GTPlanet, InsideSimRacing Team Up for Gamescom 2010 Coverage & Yamauchi Interview

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GT fans, get ready! The start of GamesCom 2010 is now only hours away, and I’m very excited to announce GTPlanet’s big plans for the show. We’re teaming up with to bring you unprecedented, in-depth coverage of all the new Gran Turismo 5 information about to be released. Here’s a preview of everything that’s about to go down over the next few days:

Sony GamesCom 2010 Press Conference (Tuesday)

Sony kicks off the show a day early with their official press conference on Tuesday at 6:00PM CEST (correction – the doors open at 6:00PM CEST, but the show doesn’t actually start until 7:00PM CEST) (check this table for your local time zone). Sony themselves have already confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 will be featured in the conference, so expect some major announcements. Unfortunately, there is no live streaming video from the event (if you do find a stream, please let me know), but it will be live-blogged by just about everyone. As always, I’ll make another post a few hours before the event with all the links.

Gran Turismo 5 Private “Breakout Session” (Wednesday)

The real fun begins on Wednesday, August 18th, when GTPlanet’s Famine and Venari meet up with Andreas (gNNY) of InsideSimRacing for Sony’s exclusive, invitation-only GT5 event. Much like the GT5 session at E3, this private press session allows Yamauchi to go into more details and take questions on all the new features being revealed at the show. Our guys will tell-all as soon as they can, right here on the news blog!

Exclusive Kazunori Yamauchi Interview

This is the big one – after nearly 10 years online, GTPlanet representatives will finally come face-to-face with the creator of Gran Turismo. Our guys know the series better than anyone else, and with the help of InsideSimRacing, we should be able to produce one of his best-ever interviews.

You are also invited to submit your questions for Yamauchi via GTPlanet Ideas. It’s simple: submit your own question or vote on those submitted by others, and the most popular will rise to the top. Due to time constraints, we may not be able to ask the specific questions, but it will help give us an idea of exactly what you guys really want to know about.

Watch for the video interview to appear in a special upcoming episode of InsideSimRacing!

Exclusive Video of the latest GT5 Demo, GTPlanet User Meet-Ups

Our resident media expert, Alba, will be hands-on with the latest GT5 demo at the show. He’s got an HD camera and a tripod ready to go, so expect a lot of awesome video footage that leaves nothing to question! As you may know, Gamescom is open to the public throughout the weekend, and Alba is organizing GTPlanet user meet-ups right here in our forums so you can play and discuss the game with others who are as enthusiastic about GT5 as you are!

Famine and Alba will also be posting live updates from the show floor via Twitter, and GTPlanet’s Facebook page will be updated by-the-minute. Follow us now, because you don’t want to miss a thing this week!

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