GTPlanet’s Guide to Forza Horizon 4’s Twelve Houses and Properties

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When the announcement dropped for Forza Horizon 4 we found out we could buy houses. Now that the early access is underway for Ultimate Edition owners, gamers are looking to ramp up their real estate portfolio.

Currently, FH4 features 12 different houses (or castles) you can buy throughout the game world. They range from the free one you get during the opening stages up to one that’ll run a cool 15 million credits.

In addition to providing a home away from the festival sites, all the property comes with added bonuses. Some of the lower end homes offer things like additional wheel spins. But as you climb the ranks others offer things like clothing, Super Wheelspins, and even a rare car.

Trying to figure out which property you should shoot for first might be a little difficult. To make it easier we put together a list of properties, their price, and their perks.

  • The Gables – Free – Unlocks Drone Mode
  • Sunflower Meadows – 200,000 credits – Green Wellies & One Super Wheelspin
  • Croftdale Farm – 200,000 credits – Sheep Horn & One Super Wheelspin
  • Kingfisher Cottage – 350,000 credits – Rubber Ducky Horn & One Wheelspin
  • Thatch Corner – 500,000 credits – “Are We There Yet” chat phrase & Two Super Wheelspins
  • The Huntsman’s Lodge – 750,000 credits – Skill Songs are unlocked on the radio & 3 Super Wheelspins
  • Castleview Road – 750,000 credits – Red Velvet Blazer & Three Super Wheelspins
  • Derwent Mansion – 1,500,000 credits – Golden Tank Top & Five Super Wheelspins
  • Fairlawn Manor – 2,000,000 credits – Fast Travel Anywhere, Silver Top Hat & 10 Super Wheelspins
  • Lake Lodge – 5,000,000 credits or Free for VIP – Double Forzathon Points & Five Super Wheelspins
  • Bamburgh Castle – 10,000,000 credits – Barn Find Rumor & 10 Super Wheelspins
  • Edinburgh Castle – 15,000,000 credits – Alfa Romeo P3 & 10 Super Wheelspins

If you’re keen on buying all the property, you’ll need 36.25 million credits without the VIP pass. For those with the VIP, you’ll need 31.25 million credits.

As for which houses make the most sense, the Huntsman’s Lodge looks like the first property to shoot for. Skills songs allow you to rack up skill points quicker and unlock more vehicle perks.

After that, Fairlawn Manor is on our list. The ability to fast travel anywhere will let you jump to any road on the map. It still costs credits though — at least until you smash all the Fast Travel Boards.

Next, the Lake Lodge looks promising with its double Forzathon Points. If you’re a VIP though, score this one right away.

Finally, both castles are worth saving up for. Between the plethora of super wheelspins and the Alfa Romeo P3, they both make sense. Also, the Barn Find rumor will unlock another otherwise unobtainable car.

Have a favorite property? Let us know!

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