5 to those who enter the contest on their website, including the Red Bull X2010, Mazda 787B Stealth, Nissan GT-R GT500 Stealth, McLaren F1 Stealth, and Nissan GT-R Spec V.

More information is also available in the announcement which details a special Gran Turismo booth at the upcoming 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Thanks to all of you who sent this in!

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  1. Dec. 23, 4:43pm

    All I want for Christmas is multi-class racing. GT6 NEEDS THIS!

  2. Dec. 23, 10:43am

    Can someone tell me where the magazine is at in the playstation store please some tell me because I can’t find it?????!!!!!!!

    • Dec. 23, 2:48pm

      If you have a Japanese account then you can download it from the Japanese store. If you don’t then you can’t download it anywhere else as its not on the EU,US or HK stores. It’s only been made available in Japan.

  3. Dec. 21, 10:48pm

    The same day of the week the PSN store is usually updated is also christmas. If PD was smart, they would use that to their advantage and release a surprise christmas gift for us but I doubt they will. They don’t seem to care about making DLC at all and practically had to be forced to do so each of the few times they did except when it involved some deal with a manufacturer. I know they gotta make money but would it really be that much to ask that they give us some content we really want? and not just something we’ll take?

    Broken record though, I’m sure it’s been said a thousand times. Plus I’m not sure if there’s a PS store update happening on christmas anyway, SCEA probably has the day off

    • Dec. 22, 12:51am

      I know, like the rest of us do, that we want something that PD and/or Kaz will not be making something available that we all would really appreciate. That said, I could really use that McLaren F1 Stealth. Just bad timing and lazyness on my part. I really regret procrastinating putting down the bucks early on. If they they had did that with a RM/Stealth Viper, I would be crying my eyes out every anniversary celebration. And why not a race modification for all the premium stockers over 550pp?

  4. Dec. 21, 10:19pm
    Fire Yoshi

    All I want for Christmas is an NSX GT500 Stealth car (in game, not toy). That’s all I want. X_X

    I would pay fifty US dollars to get one as DLC… :(

    • Dec. 21, 10:41pm

      Damn man. I got one and it was for free. I forget why they gave it to us but I got it for free for some reason. It may have been when the first DLC got delayed a week in north america so they gave it to us as a gift. Can’t remember. It’s a great car but not worth $50 man. The best ones would be the F1 stealth, which I luckily do have and the SLS Stealth because they’re both race car versions of cars in GT5 that cannot be race modified. The 787b stealth is cool but I’d assume it’s just a more powerful and lighter 787b. The SLS, and F1 not only are more powerful and lighter but they have the aero of a race car, and probably the parts of one as well which on both cars is something you cannot get with the regular editions in the game.

      I’d like to get the SLS stealth, I had to choose when the game was release and I picked the F1 but I bet the SLS is great

    • Dec. 21, 10:50pm
      Fire Yoshi

      Yeah, I heard about that. I’m a bit late to the party. lol And as for the NSX stealth, I want it more than the other stealth models because I’m a huge GT500 fan, and I love the NSX race cars in that series. LOVE them.
      I just love the NSX in general, it’s a beautiful piece of work. :)

    • Dec. 22, 5:12am

      Snore plz no old stuff, granted you may have missed the opportunity the first time but, new content plz..

    • Dec. 22, 2:45pm

      I got the McLaren F1 stealth either with the collectors edition or with my GameStop preorder but it’s an awesome car.

  5. Dec. 21, 7:12pm

    An X2010 model? I WANT IT!!! :D

  6. Dec. 21, 11:23am

    I like the sound of a gold SLS for a prize! Hope it’s just for golding the TT and not just being literally #1! I want it badly, despite already having 4 SLSs in my garage.

    • Dec. 21, 2:28pm

      I agree! I think those #1 in the world prizes are impossible for pretty much everyone.

    • Dec. 21, 3:53pm

      By definition, they’d be impossible for absolutely everyone…except the winner.

  7. Dec. 21, 10:54am

    The Lotus E20 would be very welcome. PD??

  8. Dec. 21, 10:33am


    • Dec. 21, 5:32pm

      I wish they would leak out a stealth car code for the anniversary like they did when the first DLC came out.

    • Dec. 21, 10:44pm

      Yea man I agree. It’s stupid that those cars are still locked away after 2 friggin years.

      The one I really want is the SLS stealth car because it’s unlike anything you can get in GT5. Same with the F1, it’s a race car version of cars that don’t have race car versions. Well the F1 does but that’s not the same. The SLS as well, does not have a race modified option so I think it’s a shame we can’t try the thing out

  9. Dec. 20, 9:11pm

    Kaz could take most of my cars back, if he’d give me some tracks.

  10. Dec. 20, 7:34pm

    Had a quick look at the apex book, it’s nearly the same as what I got with the Signaturevefition apart from the full , well not so full list of cars at the back. Notably missing are all the Optional DLC cars and strangely the 2012 F1 Ferrari!!!!

    • Dec. 20, 7:40pm

      Signature edition, and 2010 Ferrari F1 car! The 2007 car is listed but not the 2010!

      Stupid predictive text.

    • Dec. 21, 12:14am

      I don’t have a Japan account.

  11. Dec. 20, 6:24pm

    Downloading the E-Book now I may not spreak or read japanese but I can look at the pictures.

  12. Dec. 20, 6:15pm

    For those interested. The “e-book” is available now on the Japan store at a staggering 1094 meg in size. As you would expect its in Japanese (no really!!!) only. It’s not available on the Hong Kong , US or GB store. Soot looks to be a “Japanese GT” thing.

    • Dec. 20, 6:16pm

      *So it (stupid predictive text)!!

    • Dec. 21, 12:12am

      Cool thanks for the heads up.

  13. Dec. 20, 5:25pm

    I love new content in any form. Thanks Kaz and PD.

  14. Dec. 20, 5:23pm

    The autoart cars are a good prize since they are expensive and really beautiful pieces.

    But regarding the game, I would hope for new DLC or something, even if it’s worth money. I can paint an SLS in gold… you know what I mean :/

    • Dec. 20, 7:18pm

      Exactly how I feel

    • Dec. 20, 8:06pm

      If they are giving a golden SLS I’m hoping its line a chrome line …except with a golden line. If its just the regular gold paint chip then that’s kind of a bummer

  15. Dec. 20, 4:26pm

    It would be awesome if PD gives us the Bathurst & Silverstone as the DLC pack for the GT’s 15th anniversary. I’m just dreaming but it’s free to dream, right? lol :D

  16. Dec. 20, 4:06pm

    Are we just getting this for christmas, an anniversary present? Bye to be so snarky, but now I know how my uncle feels, his birthday is on Christmas Day.

  17. Dec. 20, 3:57pm

    So we all will get the gold SLS?

    • Dec. 20, 4:22pm

      The wording implies that we’ll get one for gold in the specified event. I’m guessing most people will get it as seasonal events are rarely that difficult…

  18. Dec. 20, 3:54pm

    I hope that Kaz will add 2012 DTM Bruno BMW , damn its sooo cool

    • Dec. 20, 4:03pm

      See we do have that DTM licence don’t we? I for one am surprised we don’t have more of those cars, or any premium ones. Same thing with V8 Supercars, didn’t we have to get a license go have that standard 2000 Ford Falcon?

    • Dec. 20, 4:08pm

      All DTM’s are so tremendously close in performance. If PD were truly able to replicate Bruno’s BMW physics and setup you’d never have better lap times unless you ARE Bruno… but yes some 2012 DTM’s would be a sweet addition.

  19. Dec. 20, 3:53pm

    The SLS would be in line with the chrome line cars I believe.

  20. Dec. 20, 3:50pm

    I’m just still waiting on some European TC cars. I feel like TC racing would be really fun online and could be popular if people had more to choose from then a Nissan GTR or a Corvette. The legends of GT racing are European cars. It’s always been about the Ferrari’s, the Mercedes, the Aston Martins, etc. If they just gave us an SLS AMG, a 458, a newer Z4 like the GT3 and GT2 homologated ones of today, a R8, and an Aston Martin V12 Vantage I would be thrilled.

  21. Dec. 20, 3:50pm

    honestly, i’d rather have some new tracks or something.. special looking cars arent that cool..

    as for the model cars, seems nice. but only 60? we’re millions of GT5 owners :(

    • Dec. 20, 3:57pm

      I agree. See, if the SLS was a special kind of GT racing version or something, like how that Ford GT40 Le Mans car or how one of the other TC and RM cars are, I would be happy with that. But yeah, it’s a big event so I for one would love something different.

    • Dec. 20, 4:04pm

      So basically that just means a little bit lighter, a little bit more power, an aerokit, and a special GT livery, maybe overtop of a sprayable base color or maybe not.

  22. Dec. 20, 3:40pm

    Is there anything different about this golden Mercedes besides being painted gold? Because if I wanted that I would just paint 1 gold chrome.

  23. Dec. 20, 2:32pm

    Golden SLS AMG? Now I’m intrested.

    • Dec. 20, 2:42pm

      I don’t think it means you get a gold SLS AMG. I think it means prize for gold: SLS AMG

    • Dec. 20, 2:44pm

      “The top in-game prize for the event will include a golden Mercedes SLS AMG.”

      Nope, it’s definitely a golden SLS AMG : )

    • Dec. 20, 2:53pm

      Yeah but this is how it reads on the official website

      Gold: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ’10
      refresh card new car: Silver
      Special Paint Item: Bronze

  24. Dec. 20, 2:28pm

    I’m only interested on getting the gold SLS AMG. : )

    • Dec. 20, 2:45pm


    • Dec. 20, 3:46pm

      Seems like all almost anyone is interested in is content, they would sell more of it to. If they just made a pack of cars with special GT liveries I think they’d do fine.

  25. Dec. 20, 2:27pm


    • Dec. 20, 11:25pm

      Oh wow, tomorrow here I come!

  26. Dec. 20, 2:22pm

    ok so do you wanna tell me that this special seasonal event will be only for Academy edition owners? “”Gran Turismo®5: Academy Edition” Seasonal Event Opens on 01 January” that is rly great thank you Kaz thank you PD :) you f$%#$

    • Dec. 20, 5:55pm

      Yep. Because its for people who bought the academy edition. What’s wrong with that. It’s available in several countries not including the USA just how it is.

    • Dec. 20, 11:29pm

      what a dumb dumb.

  27. Dec. 20, 1:57pm

    I want DLC tracks and cars. Macau city circuit, Zandvoort, Lotus 49, Lotus 98T, Radical SR3, Ariel Atom & Veyron SS

    Come on Kaz, hook it up bro

    • Dec. 20, 4:11pm

      Hey I like your tracks and cars, but tracks are a bit harder because of how long it takes and I think it would be really difficult to get a license for Macau, unless they don’t need them for city circuits? But if they need to talk to the city government, the Chinesse could be a hassle. Honestly I’m fine if they just add fictional circuits AS LONG AS they design them realistically. That means NO TUNNELS, and then there are tracks like Grand Valley that are totally realistic until the tunnels and the roads on the edge of a huge cliff and stuff. Design a facility like a real world venue and we will go to town!

    • Dec. 21, 1:37am

      Actually I disagree about the fantasy tracks. I think the fantasy tracks they need to make are ones on the side of a mountain. I’m not a big forza fan but Fujimi Kaido is awesome, and it’s exactly the type of track I want to see in GT. I wish they would have the ambition to do a crazy track like that and not just Cape Ring which really wasn’t that impressive, and especially not atmospherically. Also I think they should bring back Costa Di Amalfi, Citta di Aria, and El Capitan, and get rid of high speed ring.

      And I believe Macau is licensed in GTR Evo. I doubt they put it in that sim without getting it licensed. I think the real issue of getting any city track in GT5, Iracing, or Assetto Corsa is that they need to laser scan them and time on any city track is very limited. Races and preparations are going on pretty much around the clock because they have to shut down city streets. Though I’d be fine with it if they just did it the old school way, it’s better than not having such a great track.

  28. Dec. 20, 12:01pm

    How about a Christmas present?

    • Dec. 20, 3:59pm

      It’s a Nissan GT-R or coal, take your pick ;)

  29. Dec. 20, 11:29am

    And so, the incredible has happened…

    Seriously, I thought GT was going to do nothing for its anniversary, but this is really awesome!
    Currently waiting for moar new! :D

  30. Dec. 20, 11:00am

    How can i partecipate to the contest??? i wanna try to win a die-cast model car

  31. Dec. 20, 10:58am

    What you expect
    What you imagine your going to get
    And What you actually get
    Is 3 different things. Just because you want DLC does not mean its going to happen.
    Somthing that a lot of you cannot grasp!!!!

  32. Dec. 20, 10:29am

    So is this a different time trial to the academy edition one? When will it start?

  33. Dec. 20, 10:22am
    Mac K

    What’s Playview?

  34. Dec. 20, 10:18am
    Rich S

    PD is pretty good to their consumers….we all want more DLC of course but they have to work on GT6 too.

    Play F1 2012 with the latest “patch” and see how horrifyingly fast the AI is in the wet, or how terrible the driving physics/graphics are compared to GT5 where you can see a mile ahead of where your going.

    • Dec. 20, 1:54pm

      Why do people always assume DLC is going to slow them down on GT6? They’ll be doing the same process for GT6 and probably use the same car models for GT6, so why would it slow them down? If anything it’ll be a few less things to do and they can make some cash on it

    • Dec. 20, 3:44pm

      I agree with TomBrady. Honestly if GT6 is all the same content and engine I think they should just release paid content or 1 super DLC that costs more or a sell an expansion disk for GT5

  35. Dec. 20, 9:51am

    Why is everybody complaining, i know series that are as old as GT5 that are still making games today that didn´t offered anything for their 10th or 15th anniversary, you should be glad that PD still cares about the player after so many years.

    • Dec. 20, 10:46am

      I hope and expect them to continue to support the series. After all, this is the only game that PD makes. Most other game developers have multiple games out, or at least come out with one at least once a year. Maybe that’s why EA games are so watered down.

    • Dec. 20, 12:16pm

      +1 on your comment swynder because that is very true. The only other gaming franchise I can recall doing more than 10-15 years is EA’s Madden NFL. Then again they’re the only ones with the NFL licence no one else could get. +1 JeremaihTB I also agree with your comment as well. Also reading all other comments, people please stop your whining about DLC this and engine sound that. You’ll never know what they could be thinking over there. Maybe they’re working on GT6, maybe they’re thinking for all types of support they want for GT5 for this upcoming next year. Quick note on turning standards to premiums, that might take a Decade (10 years) or two to even have that happen.

    • Dec. 20, 2:02pm

      Agreed Djwess, PD has no need to turn standarts to premiums, there are over 800 standarts, and since PD doesn´t work 24/7, it would take lots of time to make, people should just be happy the game has lots of cars even if they´re standart, graphics aren´t everything you know?

  36. Dec. 20, 9:49am

    yeah, pretty cheapo, Mr Kaz….

  37. Dec. 20, 9:48am

    What about a SPEC III…. That would be a nice Xmas gift under the virtual tree.

    • Dec. 20, 3:44pm

      I agree +1

  38. Dec. 20, 9:15am

    Wow, well that just sucks…I guess they didn’t make enough yen to give out any free DLC. Times are tough for Kaz and company, as I see the story link “GT5 Hits 9 Million Copies Shipped, Series Tops 67.8 Million”…incredible

  39. Dec. 20, 8:59am

    What a disappointing anniversary gift, I really was expecting DLC content.

    • Dec. 20, 3:02pm

      Same here.

  40. Dec. 20, 8:51am

    Only this for the 15th bday?


  41. Dec. 20, 7:51am

    The US page mentions nothing about a “give-away”! :(

  42. Dec. 20, 6:43am

    how about a revamp of all standard cars to premium as a 15th anniversary surprise update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dec. 20, 7:16am

      That would take another 15 years.

    • Dec. 20, 7:32am


      :-) one of the best responses I’ve seen recently on this forum.

    • Dec. 20, 9:28am

      Haha, lets keep our fingers crossed shall we?

  43. Dec. 20, 6:29am

    Sorry lads, but the website doesn’t mention any restriction for participation. Where did you get that information? The news release also reveals that a special version (of GT5) on multi monitors will be playable on their booth at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon as well as a movie that retraces the history of the GT series through the years. Kaz himself will be there to talk about his experience on the Nürburgring.

  44. Dec. 20, 6:13am

    Im sure Ive been playing this for more than 15 years or am I getting old and suffer memory distortions

  45. Dec. 20, 6:11am

    Quote “The top in-game prize for the event will include a golden Merc edes SLS AMG.e “

  46. Dec. 20, 4:12am

    I can’t believe that people without Academy Edition are left in the cold

    What’s that? you bought the game early? well if you would like to take part in this you’ll need to buy it again!

    • Dec. 20, 4:29am

      How so? The only difference between the Academy edition and the original release I could find is that the Academy edition allows you to compete in an Europe-exclusive GTA competition.

      I for one hope the western world will get to partake in that anniversary celebration. :-)

    • Dec. 20, 5:43am

      You can’t compete for this AMG for starters

      This whole thing is exclusive to people who purchased the Academy Edition.

      I don’t have the Academy Edition, because I didn’t wait 2 years to buy the game. I haven’t broken my disc because I love the game too much to risk damaging it. I’ve bought all of the DLC in an effort to support Polyphony and to thank them for being a part of my childhood and now adulthood.

      What do I get for my loyalty? a request to give them another 60 dollars so I can take part in something.

      I don’t CARE about the IRL stuff, or if I did I’d be happy to pay for it to be shipped to New Zealand.

      What I care about is an event that is restricted to these ‘late arrivals’ as it were…

    • Dec. 20, 7:04am


      1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% agreed. It’s a REAL SHAME!

    • Dec. 20, 8:41am

      You seem to have crossed wires, none of the stuff mentioned in this article is restricted to academy edition. That’s just the time trial content starting on Jan 1st.

    • Dec. 20, 5:38pm

      Is that your final answer Simon?

      From the GT5 News>Information segment

      “When they enter a special seasonal event activated within GT5: ACADEMY EDITION the special edition version of the famous Gran Turismo 5 game”

      I eagerly await how you’re going to call me wrong next.

    • Dec. 20, 5:56pm

      Urie, you are not incorrect, but the article you have commented on here is not for the Academy edition at all, nor for its exclusive time trials. I checked the European site and neither news mentioned a time trial at the Nurburgring.

    • Dec. 20, 6:40pm

      “Commemorative GT5 Seasonal Event Time Trial, taking place on the Nurburgring with Kazunori Yamauchi’s Nissan GT-R N24. The top in-game prize for the event will include a golden Mercedes SLS AMG.”

      While the news article under News>Information does not specify that the event is a time trial held on the nurburgring in the GT-R N24, I don’t see it in the seasonals available to me with my original copy of GT5.

      So unless this is a leprachaun seasonal and I just haven’t looked hard enough. That is the locked event the news article is talking about, thus making my comment on this news article relevant.

  47. Dec. 20, 4:11am

    It just may be a golden SLS as the Collectors Edition die-cast SLS I have is orange with black stripes.

  48. Dec. 20, 3:51am
    GT HP Nut

    I don’t think the top prize for the Seasonal Event is a golden SLS AMG, but a normal SLS AMG if you manage to get gold on the event.

    If I am wrong, remember, Google Translate is the one to blame. :P

    • Dec. 20, 5:01am

      Yes you are correct. It says the prize for getting gold is a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. It has nothing to do with a golden colored SLS AMG. For getting silver, you get a car restore card and for getting bronze, you get a “seasonal event item” which is probably a paint chip or possibly a horn or racing suit/helmet.

    • Dec. 20, 5:27am

      Well then I guess I’ll be trying to get silver then.. Seriously, I car restore ticket is more valuable than the Mercedes.

    • Dec. 20, 6:30am

      Thanks for clearing that up. Probably will still go for the Mercedes because it’ll be cool to have won it from this.

  49. Dec. 20, 3:44am

    This PlayView Feature I’m guessing It’s for Japan Only at the moment? Will take a wander on the JPN PSN Store a little later. Perks for Loving GT5 I guess if Your Japanese or Live in Japan!

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