Jaguar Reveals Details of Vision Gran Turismo Roadster for Gran Turismo 7

Jaguar has released more details on its third Vision Gran Turismo car, the Vision GT Roadster, which joins the Vision GT SV in making its debut in Gran Turismo 7.

First revealed in a brief glimpse during the State of Play event in February, the new car is another interpretation of the original Jaguar Vision GT which it revealed in October 2019. That car was specifically called the “Vision Gran Turismo Coupe”, and now it seems we know why!

The Roadster takes the original form of the first Vision GT and replaces the enclosed, top-opening canopy with a speedster cockpit. Only the right-hand driver seat remains, with the passenger side sealed shut in a manner that very much resembles the classic, Le Mans-winning D-Type, with only a hologram instrument display bulging up from the otherwise flat panel.

Another D-Type influence comes at the rear of the car, with the bulging bodywork to the rear of the monoposto cabin bleeding into a shark fin which deploys at speed and features both an etched Union Flag and LED highlighting. There’s also leather straps between the cabin section and what would be the front clamshell, in another nod to the 1950s era.

In terms of performance capabilities, the Roadster is identical to the Coupe. That means it features three 250kW electric motors derived from Jaguar’s Formula E car, with one powering the front axle and two on the rear to create an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Total system output of 750kW — 1006hp — gives the Roadster a 0-60mph time below two seconds, along with a 200mph top speed. Like its siblings, the Roadster is available for 1,000,000cr in Gran Turismo 7.

GT7 also marks the first opportunity to drive the racing Vision GT SV variant of the Jaguar, 15 months after it was first unveiled. It features an upgraded four-motor powertrain, with a 300kW motor per front wheel and a 400kW motor per rear wheel, delivering 1,877hp.

The Jaguars aren’t the only Vision GT cars making their debuts on GT7 either. With the launch of the game on March 4 we’re also now finally able to drive the Lamborghini Vision GT, first revealed in Monaco in November 2019, and of course the Porsche Vision GT which forms part of the game’s cover.

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