GTPlanet’s Real Podcasting Simulator: Chicane Edition #6 – Forum Moderator Roundtable Discussion!


Today we’ve got our first roundtable discussion with the moderators of GTPlanet! Features moderators @TB, @Wardez, Administrator and GTPedia co-author @Famine as well as site founder @Jordan. Sit back and enjoy, had a good discussion covering many topics you should find entertaining. Expect a regular episode within the week!

Listen to GTPlanet’s Real Podcasting Simulator

Chicane Edition 6 – Moderator Round Table!

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Eddie Gomez “Wardez” (@Pureracingevo).


Questions about mods thread

Christmas cake with cheese




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  1. GT5 Level 41

    @ 13:22 I thought Andrew said “tyre degrades” as if to get the podcast back on topic.

    I liked the “live” questions. It’d be nice if you announced a time in the future when you’d be recording so we could be ready for it.

    I’m an avid podcast listener and at Jordan’s request I would like to recommend “Stuff you should know” and “We’re Alive”.

    Constructive critisim time-

    1:57:35 was way too long. 45-55 minutes seems to be a good podcast length.

    Some off topic banter is fine but dang. Granted GT6 has been slow with news, but y’all went way off topic a couple times.

    A prepared theme or outline would be helpful.

    I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but like I said earlier, I listen to a lot of podcasts and when they are done right they can be really enjoyable.

    1. Wardez

      Really appreciate your feedback, thanks. This podcast is a special edition, loose format, episode. It’s not meant to be a podcast dedicated to GT. What I wanted for these mod roundtables is to just record a show as if it were us just hanging out. And when I have time to hang out with friends I don’t like putting limits on it. The show could last an hour to three hours, all depends on what we’re talking about and such.

      That format, or lack of, isn’t that uncommon anymore these days. Have you ever listened to Giant Bombcast or the Joe Rogan Experience? They are almost always three hours and I go through them like butter. I admit we’re not as tight as they are at presenting and keeping a thread going efficiently yet, but we’re pretty much just starting.

      Anyway, our main regular show, which we just released episode 16 of, is slowly but surely going to be fitting into the mold of your classic one hour podcast with segments and tight sequencing. That should definitely be more in line with what you’re used to. But definitely don’t Pigeonhole podcasts into only being able to be a certain way ’cause that’ s no fun :).

      Thanks for listening!

      P. S: we will definitely let people know more in advance about the live questions next time. It came up as a spur of the moment thing for this episode.

  2. adam46

    Excellent stuff guys. Nice to listen to a group of car/GT guys from GTPlanet have a chat. Wish I’d been able to get some questions in at the time, but either way, thanks! :tup:

    1. Wardez

      Glad you liked it! There will definitely be time for questions for next time we do this next month, in fact, if you have any now, post them away whenever you want and we’ll get to them later!

  3. ildd

    Famine did cancer research and has a masters degree in Genetics… but writes about cars? I didn’t see that coming!

    I like listening to these, usually on lazy Sundays, but interesting on any day. Thanks for the 2 hours Wardez, Jordan, Famine and TB.

    1. TB

      Honestly, I think all in it was pushing three, wasn’t it, Wardez? Counting the chatting we did afterwards, of course.

    2. Wardez

      Yeah TB, we talked a lot, the part that went live was just the meat, lots of good talking before and after :)

      Thanks for the king words ildd.

  4. strela

    That was quite a conversation.. what where you talking about?..think I lost somewhere in the midle… oh and nice to hear your voices dear mods.. now you look even more serious :P
    keep on with the good job!!.. and we all hope (maybe from Monday on.. not sure xD) to se some positive comment on the forum! ;)

    1. Wardez

      Went quite well, really appreciate you asking. Was Summer down there when I went, so it was hard to make it a bad trip :)

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