GTPlanet Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, & Android

Each month, nearly half a million of you visit GTPlanet from a mobile device. Now, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of the world of Gran Turismo using the GTPlanet App on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android smartphone! Better yet, it’s completely free for everyone.

Read and comment on news blog articles or browse and search our forums in a fast, native interface specially designed for touch-screen devices. You can sign in to your forum account, view your thread subscriptions, send and receive private messages – even have “push” notifications of new activity delivered straight to your phone, anywhere you are. It’s all available right now, and once again, it’s completely free.

To install the app on your device, simply open up the App Store or Marketplace on your device, and search for “gtplanet”. Or, click here to load the app in iTunes or view this direct link for Android. As always, if you have any problems or questions about the app, please share them over in the Site Feedback forum.

If you enjoy the app, be sure to thank our GTPlanet Premium members, whose financial support enabled the professional development of this software. Thank you, once again, to so many of you who have supported the site over the years.

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Comments (103)

  1. Type S Tony

    Hi Jordan,

    Love the app, makes for good night time reading before bed. I downloaded the app for my i-pod quit a while back and it always crash’s after about 3-5 mins of browsing different threads, always forced to re-open & search all over again for the thread I was reading. Any update comming out to sort out any bugs that it may/may not have?

  2. KFM

    I got this for my iPhone a few days ago when the site gave me a notification, and it’s a million times easier to use the forums than it is using Safari.

  3. Punknoodle

    I’ve been using this app for a while now and I can’t express how much better it is for the forums than using the browser on my iPhone 4. Great work! Highly recommend this app for any GTP Forum members with a compatable phone.

  4. Greyum

    So this is just an app with a built in RSS feed… I can access this site on my iPhone, iPad and via the multitude of RSS feed readers I have. What does this app do that is BETTER than the actual site?

    1. Jordan

      The app is a lot more than just the news blog, its primary functionality provides easy interaction with the forums, as the post explains above (there’s no RSS involved here, by the way). Download it and try it out, it’s free…

  5. civic_hybrid

    Just saw Jordan’s reply that Blackberry will be supported later this year. Thanks again! Just started using this site and dont have an iphone or ipad…

  6. BWX

    As a side-note: This is when I got the e-mail notification to this news story-
    Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 1:04 PM..

    First reply I see in comment:
    February 14th, 2011 at 3:44 pm.. —

    So why does it take 20+ hours to get e-mail notifications about news stories on GTPlanet?

    This has nothing to do with this particular story, but I might as well cancel e-mail update notifications. I could literally get them faster if I put it in a United States Postal service mailbox snail-mail and lived close by.

    It’s been this way since e-mail update notification on GTPlanet news stories was available. I’m getting them via G-Mail on a normal 20mb/sec premium broadband connection. Anyway… just reporting that.

  7. zhunterzz

    Great job! We’ve been waiting eagerly for this and its great. Thanks so much. Now I can be on GTP all the time!

  8. tweetman_277

    This app is just too brilliant! The only related thing i can ask for is better photo support, because although there is some kind of button i hit yesterday that cleverly showed me all tge pics on a page, finding it didnt actually make much sense…

  9. jagsta

    Good work on the android app, I browse the site a lot on the move and this cuts the amount of data I’m using and is a lot easier to navigate with. Thanks Jordan.

  10. Moby45

    This is pretty cool. I like it.

    THanks for making this guys. IT’s a bit easier browsing through here on my mobile now. I Appreciate it.

  11. cairnz

    Nice work on the app. I was finding it odd there was no “back” button on a news entry (like in the forum), you had to click the GTPlanet logo on the top.

  12. Richard

    Hi Jordan,

    I downloaded the app this morning for my low end samsung running android 2.1 (no sign of a 2.2 update yet :( ) and when I try to run it, it opens and attempts to contact the remote site before returning an error. The error is “The remote server sent an unparsable result. This could be the result of the forum software plugin being outdated.” Has anyone seen this before, or is it a case of not being able to make use of the app until I get an update to 2.2?


    1. Kenny

      I have a Samsung Epic running 2.1 and i was able to use this app perfectly fine. Try re-downloading it, maybe that will solve your issue.

  13. Yui-san

    I dowloaded it for my Ipad 2 weeks ago, and it works great! Very simple, clean, and facile to use.

    P.S. How come there weren’t any announcements back then?

  14. VolvoV50Driver

    App, is super, UI and interface is really smart, I can view pics on the iphone although some are saying you can’t..? Only small thing is the photomode competition poll photos don’t display and only show the link :(

  15. Sylon

    Ok, after surfing the forum section for a bit, the scrolling is better over there. However, it’s not very smooth in the news section, like when you’re trying to scroll down to make a comment on a news post, like this one.

    1. RacecarBMW

      I beleive that is lowest on there list. I feel for you I used to have a palm pre. Great phone but nobody develops anything for it. )= thats why I got an android.

  16. N99GT

    swwweeeeettttt!!!!! ive been waiting for an app like this since i got my android! thank you soo much jordan and the premium guys!

    being installed as i type….eekkkkkk!

  17. Panjandrum

    Thanks, works great on my iPad so far. (Only issue I’ve found so far is that those of us with animated .gif files for our avatars only get the first frame of the .gif presented).

  18. Counter_Z23

    I’m having problems with this app. It seems to consume much memory and this makes it crash quite frequently. Also, there seems to be some delay or lag when scrolling up or down a page.

    Sometimes, using Safari on my iPod Touch, I also get “out of memory” problems but this only occurs when I open too many tabs.

    I suspect that there is a memory leak in this app a so I will stick to Safari in the meantime. Still, it’s nice to see an app from GTPlanet.

  19. NASCARFAN160

    Judging by the pictures, it almost looks like what the website looks like in my device. I’ll get it anyways. :)

    1. Jordan

      Yes, the blog will look the same as it does in your mobile browser. The app primarily introduces a new way to interact with the forums.

  20. pudge

    I’ve been using the app for a couple weeks or so now on my iPhone (it turned up in a search for Gran Turismo in the App Store), and it is a little nicer for viewing the news pages, but much better for the forums. Thanks!

  21. GrahamTurismo

    It’s about time! I was hoping for something like this. :D

    I was moments away from harassing Jordan for Tapatalk support.

  22. Neal

    I’ve been using the iPhone app for a while and it makes browsing and posting on the forums much easier and faster than using safari on the phone. Good work Jordan.

  23. CommanderKit

    I got it and it’s very good! Great job guys! the only thing is that it is impossible to view pictures on the forums (ie. photomode).

  24. LamboLP640

    Sweet! Do you think there’ll be a way to implement the Chatroom into the iPhone/iPad apps? That’d be just amazing.

  25. chump

    the android app wont close if you exit on the news page. you have to go to forums then exit. other than it works great! – HTC incredible


    Got the app before the update, because Im sad like that lol. Already getting used to it, and enjoying it more than using ‘Safari’. Thanks for your efforts again Jordan!

  27. paskowitz

    WOW! Jordan you have outdone yourself! The app is GREAT! No errors or crashes so far. The UI is REALLY slick and easy to navigate. AWESOME!

  28. cuaquero

    Hey Jordan congratulations on this new apps! You defenitely keep making gtplanet the best website dedicated to the GT series!

  29. wbrinkman

    While I applaud any development for the Android platform, this app seems a bit pointless when the forum already renders perfectly on the Android webkit browser.

    1. Jordan

      I think you will find this native app considerably faster and easier to use than the regular site within the Android browser.

    2. MrSkyline

      I just tried the app on my HD2 with android 2.3 and it works well, still i prefer browsing the homepage with the Dolphin browser (full flash support for video’s and such, and a fully rendered webpage as if it was on a desktop)
      But for the forums this app is very usefull, its to much zooming in and out and scrolling around with a normal browser. great app! thnx allot!

    3. strtgng

      At first I thought along these lines – but after a few days of use I’ve found I really like the app. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now (it has unofficially been out for awhile).

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