GT5 Gameplay Videos: Rainy SSR7, Snowy Chamonix

Videos taken from GT5’s “Arcade Mode”.

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  1. White & Nerdy

    Also, doesn’t SSR7 have a pit area? I’m assuming the presence of a fuel gauge means yes? The Chamonix video also displays a fuel gauge, does this mean rallycross courses will finally have pit areas?

    1. Luke

      Rally cars are build so that they can produce enormous torque whenever they want. GT simulates a turbo lag just fine, just look at the Ferrari F40 in Prologue.

  2. Tom

    Oh My God, the sound on that Citroen is fantastic, this really proves that the engine sound in this game is in antoher league than GT4. Also nice to see in the first video that overtaking another car is not too easy, I want to really fight my way through the field.

  3. dearlybeloved

    People ask as to why it’s taken so long for rollovers to appear in this game? Has anyone ever thought that it’s about processing power of the hardware and/or compromises. Imagine if they had introduced rollovers in GT4… then there would be hits taken in the other areas of the game. Maybe the speed/graphics/audio/etc would all be sub-standard.

    Peace out.

  4. No new RUFS WTF

    Yep, great sound and gameplay, coming out of the tunnel into rain is amazing!

    Keep up the good work Jordan I had no idea this video existed.. so many thanks.

  5. Dark-Cloud4

    just stop counting and go do something makes you busy for a week :) … i’ll not get in this website for a week … i’ll go do something >...< ..

  6. Dave-o

    I notice the driver is using high beam. I wonder if it would be easier to see when driving in the spray of other cars if the lights are dipped?

  7. WTFnews

    i think that you cant test your top speed with a vayron in this game becouse you need 12 km to reach 400 and 1 km more to reach 407. but the rally and the first video are great

  8. Chad.D

    i can only imagine an online race in the snow or rain on a long straight coming into a sharp turn, lol, it wont be pretty (and you wont be seeing me taking place in any online race in the rain outside of Eiger Nordwand, mainly because i know it well enough to know where the corners are, and well, lets face it, you really dont get to your top speed on a track like that to where it would cause a water spray like 0:30 or so in the first video, but its so much fun regardless, rain drifting will be interesting thats for sure)

  9. SkyBreaker

    Can’t wait until the game comes out
    Only think I can say is I think the rollover could be improved (from the second vid)

    1. Red_9

      since we couldnt really see the circumstances in which the rollover occured, it’s hard to pass judgement.

      I also think the hovering moment was akin to Forza 3; you use the stick to right the car (as unrealistic as it is; it may be a racing sim, but you don’t want to to be THAT discouraged).


      the AI is pretty bad. they’re more human like and challenging but the problem is, there even more wreckless than they were in gt5p. in that game, they would ram you off the road without a care in the world just so they could stick to their driving line. in gt5 they’ll actually leave the driving line to ram you. drivers in real life aren’t that aggressive so I don’t get why games make AI into huge asshole drivers. ferrari challenge has douchebag AI too and if they were real, I totally would punch them in the face, then hold them in a muay thai plum, then knee them in the face until they lose consciousness LMAO

  10. John Marine

    GT4’s Chamonix is immensely challenging. This Chamonix is even more challenging. Interesting also to see the Focus WRC car on its roof. Of course, I’ve always been curious as to why it’s taken four variations of GT to finally have rollovers. I always thought cars in GT should roll over anyways. Just that it’s never happened.

    As for SSR7, it’s going to REALLY favor fans of Tokyo highway battle (my “Tokyo Xtreme Racer” fans). The long blasts down the road and in the tunnels is more like driving on Wangan B from my TXR playing days. It is also VERY long. Just hope that we don’t get Kei car or compact car races on SSR7 because it would be a LONG drag.

  11. DarthTurismo

    the visuals are gorgeous… this game will rock in 1080p… the sounds have definately improved too… and the spray effects are great…

    it seems we have buttons for wipers and headlights… i just hope they are configurable on the G27??!!

    rollover looks a little dodgy… but i will reserve further judgement until i play it myself…

    1. Foxiol

      I saw a video and when you look at the “steer-wheels” there are no G25 or G27 (mine)to configure buttons…only Driving Force GT and Pro and others but no this ones.But the game is compatible with both as was in GT Academy.

    2. DarthTurismo

      damn so i guess it’ll be just like gt5p… you can steer brake and accelerate but not actually assign buttons… that will suck… currently have to have the dual shock next to my leg… dodgy man!

    3. bachy


      You mean for the G27? Because my copy of GT5p doesn’t give me that option.
      I can’t use my paddle shifters nor activate the clutch.
      If there’s something I missed, by all means, please fill me in.

    4. Andrew R.

      @bachy, yes there’s something you missed. You can hold the button on the G27 that would be the triangle on a PS controller while a race starts to activate the clutch. Also, on the time trial demo with the 370Z, the G27 was supported (Paddles and shift light).

      I imagine that buttons will be programmable for GT5 but it will be a bit difficult figuring out which button does what. Kudos to the first person on GTP to show a guide that makes this process simpler. :)

  12. MrDave079

    Hummm, what about damage in the rollover?? I have seen only one of the leaked GT5 Final videos, and damage was very very disapointing….

    1. Inggrish

      Im not too sure, I agree the damage dosen’t seem all that great… but then again, this is meant to be a driving simulator, we arn’t meant to crash the cars :P

    2. DV

      Inggrish crashing is part of racing, although it is not the objective of racing, it is PART of racing. This is why it should be simulated correctly. On a side note, casual gamers are so cute when they try to use in car views and get stuck to walls.

    3. MrDave079

      Agree with @DV, we are clear that the game is not about crashing cars, but if we want a complete racing simulator, damage have to be part of the it.


      LOL both you guys must be horrible drivers then. crashing is only a part of poor racing done by poor drivers, zing!

    5. MrDave079

      @VEYRON STANDARD? WTF LOL so, if the F1 drivers have any crash, if the LeMans drivers have a crash, if the NASCAR drivers have any crash, they are not professionals, and the are poor drivers. I’m not saying we are professionals, of course, but, come on, we are talking about the best driving simulator, but to be complete, has to have all or at least the most important things in racing, one of them, damage.

    6. bachy

      Keep in mind, this is “arcade mode.” Damage and damage physics are probably minimalized.
      I’m sure that A-spec races will have the option of full visual and mechanical damage features.

    7. MrDave079

      @bachy that’s true! Hope you are right! And if not, GT5 will continue to be the greatest driving simulator ever made!

  13. HaVoK_

    I believe that this verson of R7 is only for the wet. On the other video of SSR7 with the mugen civic, the track was much shorter than the version with the Citroen. I hope that there is a dry version of that track…

  14. brettjr25

    I really wish people would turn off that stupid blue line, it really ruins the immersion factor. Just learn the basic line, which is what it is. It’s not hard if I can do it, anyone can.


      immersion factor? how does the drive line ruin your immersion? if anything it increases it by allowing you to learn tracks in a shorter time than 3 years. I’m much more immersed in games with the driving line than without because of the driving line. Driving tracks focusing solely on the perfect driving line and braking points completely take away from the driving experience and make the game tedious. This isn’t real life where you’re actually there. the least the game can do to bring you to the track is give you a driving line. If you’ve ever learned a track in real life, you would know, it takes about as much time as it does to learn a track in GT with the driving line on.

    2. brettjr25


      First when I was referring to immersion I wasn’t talking about gameplay but environment of the game. Nothing brings you out of a state of believing your on a race track then an imaginary blue line that changes colors.

      Now onto your point, which I disagree with. If it’s taking you three years to understand how to turn in a track you’re doing it wrong. The Forza line that GT uses just shows you the basic principle for people who never learned it but should. There are set ways to take Apex turns, Hairpins and Scurves. Learning the lines should be your first step if you want to play GT and isn’t something that hard to do at all. Of course master the track and perfecting braking and cornering can take years but if you don’t stop being dependent on the stupid line you’ll never come close to getting there.

      Don’t get me wrong it’s useful for casual players and for people who learn the line from it, as in understanding what it’s showing you on an Scurve is the same for all of them but honestly if all you want to do is follow a line and do what it does, I honestly dont know why you even play GT. Maybe because it’s “cool”?

    3. KaffeineKeiser

      If you always follow the driving line, you will never learn the track fully, you will learn the driving line. Topography provides innumerable signs and indicators around and track, signs that can prepare you for turns long before any change of color in the line.

      Enjoy the game how you choose, it’s your fun time.

      See you on the road,

    1. Snaeper

      There are two GT by Citroen’s in the game. One is the concept… and another might be what the vehicle was originally supposed to be. That being a conventionally powered super car.

    2. Foxiol

      3 GT´s…1-Prototype (Prologue and no gearbox)…2-Race car , and 3- Road car…both with the V8 engine and gearbox.

  15. Aryanenzo

    WHATS WITH THE ROLLOVER PHYSICS? something is wrong, rollovers did not look like that. I think Sony really meddled with the game or they ran out of space.


      what are you talking about? the camera? yea whatever, the camera went though the ground but do you actually use that view? besides that it looks good. keep in mind he had tcs on therefore the throttle control is unrealistic. besides that the physics are phenominal

    1. viejaloca

      I don’t know how old you guys are, but to me, school is making this wait go by faster! BTW, I pre-ordered the game yesterday! It’s gonna be sick!

  16. terminator363

    this has been in the forums for so long, everybody has seen it, many of the members downloaded it, it seems silly Sony might censor it once again.

    1. GT5_delayHATER!

      I know that they do wanna look silly.
      Don´t you think they know that the videos may pop up anytime on youtube?
      They know, my friend, they´re just trying to look silly and funny.
      I´m not laughing though.

    2. Jordan

      Yep, if you’re in the forums a lot, you’ll see most everything there first. I had to take somewhat of a break over the weekend, excuse me while I get the blog back up to speed.


      thanks jordan. I now don’t have to keep telling all my friends, “check out this course maker video, it’s crazy” and rave about how gt5 is not going to get boring before ps4 and gt6 come out

    1. heavyboots

      Quite amazing visually!

      Really highlights why they don’t have group starts in rally racing though. Watching the guy hurtle snow-blind into barriers and other cars obscured in the spray really makes me pray we’ll get the option to compete against the clock too. I’d love it if we also got the option to have crashes knock you out of the race completely, but I sort of doubt that.

      Which reminds me, that rollover with built-in auto-recovery was *really* strange to watch…

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      @Tom this is apparently the actual road car version. in prologue and GT PSP it was the citroen GT concept with four electric engines. In GT5 they have the real life version which has a 550hp 8 cylinder as well as the concept and a racing version. I was surprised too when I started driving it in the gt5 demo. when I found it, it finally made sense to me why we saw so many gt5 videos with the gt going up against SLR’s Enzos viper ACR’s and gallardo’s on the track without completely lapping them multiple times


      0:50 awesome how the light effects changes
      2nd video , awesome engine sound , the car has a different engine sound on snow then in a sunny race without snow

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