GT5 Gameplay Video: Nissan GTR V-Spec in the Rain

Good find, ElieTheStig!

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  1. doctorfouad

    I like the rain being physics driven particle effects ! thats incredible and show how much the CELL is powerful ! after killzone 2, GOW3, heavy Rain and Uncharted 2, GT5 will show what the ps3 is really capable of !

  2. John Marine

    Truly spectacular. I always say that the gold standard of rain effects is in Project Gotham Racing 4. This deal is PLENTY spectacular. What began with GT3’s wet Special Stage Route 5, continued with a wet Tsukuba in GT4, and now has featured quite a few courses with wet roads. Racing will be tough in the rain, and drifting will be easier… but will be immensely hard to control the car when sideways. Plenty of interesting dynamics will come into play in regards to racing in the rain. That’s a great video.

    I’ve always said that Polyphony Digital may want to look into creating an environmental engine which allows for changes in time and weather. The rain effects look wonderful. I still think there should be racing rain tires/tyres to allow for better wet handling. Rain racing is going to be very intense.

    1. Pie 'n' Peas

      It’s all very well saying that you have always said that PD should consider a dynamic environment, but you are hardly alone are you? As for rain tyres, what makes you think they are not/might not be in the game?

  3. bucketseat

    Whether the wet weather will whet my already keen appetite is not in question.
    Who will reign in the rain by holding back on their pony’s rein is still to be determined.
    Enough of the punishment…give us more game play (double entendre)!
    2 Nov…24 days (or daze) away (aweigh)! I can hardly weight (wait)…

    1. Sum1s2pid

      Not too mention a monstrously powerful MR or RR. Can’t wait to look like the worst driver in the world!

    1. Bernd

      I just watched F1 2010 on YouTube. It has reflections and puddles, but they reduced rain and spray to a minimum, guess
      game-developers have to compromise somewhere to keep the frame-rate up

  4. HugoStiglitz_420

    did anyone else notice how when he crashed he popped up in the air a little bit? I thought that was awesome

  5. - Ice of SZRT -

    Bad driving, bad quality vid, nice to see that the GTR still handles well in the rain, other than that… Nothing new… 25 days of anticipation… -_-

  6. Dr.Strangelove

    The rain looks great and everything. But if you look very closely at how the rain disappears from the windshield all of a sudden when he drives into the tunnel, you notice that its not because of the wipers.
    You see, PD, what you do to people? Letting them wait so long that they take the time to complain over minimalistic details? Nice job xD

    1. Sigmaviper11

      Its not that bad. I mean you yourself said its just nitpicking. Picking off the details to get right in the next GT. And occupying your time until this one comes out. Seem like win win to me.

    2. Dr.Strangelove

      Dont get me wrong. I think that PD made a great job, too: They let everyone wait for so long so that some people dissect every detail just because they (i am talking about myself) are addicted to GT. Thats like “beta testing” (i know its not, but i think you know what i mean) and “marketing research”.
      By the way: I wouldnt mind if the rain would be like that in GT 6. But i would rather make a wish for additional tuning options – in terms of performance as well as in terms of tuning parts to individualize your car. :)

  7. Skidmark

    The AI wasn’t challenging at all in THIS race. I know that in Prologue the AI gets increasingly difficult.
    I think we’ll have to reserve judgment on the AI until we get deeper into the game.

  8. pasigiri

    25 days left. This is going to be epic. I can’t wait to see the GT5/Forza 3 comparison articles … which I probably won’t ever read because I’ll be playing GT5.

    1. G

      They prob wont happen now… the only people that tended to do the compare videos where Forza fanboys when all GT had was Prologue and the Time Trial and it was always focused on damage and number of cars and tracks… since all this news and videos have come out on GT5 the whole Forza vs GT5 thing has just died…

      wonder why?

    2. King Goeres

      Well, GT5 got too much content to be compared to other racers :p Even Kaz said that GT5 might’ve been better of on a next gen console.

      It’s craaaazy

    3. Gulyo

      Forza 3 gonna be 2 years old than so … won’t be too fair comparing them … Forza 4 would be more reasonable :)

  9. Black Chamber

    Let’s just hope that all the tracks in GT5 offer “Static” random weather and that the select few that host the Endurance Races have the “Dynamic Weather”.

    1. Clark

      +1. At least a few light / weather or cloud variations per course would be SO much better than the “always sunny” treatment every Prologue track has been given.

  10. northcong

    I can’t help to image one day PD will release an real-time forecast add-on which will change/reflect the real weather for the tracks’ location, like what’s happening in MS flight simulator X. Cheer up!

    1. iLex

      Didn’t GT5P show the current weather at your location or am I confused with something else? I think it would be rather easy (since there are weather servers) to have GT5 update the weather according to the location of the tracks as well as use the local time of the tracks for day/night.
      It would add tons of fun/realism for what seems to me to be a tiny bit of code.

      I love how Burnout (yes totally different game, but has cars too) can use your local time for day/night.

    2. Bolg

      I heard that will be in GT5 but since we’re not even sure if all tracks will have weather I wouldn’t count on it but yeah would be a great feature.

    3. BWX

      iLex– “Didn’t GT5P show the current weather at your location or am I confused with something else?”
      It does in the lounge- where you choose your races, etc.. In the top right of the screen it shows track temperatures and condition.

    1. DrTrouserPlank

      Most AI in racing games tends to be too slow in certain areas of certain tracks, or in certain conditions.

  11. Hoodie

    A little miffed that there is no visible standing water on the track, sure I’ll get over it like!

    Also, the wipers don’t appear to do that much really, rain appears on the windscreen in equal quantities before and after it ‘wipes’ whereas in real life there is a slight moment of clarity between each movement. The scasle of this clarity depends on the severity of the rain.

    1. Erik

      It also depends on the speed at which you travel, the higher speed the faster you will accumulate rain on the screen. If you compare the sequences when the car is at low speed to when the car is at high speed, there is a big difference in the experienced intensity of the rain.
      Personally I think the rain looks great, it even seems to be affected by G-forces.

    2. DarthTurismo

      “rain appears on the windscreen in equal quantities”?? to me it looks like it changes depending on the wind and gforce… which is amazing… together with the fact that it also depends on the speed at which you are going the cars that are around etc…

      have you driven a car at high speed in heavy rain? a car that has an angled windscreen like the GTR? trust me that’s exactly how it looks.. and how the wipers operate… i mean you even see the water running off the side window!! which others here complained wasn’t happening… looks bloody good to me.. and i have nothing wrong with my eyes either!

    3. Hoodie

      I live in England mate, it’s easier to say when I DON’T drive at high speed in the rain! I’ve done hundreds of miles in a Skyline in the wet and the wipers still leave a clear area even if it’s only for a fraction of a second. (Dependant on speed). I was also watching some UK touring cars the other week in the wet and the wiper still seemed to a lot more.

      I agree it looks superb though, I’m just nit-picking really.

    4. HugoStiglitz_420

      @DarthTurismo 2 posts in a row, thank you for pointing these things out. I’m glad not everyone is blind. Cheers bro

    5. DarthTurismo

      Hugo Stiglitz????? ive heard of you! hahaha where’s the bear jew at?

      oh if that was sarcasm… don’t forget, it’s the lowest form of wit champ ;-)

    6. DarthTurismo

      Maybe Darth should use the force to determine that you were not having a stab at me….!! instead of jumping to conclusions… that’s such a sith thing to do ;-)

  12. Rsh_scuderia

    Wow, that is a major flaw!
    I don’t see a diffrence in the tarmac in the tunnel or in the rain. In fact, I don’t see a wet track at all, just rain effect.

    1. Erik

      The tunnel has the whole right side open, so that might be explained with water coming in from there. Will be interesting to see if there’s a difference in a completely covered tunnel though…

    2. DarthTurismo

      I can see quite clearly that the road is deep in water… you can even see the actual rain drops hitting the road in the beginning of the race! and the sheer amount of spray coming off the other cars… There are many different kinds of road surfaces and tarmac and not all of them are shiny…. in fact some road surfaces don’t even look wet when it rains… i think if you view this track in 1080p you will see that the surface is wet….

      pretty hard to make a negative judgement on a poor quality recording…

    3. JesseDeya

      Pause it at 1:15 as he is about to come out of the tunnel. You can see a line across the road which looks like the transition from dry to wet.

      The surface outside the tunnel looks brighter, like it is reflecting more light – which would make sense.

      Also, don’t forget the TGS visual effects trailer that clearly showed a wet track surface at night with lights reflecting off it.

      As DarthTurismo said, it’s pretty hard to judge from a low qual recording like this.

  13. twinspark24

    As far as I remember in GT5P when using interior cam there was no digital HUD? Now it is shown in bottom left cornenr of the screen- brake/gas, turbo boost, etc…
    Please correct me if I am wrong

    1. Erik

      It looks the same as in GT5P as far as I can recall. The big display on the left is part of the interior of the car (and I believe that display is also designed by Polyphony Digital)

    2. StarSoldier

      @Erik… look at the display ont eh right side of the screen. his is what he is talking about and i really hope this hud will not be up while in the interior of the car.

    3. iLex

      That HUD is there in interior view in GT5P (been playing it again for the past days).

      I would like the option to turn it off, not to have it removed completely as some of the dials are not as visible as they would be in the real car.

  14. Bunghole

    Graphics look awesome (ofcourse)
    Disappointed about the AI. He crashed, took ages to turn around and they were still 1/4 lap behind… before he had finished the first lap!!!! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!

    1. Bernd

      Remember, in GT4’s family-cup you could adjust AI from 1 (weak) to 10 (hard), maybe this was the case here. If this was a normal race, it would be a bit disappointing, agreed

    2. Sum1s2pid

      While understandable with the concerns about AI difficulty, they already have the GT fans in the bag. If you want to sell a game to people who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in a GT game, you probably don’t want to ramp up the difficulty of a demo too much.

  15. gunma36

    I’m just a little bit disappointed with weather conditions…I mean, it looks incredible, but I hate that this is still available only on selected tracks…Haven’t they said before that the weather could be in real time? i.e.: if in actual Monza race track is raining while I’m playing then in the game I get Monza in the rain?

    1. Spaghettimonster

      you could always set that up for yourself, since they probably have weather forecasts as in prologue. so you have the choice either way. better this way than having to race a wet monza when you actually want to do a fast lap.

    2. iLex

      As far as I know DYNAMIC weather is only available on certain tracks (probably the tracks that have 24h races on them). STATIC weather (one type of weather for the whole race) could still be available on more tracks.

      Besides that I’d rather have rain on a few tracks than on none.

    1. Sum1s2pid

      Perfect timing… I should be coming out of my sugar-induced coma, from finishing leftover Halloween candy that wasn’t handed out, right about November 2.

  16. Landry

    I really hope we will be able to take a NASCAR stock car out into the rain as well. I don’t see why it can’t happen, barring the ovals. We all know what happens to wet tires on an oval.

    And before any of you say it cannot be done, go to youtube and check out the 2008 and 2009 NASCAR Nationwide series races at Montreal. The 2008 race was a clinic that proved that it can be done. In 2009 qualifying was run in the rain and the last 10 or so laps were run in the rain as well. The rain setup didn’t work so well in 2009 with the inclusion of double file restarts, but it can be done.

    1. JesseDeya

      It could only be done well by Marcus Ambrose though, because of all his Australian V8 Supercar experience (and championship wins). The rest of the tin toppers were sliding off like skittles!

  17. Heymoa

    if you change up and down the gears fast does the driver take both hands off the wheel? The Gear change animation really bugs me :( Loving the rain though, looks hard as hell to drive in :P

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      that may be but you gotta admit, the accuracy of the wheel turning in game compared to your wheel in real life is nearly mirrored in prologue even and I think that’s really cool until you turn it past a certain point and the wheel stops turning but besides that, I like the effort they put into the wheel animation

  18. Juan

    Oh and one more thing… some people (2 of my friends) may start criticizing the rain effects. These two dumb ass friends of mine said it looks like it would be too hard to see…. but THAT is how it is when driving in the rain…

    I just can’t wait to see how this would feel like playing at La Sarthe, at Night, and in the rain!!.. (if possible of course)..

  19. snausages

    did anyone else notice the minimap after he drove past the two hairpin turns? It seems like there’s an extra section of the track we’ve never seen before…

    1. Hentis

      I’m thinking its could be a pit lane. As it was there on GT5P but you could not go down it as it was blocked off with a barrier although the extra segment never showed up on the map as it does now.

  20. Juan

    This is by far the most realistic in a game yet.. today here in L.A it was raining like crazy… and I was driving down the 2 Freeway in Glendale, going north and hit a heavy patch of rain, and it reminded me of this… I can’t wait!!!

    1. G

      I remember when L.A. and my home city of Manchester in the UK were twined with eachother and the Mayor of L.A. came over to do all the signing of forms and looking around (usual crap) and commented that between him waking up and signing the deal (some 3/4 hours later) Manchester had more rain fall in a few hours than L.A. has in 6 months haha!

      All he could say was ‘It was nice to see the rain again’

      Yeah its great, lucky B**tard! haha

  21. BigE

    Will the computer controlled AI opponents also be affected by the rain conditions?
    Because these conditions look really, really hard to drive in!
    It’s not going to be easy to win a race if your AI opponents can see “through” the rain so to speak.

    1. King Goeres

      One of the first rain videos with actual gameplay had the car on the first place spin out of control at the end of the first lap.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      that’s awesome. that’s what I hate about prologue. I mean really, unless you slam the AI in prologue, has anyone ever seen them spin out on their own when their not just jossling for position? I am yet to see AI in prologue even lose grip for a split second when driving by itself. I’m so happy that GT5 isn’t like that as much

  22. XY

    Has anyone noticed that the angle of the stearing weel in the game doesn’t meet the real one on the driver’s hands? Would there be any method or set up to fix that when we playing it?

    1. iLex

      I’m afraid it won’t happen. The steering wheel supports 900 degree steering, while the animation doesn’t. It will take a whole lot of new animation to fix that, especially when a player needs to turn the wheel all the way to one side.

    1. Liger

      I like how the rain diminishes when behind another car. They really put a lot of effort into these dynamic weather effects on the cars.

      The V-Spec has slightly more power with an overboost function, a much lighter and larger exhaust, better brakes, stiffer suspension, more aggressive AWD software, a bit lighter, and it costs twice as much as the standard GTR….

    2. XY

      Yep, I prefer hood cam either in other racing games, coz we’ve already got our stearing weels on hands, why bother to have an extra view of it in the game. Just my thought, though I know PD spent a lot of time on those cockpit stuffs…

    3. Spaghettimonster

      must be amazing if they put waterdrops in your view in bumper cam. just like in f1 2010. as if you got your eyes soaking wet or were looking through a transparent bumper. :D as far as i remember, the water effects are simply gone in bumper cam.

    4. GoldUltima

      Yeah, I really want hood camera and couldn’t possibly care less about interiors. I’m actually slightly annoyed that they bothered to spend time on them when I’m sure there’s something far better they could have been doing with that time. (like having damage on all the cars, or a more robust track editor.) I already have a steering wheel, I don’t need to see a steering wheel in front of my steering wheel. They need a camera option where the screen is literally your windshield.

      All of this being said I’m still uber excited and can’t wait for Nov 2 so I can get my collectors edition.

    5. HugoStiglitz_420

      there’s a roof cam. if anything you should happy that you have a better view of the track because clearly that’s more important to you guys if you don’t like cockpits. If you were really driving the car, you don’t focus on the road the way that we focus on the TV (because in real life you need peripheral vision to be aware of the road) so whatever you physically have in front of you is irrelevant, if you were in that car, you would still be seeing its interior. And I find it completely boring to not even be able to tell what car it is ( maybe not always the case with hood cam but sometimes is enough ). By your logic, why should the model the cars at all? if all you need is to be able to see the road because you can already see your own steering wheel, then why model them at all on the outside or inside? it’s because people like me and Kaz love seeing how these cars look. There’s so many cars we otherwise would know how they look from the inside, I loved that I found out through GT5P and so did many people. The whole game is a about driving cars and you’re gonna say that ignoring the part that in real life you would have to get into is a waste of disc space? biased much?

    1. Damien

      Less weight, some carbon fibre aero components, less 2 seats, slightly revised power output and new boost button for extra HP for a limited amount of time which can be used once every few minutes or so.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      in conclusion: the v spec is pretty sweet. worth the extra price? who cares, it’s awesome. same goes for the lexus LFA

  23. su

    Nice I always hated racing in the rain in other games, because it sucked. This looks amazingly real with the buildup of the rain and the front end wash etc. It just looks amazing. Thanks Polyphony :)

    but You know the One thing in the R35 that is poorly designed Its in real life as well, Is the tacho and how it has the little LCD display in red underneath it even though it is numbered and everyone knows what the R35 red lines at, the LCD being red always screws me up because I use my peripheral vision to watch where the tacho is and for almost 3 months I kept hitting the limiter because I kept waiting for the tacho to go to the red, Just because the color red on a tacho has always simulated the start of the red line/ danger zone for the engine.

    Thanks for the Video. Makes we want GT5 sooo sooo much

    1. Shokz

      You know… Attention to detail because PD remembered there’s more windows in a car than the windscreen… I mean come on guys, the fact they’ve modelled the rain on the side window too should be a given.

      I’m still a little disappointed with the weather effects; so far I have spotted NO standing water on the tracks or any sign the rain has any actual effect on the appearance of the track at all aside from making it look slightly darker (just look at F1 2010 to see how it’s done right).

    2. Morgan

      I’m inclined to agree with you Shokz. In addition to the standing water issue, the tire squeal seems to be just as loud in the wet as it does in the dry. It’s like in TV and movies when there’s a car chase scene on a dirt or gravel road and the tire squeal is clear as day. Takes me right of the game.

      I’m still on the fence bout F1 2010 but after purchasing the Ferrari f1 in GT5p last night I might have to count the pennies in the piggy bank.

    3. HugoStiglitz_420

      gimme a break. even in garbage you tube video quality GT5s weather is better. have fun in la la land buddy

    4. Morgan

      Ultimately I care less about the visual look of things. Yes, to me the weather effects look really really good but I am hoping that there is more of an emphasis on performance (or lack of) in the wet and the intangibles such as standing water and diminished grip etc.

    5. viejaloca

      Who knows? Maybe they’re working on that right now? And yeah, i totaly agree with the tire squeel. Remember the noise the tires made on SSR5 in te rain on GT3? They could at least copy that to GT5.

    6. BWX

      viejaloca- “Who knows? Maybe they’re working on that right now?”
      Working on that now? WTF- not hardly, the game in the stores in less than a month. They aren’t working on wet weather physics now.

    7. HugoStiglitz_420

      LOL no!!!!! I love F1 2010 and Grid and the Dirt series. In some ways especially sound design, Codemasters is lightyears ahead of PD but there’s no questioning, GT5s rain effects are spectacular and while F1s are also above par, puddles and not being able to tell that the tracks look totally different when wet is just a dumb way to conclude that F1 has better weather effects. please download a high res video of GT5s weather effects to see, the tracks are much more than just darker. The fog across the valley in eiger is incredible, it is so close to life, and you don’t need to see puddles to be able to tell the tracks wet. If anything, Shokz is the fanboy here for picking out 1 irrelevant detail and 1 incorrect observation to say that GT5s weather is sub par. PWNED

    1. missionfailed

      It’s gonna look like bigger than reallife raindrops, maybe ?
      You should have larger if you sit away from the screen.

  24. Jakemania

    Ah finally a car I love in the rain =). I’m gonna order as soon as I get my $10.00 credit from pre-ordering Medal of Honor on Amazon =p.

    1. organ-donor

      To be honest I don’t think we will see DYNAMIC weather for all tracks. My hope is to see dynamic for enduro’s and static weather options for others.

    2. Spaghettimonster

      it looks like dynamic weather is not possible for all tracks. fromn first sight i think that they apply all sorts of tricks like dense background fog etc. to acheive a decent framerate with water being pushed up from cars (up to 16), waterdrops on the windshield and skidmarks as well as wet track surfaces. the more detailed the track the harder it might be to uphold the framerate.

      but how amazing would a wet toscana track be? :D

    3. viejaloca

      I hope all road tracks at least have rain. It looks amazing but if it were only a few tracks, I’d call GT5 “incomplete”. It wouldn’t make sense.

    4. Zlimness

      viejaloca: You mean in the same way that not all car models have cockpits, damage modeling and same amount of details? I would be extremely surprised of all the tracks had weather effects if Yamauchi can divide up cars between standard and premium.

    5. viejaloca

      Well, in the case of car, i don’t really notice much of a differance in exterior detail, but in the case of not all tracks having weather,it’s a different thing. I think Kaz, with all due respect should’ve concentrated on ONE thing to add to GT5, instead of trying to wow us with a whole bunch of things that can only be inputted to certain thing. for example, instead of adding damage to 200 cars, he could’ve concentrated on making sure all cars have the dash view. and if there was still space and time, add another feature and leave the rest for gt6. Imagine, we could’ve had no standard cars! But don’t get me wrong, I think all these additions are awwesome. anyone agreee?

    6. viejaloca

      @BMX: i wasn’t thinking chagining the WHOLE weather physics, just fixing that tunnel part so it’d be dry road.

    1. tvensky


      It seems that you live in UK and dont know what normal rain is :) this is nothing! I need ThunderStorm!

    2. Detroitbb

      That’s not raining hard at all! It’s something between sprinkling and a light shower in the all the videos.

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