GTPlanet’s WRS Features Team Time Trial Challenge, Beginning March 16th


WRS Team Time Trial Challenge

Signups are open now for the first ever WRS Team Time Trial Challenge.  The event will feature member organized teams of 5 or 6 drivers, competing against one another in a series of time trial events, over 4 weeks.  Points for the event will be based on a formula that takes both final lap time and handicap into account, allowing drivers of all abilities to contribute to the success of their team.

Only current members of the GTP_Registry are eligible to participate.  The deadline to sign up is just 2 weeks from today, so if you’d like to participate, be sure to organize or join a team!

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WRS Time Trials

We’re already into week 7 of the GT6 WRS Time Trials, and we’re visiting a glamorous and storied racing venue this week, the streets of Monte Carlo in the principality of Monaco.  Titled ‘Light, Tight and Just Right’, the combo uses yet another car that’s brand new to the GT Series, the Light Car Company Rocket, which looks an awful lot like a 1960’s Grand Prix racecar!  The leaderboard is already lighting up, with 14 drivers having times and the top 4 drivers separated by less than 3 tenths, as of this posting.

While Week 7 is up and running, Week 6 is not finished yet.  The event deadline is tomorrow at 11:59 PM GMT, don’t forget to submit if you’ve been running.  There’s some very close action on our leaderboard, with 87 drivers in total, and the top 17 separated by less than 3 tenths.

Week 5 Results are not yet official, but the top times have all been verified.  We had a great turnout for our Anniversary event, with 88 drivers submitting a time.  Congrats to the event podiums.  Willracer31 took the overall win, while doodlemonoply and GTP_Twissy rounded out the podium.

Check out this video by Race Admin Speedy6543.  It features the laps from all of the podium drivers in every division!

Upcoming WRS Online Events

WRS Online will host the 6th weekly race of GT6 on this Wednesday, ‘STarted Hatching’.  It’s once again based on the Weekly Time Trial, and will feature the 2013 Ford Focus ST at Brands Hatch Indy.  We’re changing up the event structure this week.  We’ll have a 4 minute timed qualification, followed by an 18 lap Sprint Race, and a 36 Lap Feature Race.

If you’re interested in participating, be sure and visit the race thread and follow the instructions to register for the event in your time zone!  We continue to host races in 3 convenient time slots, and one (or more) of these should work for most members in most regions:

  • 3:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Pacific / 20:00 GMT
  • 10:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Pacific / 3:00 AM GMT
  • 3:00 AM Eastern / 12:00 AM Pacific / 8:00 AM GMT / 7:00 PM AEDST / 10:00 PM NZ

Meanwhile, Parity Racing is back!  Next weekend, WRS Online will host the next event, at Grand Valley East Reverse.  Participants can use any race car, on race hard or race medium tires, with a target lap time of 1:04 and a maximum speed of 144 mph.  The event is open to current members of and recent applicants to our GTP_Registry.

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WRS Online Events – Results Recap

Last week’s Anniversary event at Trial Mountain had a great turnout, with everyone having a lot of fun.  We hosted races in the EU, NA and AU regions.  42 individual drivers participated, with 48 total races run.  Check out the results here.  Congrats to the Top Lobby winners in each region,  Willracer31 (EU), doodlemonoply (NA), and GTP_PASM (AU).

The Silverstone Endurance was also a resounding success, although the race was cut a few minutes short by some server issues and resulting disconnects at the 2 Hour 6 Minute Mark.  Results were locked in as official at that point in the race.  Congrats to Class winning drivers GTP_PASM (GT1) and GTP_Hasslemoff (GT3).

Want to keep track of all of the Online Events the WRS is planning?  Be sure and subscribe to our Announcements Thread.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in joining the GTP_Registry to take advantage of the events we are offering, here’s what to do:

  • Run the GTP WRS Qualifier. The registry is open to submissions at this time, and divisional placement is required to participate in our events.
  • Have questions? Anything related to the qualifier can be discussed in this thread.

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