How to Find Forza Horizon 4’s Fortune Island Hidden Treasures

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Last week Fortune Island appeared off the coast of Great Britain in Forza Horizon 4. It introduced not only a harsh new environment to master and 10 new cars — it brought with it one of the easiest sources of credits in the game.

You see, the new landmass hides 10 treasure chests as well. Each of these secret treasures houses one million credits. That’s enough to buy all but the most expensive property on the main land, or nearly any of the 500+ cars.

Finding these chests requires a two-step approach. One is good old-fashioned progression: each time you level up in Fortune Island’s competition (“Island Conqueror”), a new clue will be yours. Figure out the task it requires, perform it, and a circle will appear on your map. Hunt within that area, much like you would a Barn Find, and eventually, the treasure will be yours.

Most of this is fairly straight forward, but we’ve created this guide to make bigger bank accounts even faster. Naturally, we need to mention this: there be spoilers incoming. We’ll be posting the exact locations of the treasure.

New Drift Zone? Hit it with a Formula Drift car for an easier three stars. Image courtesy of imported_rik19.

How to Progress Fast

A quick tip before we get into the specific treasure clues and locations. The fastest way to advance Island Conqueror is to complete PR stunts. These will dot your map with each level up, and a three-star rating earns you 3,000XP each. That’s a one-time amount, but it’s also the quickest approach, and most of the targets are quite easy.

Outside of that, we recommend Dirt Racing Series events. Fortune Island’s race routes are fun, and racing on the dirt gives you more opportunities for high Skill chains. Pick a Forza Edition car for additional boosts.

With that taken care of, onto the treasures themselves.

Treasure Chest 01 – Coffers of the Tyrant King

Hint: “The massive truck stomps around like a T-ReX, roar through the Speed Zone at Festival’s Apex.”

Solution: This starts simply enough. You arrive at Fortune Island in the 2017 Ram TRX Concept, and that’s the ride you’ll need. Take it through the Speed Zone near the festival’s main site and you’ll solve the riddle.

Treasure Chest Location: Not too far away from the Speed Zone, the first treasure chest is on the boardwalk in the Southern part of Westwich.

Treasure Chest 02 – Pillars of Gold

Hint: “The Needle Climb has been known to intimidate, when set adrift in an Italian four-five-eight.”

Solution: Either the Ferrari 458 Italia or Speciale will work here. Whichever you decide on, take it to the massive Needle Climb Drift Zone and get sideways. It’s the longest one in the franchise, which should give you plenty of space to earn at least a single star. The treasure chest area will pop soon after.

Treasure Chest Location: Head on over to the Giant’s Dolmen. Don’t climb the full circular path, however: you’ll want to stop around the first full rotation of the road, just north of the hilly drawing on the map. Smash it for a million and the production Lamborghini Urus.

Treasure Chest 03 – The Swiftest Chariot

Hint: “A sixty-five wild horse blazed across the USA, follow its trail at Viking Bay.”

Solution: The wording here hints at the use of one of Fortune Island’s new Trailblazer PR stunts. Head to the new one you’ve just unlocked on the South-Western tip of the map in a 1965 Ford Mustang and complete it for the treasure location.

Treasure Chest Location: Now travel all the way north to Laufey’s Throne. You’re looking for a high-up spot, roughly in the heart of the mountain drawing on the map. This is a tricky location to drive around even in a capable off-roader, so don’t be afraid to use Drone Mode to scout quickly.

Treasure Chest 04 – From Ruins to Riches

Hint: “These buildings stood tall, but now have fallen, jump over them in a three-wheeled Morgan.”

Solution: The car’s easy — there’s just one three-wheeled Morgan in FH4 — but the location might be tricky. You’re looking for the sunken village of Fenholm for this. Jump the Fenholm Ruin’s Leap Danger Sign for your next location.

Treasure Chest Location: It’s very close, actually. Turn around from the Danger Sign and briefly head back up North on the road. You’ll see a ruined house on your right (East): search around it for your fourth million-credit prize.

Treasure Chest 05 – The Sword in the Stone

Hint: “Legends says the Lady on the Lake, will shower with treasure a 3-star R eight.”

Solution: The riddle is simple, but this new challenge comes with a twist: you’ll need to three-star the Lady on the Lake Speed Trap (found in front of Westmich Castle). The R8 can do this stock with a good amount of run-up, or you can tune it for insurance.

Treasure Chest Location: Once you blow past the speed cameras, continue North right up to Skildar Head. Pass Drift Club 2.0, aim slightly to the right (you’ll see a lone tree in the distance), and scour the rock heaps for the chest. You’re halfway there, and now have Koenigsegg’s very first car, the CC8S, to show for it.

Treasure Chest 06 – Light of the Lantern

Hint: “Will-o’-Wisp Speed Zone is said to be silly, especially when driven in a Jeep named Willy.”

Solution: Dust off the ancient Willys MB and run the new Speed Zone. We’d recommend doing it with a stock version: conservation of speed is its own challenge!

Treasure Chest Location: Look to the very most Eastern tip of the island for this one. Be careful you don’t fall…

Treasure Chest 07 – Dew of the Ash Tree

Hint: “This eighties Lambo was built for the dirt, blaze through the forest without getting hurt.”

Solution: Built for the dirt can only mean one thing: the LM002. Take the beast for the Trailblazer run in Fenholm — dodging all the trees — and the next location is yours.

Treasure Chest Location: Continue south through Oldlarch, until you get to the dirt road that outlines Westwich Castle. You’ll find the treasure just North-West of the road: look for the tree clearing.

Treasure Chest 08 – The Skildar Hoard

Hint: “This Swedish knight is ready for action, the Lakeside Speed Zone will test its traction.”

Solution: The Speed Zone right near the last treasure is the location here, and you’ve got 2,400hp to wrestle. Bring the bonkers Volvo Iron Knight here and try to keep it pointed straight long enough to finish, and earn the next location.

Treasure Chest Location: Remember the cave you drove through in the intro? It’s down in the South, on the road to the lighthouse just North of Storm Beach. Enter the cave and you’ll find the chest soon enough. Not only will you get those million credits, but Saleen’s S5S Raptor concept will be yours too.

Treasure Chest 09 – Of Fame and Fortune

Hint: “Korea surprised with this new performance car, sting the Mountain Speed Trap for all three stars.”

Solution: There’s only two Korean cars in the game, and this isn’t about the Veloster N. The stock Kia Stinger won’t be able to hit three stars here, so you’ll want to give it a bit more oomph to get the job done. We did it in a full-on GT-R drivetrain/engine swap, because hey, why not?

Treasure Chest Location: Go back to the lighthouse and head South. Keep going. Keep going. You’re aiming for the larger, arrowhead-shaped island. Find the treasure roughly in the middle, where the two bottom portions meet.

Treasure Chest 10 – Risk and Reward

Hint: “This house shines like a star, jump to it in a Classic Muscle car.”

Solution: The lighthouse once again stars. Ha, get it? It’s a really easy one, actually: get any Classic Muscle car (even the Mustang from the third challenge) and hop the Danger Sign. The challenge with the final treasure isn’t this part…

Treasure Chest Location: On your travels, did you notice a smaller island just south of Westwich Castle? With a 5,000XP sign on it? Good. You’ll want to take a fairly quick ride on the paved road that runs North-East, on the East side of the lake. You’ll see a large berm where the road ends. Drive off it at roughly 100mph, aim very slightly to the left of where that XP sign is on your mini-map, and with luck, you’ll land on the island. Smash your final treasure chest, collect the last of your 10 million credits, and earn an Aventador J for your troubles. Oh… and don’t forget that XP sign.

All Done

Congrats, you’ve got a lot more credits for a few hours work. Time to get buying — don’t forget to check out our guide on mastering the FH4 Auction House if you’re really itching to stretch those credits.

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