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Sharing and discussing car set-up configurations has always been a significant part of GTPlanet’s community since the site first began back in 2001.

Our Gran Turismo tuning forums contain nearly a quarter of a million posts, but it’s never really been easy to find a particular setup that you’re looking for, nor would you really know if that particular tune is any good.

I hope to solve these problems with GTPlanet’s new Tuning Database, which officially launches today.

It provides a simple, standardized way to share, organize, rate, find, and talk about car setups, and it’s completely free to use for all GTPlanet members. Here’s a few feature highlights:

  • Tune Ratings: My personal favorite feature of the Tuning DB, the new rating feature makes it easy to see which tunes other members of the community find most useful. It also lets you give feedback to tunes which might need some work, which can help tuners refine their craft.
  • Powerful Search Capabilities: Find just the tunes you are looking for using keyword search or the powerful “Tune Finder”, which lets you filter tunes by make, PP values, tires, setup type, and tuner.
  • Easy-to-Read & Input: Tunes are displayed in a standardized, easy-to-read format, so you can read data quickly. Sharing tunes is also faster – just point, click, and select the relevant settings for your tune.
  • “Follow” Tunes: Subscribe to or “watch” tunes that interest you to receive notifications for further updates or changes a tune might receive.
  • Complete Forum Integration: The Tuning DB is completely integrated with GTPlanet’s forums. You can browse your favorite tuner’s setups right from a new “Tunes” tab displayed on their account profile, you’ll get notification alerts when someone “likes” or reviews your tunes, and each tune in the database gets its own dedicated discussion thread for more comprehensive feedback and analysis.
  • Full Mobile Compatibility: Browse or share tunes right from your couch or driving rig – the Tuning DB has been designed to be easy to use and fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.

The Tuning Database is launching with support for Gran Turismo 6, and I’m excited to bring support for other popular games and PC simulators in the future. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to stop by this forum topic.

Stay tuned for more news and announcements, and, as always, stop by our GT6 Tuning Forum for more help and discussion.

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  1. rys racing

    Please bring back Vegas strip from gt4 and more drag racing options its like every different style racing is here but drag racing please consider this there are lots of drag racers wanting strips and engine swaps thanks from rys racing

  2. Ben78

    It would be nice if there was a tune for XXX amount of PP, a tune with parts that adds no power to the car (only a gearbox, a clutch, differential, wings and all) and a tune with the high end parts (highest PP possible).

  3. Steph290

    As a tuner myself (in game and IRL), I do question a number of the setups in the database. Are people making up these numbers for best times or just overall safe rides, because I’ve tried some and in comparison to my own they’re slow. Stable, but slow.

    1. infamousphil

      Great question. As far as I know, these tunes are not tested by “qualified” pilots. Personally, as a mid level driver/tuner, I have a general set up (not stock) for each drivetrain layout and spend a limited time “stabilizing” cars like the F40 and R8 GT3 with a controller. It’s hard to believe that these whips are as hard to keep on track as PD portrays them to be.

      I gave up wasting my time with others tunes because they did not fit my driving style and/or limited abilities with a controller. I’m just happy to enjoy running amongst the averge Joes online.

    2. Jordan

      That’s what the rating system is for. If you think your tunes are better, you should share them, Steph. ;)

    3. Steph290

      I don’t really share my tunes unless its among friends, but I’ll make an exception and add 1 or 2 of my own. Of course driving style will still be a strong factor in how the tune performs for each person. What works for me may not work for someone who is more aggressive with the wheel. I’ll add my F40/

  4. Kush Racing

    The “Tune Finder” does not let you search for a particular car. Is this an oversight or was that done for a reason?

    1. Jordan

      The database does not have a normalized field for vehicle model. If you’re looking for a very specific car, you should use the keyword search.

  5. Soulfresh_ACV

    Seriously don’t know why this isn’t built right into the game itself given that this is such a big part of the game that fans have been doing for years various sites.

    Imagine the possibility to be able to share right in the game and allow fans to download right from the tuning menu of each car and be able to vote etc.

    By the way, am I the only one who find it frustrating that you can’t delete individual lap times in time trial arcade mode? And why the hell you have time trial in arcade mode anyway when you should be able to do that in free run mode.

    1. infamousphil

      Absolutely, Soulfresh. I just chalk it up as one of MANY oversights by PD.

      Regarding tuning, while some low rank pilots couldn’t tune a suspension to save more than a second at the green hell. I was looking for a REAL tuning guide that focused on horsepower, weight, downforce and their subsequent PP ratings.

      I know it’s a lot of work for so many cars but it’s been done for earlier GTs. Anyone know where I can find one?

    2. infamousphil

      Not to say the Planet hadn’t helped the community with tuning. I’m sure the tuning guide does. It just doesn’t help ME ;) I have been able to tune everything I have been interested in keeping on the track and competitive with a CONTROLLER.

    1. greenlightning

      over a 1,000 cars with endless more with tuning and set-ups for different tracks or pp levels.
      Really enjoy running laps for record times, even just my own. However only having 8 spots saved per track that is flat out wrong and a huge default to the game. Not to mention we should be able to have global data basis for each track or at least our friends to share records/ compete with for fastest lap in specific class etc. Brand Hatch is my offline track for running laps mainly in the 500 pp range.

  6. Nato_777

    This is a great feature – thank you Jordan and anyone else involved for your efforts in bringing this to GTP. :)

  7. Sederholm

    It’s nice to see that the official pages evolve with new features. The forums are full of other interesting ideas.

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