GT Sport Closed Beta 1.06 Update Released, Now Available in Asia

Polyphony Digital has released the latest update for the GT Sport closed beta. The 1.06 update opens access to the Asia region and introduce numerous improvements to the game.

You’ll want to set aside some time for the update, as it weighs in at a massive 17.45 GB. Players in Asia — including Russia and Oceania — should keep an eye on their notifications. Polyphony announced the beta would be expanding to these regions last week, and our community has confirmed invites have gone out.

We’ve listed the full patch notes (as found in-game) below.

Update Details

  1. Game physics have been updated.The contents of the update are as follows:
    • Force Feedback intensity has been adjusted.
    • Various sound sources have been updated.
    • Online experience has been improved.
    • Rolling starts now available in [Daily Races].
    • The algorithm behind the calculation of the Sportsmanship Rating has been changed.
    • It is now possible to assign specific buttons to hazard lights and indicators.
    • The braking indicator can now be switched ON/OFF under [Driving Options].
    • Saved game data files are now stored online.
  2. Fixed certain bugs.

The braking indicator was the source of much rage when the last update landed. Mercifully, it appears Polyphony Digital has heard the cries and responded by making it optional.

Rolling starts were ubiquitous in the PS3-era games. However, since launch the GT Sport beta has only featured standing starts. With multiple drivetrains vying for position off the line in N300 and Gr.4, rolling starts should help even the field. Choosing a front-drive car will no longer forfeit numerous grid positions when the race itself starts.

Undocumented Changes

Thankfully, the GTPlanet community has already uncovered numerous undocumented changes buried within v1.06.

First off, there is now a view adjustment options menu for cockpit view. A mainstay of the PC sim racer crowd, this allows players to tailor the in-car view to their liking. While racers can’t change the field-of-view, they can modify height and distance to wheel. In addition, there are now two options for third-person cam: near, and far. You can check out all of this yourself below, care of community member DonZonda.

The thumbnail for the video hints at one of the other additions: pit crews. It’s unclear what role they will play at the moment, but early reports do indicate players can change tires to Rain or Intermediate compounds. This begs the question: is Polyphony prepping longer races for the beta?

Speaking of tires, skidmarks are now visible on the road surface. And off it, it seems: GTPlanet members have reported noticeable effects when heading off-course.

Finally, many players are reporting a general improvement in image quality with the beta, especially on PS4 Pro.

As more players gain access to the beta, we expect them to discover more new features. Keep an eye on the GT Sport 1.06 thread in our forums for all the latest developments.

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