GTPlanet’s Real Podcasting Simulator: Episode 15 & Chicane Edition #5 – Interview with Jordan


We’ve got quite the juicy post this time around, and you all deserve it having waited so patiently for our latest episode. It’s been a long time coming, but we think we’ve released something worthwhile in episode 15, where we cover all the news from the past month and do the usual rounds of speculation and distraction during our discussion.

After that, we have a very special feature for this latest RPS update, a nice long discussion with Jordan, founder of GTPlanet, fresh off his feature-length film debut in the recent Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide documentary. We now refer to him as J. Hollywood on the inside. We discuss the past, present, and future of everything from the internet to Motorsports and everything in between. And of course, lots of juicy info on all kinds of things relating to Gran Turismo and the GTPlanet website and forums! Be sure to listen to this one more than just once, there’s lots to discover. We hope you enjoy.

Listen to GTPlanet’s Real Podcasting Simulator

*Note: the SoundCloud uploads of the latest two podcasts feature no music, in order to hear the intro and outros, you’ll need to listen to the libsyn/rss/iTunes feed*

Episode 15 –

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Chicane Edition 5 (Jordan Interview) –

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Eddie Gomez “Wardez” (@Pureracingevo), Logan King “Tornado,” Riley “Snaeper.”



Episode 15

Chicane Edition 5



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