GTPlanet, InsideSimRacing Team Up for Gamescom 2010 Coverage & Yamauchi Interview

GT fans, get ready! The start of GamesCom 2010 is now only hours away, and I’m very excited to announce GTPlanet’s big plans for the show. We’re teaming up with to bring you unprecedented, in-depth coverage of all the new Gran Turismo 5 information about to be released. Here’s a preview of everything that’s about to go down over the next few days:

Sony GamesCom 2010 Press Conference (Tuesday)

Sony kicks off the show a day early with their official press conference on Tuesday at 6:00PM CEST (correction – the doors open at 6:00PM CEST, but the show doesn’t actually start until 7:00PM CEST) (check this table for your local time zone). Sony themselves have already confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 will be featured in the conference, so expect some major announcements. Unfortunately, there is no live streaming video from the event (if you do find a stream, please let me know), but it will be live-blogged by just about everyone. As always, I’ll make another post a few hours before the event with all the links.

Gran Turismo 5 Private “Breakout Session” (Wednesday)

The real fun begins on Wednesday, August 18th, when GTPlanet’s Famine and Venari meet up with Andreas (gNNY) of InsideSimRacing for Sony’s exclusive, invitation-only GT5 event. Much like the GT5 session at E3, this private press session allows Yamauchi to go into more details and take questions on all the new features being revealed at the show. Our guys will tell-all as soon as they can, right here on the news blog!

Exclusive Kazunori Yamauchi Interview

This is the big one – after nearly 10 years online, GTPlanet representatives will finally come face-to-face with the creator of Gran Turismo. Our guys know the series better than anyone else, and with the help of InsideSimRacing, we should be able to produce one of his best-ever interviews.

You are also invited to submit your questions for Yamauchi via GTPlanet Ideas. It’s simple: submit your own question or vote on those submitted by others, and the most popular will rise to the top. Due to time constraints, we may not be able to ask the specific questions, but it will help give us an idea of exactly what you guys really want to know about.

Watch for the video interview to appear in a special upcoming episode of InsideSimRacing!

Exclusive Video of the latest GT5 Demo, GTPlanet User Meet-Ups

Our resident media expert, Alba, will be hands-on with the latest GT5 demo at the show. He’s got an HD camera and a tripod ready to go, so expect a lot of awesome video footage that leaves nothing to question! As you may know, Gamescom is open to the public throughout the weekend, and Alba is organizing GTPlanet user meet-ups right here in our forums so you can play and discuss the game with others who are as enthusiastic about GT5 as you are!

Famine and Alba will also be posting live updates from the show floor via Twitter, and GTPlanet’s Facebook page will be updated by-the-minute. Follow us now, because you don’t want to miss a thing this week!

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  1. DarinSRT

    Would like to thank Andreas Nie who will be there to cover other things for Inside Sim Racing.

    Also like to thank Jordan for coordinating the effort on this end and also to Andrew Evans and Mark Fox who stepped up to help Andreas with the interview. Having part of GT Planet team there is going to make our coverage that much better !

    The whole team, Jessica, Shaun and myself all wish them the best and hope they have a lot of fun at Gamescom. Looking forward to seeing what they get.

    Darin Gangi

    1. marky5244

      Thanks Darin and Jordan for sorting this all out. It’s great to see SRT and GTPlanet co-operating on this. Let’s hope the guys going to Gamescom can get behind the PR to get us some interesting and exciting new info.

  2. GT_Prologue5

    Ah, Famine and his crew are heading off to Gamescom finally! Been waiting for this for a while! Just remember that when they interview Kazunori, it will be all of GTPlanet interviewing him.

  3. SigmaViper11

    insidesimracing? They’re ok but I’m a bit sketchy with that. Aren’t these the same guys that said Forza innovated features that in reality were first incorporated into GT4? Should prove interesting regardless, but if they go on a Forza rant again I think the boards are going to explode.

    1. DarinSRT

      Yeah, Inside Sim Racing, the team that landed the interview and invited GT Planet to collaborate with us on it. Seems that Sony doesn’t think we’re so “sketchy”.. ;-)

      Im looking forward to seeing the questions that you guys come up with to add to our interview. Should be a lot of fun.

      My Sony contact has not guaranteed the interview, but they are trying to slot us in for Wednesday afternoon because of Kazunori’s busy schedule. From the sounds of it, it seems like it’s happening..

      Don’t worry.. I won’t be there to mention the “F” word (Forza).. ;-)

      Hope you guys enjoy our coverage. We will be airing the Kazunori interview on our You Tube channel (simracingtonight) most likely within a few days of Gamescom. We need time to get the material from Andreas and edit it into the show.

      Darin Gangi
      Inside Sim Racing

  4. Madmurdock

    Sounds great. Can’t wait for the new info to filter through. Hopefully some new footage. Main thing for me though is a EU Release Date.

    Good luck to all GTP Members who are going. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

  5. Brothan

    Calculating: Cologne 1800km down and home 3 tanks of gas 210 euros, ferrys denmark/gemany 160 euros, food 100euros, entrence ??, hotel 80 euros a night…. mm could it be worth this…

  6. Kenny

    Andy, wouldn’t you think they would have already announced the euro date if it was going to be released prior to the US November 2nd date? At the end of the day, we’ll all be dorking out on GT5 before we know it!!

  7. andy_cowley

    Hope they confirm euro release date. Ive got a feeling its going to be earlier than the american release date :)

  8. Kenny

    First time really posting about GT5, this is really cool though. I can’t wait to see some new images of GT5, the game is going to be awesome! Can’t wait to lose sleep! Jordan you rock and thank you for being the enthusiast that you are! See ya on the track!

  9. madduckuk

    really need to see a couple of used car garage style cars now, civics, primeras, 323’s, that kind of thing. all the real meat of the GT series

    1. viejaloca

      Yeah I miss the miata. I just started playing GT1 again and man it’s STILL alot of fun. I think I’ll try and get a Silvia K’s S13 as my first car since it was the best in GT1 though.

  10. Marcus

    Good news. will our men on the ground appear in the video? what about you jordan how come you don’t go. Also i do hope that the trailer shows some new cars instead of the usual sls,gtr and enzo fest

    1. Jordan

      I can’t go because I’m in the United States, and the show is in Germany. It would be too expensive of a trip. Regardless, even if it was in my back yard, I probably wouldn’t be able to leave GTP ‘headquarters’, much less my desk. There is too much of a scramble to keep the site online during all the traffic spikes of these big game shows, and that’s all on me.

  11. FlareKR

    This is great that SRT and GTP are teaming up, I already subscribed to SRT on YouTube a while ago. Best of luck to you guys!

    1. RacingFreak

      Depending on what you consider “too much,” I might suggest not coming on here this week then haha.

      Great news guys, cannot wait for this!!

    2. Team_MoFF-No2

      Hmmm That’s wierd hehe, I’ve still got some issues, that I would like to know more about.. EX: PiT-Babes & Pace-Notes :O)

    3. viejaloca

      Too much as in: I don’t want to know EVERY car in the game. In every GT, I like to eyeball all the cars before anything and set my goal for which one I really want. Also like… nevermind, I guess that’s the only thing. I tend to listen to what features the game will have added compared to its predecessor.

  12. robert

    All id love to see now is a list of the cars and the tracks….5yrs a long time to wait for just the view on 50 or so cars out of a possible 950+

  13. Paulo

    Sounds great, GTP stepping up, soon enough PD will use GTP as a major user feedback resource (if they don’t already =)) Hoping for some amazing new info! Have fun guys.

  14. GTP_CerealKiller

    That’s really great news, a very nice gesture for Kaz to do that. Have fun! Can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

  15. Rasmus

    Okay, even though I’m NOT a fan of SRT and InsideSimRacing (them pretty much screwing with the whole sim racing community, cooperating with the new rFactor Central etc., acting childish), the guys do have knowledge about virtual racing. So it can’t really be a bad sign for GTP to work with them, as long as it all stays non-profit and for all to see. ;) Read this, including some of the many, many comments, to see why I’m so skeptical:

    Also, congratulations Jordan, for getting your first review with Kaz. I’m indeed looking forward to what the next days might have in store for us… BRING IT ON!

  16. Neal

    This is great news and huge kudos for GTPlanet, well done Jordan.

    I’m very jealous of all the GTP members going but especially Famine, Venari and Andreas. Can’t wait for the report from the private “Breakout Session” :)

    Have fun


  17. Raptors195

    Hi, Jordan. Just want to say congrats on landing your first interview with Kaz. You and the GTPlanet team have really done a great job with this website.

    Good luck with the interview!!!

  18. Mr Latte

    Exciting isnt it…

    This is very nice news to be reading. I want to wish the member(s)taking this onboard the best of luck and it seems they are going well prepared. Its great experience for them and I guess an honour on a personal level.

    Regards the involvement with the SRT “Team”. I believe they had said on their own forums quite some time ago they wont be appearing themselves at Gamescon. They had asked for someone with media skills to represent them.

    So I think its great to see forum members collaborating with our forums members.

    Enjoy it guys!!!
    Look forward to your reports/updates…

    Oh and of course thanks to Jordan in advance who will be busy updating the “News” here with what will be lots of new info and videos.

    Cheers guys….

    1. Team_MoFF-No2

      I totally agree to your Post Mr.Latte.. But where is TD, He should be harassing you by now!! LOL Sorry I couldn’t help it..

  19. Tim

    It’s really nice to see GTPlanet gets more and more professional every day. Really superb! Thanks for all those who put a lot of effort in this.

  20. Jackington

    I never would’ve imagined GTPlanet would get a 1-on-1 with Kazunori Yamauchi back when I joined the site in 2003. This is great news for the community.

  21. No46_TheDoctor

    Made me sad to see this to be honest, I’ve never really rated SRT that highly, or their “impartial” reviews (remember the GT5 Prologue V Forza 3 fiasco?)

    I’m quite sure GTPlanet is big enough to stand on it’s own two feet without getting involved with these guy’s, and of course Jessica?

    1. tvensky

      Jessica is the best, you could team up with her :)), and yes I agree, I don’t like SRT reviews two, too much of a they’re own opinions.. no offence, couple of the reviews where great..

    2. Owen

      It’s not really a full team up. Just one guy who works for them said he can get us into some interviews. So yeah thumbs up to him.

    3. danielwhite74

      Too bad I’m banned from ISR’s Youtube channel as a result of suggesting they were bribed with Unicorn cars in order that they give Forza a positive review… XD

    4. un_peacekeeper

      Don’t like them either. I remember commenting on one of their videos about how they shouldn’t be complaining about the lack of tire squeal noise in F1:CE (PS3), and they proceeded to bash me.

      Notwithstanding whether the lack of tire squeal is realistic in an F1 game, it’s a jerk move, and when other YouTubers agreed with me, the SRT folks proceeded to flame.

      Nice way to build rapport…or not.

      I wouldn’t mind Jessica though – good eye candy. That’s what she’s there for anyway…they say she comes up with her own script, yet when she made a mistake (referring to the G27 as the predecessor to the G25), she would blame it on the guys, claiming that they wrote the script.

      We don’t need SRT.

  22. Stune

    Nice! GTP and SRT should be a winner formula.

    I wonder what we will learn over the next few days? Exciting times. Cant be that long till we have a confirmed track and car list.


    Wow, gtp and SRT teaming up? Didn’t see this coming. Can’t wait to see what info we are gonna have here. Definately will be tuning in Tuesday and wednesday. Give us the goods, guys:)

    1. Blademask

      I don’t care for the Inside racing guys.

      Not 1 bit.

      Can we please get footage of them driving in GT5 on professional? I’d love to see that.

      These are the same guys that said Prologue’s physics were the same as the time trial & the latest GT Build…

      Which is a flat out lie.

    1. caasimun

      gametrailers usually has live coverage on any game convention so they shld have a live streaming vid like wat they did during E3

    2. FlareKR

      A plan and a half! Looks like we’re gonna get a lot out of Kaz about GT5 then we have ever seen in any interview. Great way to end my last week of summer vacation!

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