GT5 Time Trial “Ranking Transition Chart”

Polyphony Digital has shared an interesting “ranking transition chart”, showing just how close the battle for the top spot was over the last few days of the Time Trial competition in North America. Of course, these guys weren’t exactly fighting for the same prize as the luckier players in Europe and Austraila/NZ (a visit to the Indy 500 or the chance to become a real racing driver, respectively), so there probably wasn’t as much desperation in the final moments as there was for GT Academy hopefuls. Regardless, I like this sort of data, and would be happy to see similar lap time analytical tools in GT5.

One thing you might notice: the top 10 North American driver list contains no less than four drivers in the GTPlanet Registry. Congratulations once again, guys – well done!

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  1. Tek9[r]

    Congatulations GTP top 10 winners. This graph would be awesome if you could run it though the analizer and compare their “ghosts” from a certain date, and then race them.

    We have to defeat Kratos to get GT5?! I hate to say it but this game is never gonna come out :<

  2. d3br34k5

    I wish I could moderate everything you say, vampire63. You clutter up every news feed with irrelevant and poorly written tripe. This news article is highlighting details of PD’s Ranking Transition Chart. If you have nothing constructive to say on this specific topic, you have no reason to post the same garbage you propagate in the comment section of every single piece of news that hits the front page of GTPlanet.

    Congradulations to all the winners and I must add that it’s pretty cool to see a Canadian on top of the North American rankings.

  3. vampire63

    Mickle Pickle believe me you don’t want this . It will be like that : at the moment we are thinking how to make you fans to don’t want to play the game and how to make you not to buy it because we are very good at marketing and building hype ( gt planet never had fewer visitors and people viewing the forums )

    Whats blocking the release ( it’s called money and the suspected reason is GOW 3 ( i hope ) or the Hevy rain pain or whatever that was ) If you can KILL KRATOS ? i doubt

    But again HEY don’t expect such modern things like facebook or twitter from SONY’s MONKEY marketing team .

  4. Mickle Pickle

    Heart warming information to those GT fans… :)
    But we need more…

    Here’s an idea:
    … this might make me look greedy, but if only we could have, on a regular basis, more pertinent news from the front as to why the game is delayed? What is taking them so long??

    Couldn’t they have a GT5 facebook or Tweeter ??? I couldn’t care any lesser about what my neighbor might be doing every second of the day, but for GT5, they should at least tweet us and feed us with what the daily progression IS!?! What is preventing them from delivering? what stands in the way of their schedule?… etc… If they share it with us their problems, I am sure we all will contribute to making in sort that whatever is blocking the release, it/he/she/they will get/be “eliminated” … mafia-gang style :S :P

  5. maxpontiac

    I seriously have to offer my respect to the guys (gals?) who ran those lap times.

    Good luck, for you folks bring alot of postive recogonition to the Gran Turismo community!

  6. Flagmo-T

    It’s a GTP Member as well that is No1 in Scandinavia PSN: GTP_Timppaq Great from him, No8 in world ranking.. :O) And by the way, I’m Danish !! :P

    Will there be a second run with download of a new track.. Sorry I can’t figure it out, or just forgot it!

  7. vampire63

    And the flood of great NEWS is drowning us AGAIN

    GREAT GREAT NEWS INDEED i think that im not the only one WHO want MORE news like thease it’s EPIC

  8. Flagmo-T

    I think it’s Orsm , that in the Scandinavian Ranking there is 8 from Finland, 1 from Norway,1 from Sweden, så i’m actually very happy for them, it’s quite Orsm that the Finnish Drivers are that skilled.. Congrats to them from me.. :O)

  9. L.Hamilton is too slow

    No, silly, those from US can get only ticket to Indy and all good people from Europe will go to second round and then if they win, they get to drive race car.

  10. Dan The Man The Lewis Hamilton Fan!!!!

    So the winner gets to choose wheter to go to the Indy 500 or race in a race car?

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