GT5 Gameplay Video: Karting at Monza

September 25th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Thanks to all who sent this in!

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  1. Sep. 28, 6:15pm

    i wonder if you can mod the motors on these? i also like to try racing a go kart vs a honda civic on laguna seca and seeing if i can beat it lol XD

  2. Sep. 26, 1:41pm

    The steering still looks waaaaay too twitchy… I hope they’ll fix that in the final game model.

  3. Sep. 26, 12:27pm

    Even though the video was a good addition to allow us to see what we’re getting. One it should have been a little longer and had a better driver at the wheel.

  4. Sep. 26, 12:12pm

    I’ve worked events at Daytona during Kart Week and it looked like a LOT of fun in real life.

    That said, I’m not sold about it on a videogame…

    • Sep. 27, 3:22pm
      Kart Racer 24

      yes! i want to go one year. the lay down karts do like 135mph+ !

  5. Sep. 26, 7:56am

    kart on nürburgring! that would be fun

  6. Sep. 26, 3:10am

    “100CC centrifugal clutch karts (20hp maximum) are really not meant for full-size car tracks” .. EXACTLY !! top speed wouldnt be more than 120 kph, as an ex karter (KALI CRG) IMO its simply stupid to bring (GT5) a kart to a ‘normal race circuit’

    Karts are for kart tracks !!!!! .. end of story, well almost; lets hope there are super karts and/or water cooled rotax engined models to choose from .. they would suit a normal circuit.

    The power to weight ratio of a 250cc super kart is mind-numbing ! (it would wipe a V8 touring car)

    Kart racing is the most pure form of motorsport and introducing a 100cc kart to Monza or a similar circuit is simply wrong !

  7. Sep. 26, 1:45am


  8. Sep. 26, 1:25am

    This might be a bit off-topic,
    but will Go-carts have premium damage?
    Just imagine a roll-over…
    If you can get to a high enough speed! LOL

  9. Sep. 26, 12:46am


  10. Sep. 26, 12:18am

    Karting without cartoon characters and powerups? What’s the point, seriously? I’m not sure who their target audience is with this little addition.

  11. Sep. 25, 9:34pm
    Daniel Holland

    Why would one think that, turning side to side, crashing deliberately into the barrier, and allowing for the entire pack of drivers to streak ahead into the distance leaving you dead last, would make for entertaining viewing?

  12. Sep. 25, 7:27pm

    53… my favorite number :)

  13. Sep. 25, 3:24pm

    I hope PD includes slippery bananas, red homing turtle shells and, mushrooms that give you speed boosts. Oh and a yellow star that makes you glow different colors makes you invincible and makes you go faster.

    • Sep. 25, 7:14pm

      Dont forget the big black thing that go’s through everything in its path…something ben? boom ben or something :P

    • Sep. 26, 8:45am

      Bullet Bill! >:D

    • Sep. 26, 2:09pm

      ROFLMAO!! X-D

  14. Sep. 25, 2:13pm

    I really hope that they put in shifter karts. 100CC centrifugal clutch karts are really not meant for full-size car tracks. A Shifter Kart can usually go around a full-size car track faster than the street driven cars can. Now, if they put in Super Karts, that’d be even better.

    • Sep. 25, 4:18pm

      Exactly what I was thinking :/

  15. Sep. 25, 1:53pm

    In the future, you will be required to be a card carrying Silver or gold license holder from the previous GT game before you are allowed behind the wheel of a pre release GT demo. Drivers like this make the game look bad IMO, lol. You show up to a demo session anywhere in the world, and bouncer-san cards you, and if your credentials prove unworthy, you are only allowed to watch, and not given the opportunity to embarrass yourself or the game all over the internet.

    Im happy that Karts arent limited to that tiny track with all the controversy. Karts at the Nurb are exactly what I was thinking too. Whats that lap going to be, nearly 30 minutes? lol

  16. Sep. 25, 1:21pm

    Posted by HugoStiglitz_420:
    the lap time? well once the driver finishes the lap I’m sure jordan will let us know

    Mr. HugoStiglitz420,
    Thanks for the post!! LMAO You made my day!

    • Sep. 26, 1:33am

      Some people are actually unbelievably bad at driving, just look at YouTube “Yes, it’s a woman”, and watch her trying to change direction on a road (which takes about 12secs for other drivers in the vid) – video-length is 4:47 muhahaha

  17. Sep. 25, 12:55pm

    I’m part of the staff and I have the NASCAR copy of Gran Turismo 5 and I can answer most of your questions. The press conference I was at released that they are rethinking of putting Indy Cars in the game. If you have any questions please ask me.

    • Sep. 25, 6:22pm

      get lost

  18. Sep. 25, 12:48pm

    at the beginning of the video when the camera guy zooms out, you can clearly see the VW van’s interior on the left screen :)

  19. Sep. 25, 12:18pm
    Space Dynamics

    Freaking play in the wheels is so annoying…

  20. Sep. 25, 11:54am

    Then prologue

  21. Sep. 25, 11:53am

    Hey did anyone play the demo in best buy? The controls seem to be a lot more responsive the prologue

    • Sep. 25, 2:20pm

      yeah i just played it last week. i play Ferrari Italia at tokyo and nascar at indy. The handling is really realistic. i rolled the nascar when i cliped the front of another car but the damage wasnt that great for the nascar. but the ferrari i was able to destroy. just go to bestbuy and play it for yourself. alot better in person. i didnt want to put the controller down when i was there playing it. amazing game. but the controller was barely workable because of the wear on it.

    • Sep. 25, 6:27pm

      you rolled the nascar? has there been any vids of a full roll over yet?

    • Sep. 26, 2:06pm

      Whoa,you rolled it over? DUDE! Sick! I wish there was a video for that…

    • Sep. 26, 2:29pm

      yeah i rolled it i guess from being spun from right angle. the roof flap went up and i rolled it twice and front back and back on wheels. only the roof had a ding and the hood was open. went backwards too and like wtf dented front from 160mph collision head on. reserved the game cant wait till 11/2. i really want to max out the nascar damage

  22. Sep. 25, 11:51am

    Well guys if you notice that he’s in some Asian country because look at the scribbly “letters” or characters in their crazy language. Well that guy driving is most likely asian, even if he might look not Asian. So guys stop critiscizing, because what’s the one thing Asian people can’t do? DRIVE. So don’t be haters.


    • Sep. 25, 7:04pm

      Gee…how intelligent of you

    • Sep. 25, 8:29pm


  23. Sep. 25, 11:31am

    Cute girl in the background

  24. Sep. 25, 11:19am

    Nice one Jordan :)

  25. Sep. 25, 11:02am

    I hope there is a couple more kart tracks hopfully inside ones. I go karting nearly every saturday and the track i go to is fantastic. It has many hairpins and full throttle corners and it is inside so you can hear the motor and the skreaching tyres ehoing really well. It would be perfect for gt5. It would be way way way better than that repetitive ovel track we saw a while ago.

    If anyone else lives in northern ireland the track is in the eddie ervine centre in bangor.

    • Sep. 26, 6:38pm

      Hey, I’m from N.I too! Bit of a coincidence that your post is just below mine.

      Haven’t been to the one in Bangor, but I’ve been to Formula Karting in Newry. Is the one in Bangor any good?

  26. Sep. 25, 10:50am

    Wow, by the looks of some of the comments there are quite a few bridges out there missing their trolls!

    The video didn’t interest me that much, I don’t have much desire to run karts on real world tracks, but I am looking forward to racing them on proper kart tracks. I think it could be good fun and a break from endurance races round the ‘Ring

    • Sep. 25, 11:23am

      And what do you think about create karting tracks with the Course Maker?? Althought, I’ve a doubt about that… The courses you make with it, will be availaible only to race online? Or also be availaible offline?

    • Sep. 26, 7:50am

      @MrDave079 . If we could create a track in the Course Maker specifically for karts I’d be all for that. By the looks of it though we will only be getting full sized courses in the Course Maker, but that doesn’t mean PD couldn’t surprise us!

      I re-read my first comment again, what I meant to say was I had no desire to run karts on full size tracks, apologies.

  27. Sep. 25, 10:13am

    I hear comments on re-adjusting the force feedback on the DFGT wheel, how do I do that?

    • Sep. 25, 5:44pm

      in the settings

    • Sep. 26, 2:03pm

      OOOHHH!!! ok thanks (I never checked!), because when I reach a certain speed, my R8 loses control and it’s too strong to compensate

  28. Sep. 25, 10:11am
    Sgt. GeeTee

    The cart racing is pretty cool but it just looks really slow. I hope they added some smaller cart-specific tracks.

  29. Sep. 25, 10:03am

    Thanks Jordan :)

  30. Sep. 25, 10:02am

    thank you jordan thank you

  31. Sep. 25, 9:13am

    That’s what happens when you drive like in american movies.

  32. Sep. 25, 8:47am

    I for one really like the idea of karting on a massive track.. Sure Monza may be a bad example, canada’s villneuve another bad one, but monaco would be awesomely brilliant, aswell as say spa could be interesting, indy would definately be fun (the actual track, not the circle),, there would be alot of great tracks.

    Thanks PD for doing this.. really wanted it as soon as I saw karts in the game.

    I’d like to race Karts against slower cars, like fiat 500’s (old ones) or maybe even slower alfa 147’s or something. THe kart has way better acceleration and can go through corners faster and is easier to drive (less weight movement and roll and such), while the car has a better top speed.

  33. Sep. 25, 8:40am

    Not likin’ the karts… at all.

  34. Sep. 25, 8:33am

    The only reason to drive a kart on tracks like these is to look at the scenery. So pointless.

  35. Sep. 25, 8:26am

    For Pete’s sake Polyphony, get rid of the stupid arcade-like barriers on chicanes. No-one likes them.

    • Sep. 25, 5:43pm

      They put them there for cheaters, same on the Top Gear track, It really sucks I know.

  36. Sep. 25, 7:45am
    Berlino Bear

    Hey everyone, wasn’t I great in Berlin? I should the the GT mascot as well. I would only run into the armco a few times while carrying a world class athlete.

  37. Sep. 25, 7:25am

    boring video -_-

  38. Sep. 25, 6:38am

    this used to be a good place to read intelligent comments, oh well

  39. Sep. 25, 6:22am

    Haha, the music in the background and the driver not driving that well (ffb fail?) give the whole thing a Mariokart feeling.

    Look forward to karting in GT5!!

  40. Sep. 25, 6:12am

    I think the video is interesting as it shows karts won’t be restricted to ‘kart courses’. I appreciate the upload, even if the driving is bad.

  41. Sep. 25, 6:10am

    I think he’s driving sucks.. But i guess its because of the force feedback. Looks like the wheel doesnt want to be hold steady..

  42. Sep. 25, 6:04am

    I just hope to be can able pull bananas to other karts :)

  43. Sep. 25, 5:53am

    At no point in my post did I say that this guy was a good player, in fact I personally agree that he’s not that good. But I use the word ‘player’ and not ‘driver’, because it is just a game. Yet every damn time there’s a video, a bunch of oh-so-macho fanboys jump in and criticize the players skills. If you don’t like the way somebody drives, why not take the initiative to get out of mums basement and go to the expo/promo or whatever yourself? Else shut up about it.

  44. Sep. 25, 5:42am

    All i see is pixles

  45. Sep. 25, 5:38am

    Definitely the part of the game I’m least enthused about! Your average two-stroke race engine would expire long before the end of a lap of Monza!!

  46. Sep. 25, 5:28am

    My God I see the sense of speed hasn’t been sorted out yet ¬¬

    • Sep. 25, 5:50am

      Umm.. I wonder if you think a karts are rockets or something..

    • Sep. 25, 5:58am

      @BoBo Why the unnecessary name-calling? What he’s saying makes sense. Okay, maybe he didn’t realise that it was a slow kart on a big track. But the sense of speed has always been GT’s weakest point, aside from sound.

    • Sep. 25, 6:32am

      Sense of speed is something that is tricked in most games, mostly by letting cars drive faster than they do on the speedometer or by blurring the images of everything that comes past.

      In real life a lot of your sense of speed doesn’t come from the visuals (being low to the ground helps a bit), but from the feeling you get when your in a car/kart. Generally the tougher the suspension, the more you get the feeling of speed.

      I never thought sense of speed was something that needed fixing in GT (contrary to sound, which needs/needed fixing in a lot of areas). When you drive real fast, it looks fast, when you drive 120kmh it looks like you’re driving 120kmh.

    • Sep. 25, 6:33am

      There are ofcourse more factors, like G forces in the corners and such…

  47. Sep. 25, 5:25am
    general of the army

    :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
    1: PD cart car
    2: FIAT 500
    3: MAZDA 6
    4: EVO 10
    5: Audi R8 V10
    :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
    This should be fun !!

    • Sep. 25, 11:12am

      OMG!! The Veyron!!! I just wanna run that car, in cockpit, at Nurb and in a rainy day =D

  48. Sep. 25, 5:14am
    Mr Latte

    Stupid idea…

  49. Sep. 25, 5:04am

    im not a karting fan but it looks like fun,it would be cool to race a kart against the audi R8.

    • Sep. 25, 5:12am

      possibly fun but I think maybe a bit onesided :)

    • Sep. 25, 5:18am

      Well no it wouldnt be like racing an f1 against a swift at all. The r8 would kill the kart on a track with any sort of straight, but if it was around a karting track not even an elise would come within 10seconds of a kart. Also why are all the Bobos negative and annoying?

    • Sep. 25, 9:43am

      Bet, the result would be as clear as in the YouTube video showing a Bugatti Veyron vs BMW M3 – owned!

    • Sep. 25, 10:09am

      If you were driving against the guy in the video, you might be able to beat him in the R8 while driving backwards =p. Not that I could do much better… I guess I’ll find out in a little over a month!

  50. Sep. 25, 5:00am

    Really didn’t think you would be able to race karts on the ‘full size’ tracks. I was hoping that the karting competition would have its own series of smaller kart tracks that were shorter and narrower, racing round a wide 5km track with long straights isn’t really what karting is about.

  51. Sep. 25, 4:59am
    Mr Latte

    Wow, i have to say, apart from the rather poor driving the karting on Monza looked hella’fun. I can’t wait to get this game running on my triple screen setup with ass bashers.

  52. Sep. 25, 4:39am

    Either he isn’t very familiar with the wheel or the dreaded GT FFB shudder still hasn’t been fixed, which is what I’m betting. GT4 was really bad with higher speed nimble handling cars like the Formula GT, GT5P got a little better but its still there. Any time you got a good measure of speed going the wheel would shake back and forth no matter what you tried to do about it. The first time I used a wheel with GT4 I thought my wheel was broken because of it, but I used other sims and the wheel was flawless.
    Hopefully this is fixed by release time, otherwise I will be very much disappointed as this has been a known issue for quite some time.

    • Sep. 25, 4:42am

      At the 35 second mark you can see it pretty plainly, and again at about 54 seconds and 1:04

    • Sep. 25, 4:49pm

      I don’t understand why PD can’t increase the dead zone for the wheel to stop this from happening. In prologue with the F2007, I had to always be slightly turning the car either left or right to keep the wheel from jittering around

    • Sep. 25, 5:42pm

      It only happens when you apply to much downforce to the front of the car. Don’t believe me than try it yourself, reduce the front DF, go to a high speed track, and you’ll noticed the ffb rumble will go away.

    • Sep. 26, 6:35am

      TofuStoreDrift, you might be right but I can’t see many people reducing their downforce all the time to negate the effect. I always just applied very slight pressure in either direction, or just gripped the wheel very tight when going in a straight line. It does suck because I like to have the FF all the way up, but that just makes the effect worse… Then again, given how old my DFP is I’d be surprised if it would last long with full FF. I think there should be a custom dead zone setting, but personally I was ok with gentle pressure to either side. It did make me laugh the first time it happened, I was using the Toyota Minolta 88C-V on Fuji and suddenly it was driving itself… I went to make cup of tea on the last lap with a book on the accelerator. Turned out that was a mistake because it spun itself.

  53. Sep. 25, 4:32am

    I hate to say it but nothing new in this video to
    Be honest. It’s rather lame and to be honest no he can’t drive from the evidencenofnthe video. Most people don’t go side to side down a
    Straight unless your warming your tyres, and as current the demo does not show show tyre temperatature stats.
    I would like to and will probaly do a lap of the ring in a kart. Why because I can simple as that.

  54. Sep. 25, 4:11am

    Every time I see Carting I think it’s stupid to put them on gran turismo. Waste of time to work on them. Better built more premium cars or more tracks.
    And yes. FF is set too strong on this vid. He can’t drive straight.

  55. Sep. 25, 4:08am

    @Gt5anticip8r. That bloke driving was useless and I agree with the comments saying that.

    Surely if you are driving and the steering wheel is shaking you hold it tight, and also taking your foot off the throttle also helps!

  56. Sep. 25, 4:06am

    Bbbbooorrriiinnnngggggg. Karts on Monza? Why not just jog around?

    • Sep. 25, 6:34am

      I think jogging won’t be added untill GT6, but I could be wrong.

    • Sep. 25, 11:09am

      I wonder what standard shoes are gonna look like. 2D SHOE LACES?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

  57. Sep. 25, 3:39am

    This is hilarious. To all you kids saying ‘He can’t drive!’, I’d like to put you in a proper race car (without a wingback armchair and the option of stopping for a cooldrink) and see how well you cope. Hell, I’ll bet most of you can’t even control a clutch as yet. So please stop using the word ‘drive’ as if it’s real life – you should be grateful that guys like this are even bothering getting footage and letting us know. And no, even the most sophisticated Tv and FFB wheel does not even get close to reality.

    • Sep. 25, 4:03am


    • Sep. 25, 4:30am
      – SZRT Ice –

      To be completly honest, you are more likely to lose control of a car in GT than in real life… The reason is simply because the sense of inertia is removed in gaming. If you power through a corner in a ZO6 or Viper, you can “feel” traction loss and make the minute (miniscule/small) changes in acceleration on the fly where in gaming you have to rely solely on your eyes… However in the case of this video, it seemed to me he was re-adjusting too drastically and would have fared better if he turned slightly and took each turn in long sweeps instead of “turn-bursts” wich is what one has to do in the case of using a d-pad.

    • Sep. 25, 4:37am
      – SZRT Ice –


      He was over-correcting the car in his attempt to keep it steady… This is a good lesson in:

      How to Lose Control of A Vehicle 101.
      If it was an SUV he would have possibly flipped it. Would’ve been cool to see if the “roll-over” physics were accurate, he’d be the perfect tester for that!

  58. Sep. 25, 3:39am

    It looks like karts on The ‘Ring won’t be all that fun. At least not on the long straights

  59. Sep. 25, 3:39am

    Can you imagine taking a kart on Nordschleife?
    Or am I the only nutter who’s curious enough about taking a kart through The Carousel to want to do it?

    • Sep. 25, 6:29am

      Don’t worry, Your not the only one who’s curious enough to try that >:D

      I hope it can atleast make it up the first hilly bit unlike the Daimler carriage :p

    • Sep. 25, 10:10am

      Hahaha, I would do that! But only online with friends on a private game with my kart havinggears so it’s not too boring.

    • Sep. 25, 6:48pm

      Nope. Drove a Fiat 500 around the ring in GT4 once. Took me around 30min iirc lol.

    • Sep. 26, 3:36pm
      Pescara for gt5

      There is a thread somewhere in the GT4 section of someone who actually got the Diamler Motor Carriage around the Nordschliefe, not sure what the thread was called though.

    • Sep. 26, 4:13pm

      I drove the Ford Model T in GT4. Took just over 15mins to get around. On some of the downhill parts I let it roll with the clutch in as it would go faster. Got twitchy at 120kph.

  60. Sep. 25, 3:36am

    Maybe he’s suffering from “noob wheel sway syndrome”. You know, the time it takes for new wheel user to overcome and get used to the wheel playing tug-of-war with you.

  61. Sep. 25, 3:35am

    karting without gears on monza is just a senseless pain. i’ll never use it.

  62. Sep. 25, 3:16am
    Reprogrammed To Hate

    36 more days people

    Oct is going to be a long month…

    Specially the last 5 days haha.

  63. Sep. 25, 2:58am

    not really a fun circuit for karts!

    • Sep. 25, 3:13am

      Yeah, I’d like to race on the Autumn Ring, even mini would be fine

    • Sep. 25, 3:19am

      Karts on a full track looks painful, wonder what the lap time is? :P

    • Sep. 25, 4:01am

      karting on a full size track just looks painfully boring

    • Sep. 25, 10:18am

      the lap time? well once the driver finishes the lap I’m sure jordan will let us know

    • Sep. 25, 1:17pm


    • Sep. 25, 4:48pm

      Seems that many people are under estimating carts. Not all carts are like indoor karts. Some series use karts that deliver 440 Bhp per tone and a speed of up to 250 Kmh. Using anything other than full circuits would be madness

  64. Sep. 25, 2:58am

    How come we REAL GT players don’t get a chance to play the game before it comes out while pathetic non GT fans have been playing this game for months? It’s just not fair.

    • Sep. 25, 11:59am

      A real GT fan gonna wait to play the full game at home instead of boring demo :O

    • Sep. 25, 12:25pm

      Still waiting… Almost one more month!

    • Sep. 25, 9:30pm

      You could get off your butt and go to where the demos are, but sitting behind a computer and whining works, too.

  65. Sep. 25, 2:50am

    Either the force(feedback) is particular strong with that wheel, or else this guy is a total wimp.

    • Sep. 25, 2:54am

      palleraa i think its the latter because of the fact that all the wheels are made the same if I’m not mistaken unless u can change the sensitivity but from experience in driving racing karts they are pretty hard to control so it could be either due to they guy being a wimp or the sensitivity of a 3/4 turns lock to lock wheel on the kart vs. a 2 and a half lock to lock on the racing wheel

    • Sep. 25, 5:45am

      I think its the small amount of steering angle.

    • Sep. 25, 6:58pm

      I don’t think its either. Looked like he was over correcting for slight turns. I did the same thing when I first started using a wheel in GT5p. No one is going to be good within 30seconds of starting, especially since he probably wasn’t used to the karts.

  66. Sep. 25, 2:40am

    p.s. another drunk on the wheel! *sigh*

    • Sep. 25, 2:59am

      maybe he’s just showing off the physics and dirt effects or something, but If I were him, I’d just effing race.

    • Sep. 25, 10:15am

      he tried to change gear at the begining what a noob LOL :)

  67. Sep. 25, 2:36am

    Bobert is excited.

    • Sep. 25, 4:10am

      thats nice, super duper

    • Sep. 25, 4:42am

      wow that is really very nice
      i thought karting is not a good idea but now i think its a good idea

    • Sep. 26, 12:22pm

      @ ICEMAN

      Karting is the stepping stone to understanding car control under extreme conditions. It’s a excellent addition to Gran Turismo 5. I think once you try it you’ll fall madly in LOVE with it. You may even be driving the karts more than the cars.

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