GT5’s Nürburgring GP Circuit Gameplay Videos

Here’s our first look at the Nurburgring GP course and the newly-revised Nordschleife in motion. Pay special attention to all of the spectators which have been added around the Nordschleife, which we first saw in last week’s batch of screenshots. Thanks to all who sent these in!

UPDATE: New video added Monday, May 17th.

UPDATE 2: Yet another new video added on May 17th, showing just the GP circuit.

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Comments (171)

  1. SEIDO463

    Well the physics are looking good, much better (but we don’t know exactly what settings are used in these videos)

    The Nordschleife looks great! I can feel the one of the above posts, the sense of speed is greater.
    I haven’t seen any tire marks or any real damage yet.. nor roll over which I think was officially announced on the official GT5 website a lil while back.

    Anyway it’s looking much better and feeling closer than ever… can’t wait for the day!

  2. GIJimbo

    I don’t know about anyone else but from most of the previews I’ve seen of GT5, it looks like they’ve done a much better job of giving you the “sense of motion”. In most racing/driving games (including GT4 and GT5P) the game will say you’re going like 120mph but it will look/feel like you’re going 75-80mph. Especially around tight corners where it says you’re going 30-50mph and it looks/feels like you’re going 10-15. Just watching the GT5 previews makes me feel like I’m going much closer to the speed indicated on the GUI.

    And yeah, I realize I used mph in my examples whereas the videos showed kph but I relate better to mph.

  3. danielwhite74

    Forza’s AI is truly shocking. Opposing racers meander aimlessly all over the road – which is, in part, the fault of the game’s overly forgiving driving physics – and, at times, actually ram into the player in an attempt to intentionally spin them out. Awful! Gran Turismo’s AI cars may seem less aware of their surroundings, just playing out the race by following the same racing line to a pin, but I’m fine with that.

  4. Mike

    look at the 4th video at 1.35. after he spins the other driver just plums into him. i certainly hope its either a mistake from him or an version with old ai, cause otherwise the ai seems to be as clever as in gt1. i felt a big difference in ai when i played forza 2 and 3 compared to the gt games, i actualy prefer the gt games, but the ai has to be better godamit!!

  5. tommygt

    @ witham – im fairly certain its the amuse 380 super leggera…a tuned version of the nissan 350z. we’ve seen it in a few of the recent videos

  6. Big Ron

    I think, it will be the best way for simulationfans to buy GT5. Not because it has the most accurate physics, but it has the best total package. Cars for every different era, stunning graphics, lots of features to show your driving, good physics (I think) and lots of stuff behind the scenes.

    Of course, rFactor or GTR Evo have better physics. But all in one they have a poor package of simulate driving and racing. It is clear, GT5 needs a stunnng online mode. If it has, their will be nothing better so far.

  7. witham

    at 0.36 on the 5th video it clearly says leggera and only one car in the whole world has that in its name and that is the lamborghini lp570-4 super leggera so great news to here the tuned lambos and in and this means we may see its big brother the mucrchielago lp670-4 sv

  8. danielwhite74

    sidsid118, Gran Turismo 5 completely and utterly annihilates those three games in both gameplay and graphics.

  9. lado

    @ helix: No just have a look again. It was a spark from the barrier and the car. The glass didn´t break.

  10. lado

    @dearlybeloved: i don´t think that this were skidmarks. It seems like a track gap on the ground. ;) However i hope it will be included in GT5 finally

  11. Nelson


    Get over what? GT5 isn’t even a game yet let alone reality :P
    I was just pointing out, though I will be happy to play on GT5 when it comes out, from what we have seen/heard so far it certainly won’t be the best racing game available for simulation fans.

  12. ElieTheBear


    we are not nerds because sparks goes throug the cockpit … it is REAL BAD for a 5 years of developpment game


    you right the skidmark was there before …. and is not even in the tire line

  13. Mani_23

    Jeez, do some of the guys up there suck at driving!

    the tree issue should just be the demo, I think I remember mimaximax’s demo having better trees, so lets not get worried..

  14. brettjr25

    LMAO! You guys are NERDS!!!!!! I can’t believe you caught that “interior sparks” part that lasted less then a fraction of a second! I was reading the comment and was like “oh man they must of messed up!” and then saw the video and laughed for about 5 minutes about how stupid some commentors are! Keep up guys I need tons more laughs!

  15. icant55

    I seen the SKIDMARK @ 1:38 but i think it was there before he crashed,But thats my opinion. it it wasnt that would be even better !

  16. Nelson

    That is a join in the concrete of the track not a skidmark…

    People may say complaining about small things like skidmarks is stupid, but it is these details that bring a game to life, not to mention the importance of rubber build up in real life. If you have looked at what Codemasters are doing with relation to the track surface (and not to mention the weather system) for their upcoming formula 1 game then PD are really going to have to step up their game from what we have heard so far to hang onto their reputation for pioneering racing games.

    I have no idea why you bother slating Forza, at least it has actually been released and if you guys had given it a go you would realise it is a very competent game. It is not a true simulator but then neither have any of the previous Gran Turismo offerings, they may be more realistic than most other console games but will never come close to true simulators such as iRacing.

  17. lado

    Where have you seen those skidmarks? Or have you read it somewhere? I can´t see them in the R8 video :) Good Night!

  18. dearlybeloved

    We are getting skidmarks!!!!!!! i am so happy!!!!!! skidmarks, dynami c skidmarks. at last the game is complete. i am so happy i am so happy, now the game will look real and the final part of the jigsaw has been fitted. I am so happy, dynamic skidmarks, like the happy people in the wizard of oz sang ‘we off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz!” you guys do not know how happy i was to see the track being laid down with rubber on the video of the audi r8. Thank you kaz, i knew it when you said in an interview about skidmarks not being important and then you laughed it off. At that moment, I had a feeling you were playing a little game with us fans of the dynamic skidmarks.

    Now the game is as real as it gets. I am so happy tonight and the time is 23.39 gmt. Thank you KY/PD.

    I can sleep sound at night in the knowledge that the best racing game is just around the corner. Plus I can write my name in burning rubber on the track now. Hee, hee, hee.

    Peace out to all!

  19. d3br34k5


    I agree that GT5 will be more impressive than the haters expect it to be, but you’ve got a lot of reading to do before you should attempt to discuss the potential horsepower of the PS3.

    Hint: The original Crysis for PC is and will continue to be a graphical benchmark that the PS3 can’t hope to surmount. Crysis 2 is a dumbed-down console port.


    now i found some posts about ps3 s power omg
    crysis 2 will use the most power of the ps3 and its not 100% ! i saw a 10min long video from crysis about that and the main point was ps3 because the guy from crysis said that they have the best graphics on ps3 with dynamic rain …( crysis is the first game which will use dynamic rain)
    and gt5 will use in my opinion 60-80% of the ps3 power

    if pd want they can include rain or 3d trees because they have ~20-30% of the ps3 power to use
    the “problem” is that u have to make the game especially for the ps3 ,games like cod or anything like this doesnt use much power of the ps3
    (the “old” ps3 game wasnt really made for ps3…)

    THE GT5 DEMO WAS OLD ,pd dont showed any new features i think pd will make a “present” at e3 with the new features like night/tyre grip penalty/Damage/new gras/and much more (nothing of these was shown at the gt5 demo =old demo)

  21. Dan

    You’re all barking mad going on about trees. I suggest we branch out and leave this talk of trees for a while. I’ve twigged a lot of you want 3D trees but get real, it’s not the root of the game! So lets stop talking about trees.


    OMG guys
    i cant find find any words for you
    some people are talking about the demo and about some features but they forget that the demo was a OLD DEMO
    we dont saw any new features (for me the game is perfect so but we will get much new features in the final game )

    and then some of you are talking about 2d or 3d trees omg
    if pd want they can make 3d trees but they have much more important things to do
    (in the vids i thought the trees was 3d trees,and after reading you posts about 2d and 3d i watched it a 2nd time and i think now it is 3d ,i dont care about thst and it seems 3d )

    !!!! OLD DEMO !!!!

  23. CeeJay

    I don’t mind the 2D trees, that’s no biggie. I did notice the sparks clipping through the cockpit though and that’s disappointing because that is the main view I drive with and if there are sparks flying through the cockpit in the final game it’s gonna be a big downer. I guess I shouldn’t focus on the negative things. It DOES look nice. The sides of the road have a worn look which is a nice touch & the sky looks very bright, seems to be a different way they’re rendering the lighting in the game (or it could just be a bad camera and I’m making this up in my mind! XD )

    Oh well, it’s just this massive wait that has caused my expectations to be MUCH too large for this game. I gotta get it all down to a reasonable level or I’ll never be happy w/ the final product. I can’t wait until they finally release this game.. ugh.

  24. lado

    Hey guys i don´t know if someone distinguished the news in the corner of the TV, when the R8 is chosen. There you can read Real Curcuit/ Germany. So isn´t that nice to find out something about the career?? That probably means that we have Real tracks, world tracks and city tracks like it was and still is in GT4. Perhaps we even have tracks in different countries :D niiice :D , lado

  25. viejaloca

    Wow! This looks sexy! That mistake on the first vid the guy made, I would’ve probably done too lol. When this is out, I’m going to spend hours practicing on the new Nur! Now, what we need is to see the next E3 so that Kaz can give us a date. :-D x10

  26. sidsid118

    from what ive seen so far, there is nothing that justifies the 5 year wait we have had so far.
    if you look at other games, nfs-shift (gameplay and graphics), forza (customisation, tracks and graphics), ferrari challenge (driving physics) etc. all of these have bits that gt5 could easily incorporate. all of these have been develped far quicker than gt5.
    all we will have is gt4 in hd, with 800 cars(too many imo), 2d trees, and other shortcomings.
    this will still be a day one purchase, all because its gt but im yet to see why it has took so long.

  27. azzaj

    ps3 is ram limited, and id rather have that precious few hundred kb put to use other than skid marks, unless you allocate hundreds of mb for skid marks you are gonna see redraw, that’s just too hard for a machine such as a ps3. what would have been nice would have been a ram upgrade for the ps3 like my old amiga where a few games had enhancements designed to take advantage of extra mem.

    proper rain like as in gp5 (patches of wet track with the occasional dry spell) would be the only way id be interested in seeing rain. After a wicked fast weekend trip in near torrential rain in real life i could only hope for patches of wet being more wet than others in the game.

    I have to say it looks good for a demo. Maybe they should have released gt5 prologue c spec with some of these bits and pieces thrown in to stop all the whinging…….

  28. GT_Racer

    If Im honest, they get us with the fact they had their game for a while now… whereas gt5 awaits confirmation. Also its a darn fine game on its own respects… there’s really no point on making fun of what you dont have. I play it at my friend’s house all the time, it has its flaws…which from what im seeing, so will gt5… their driving physics are top notch though… I just want gt to overcome that game… I’d be very dissapointed if anything in GT is below Forzas standards

  29. blademask

    Whats confusing, is that Forza3 has model-swappign-pre-made damage, 2d trees… hardly any effects…. sparks, dust…

    Yet… the electron microsocope is on the keyhole model for GT?

  30. blademask

    Why the hell do you people sit here and complain about GT’s trees? Honestly, its been almost 6 years.

    I’d hate to see you guys play Forza and hold it to the standards of GODLIKE. Sparks in cockpit??? Are you kidding… Its like something new baby-shit to complain about every single video.

    Seriously, Lets start a fund on this site to buy u guys copies of forza3, and Xbox360’s. Trade in your PS3’s and resign your subscription to this site. I’ll honestly pay to half half of you fucking morons removed from the site.

    GT5 is the only thing offering what it offers, which is why you just sit and hate on it for 5 years instead of moving on. The cars are perfect, the physics are great. Damage is there as penalty as wear as tire wear, Cars don’t just flip over for no reason. And if they did, you’d hit restart anyway.

    Shut the fuck up, go away. Please.

  31. JustCause

    @Jbat17: Whats a Whinner? Its obvious you havent played Forza 3. Your response is not only incoherant but very childish.

  32. danielwhite74

    I’m not a fan of the new minimap. I much preferred it when the entire track was shown. Still, I find it hilarious that people are even making comparisons between this and Forza. Gran Turismo has always been in a class of its own, and that trend looks certain to continue.

  33. jBat17

    LMAO at the whinners.

    for it’s GT5 = Gran Treesmo 5

    3D tree — is that you, flopza-lover, can come up with? oh yeah, the skidmarks.

    and gtpsp sold more than flopza 3

  34. Mickle Pickle

    LOL ahah @ “The Perfectionist”

    I couldnt agree more with “R1Racers” and “TokyoDrift”

    @ NIko, you should be glad that i dont know you… ;)
    Just Dont buy the game then, and save your money, if you feel so disappointed. Dont dare showing your face at the checkout line with this game in your hands… and shame on you if you buy online, for you would be an hypocrite of first order!

  35. ralph89

    You guys should stop telling those people who complains a lot to stop. It’s like telling a spoiled kid not to do what he wants, he will just yell at you. So it’s a bit pointless. Either you can beat them up (Sadly this is internet) to stop moaning or ignore them.

  36. JustCause

    Im looking forward to seing how many people are disapointed in GT5 because its not up to their standards.

  37. GT_Racer

    This Game Will Never Be What They Were Hyping It Was Gonna Be… If this is any closer to gold as it was 6 months ago there will be many promises unkept

  38. seanyb505

    If you think the trees look bad than focus on your driving line. Chances are if youre going slow enough to see the detail of the trees you certainly arent very fast. I agree the sparks are tacky, they were better in GT4. The sparks in the interior makes me think they will be scaled down big time. I cant imagine Kaz going on and on about how he’s a perfectionist and then have something like that slip into the final cut. AI still looks slow and uninvolved. Im not sure about the SLS and Enzo actual times, but it looks like there was at least an 11 second lead over the Mclaren and the Enzo was behind that. I know we’re getting nit-picky, but for the game to be in development this long…it makes me wonder what they are focusing on. Ill still buy it, and it will be the only reason I buy a ps3. But the longer you make me wait the more Ill expect. Peanut butter and jelly takes 30 seconds. White wine and garlic sauteed chicken stuffed with goat cheese and baked with red peppers and asparagus on the side takes a long time. This game had better be the best chicken Ive ever eaten.

  39. Jai

    oh and by the way… for everyone who complains about the trees… i have played over 30 racing games. ps3 and pc, in the past ten years and i must say almost all of them had 2d trees… the makers of the game are not going to focus on trees they are going to focus on gameplay and car and road graphics…..

  40. Jake

    @ Niko

    You should really learn to talk, before criticising GT5, the game looks gr8, th only thing i am afraid of is having an arcadish gameplay, i really enjoyed gt5p’s driving. Thx for all the updates guys

  41. gsw92

    @blackjack, it will exceed most peoples expectations, but some people will never be satisfied, and again, dont complain till you have a copy in your hand!
    if anyone expects 3d trees, dream on, there’s like a couple of hundred thousand trees to model there.
    i for one am amazed, it looks real now, the ring always used to look like a track with trees just around the edge, but now it has hills full of them all around, like real

  42. blackjack

    KY was quoted as planning to “exceed” expectations, not “meet” them, it’s a pretty big statement that I’ve found hard to forget, much like “we can release it anytime” and the game is “%90 complete” for the last 6 months.

  43. gsw92

    @ElieTheBear cars dont just spontaneously roll over you know, besides this is just a demo, they cant have everything in it, plus E3 is still to come, they are defo saving something special plus release date hopefully!

  44. hank87

    So, if that clown, KY, wants to really meet everyone’s expactations, he should take another 6 months (counting from December 2010) to add skidmarks and options in the race setup menus for trees and sparks:

    Tree Mode: 2D/3D
    Sparks: On/Off

    Thank to you guys, we will not see the game until June 2011 :D

  45. Tasco

    /target Trolls & Whiners
    /cast Key Word: DEMO
    /end QQ

    I don’t care if in a DEMO there are monochromatic Space Invaders-styled robot squirrels along the track. I just watch the driving simulation and enjoy the sneak peek.

    And if someone is watching sparks and trees during a race, well maybe GT5 is not their game. They wanted damage (I never cared about that), now we have it and it’s not good enough. MOAR DAMAGE FFS!!1! Then it would be destruction derby like online races… notice how they NEVER ask PD for penalties for unfair driving, ramming, wallriding and so on. THAT would ruin their game.
    Can’t wait to play GT5, I will enjoy it, I am sure. The vast majority of us all will love it, and that’s great.

  46. Martin

    @ Niko:
    Why don’t you just leave and go play Forza?

    We all have no idea of what’s comming, we have no clue of how big the game will be and what it will feature.
    Those videos from the Nürburgring seem to look nice, the track is beautifully recreated and the cockpit-cam is the greatest we’ve ever seen. It looks even better than “NFS: Shift”. PD is working hard to achieve everything we want, but there are limits.

    If some of you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
    But stop judging a game you haven’t even seen or played yet, since most we know comes from camcorder videos with mostly bad quality and wrong colors.
    Let’s just hope for a major E3 coverage!

  47. Dom

    The game improved and I am happy with what I can see in the vids. However, I would love to see better A.I. and a more realistic damage system with rollovers. But I doubt PD will tweak the damage modell to the degree I want it to be – realistic.
    I am sure lots of “racefans” would start to cry around even more if every crash with 30mph would end in a retirement…
    Finally, my last wish would be rain, but I see zero chance for that.

  48. Niko

    Big Ron!

    I say:2010,PS3 power/look UC2,Gow3/,5 1/2 years devoplemnt GT5,and many 2d elements high-tech???Pgr4,Dirt,Grid.Ok,this games arcade,but no ugly 2d trees and crap public.The KING using 20 year tecnology???Ps3 power?

    Look another”dead”track:Indianapolis.Cars amazing in GT5,but the tracks Indianapolis,Tokyo,Nürburgring,Suzuka medicore!!

  49. Apollo

    Really don’t care about the sparks or the 2D trees and spectators, I’ll be very happy if they just improve the AI, everything else looks stunning can’t wait to have this game or at least the demo to play with.

  50. Berlino Bear

    I think you need someting to show the force of an impact. Be that “sort of sparky things” or blured vision. Having been in a couple of shunts on the road (I was only driving in one of them), I can tell you that even at slow speeds it takes it out of you. So I can see what they are trying to achive. So its not a bad effort.

  51. blackjack

    @ Justcause – “some people have high expectations”

    is that really a surprise, all things considered?

  52. Big Ron

    Are you an kind of idiot? You bought all this game since GT1, but will not buy GT5, because it has 2D trees and public? Are you serious? Show me a game with Nordschleife, were you have 3D trees over the complete track.

    GT5 did so much improvements since GT4, so no reason to start crying for 3D trees and 3D spectators. The PS3 is not a NASA super computer.

  53. Koolad

    I think that those are not exactly sparks, it looks like an effect to show the force of an impact as we have seen in other *arcade* games… neither good nor bad.

  54. Tao

    I find it amazing some guy just posted a video showing skidmarks and on the comments below there’s still people complaining at no skidmarks. Years of complaining, you get it in front of your nose, and you still can’t see it. Thanks Stephammer for the video btw :-)

  55. JustCause

    With so many complaints about sparks , 2D trees , no reverse lights and no skidmarks I realy wish these videos and screenshots were never shown. some people have high expectations and then when they dont get what they want they throw their toys out of their pram. Get over it. If you dont like it dont buy it.

    Like a lot of us we wont be going 2mph around the track looking at the trees , we wont be concentrating on the sparks , we wont be looking behind us when we are driving to look at those wonderful skidmarks that arent there by the way , we wont be looking at the back of our car when we are reversing and we wont be crashing intentionaly or worrying about the lack of damage. We will be enjoying the game while you either dont buy the game or will be moaning about the smallest details. Also someone was complaining about 2D on lookers but then said they dont mind 2D trees. Thats a contradiction in itself.

  56. lans

    i rather have sparks than nothing please dont complain, imagine how coll it would look with 16 cars bumping and grinding at NIGHT~

  57. Niko

    Many 2D trees and ugly public.5 YEARS devoplemnt!!This game,not amazing.I huge fan:GT1,GT2,GT3,GT4!!But this….disappointed.

  58. GTracer

    It looks absolutely amazing in these cam videos. They have made considerable improvements :D Although there are some little glitches. I hope they can polish it more :p

  59. Paulie

    The sparks still look like crap, and are totally unrealistic, sparks like that don’t happen. Not to mention, sparks came from outside the car and went straight through the windscreen to inside the car.

  60. gtone339

    @CeeJay Who cares if it has acouple of errors and mistakes. They have enough time to fix that man.

  61. CeeJay

    Woah, what is up w/ sparks flying through the cockpit view in the last video @ 00:34?? That is a strange arcade effect to have in a simulation. Not happy with that change at all… :(

  62. AMG

    they promised 1080p so dont wory, comone guys ist ps3 not a pc 2d trees skidmarks rain you need power nuburgring has more then 1000 trees inposible to do 3d trees with ps3

  63. aelange

    GlobeKIDD, yah those games do it and GTR2 as well, which spoiled it for me! Ever since then I’ve really hated the way Polyphony does it, but beggars can’t be choosers, amirite?!

  64. blackjack

    It’s great to see some action of the Nurburg GP course. I would be telling a lie if I said this “exceeded all expectations” though. It almost feels like PD needs to starve us of info so anything that does get released, is treated like sacrilege.

    C’mon E3, crack open the belly of this beast and lets really see what’s inside.

  65. Alex

    all i want is realism , i hope PD don’t add things for show and I hope PD don’t use Animations like the sparks etc. Keep things running on physics. so far the sparks look the dodgiest . i would not even care if they were removed as they are gimmicky like NF:S and Forza. just give me real simulator racing without the unnecessary crap like sparks and 3d trees. however. tire marks are NECESSARY , picture running NASCAR and after 25 laps you see the grip line and u can see the upper end of the track has a layer of rubber. Nascar is all grip and Tyre lines so u need it. and when u race sometimes people roll cars so u need that to.

  66. theyseemetrollin

    Look at the last video right at the last 10 seconds. Notice the tv flicks off then comes back on and when it does it display’s the resolution it is running at. 720p…. wonder if even the mighty GT5 has had to be scaled down from 1080p to support all of the features they have promised. This or the tv’s are just not 1080p compatible…

  67. toontoonizer


    Your post is amongst the pinnacle of stupidity i have witnessed on the internet.

    There is no evidence to show that this is the final version, so I do not know what you are bitching about.

  68. mickstanz

    Looks fantastic but i dont like how high up the “hood cam” is, i found the same in GT5:P its just far to high makes you feel like your sitting up on the roof.. Still looks all good!

  69. phoooop


    either you’re being somewhat sarcastic, but really? Are you just going to complain about these kinds of things? I’ll play the game, while you can stare at those minuscule details.

    1. ChrisGT

      Hey I’m still disappointed with the outside camera of the car. Even though I use interior or hood view the most, I still like to race seeing my beautiful ride. The thing is that the car is still so stiff and it looks like the environment is moving rather than the car. GT will be amazing, but damn just get the 3rd person camera right it’s not hard, just revert back to the GT4 camera.

  70. JimInPT

    @billy323: Thanks for the link; due to sheer driver incompetence, we got a better look at trackside goodies, so there’s value in that.

    Trees: fine.
    Sparks: who cares?
    Skidmarks: would be nice.
    Damage: TBD.

  71. bano

    @ Patoloco205 …. i also recognized that the TV showed 720p/60 and not 1080p. Slightly scary… but i think this is just because the TV was an HD Ready TV and not a FULL HD.

  72. ElieTheBear

    – damage looks really bad (bumbers only)

    – sparks through the cockpit view ????? looks really bad

    – AI bumbing the rider … and they got no damage and they’re going off track(loose control)

    – all trees look identical … and kinda bad too …

    – where are the roll over ?

    – all these years .. they were just working on gt psp !!??

  73. Big Ron

    Do you remeber on GT 4. When you scratched the bottom of the cars over curbs, there were a lots of sparksflying. But in GT 4, they looked realistic, bouncing over the track. The sparks in GT5 now (at the moment) are like Burnout Paradise and not very beautiful. But they have a looooot time to improve it :D

  74. Skidmark

    Looks great…it was nice to see others biff it in the same places I did in GT4.
    One factor we’ve got to consider…if the game is too real it will be too hard for most of us to enjoy it as most of us don’t have have the necessary talent to excel as a race car driver.
    I’m really looking forward to see the over all game design in addition to the racing.
    Most importantly…when will I be able to get my reserved copy?

  75. Kazimierz3000

    Love the tracks, sounds, cars. and all of the progress but hate the sparks that seem like they were just added for show, not realism.

  76. GlobeKIDD

    @Aelange: nearly every racing game in existance is like that. Not really something to get too worked over with. The only games I can think of that don’t start you on the grid (at least that I’ve played) is F1 Championship Edition and rFactor.

  77. JayKayEm

    Last video @ 0:33 and the appearance of sparks.

    a) why do these sparks travel through the interior?
    b) with two metal bodied cars yes, but why sparks when hitting carbon fibre bodies?

  78. Racer28

    Ok, the graphics is awsome, love it! What I am a little dissapointed by is the cockpit view; should be more detached from the car in bumps/dynamic, and the driver should turn his head just a little bit into the corner. I just dont get the “being in the cockpit racing feeling”, so hoping for that! Also a little dissapointed by lack of damage and skidmarks! Other than that; great!

  79. aelange

    Looks great, of course! But what is with Polyphony always magically starting you on the track? It feels much more realistic when you start from the pit lane and you have to make your way on the track yourself, incurring any speed penalties you might make on the way out, as well. But starting magically on the grid makes the game feel cheap, in a way.

  80. billy323

    One thing to note is how much better the rear view mirror looks compared to earlier ring videos

  81. andrewz

    …and I thought smoking is not allowed during racing. Where would those in-cockpit sparks come from otherwise? I thought GT is not Burnout either – good point, CHRISOHC. :-(

  82. Maxitsu

    @GTracerRens: maybe. That track has many layouts. mayby its the GP version and not the F1 version. Because on the end of the track it uses also a other chicane….i love the F1 chicane a little bit more.

  83. TokyoDrift

    Here we go, “no skid marks”, “2D trees”, “2D crowds”, “poor AI”…incredible. Personally, I think it looks fantastic.

  84. GTracerRens

    @ maxitsu: Maybe it’s like Fuji speed way in the prologue and Suzuka.. There are two versions of every track. ;)

  85. Rattlehead

    Wow, looks very beautiful!
    Check out that new tarmac texture, new tire sound and of course new track design!
    It also seems that braking became more responsive and accurate.

  86. Maxitsu

    In the first video when the guy say “scheissen” or something becaus he drives at the wrong way. why did they removed that part of the track out?

  87. r1racer

    Don’t understand why people cry about tiniest, needless things, if you can make the perfect racing game then do it, will skidmarks, 2D trees and sparks (things that don’t affect the game in anyway) stop you from purchasing the game? hell no. To me the game looks amazing and this is probably as close to real as you are going to get. I can survive with those flaws, just want to know when it is coming out damnit, my Hdtv, g27 and ps3 are waiting patiently.

  88. ner0_sol

    evrything looks so good even off a camera.. th cars and tracks look awesome.. cant wait to play this game

  89. Patoloco205

    In vid #4 at 7:22 when the image goes black and then returns, the tv reads 720p/60. Why not in 1080p?


    This sparks look like from Burnout…there are no realistic.

    I like very much the speed sensation and the smoothness graphics of the game.

  91. GTracerRens

    hmm I don’t like those “sparks” when you hit another car… Look at the last video, at about 0:33! The sparks are visible in the cockpit-cam. :S But for the rest it looks great. ;)

  92. Geo_212

    Alright, THIS… will be awesome. BUT, there are still 2D crowds (made even worse up close), and no skid marks. I don’t care about the 2D trees, while you’re racing you can’t really notice, and it actually looks decent. I L-O-V-E the added sparks! Way better than FM3’s sparks. The track is so beautifully designed, as well as the landscape and the cars, and the damage is starting to set in… I think we may have a winner, folks :)

  93. lado

    The videos are okay but i dont think that the sparks are made good, too many sparks for the little scratch on the orange Audi TT. And the sparks can´t fly through the window of the sls, it looks unrealistic. The tracks are great with audience and tent camps but just pale skidmarks… and not so interesting damage.

  94. Comet

    That chick that’s driving in video #3 is very pro ;D

    Anyone noticed the sparks fly from the left side of the car in video #4?

  95. ev0lutionX

    Oh nice at first it was a bit lol when that dude turned wrong in the first video, that made me laugh, then I was seeing the 2nd one, nice AI I thought as the AI-Orange car went by on the inside after the player took a detour on the grass, got slightly worried when I saw him hitting the AI car and it looked like he hit a wall, but thats how it has to be I guess. Most worrying however is the third vid showing the guy overtaking the AI so easy, first time I see that. In most of the other vids we’ve been shown the human player struggles somewhat to do em all. =/

  96. Light

    Everything is great… except for the 2D trees that our fellow crews just mention. Once you know that they are there, you can’t stop spotting another.

  97. fabiotesta82

    the king is back!!!
    i love gt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks kazunori yamauchi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. G0N

    SHIIT !!

    i need a Full HDtv for World Cup…….. i need a PS3 for GT5 ……

    i need a best job T_T $ 0…

  99. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    Hmmm, I immediately was destracted by the copied treeline. Details Kazu, details. Don’t fail on me now.

  100. MadMuppGT

    Looking good, especially the dash view on the SLS. Not to sure about the AI on the McLaren slamming into the Merc after is span out. But do like the wee hint of damage on the 350Z with the back bumper hanging down slightly on the right… not an incredible damage model but was still nice to see!

  101. ismellbacon611

    amazing … i believe i said a while back that all those other nurburg videos werent the final version for gt5 and i was right !!!! much better grass color much more spectators and tents… much better road textures!!! i am loving it cant wait for the full game to release

  102. MSH

    This looks just stunning..!!!

    The AI looks really slow on that SLS on board video though :( , or the AI might be on different tyres…

  103. idlestation

    It looks great.. even with cam recording the colors and the shadows come through really nicely. A bit disappointed with the ai in the orange car though, it seems to bump the player car but seems to be unaffected.

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