GTPlanet Forza 7 Photo Mode Competition 15 Now Open

We’re going big for this, the latest of GTPlanet’s Forza Motorsport 7 Photo Mode Competitions. How big, you ask? Oh, only the largest, heaviest vehicle in the game.

Before we get to that though, there’s the small matter of the last theme’s poll.

PMC 14 Poll Now Open

Last time on the FM7 PMC show, our community had to shoot NASCAR vehicles. Naturally, they also had to make sure the rumbly racers were on American circuits, of which there’s a solid selection in game.

Now we need your help. Head to the link below and vote for your favorite to determine the winner (and the person that gets to select the next theme):

Vote for the GTPlanet FM7 PMC 14 right here!

This Week’s Theme

Truck Yeah! Yes, in case you couldn’t figure it out from the opening of the article, this latest theme is all about the Mercedes Race Truck. The lumbering Tankpool is a hoot to drive, and now our community must snap pictures of it. We’ll let back-to-back winner GTDNick72 explain:

“FM7 can boast the presence of the Mercedes-Benz Racing Truck 2015. In the next PMC, take your best photo in a Truck racing race. Any circuit, hour and weather conditions are allowed.”

CARS: 2015 Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck

How To Enter

Want to enter any of the GTPlanet Photo Mode Competitions? You’ll need to become a member of our forums first — you can sign up here.

Next, you’ll want to submit your image. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your image ready for the submission. Once you’ve done that, post the FINAL ENTRY in this week’s associated forum thread. That’s it!

Competition Rules

For the full list of competition rules, click right here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Featured image courtesy of GTDNick72.

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