GTPlanet Comes to Instagram: Follow Us!


Better late than never: GTPlanet’s official Instagram account launches today!

Since Gran Turismo 4 introduced Photomode to our community, we’ve been fortunate to host amazing virtual (and real) photographers who have shared impressive content on our site.

We’ve featured some of our community’s best images in our #GTPicOfTheDay feature on our Facebook page and Twitter feed in the past, and now we’re excited to add Instagram’s image-centric platform to our line-up as we put the spotlight on our most creative users.


Our account won’t just be pretty pictures, though: we’ll keep you updated with summaries of our latest news posts, screenshots from new games, and a behind-the-scenes look at GTPlanet. We will also take you on the road with Instagram’s “stories”, as we travel to various media events and game launches around the world.

Just visit our profile and hit the “Follow” button. If you have some friends who like cars, racing games, or just appreciate good photography, please tag them with an invitation to follow us, too. Thanks for spreading the word!

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  1. ALB123

    My God, do I loathe 99% of “social networking”. There are obviously some positive things or potentially positive uses of some forms of social media/networking, but for the most part they’re just wastes of bandwidth. Still, I refuse to use Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc… I don’t really use Twitter although I do have an account. There’s no way I would allow push notifications to my mobile devices though.

    1. Toyota GT1

      Have fun thinking your doing yourself a righteous. Enjoy always being last to know for everything in a technological world.

    2. DYLAN777-is-not

      I totally agree ALB123. It’s a big change in how things used to be. But once you try it you may learn to love it. I have. :)

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