GTPlanet’s GT5 Online Monthly Race Series Event this Saturday (With Prizes!)

The June event of GTPlanet’s Online Monthly Race Series (OMRS) is about to kick off, and the ante has been upped with not one but two downloadable copies of Gran Turismo PSP up for grabs. This month’s event will take place on Trial Mountain Reverse in the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A this Saturday, June 4th. Check the official forum topic for all the details.

OMRS events consist of multiple online races held throughout the day in different time zones around the world. The races are officially sanctioned by GTPlanet, where participants are required to adhere to our online racing rules and guidelines and must be members of the GTP_Registry. If you’ve been craving for some clean on-track action in GT5, here’s a great opportunity for some fast and fair competition. Good luck!

GT5 Photomode image by KiroKai.

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  1. Walshy69

    Crap !!!
    I guess by reading this then I need to set up a new account with the prefix GTP_ ? Just spent last night buying, tuning and running an RX-7 in for the event, was gonna do the qualifier tonight. Oh well, all is not lost, realised I am working till 6 tomorrow anyway. Might as well get cracking on creating and levelling up a new account for the next one.

  2. Ken Barth

    A little effort to create a GTP _ tag means better racing!

    I’d rather have a smaller grid of clean racers than a big grid of idiots!

    I have had a GTP_ tag since I bought Prologue.

    There also a lot of organized online races where you do not need your GTP_ tag, but need to follow similar rules of racing- Plug for ‘Concours Club’! (See GTPLanet Online Racing thread)

    1. kyleh613

      If you can’t even get a full grid of drivers then what does that say about the GTPlanet community? Some community…

    2. Scott

      Really Kyle? Do you know how many people participate each week in the WRS? It is not a small number and every week some of the fastest GT racers in the world participate down to people who just want to challenge themselves to see how well they can do. GT Planet has a great community and it really shines when you enter the WRS forums. Show me another place where people are fighting tooth and nail for a position but are still willing to share setup info and tactics with the person below them on the board. That is what makes GT Planet and the WRS/OMRS so great.

    1. LVolz

      Yeah. I’d love to play but can’t be bothered with setting up/building up another acct. That’s what I loved about GTR2, you could set up private lobbies and have closed league races with your core acct. Seems we have a way to go with this here but it’s an idea.

    2. GTP_

      The tag has its advantages. To go to the trouble of creating a new account and leveling it up shows that you are serious about being part of the GTPlanet online community.If anybody could join the races on their existing accounts we would inevitably get the odd idiot turning up. It only takes 1 idiot to ruin everyones race.
      When you take part in an official GTP event, be it WRS or OMRS, you can expect everyone to be playing by the rules outlined in the GTP OLR rules and reg’s. Cheats and idiots are swiftly removed from the registry. Levelling up a new account to a point where you can take part can probably be done in half an hour anyway.

    3. mcfizzle

      Do you want to know the sad truth? There are people commenting on here right now that would like to participate but will not take the time to create a new account and level up to level 12 to run the qualifier. It’s not hard to do and by the time you post a comment complaining about it you could’ve created the GTP_ account and less than an hour could have leveled up enough for the qualifier.

      The admins of the WRS and OMRS volunteer a large amount of their free time to run these events and all they ask is that you use a GTP tag and follow the rules. If you really wanted to participate you would do it, but it is easier for you to complain about a simple rule so you do that instead. Frankly, I think the WRS and OMRS are better off without people who are so bothered by the tag that they won’t run the series. We serious but fun competitions that way.

    4. Tvensky

      I cant register my real country, SONY dont support half of the world.. its pain in the *** for me to create another one.. I have to make up all info, searching for valid address etc… and overal it takes over 1 hour to do… I visit GTplanet every time after work. it takes for me about 1 minute to do, I can type realy fast on PC and it takes 20 sec. to creati this comment!

      My point was that I dont agree with this bad idea of GTP tag! its just immature, and I see it like GTP commercial over PS network. I am huge GT fan and drive 99% online, and still I will not create another account, I will have to drive all events over again to gain cars, I will have to invate all my friends all over again, I will have to leave my old profile? or play with 2 profiles at the same time… that was my point why I dont like this idea….!!

  3. BroncosXR8

    Nice, to bad I’m away from home for the next month, but for sure will be getting in on this action when I’m back!

    1. Luke

      Yep need that GTP tag, hence why not as many people could be bothered as would be expected. Ruined the WRS as you now need that ‘tag’ also. Didn’t need it for GT3 and 4 days and I honestly would not want to play the game twice just to race online.
      I also blame Sony for this to. Why can’t they implement some sort of clan system, so for each game you can be in a different clan/group. That way I could be in GTP for Granturismo, another group for Modnation racers, another for Burnout etc. All under the same user name!!! They better have something like this for the PS4.

    2. Schwadegan

      @Luke Yet another feature that could be included in the mysterious “Driver’s Club”. It’s a good idea, and I hope it becomes true in some form.

    3. Tvensky

      sad, i want to drive, but I wont create another account… whats that about.. its like GTP commercial, dont like this idea… :(

    4. Scott

      @Luke They have explained this many times already why they require the tag and frankly it is not difficult to do. It is worth the time but if you aren’t willing to do it then it is your loss, not theirs. While you complain I enjoy the WRS week in and week out.

      And it wasn’t required for GT3/4 because there was no online and no online ID’s. Things have changed, get used to it.

    1. GT5Canuck

      Italians are not a race, they are citizens of a specific country.

      Having said that, these citizens of a specific country were banned from the latest European GT Academy, and at least one of the “break out” glitches that allowed quick accumulation of credits was found and majorly exploited by…these citizens of a specific country.

      And we won’t even get into F1 and Ferrari. 8^)

    2. Madman Apex

      wasn’t it that italy, and some other countries were overlooked in PSN/PD’s actual EU Academy; not the race series’ held here by GTP…
      thats what i’m assuming hes getting at.

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