“GTlife” Gran Turismo Fan Magazine, Issue 2 Now Available

June 14th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

As you may recall, a few months agoGTlife – a Gran Turismo fan-magazine – was assembled and published online entirely by members of the GTPlanet community. After a positive response and more than 30,000 collective downloads, work began on the second issue of GTlife, and now – it’s here!

Issue #2 features an even greater amount content, better editing, a wider range of topics, new categories, and more. The magazine is free to read at Issuu.com, or you can download the PDF file (13.5 MB).

Once again, congratulations and thanks to Schwadegan (GTlife‘s creator and editor-in-chief) and all of the authors, editors, and (virtual) photographers who make this possible at GTPlanet. If you’d like to contribute to future issues, head over to GTlife‘s official forum topic and learn how you can help.

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  1. Jul. 9, 11:34am

    Well done.

  2. Jul. 8, 11:56pm

    I clicked on this just to check it out, magazines really aren’t my thing normally. I started reading and couldn’t stop. Awesome piece of work, please keep making these!!

  3. Jun. 22, 6:04am

    Awesome work.

  4. Jun. 20, 10:59am

    I never knew GTPlanet did their own community magazine until I came across this. Read the first and looking forward to read this.

    Wish I knew about it sooner.

  5. Jun. 19, 10:11pm

    Yeah! Thanks for this

  6. Jun. 17, 8:30am

    really good issue! i personally thought it was better than the first issue =) Now i have to wait another 4 months for another issue =(

  7. Jun. 16, 11:37pm

    Very nice job. Very professional. I really like it. Continue like this guys. ;) Full support for everyone.

  8. Jun. 16, 8:15pm

    WOW~ I was impressed about the construction of the magazine. Keep it up guys!

  9. Jun. 16, 10:44am

    Awesome, I was really hoping for another issue. I remember reading it at work during tax season on slow days.

  10. Jun. 16, 6:05am

    Very nicely done indeed.

    In the X2010 tuning section – a “Dave Yules’ tuning app” was mentioned. Is it a app for Iphone, and if so – is it available for Android too? (I couldn’t find it in Android Marked though)

  11. Jun. 15, 6:05pm

    This is awesome! So much production value!

  12. Jun. 15, 2:58pm

    Great publication. Seems classy and varied. One thing; I’d like to have known what the fully tuned Fiat 500 is PP-wise. Seems a bit weird to not state it.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  13. Jun. 15, 12:22pm

    this game needs leaderboards and a car class to fit in too the leaderboards

  14. Jun. 15, 1:51am

    Quite nice, better than the last one, but the last pages should have been better. You know, the transition from one section the the ending. And it should be more organized into review sections, tuning sections, and such. Otherwise, good job!

    • Jun. 15, 1:57pm
      Delphic Reason

      I completely agree. Overall a great magazine. Good effort. Just needs a bit more fleshing out.

  15. Jun. 15, 12:11am

    Beautifully put together guys, downloaded and will read through it.

  16. Jun. 14, 10:04pm

    Awesome work put in.
    Makes for a great read.
    On a secondary note, as a fellow Kiwi, I’d like to give a shout out to Graham Parker of the article “Building The Complete Experience”. Those earthquakes you guys are going through down in Christchurch are terrible news. Hope you’re all safe and sound!

    • Jun. 15, 5:49pm

      Thanks Todd! I imagine if I lived in most other countries where all those pre-made racing seats are available, I might have just bought one instead. But having to build my own really paid off, I love it :)

      Thankfully I live on the side of town that got it worse in September, but better in the quakes this year. I can’t imagine how it must feel for the people who are right back to square one with their clean up after Monday’s quakes though :(

      Thanks again mate :)

  17. Jun. 14, 9:58pm

    Wow, very nice :)

    I like the idea of providing tunes

  18. Jun. 14, 9:48pm

    Great job guys

  19. Jun. 14, 9:24pm

    Sweeeeeeeet. Great to see this on the front page.

  20. Jun. 14, 8:35pm

    I found two grammar errors in there :P Nice read though :)

  21. Jun. 14, 8:01pm

    Absolutely fantastic work guys, the amount of effort going into this is unbelievable, and you can really tell its quality work. If only you all could get sponsorship from PD.

  22. Jun. 14, 7:49pm
    Aaron Wilson

    What a fantastic read.. just finished reading every page. Great project, and great production!

  23. Jun. 14, 7:32pm

    Wow, they used my picture (The green LFA one)! :D

    • Jun. 15, 9:43am

      Love that photo!

    • Jun. 17, 8:32am

      wow that is one awesome photo! totally deserved to be in the issue dood =)

  24. Jun. 14, 6:47pm

    Show me this 10 years ago and I’d say it was a magazine with real photo’s. Very nice! Nice layout also!

  25. Jun. 14, 6:34pm

    The issu link doesnt work .__.
    and I’m guessing the X1 tune is mine >.> (If it is, thanks a ton)

    • Jun. 14, 6:50pm

      All the links should be working now.

  26. Jun. 14, 6:34pm

    To bad no one can say first.:(

    This magazine is awesome thank you very much!

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