HD Video, Screenshots from GT5’s GoW III Trailer

Torgo, who apparently has an early copy of “God of War III” with the new GT5 trailer and some proper video capturing equipment has shared the clip excellent quality. Watch it in HD below, and check out some of these still images which I’ve captured from the clip after the jump…


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  1. danielwhite74

    WaitingforGT5, believe it or not, this is in-game footage. A quick look at any GT5 gameplay video would confirm that.

  2. .......

    1000 cars that look that awesome? Holy shit!!

    If they add a system that allows player-to-player car exchange, selling and bidding (of course with rules to pricing, we don’t want friends buying expensive cars off of each other with the price of a water bottle, there needs to be limits), then this game is gonna be better than perfect!!

    I can only dream :'(

  3. BWX

    Wow, GT5 is set in the MATRIX!! Sweet! Hey, WTF- the vid is down.. I agree with the four other people who said to fix the navigation with the blown up pics, it sucks. Also it would be cool if you could make it so people using the PS3 BRowser could stream these HD Vids that won’t play in HD on YOUTOOB. That would be sick. Thanks.

  4. blackjack

    @ Hentis – “GT5 release…… thats an urban myth isnt it?”

    I’d love to see the Mythbusters team do an episode on GT5!

  5. ralph89

    Tsukuba, Nurburgring, and Rome looks awesome, but Indianapolis? It’s disgusting. The 2d trees and spectator look crap. Well at least in the pit lane area. I saw some 3d spectators at the side of the track if you watch closely on the video.

  6. Hentis

    Come tot hink of it theres something that always bugged me since GT5P. When you see your driver in the car drinving his lillte pixels out of the car. He’s there in all his racing get up yet your performance car is there with no roll cage or other “safety” equipment on the car.

    Yeah some of the sportier / race cars do indeed have that but my Nissan Skyline doesnt!!!

    Can I have a driver set up as a chav in a burberry cap please?

    The HSE might have something to say about doors flying off cars on a virutal race track as well :)

  7. iucidium

    @james; yeah I agree. I too have played GT since its ‘birth’ (I remember drooling over the previews back in the day) I think the inclusion of ‘track days’ or some huge online facet of the game will be the trump card. Maybe a special ‘nurburgring mode’ where you have up to 32 racers simultaneous and its dealt like the real life ‘ring. That’s my 2cents

  8. ralph89

    Everything in the background buildings are 3D! Never seen that in GT5p though. Did they really modeled the entire city of the track perimeter? That’s awesome! I know the far back scenery are all 2D though.

  9. J.P

    @ Mickle Pickle, you took the words right out of my mouth mate! Spot on!!

    So to the guys who sit there looking to find glitches, sorry but you’ve failed with this one!

    Sure, GT5 will have glitches in, show me a game that doesn’t, but I’m not sad enough to go looking for them, I’ll be too busy enjoying this fantastic game…whenever it comes out!!

  10. Mickle Pickle

    @ Alex and @ Confi-User-3 (and everyone else talking bout the tire being in the grass):

    It is not a glitch! i repeat again, NOT a glitch…

    Half of the details you guys notice on GT5 is already IN GT5Prologue, including the tire being “sunken” in the grass/sand.

    Playing GT5P this past weekend, on Sukuka, when you go off track, especially during the replays, you will see the tires being “burried”. That’s because it’s INTENTIONAL, and because the track is always higher and flat, compared with irregular surface such as sand, grass.

    For all your comments/ critics/ advises/ suggestions/ or other inquiries about GT5, may i tell you to check out GT5 Prologue much more in depth, and you will see things you havent noticed before ;)

  11. Mr Latte

    Well, Im for making a cup of coffee…

    Oh and good trailer, nice to finally see more of GT at night.

  12. Dk

    HA! Another Trailer, maybe Polyphony is moving to trailer making instead of Game making??? nice trailer. SO! are we going to actualy play this game some day or just hump it in the blu-ray player and watch some awesome trailers????

  13. viejaloca

    HOLY CRAP it looks sick! But still, I keep seeing the same cars. Someone tell me that these won’t be the only new featured cars…

  14. Shokz

    “I guess I’m the only one to notice the building with the lights behind the bridge in the first picture looks like the GT symbol.”

    Nah, you just missed the comment someone pointed it out; but yeah, as Starscream said, that screengrab is probably only there because Jordan noticed it.

  15. James

    I always knew from day 1 that GT5 would be pleasing to the eye. Its the functionality of the game that makes me worry at night. Car choices from the 80’s, paintshops, wheels, modifications, livery editors, powertrain swaps… building something you are proud to race and show off online. Some of us have been playing the GT series since its birth (yes…. i’m getting pretty old!) and racing round SS5 at night has been done….. need more! Need something confirmed that GT5 will stretch the envelope; rather than just visually pleasing to the eye.

  16. zeromobius

    I guess I’m the only one to notice the building with the lights behind the bridge in the first picture looks like the GT symbol. Lol looks neat

  17. Alex p.

    What I find interesting, is that in the scene with the five cars in front of the big illuminated 5 there’s a Nissan, a LAMBO and even a Citroen but no FERRARI! Eat this Ferrari lol (big Lambo fan here)

  18. ralph89

    That GT by Citroen will look really bad ass at SSR 5 with the headlight’s on. Photomode is where I might share some extra time in GT5 :).

  19. Niko

    All game hi-tech,but look Daytona track 2D PUBLIC!!Soo ugly!Ps3 power=GT5,public animation ps1.Look:NFSU,GRID,PGR,Forza,Dirt,the king:PS1 tech?

  20. LexusIS350King

    @Brad another self correction, the yellow car is a LAMBO, its the Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 not an Ferrari 430

  21. Gt Fan

    Alex Says :

    ‘Did anyone notice how in one of the STI damage screenshots(first one), the rear left wheel is sortve glitched into the ground?’

    Hey man,youre right the first pic of the subaru is in the ground :(

  22. iced16

    is it possible that that sti has flat tire? i think it is… it is not so much hard work for Kaz and company to include it in…

  23. Rasmus

    Wow, amazing trailer. I’d love to drive that old Esprit around Nordschleife! But… they really should release the game soon, or at least give us all a release date. Come on, PD!

    And Jordan. Really love your work on this site and GT Planet is always the first one out when it comes to Gran Turismo news… but please… use Lightbox, Lytebox or something similar for the galleries on this site. Viewing pictures here is the only thing that annoys me about GT Planet!

  24. Brad

    Quick self correction… the yellow car is a F430, not a Lambo. Still not sure of the white car though…

  25. Brad

    In screenshot 11, what is the white car in front? I see a Corvette, Lambo and R8, but can’t make out the white car.

  26. dennycrane1

    The damage looks much better than the last time I saw it. It looks like it could be fun crashing these cars and beating the crap out of them.
    Also, the environments look amazing. Usually the tracks in GT look lifeless but they have really improved them for GT5. Now all we need is a release date and a full list of cars.

  27. Erik

    @ Alex (and everyone else commenting on the tyre that seems to be glitched into the ground): I’ve noticed the same thing in GT5 Prologue, I came off the track and went into the sand on Suzuka and when I made my way back to the tarmac I noticed the rear wheels of my car being “glitched” into the sand, just like in this video. I drove an FR car so maybe it’s an effect to make it look like the spinning wheels digs down into the sand? Or in this example, the grass. Or if it’s actually a glitch, then at least I’m gonna pretend that it’s an effect that was meant to be there :P

  28. J.P

    @Alex, do you purposefullly sit there looking for glitches in these videos as every comment you post on here is negative!

  29. Pedz

    I do hope GT don’t do the same as EA and DICE with BFBC2, and underestimate the amount of load the servers are going to have on the first few days lol.. But this trailer is awesome =], i guess it keeps the team busy while they wait to get their (probably finished by now..) game out..

  30. RedBaron

    Thanks for something fresh, I’m impressed mainly from aerial views. If they use them in the game, it will be spectacular. They are still hiding almost everything from us though, there are many fillers from already known trailers, tracks and cars.

    Please, make a screenshot clickable to switch to a next one for better navigation.

  31. Cigol

    @Alex; it’s not a glitch, the wheel is on grass. If you remember the GT Academy Time Trial ‘demo’ the way grass is handled has been updated to be bumpier.

  32. Nuclearfire

    At 33 seconds their is a good shot of how the headlights look on the ground right after the SLS comes over the hill, i hope the lights reflect off the car in front of you or that would take away a little realism from the game for me, as i have looked for that in other games and not worried about things like trees

  33. NBH

    Nice video but I would prefer some actual gameplay footage. Last year PD released a video paying tribute to the Ferrari 458 and although it was done on the GT5 graphics engine it was made to look much better than actual gameplay. Clips from that video are used in this latest video so even though it looks fantastic I’m reserving judgement until I see the finished game. Even the intro movie in GT1 looked impressive so it must be pretty easy to churn out amazing looking videos on the PS3.

  34. JimInPT

    The reason the PS3 is shown in all these Sony ad videos is so that when people grab it from YouTube and elsewhere in the wild they’ll know which system supports it.

  35. Maa

    @Alex and Confi-User-3: There’s grass on the…grass, so I guess that the height of the grass covers the tire. Of course, the representation is not perfect, but in motion it’s enough.
    That’s what I think that is.

  36. Skidmark

    Do you think this might be a sneak peak at the T.V advert?

    I cant think of another reason to have the PS3 bit at the end. All the other exclusive Sony adverts on T.V have something similar.

  37. Walsall Fc

    I cant wait to play this when im at university! Also I wouldnt be suprised if this beats COD Modern Warfare 2 as the biggest entertainment launch. The screens’ look beautiful

  38. RADracing

    1:59 in that video, looks like the wheel is too far from the driving position and the driver is strugling to reach the paddle shifters.

  39. tbc21

    In the picture with the yellow lambo, what is the building in the background ? The colosseum in Rome ? No way ?! Quite small, isn’t it ?

  40. Stuchs

    Did anyone notice that the buildings at the very beginning have 3D interiors with the windows open in some cases? gives great depth sheds that “rectangle model with a texture wrap” motif they have had going so far in the series. Very nice detail.

  41. Confi-User-3

    The music is really shit, but who cares =) I want this game to come out as soon as possible. I don’t want to wait till autumn!!!
    @ Alex: You’re right, I noticed that now, too. Maybe there’s a logical reason for it? ^^

  42. Zenith

    I love it how they advertise the PS3 in a trailer that’s in a game that’s EXCLUSIVELY for PS3. Because what I need is another one.

  43. Jimjamm

    I’m getting more excited than before, and I was officially excited before. I like the quick shot of Laguna Seca in there.

  44. alex

    Did anyone notice how in one of the STI damage screenshots(first one), the rear left wheel is sortve glitched into the ground?

  45. Starscream_

    Thanks for the lovely screenshots. The SLS appears to be driving in the wet. I didn’t realize that building’s lights were spelling out GT. Anyway all the buildings at night look fantastic. The rest of the trailer is nothing new except for Rome.

  46. scooter1265

    Awesome! New wallpapers! These look good on my PC!
    I’m eager to play this. Taking the day off of school, and hopefully work, when it arrives.

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