GT Sport’s Next Track Will Be Set In the South of France

Gran Turismo Sport 3154 July 9, 2018 by

Summer is traditionally the season of vacations. How appropriate then, that Polyphony has put out another teaser for the upcoming GT Sport July update: It looks like players will be heading to the south of France.

This latest teaser is once again a short clip, fading in and out with only a few seconds of footage. The bridge that was off in the distance in the last clip is now center stage. Take a look for yourself:

As the video description explains, this mystery location is in the Provence region of France. A region known for its beauty, it covers a large swath of land, from the Rhône river in the west to the Italian border in the east. As a popular vacation hotspot, the region has its fair share of lakes. Following the river Var, we spy a few locations that seem appropriate: Lac de Saint-Croix and Lac d’Esparron. Up north, there’s also Lac de Serre-Ponçon.

The problem? None of these locations — or indeed, any we could find throughout France — feature a bridge like the one in the teaser. The plot thickens…

Whether or not Polyphony Digital has crafted another fantasy circuit, this rules out the return of Circuit de la Sierra. It technically doesn’t preclude the return of Grand Valley, however. Polyphony never did give that circuit a setting in any part of the globe. If this is a re-imagined classic, a view of the French Alps would seem appropriate, given the track name.

Given the short gap between the two teasers, we expect Polyphony to continue the slow reveal throughout the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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