GTPlanet Publishes “Ultimate Guide” for Project CARS 3

Last month we announced the GTPlanet Guides, a new library of comprehensive resources about the biggest topics we cover.

Our first resource is a guide dedicated to Gran Turismo 7. Since publishing it just last month, we have continued to update and refine its contents. It now totals over 3,000 words, and will continue to grow even more thanks to your feedback.

Today, we are announcing our next new resource: Project CARS 3 — The Ultimate Guide.

Since the game was revealed by surprise announcement in early June, more details have emerged from around the web. We know it can be difficult to keep up with everything, so we built our guide to be as comprehensive and informative as possible, including tentative car lists, track lists, confirmed features, and more.

As with our other guides, we will keep updating our Project CARS 3 resource with new information as it is revealed. If you have any feedback on the guide or if there is something you think we should cover in it, please send us an email.

Stay tuned: we have more guides on the way!

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