InsideSimRacing GT5 Special: Yamauchi Interview, Gameplay Impressions & More

InsideSimRacing has just published their Gran Turismo 5 Special, dedicating almost the entire 38-minute episode to video reports from Gamescom 2010 by our cooperative team of Andreas (from InsideSimRacing), Famine, and Venari. They discuss everything that we learned from the show, and go into more detail about the private breakout session, the Yamauchi interview, and how the latest GT5 demo compares to previous games from the series. It’s divided into three different segments, so be sure to watch through the full episode to make sure you catch everything. The guys at ISR have even more GT5 material from the show coming, so stay tuned.

Once again, I’d like to thank Famine, Venari, and Andreas for all their hard work at the show, Darin at InsideSimRacing and their Sony representative, Alex, for providing us with so much awesome access throughout the week. Well done, guys!

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Comments (136)

  1. Shiz

    Dont worry about the cockpit views because its only the 800 cars that will have black cockpits but think of all the dlc we’l be getting like car packs they would definately have cockpit views! Also GT6 will be like starting a new car collection all with cockpit views! Should be gratefull for having past gt cars! Most games have less cars anyway.

  2. Luke

    Well i don`t have an interest in all 1000 cars, so i will stick to my favorite ones. If i have a choice, i`ll choose premium. If that particiluar car is standard, well, i can live with it. I`ll have to stick to bumper anyway in vs battle.

  3. Damo

    I think that Translator-san’s refusal to give his real name is his way of letting us know that “I read everything the community writes!” XD what a joker!

  4. Zuel

    We can’t forget the vehicle history library, that’s going to be a blast to look through. All that history I can’t wait.

  5. andrewz

    I pretty much doubt we will see antialised shadows in the final game. We didn’t see it in GT HD. Wee didn’t see it in GT5:P. We didn’t see it in any demo of GT5. I think they safe PS3 power for other things because when you’re racing, you’re focusing on track, time or opponents, not reflections or shadows on your steering wheel. Although I would like to see improvements, let’s be realistic.

    1. Luke

      I think it`s pretty much improved in the time trial demo compared to GT5. But i also doubt that it will improve.

      But it is human nature. Every demo looks better, now we have skidmarks and reverse lights comfirmed and now we talk about the lack of antialised shadows and reflections on the car (which i would never have noticed on my own).

  6. Kenny

    I would take improved physics offering a better driving experience than interior view! A good hood cam and it’s on!! November 2nd couldn’t come soon enough…,Peace!

    1. Zuel

      I’m pleased on announcement of improved physics as well the little things some of us have been asking for many years now. The design of the new GT wheel is pretty alarming. I wonder if the clear buttons light up at and I hope it has a strong feeling than the current model. It was also stated that the driving is a lot smoother in its current code. One major question that caught my interest was the possibility of LAN networking again. I would really enjoy a three monitor set up; it would make the driving more precise. It would be more enjoyable on-line as well. On the matter of have more than 70+ courses is great. I can’t wait for the finial moment when we can get our copies. I know a lot of us are going to be knawing at the wheel once the time gets closer.

  7. J-UK

    These people who keep saying “Oh im not going to use standard cars because there isn’t a cockpit view” are just acting like stubborn children. Like a lot of people say, we got along fine in the previous GT games without cockpit view, and im sure if cockpit view was never mentioned nor implemented in GT5, the more mature users amongst us wouldn’t mind that much. The thought that people would intentionally ignore standard cars in the dealership is just a little bit sad, or “stuck up” as blackeyeliner rightly pointed out.

  8. Geo_212

    Sorry to be off-topic, but are there any PC simulators that can run on DX10? I think the highest DX compatibility for a racing sim (that I’ve found) is DX9… I want to get the most out of my racing sim! :)

  9. 2005pierric

    Great video that’s for sure, thanks for the coverage !
    Do you know if a manual clutch (like the G25/G27) was possible in GT5 ?
    AS for the horn I’m sure pretty much every steering wheel with lots of buttons will be compatible. I sure do hope !
    I hope as well that kazunori used his expierence during the nordschleife 24hours endurance race to make day/night cycle possible. I couldn’t get across that after taking part in the actual race… so as for the Lemans 24hours race !
    I hope the feel of the nurburgring will be awesome, I’ve been there a few times and going again next week haha

  10. Bano

    @ Bernd — you are sooo right. I’m waiting already for so long for the transam 78, 79 i don’t care. God i love this Car. But i’m afraid it’s still missing :0(

    1. Bernd

      Well, not all hope is lost. PD might surprise us at TGS.
      We’ve seen a lot at E3 and GamesCom, but I’m sure, TGS will be jawdropping in many aspects for GT5-fans.

    1. blackeyeliner

      your choice but that is alittle stuck up. thats funny you would rather drive a prius or fiat500 premium car than mercedes CLK GTR just because its a standard lol.

    2. Häka Mikkinen

      Why is everyone so obsessed with the cockpit view. Sure it’s pretty damn cool how well they have been implemented but not driving 80% of cars because of this limitation hardly seems rational.

  11. NBH

    Good video it was nice to just watch it and have the info all put together with the opinions of proper GT fans.

    I think the shadows issue is a PS3 thing as it happens in lots if other games. What I wish is that when I’m racing with 16 cars on track then we have the level of detail we have seen but if in just doing a single car time trial the extra power gets put to use by making the car look better, smoother shadows etc. It seems a bit weird to have the same quality for one car if sixteen, a sort if similar thing to GT hi-fi back in the day.

    1. Bernd

      We’ll see if that happens. I was wondering too, why there is so little dust if only two cars are racing. Does a huge, longlasting dustcloud require more PS3-power than 14 cars ?

    2. Big Ron

      I think it isn´t possible to make the graphics depending on the cars on track. The engine is optimized for the maximum number of cars on track. So for your proposal, you need to optimize the engine 16 times to make the graphic depending on car numbers.

      Second point, the dust. It is really really resource-heavy to create effects like smoke, dust, spray and things like that. The problem is, that most effects are created with poly-planes, textured with maps including alpha channels. And the more alpha channeled textures you have, the more frames it eats.

  12. ppith

    70 unique tracks plus variations. Yes. The video of those 60s race cars in action with the top down and perfect recreation of the interior dashes…. :)

    1. Devedander

      I think it really does mean 70 courses like “Daytona” is a course and “High Speed Ring” is a course. What we would normally call tracks… which is a great thing if true assuming they don’t have a bunch of stupid short fake WRC courses or something padding that number.

  13. Sigmaviper11

    If you count the courses themselves, its 70. Still vague but that sounds more like 70 tracks with umpteen layouts. Modnation racers style track editor would be awesome release it as a second disc with supreme option for editing and creation.

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      I kind of like how simple the course maker is. If you mess up you can scrap it bcuz you didn’t spend alot of time. I also love the point to point races & the fact that we can make 6.5 mile top speed straights

    2. Sigmaviper11

      Yea, I can totally agree with that. But thats also why I think they should have two. The more basic version with the game and a separate in depth version. Satisfy both parties, so to speak.

  14. Vulcao

    Thank you for the great material, guys ;)

    34:32 – nice cooler system on the red car.

    Regarding pixelated shadows, of course they make the game look uglier. I noticed that immediately when I first played GT5P but I got used to that after sometime. I think shadows take a lot of processing and we shouldn’t expect improvement for the final release.

    Horn is a lot of fun! :D It will also help us to race clean.

    As for cockpit view, it won’t affect me too much. I used to drive on the hood cam.

  15. Goshin2568

    Were the people in the in-game clips playing on standard physics? I kept noticing a lack of any kind of understeer the whole time. Idk, maybe I’m just seeing things.

    1. gNNY

      it depends. As I am more of a noob when it comes to driving, I use standard on beginner’s level. Venari and Famine used as many pro settings as the demo would allow, of course – I think… :)

  16. LordVonPS3

    @ Visari.

    Regarding the pixelated shadows / reflections on body panels & how it will look on the finished version / quality dept sign-off on the finished game…

    I think you are wrong there this time buddy. The shadow and tree textures are not particularly high-res simply because they don’t need to be. The reflection and shadow textures are based on the same textures and ergo are of a similar size. This means that when you’re in the cockpit or roof view it’s having to scale those textures up whilst mapping them to the dash / hood. It’s that scaling that results in the pixelated view.

    Will there be very high res texture versions of the various trees and so on in GT5? I very much doubt it!

    1. Devedander

      I was of the impression that when doing reflections, a rasterized low resolution image is produced, wrapped onto the model and then lighting effects applied as necessary… not an actual reproduction of the textures scaled and drawn onto the reflective surfaces.

      It seems the latter would be massively processor intensive…

  17. Shouden

    be nice if the guys who set up the booths would be smart enough to remove the stupid display sticker from the TVs.

    1. gNNY

      as RACECAR mentioned, those were in-build “screensavers” that would pop up on the upper and lower side of those Bravias. Very annoying. We asked to turn them off but the staff couldn’t/wouldn’t do it. However, we also got alot of “unpoluted” footage – but maybe just not of a particular scene that we were discussing during the video. That’s why those scence had to be used.

  18. fredyellowone

    My biggest dream is too be able to drive GT5 out with a 1989 Trans-Am GTA or a Chapparal 2A on Nurburgring, while there’s a storm, midnight time.

    Imagine that.

    someone knows if my dream gonna be real?

    BTW, great video!

  19. Mr Frappy

    Quote Famine, “…maybe it might snow at Daytona which is physically impossible”

    Must be the nerves mate, because it is absolutely physically possible for it to snow there, as it has done in the past on occasions.

  20. Dave

    About the pixelelated shadows… I think that is just nitpicking… PC games will take a significant frame rate drop if shadows are maxed out. GT5 is already pushing PS3’s limits. I hope GT6 will be made for next gen console. This way they can max out all the shadows, shaders, anti aliasing, add cockpits to all cars, more cars on the screen, maybe a livery editor, and etc… Anyway, I think you guys did an outstanding job covering GT5 and I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy.

    1. Ericksson

      If its like that and the PS3 is on its limits, i do prefer a smooth 60 frame rate ride for perfect simulation than perfect shadows!! lol
      Thanks for the simple and clear explanation.

    2. Puzyaka

      Exactly, I’d rather have the game run at high fps since low fps for a fast moving/paced game is unacceptable. It strains my eyes and limits the time I can enjoy the game.

      Did you notice that GT5 preview videos have much better graphics than the actual game? It’s because the video is prerendered on max graphics details, shadows, anti aliasing, view distance detail, etc. Even with toned down in game graphics frame rates drop significantly when 8+ other vehicles are in view. That said, the graphics are still brilliant by any standards. However, I think we will be blown away by next gen console capabilities.

  21. Ericksson

    Please correct me if im wrong!! but i think the problems about pixelation (reflections, shadows,…) exist because of the lack of antialiasing. i have a 42 cm sony lcd fullhd and the game (gt5 prologue) shows the same problems of pixelation. plus i have a friend with a 36 cm sony hd lcd and i notice that that the pixelation is less noticeble in his smaller tv even with the diference that his game runs in 720p and mine in 1080p. On bigger tvs the lack of antialiasing in the game is more noticeble….and i think that such a perfect game kinda loses some of its beauty with this pixelation problem. the photos we see show perfectly rendered cars (best of the best i have ever seen in a game by far) and im concercened that they wont appear like that in gt5… is it because ps3 cant handle antialiasing or what?? specialy the perfect cockpit views lose with the pixelated shadows!

    P.S. Im new in gtplanet and this is my first coment! The english is the best i can! love the game since GT1. =)

    1. gNNY

      You can start worrying about the rendering once a final demo or the real game is out, before that it’s not worth it. The build that was used on the show floor was brand new and didn’t include a fraction of all the content that GT5 has to offer. While it looked great in parts already, there were clearly other parts that weren’t finished, yet. And that was noticable in the in-car shadows and the reflections on the hood (or bonnet). Those are not final, yet. So don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be beautiful once it’s done.

  22. Sele1981

    So I got only 56k and can´t watch it, anything new? Or again everything we know already from the gamescom?

    1. gNNY

      Well, it’s mostly a video recap of the write-up that Famine and Venari did as part of their GamesCom coverage. As far as hard facts go, you should be fine reading those articles here on GTPlanet, if you want to hear some impressions and discussions of what we saw, then the video is for you. Or you go into the forums and read people’s opinions there.

  23. HugoStiglitz_420

    Mark, Andreas, and Famine, thanks for giving us your impressions. Jordan thanks for the news & this great website

    1. TTownEP

      Yes, but I don’t think it’s GT5. As stated, these guys cover mostly PC sims, and it’s the intro to the episode, I think it’s some other PC sim. If you pause it, it doesn’t look like GT5

    1. Alex White

      Actually – for someone who (I think) Doesn’t speak English as his first language, He did very well. (Clearly talking about Famine here as well ;))

    2. Vulcao

      Yeah Alex White, I was impressed by his English, too. I wish I could speak a second language (or maybe a third, fourth, who knows) like him.

    3. gNNY

      Wahrscheinlich wäre meine Stimme genau so irritierend gewesen, hätte ich deutsch gesprochen. But then most of you guys wouldn’t have understood me at all :D

    4. Damo

      The guy’s a hoot… I mean come on, he’s a comical German… you don’t see many of those about!
      It’s also nice that we can now put a name to a face for Famine! XD (A little personal and immature to ask, but are you from Sheffield? Awesome if you are! I go to uni there, and I love it… although I think my grades will suffer come November 3rd, haha!)

  24. HugoStiglitz_420

    I appreciate what ISR does ( and Jessica’s chest ) but I just don’t like how biased they are to computer sims. I mean they once said the Forza 3 & GT5 have the same quality of driving physics LMAO to say something that horribly ignorant it shows you where their loyalties lie & I think they are biased at times. I do appreciate what they do though. I’ve played iracing, rfactor, & GTR Evo & they’re all amazing & worth a try but they are not more realistic than gt5. I’ve raced an Evo 9 on the track & in all these games & assuming you have the assists off in pro physics mode, gt5 is the clear winner

    1. rocketcaron

      Man oh man, this is getting on the verge of ridiculous. How much more fanboyism can we get around here on this otherwise superb site? I don’t know.

      First of all, how many people have played the final version of GT5 around here? 1%? Maybe 2%. What we know about it is mostly from Prologue and the 2 TT demos. (Wisch by the way is absolutely top quality)

      But the bad rep that Forza3 is getting is beyond me. I have played full careers on every Gran Turismo AND Forza that ever got out and played some GTR and Gran Prix Legend and I do the occasional trackday in real life as well. I play all my driving games with a racing seat and steering wheel. Now for people to state that Forza 3 is crap is whats so horribly ignorant. People stating that are either the worts fanboys ever or just hate that Forza is so good.

      Turn 10 physic engine is at least as good as what I’ve seen so far from GT next masterpiece, by the way I can’t wait to play it but I’m just tired of hearing that Forza sucks when its so totally NOT TRUE!

      GT5, Forza, I hope to play both for years to come and enjoy them. Not bash them…

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      when did I say Forza sucks? I love Forza but there’s no doubt that saying Forza and GT5 prologue or GT5s physics is pure insanity. they’re not even close. they’re about as close as grid is to Forza & although they are both great, the physics aren’t even close. I’m nort bashing Forza, I’m pointing out the amount of thought that was put into a statement like that when Turn 10 themselves said THEY WEREN’T INTENDING ON MAKING IT AS REALISTIC AS GT5!!!! they don’t want to copy GT, they want to make a great title for the genre & they did but saying Forza & GT-Anything has the same physics is pure lunacy & ignorance. And FYI, everything I said applies to GT5 prologue as well.

    3. rocketcaron

      All right Hugo, I thought your comment was a bit biased but since you state the contrary we will restart from there and I will ask you 2 more questions:

      1- How many hours did you put into Forza 3 and what controller do you use?

      2- Do you drive on a real life track regularly or even occasionaly?

      I need to understand if you really know about Forza 3 and what is your reference about realistic.

      Oh and one last thing, I will need a reference also for this: Turn 10 themselves said THEY WEREN’T INTENDING ON MAKING IT AS REALISTIC AS GT5!!!!

      I never heard of that before.

    4. Sigmaviper11

      I’ve played both. Polyphony to me comes out on top when it comes to physics and feel. Forza seems to be lacking somewhere and in some cases feels more like TOCA. I do however remember Turn 10 stating that rather than trying to tighten their physics they were going to make it more “accessible”. In addition back when GT4 came out I do remember a certain Jeremy Clarkson stating that it was one of the most accurate racing games around when it came to vehicle performance physics. And with Kaz and his GT-OCD I’d find it hard to believe that GT5’s physics would be equal or less accurate than GT4 or Prologue. Though Prologue has shown that they can get the physics right and make the feel a little. . . sketchy.

    5. rocketcaron

      Between FM2 and FM3 Turn 10 stated that they wanted more people to play the game so they introduced a series of aids ( rewind, one button play, etc…) to make it easier on casual gamers. Its a way of making it more acessible but if you play with all the aids turned off its bacl to hardcore.

      And its true that when GT4 came out on Feb.22 2005 it was the most accurate console sim on the market. FM1 came out a little bit later but in my book was not up to par with GT4.

      But when FM2 came out, they had refined almost all aspects of their physic engine (braking feel, transition understeer/oversteer, drivetrain effect, how thw bumps affect your car etc…) they changed that and refined it even more with FM3

      T10 however decided they were going to save your ass when thing go REALLY wrong and then in specific occasions. If you loose the rear at high speed and get too much angle it will let you get it back. In GT4 and Prologue, you better have great skills if you want to save it, just like in real life. IN THAT SPECIFIC CASE, GT is more realistic.

    6. HugoStiglitz_420

      I’ve played Forza for at least 100 hours without assists but it doesn’t take that much time IMO. I think if you can put up consistently good lap times with all assists off in any car, you’re ready to judge the physics IMO. I went far past that point. I used the controller for the 1st 30 maybe then the xbox wheel. I got very much used to both. I’ve raced Evo 9, ’04 WRX STi, & 350Z on 2 road courses & in the Evo I kept in mind how it compared to the games. I wasn’t trying to critisize Forza 2 or 3, I was critisizing the computer sims but at Forza’s expense. Sorry but it was a good example. I also man, if they said GT4 had the same physics as GT3 or GTPSP, I’d have the same things. I’m not that kind of a fanboy. I love GT but doesn’t mean I’m biased. Although iracing, rFactor, & GTR EVO have better driving physics than Forza 3, I still prefer Forza 3, physics aren’t always everything. It’s a matter of preference but saying 2 games even in the same franchise have the same physics just shows how much thought was actually put into a statement like that & that was my point.

    7. rocketcaron

      Ok sorry for not understanding your point right. I just got annoyed by Forza haters so much that I had to make a point there. Again sorry about that.

      Lets enjoy that upcomming masterpiece that will be GT5. And by the way, how encouraging is it to hear these guys stating that they have yet again improved the physic engine. This is gonna be awesome.

      Remember guys, competition improves the breed!

    8. Sigmaviper11

      true. Competition should be productive. And there’s still some things I think PD could learn from T10. But for the time being I think GT5 is going to be better.

    9. HugoStiglitz_420

      I gotta agree with you on that too, there are way too many Forza haters & people who hate GT bcuz they prefer Forza. there’s even someone here that goes by the name Forza sucks & to me that’s just childish. I probably should’ve pointed out that I wasn’t bashing Forza. There’s not alot of these games on consoles so even a game like grid (arcade sim) should be appreciated although I gotta be honest, the crash physics in grid are the worst & most annoying I’ve ever played. still a fun game.
      and I am just as happy about that news, personally the physics in GT4 seemed less accurate than gt3 & it kinda ruined an amazing game for me & knowing that they’re not going back in that direction is such good news. Making improvements on prologues already great physics is astonishing & I can’t wait. I do also think that PD could learn a lil bit as well. not the rewind or flashback function but some of the deeper features & their car list. Competition is making games better & PD spent alot of time, can’t wait

    10. Sigmaviper11

      Yea, definitely. Its not just big things either though like damage. Its little things like when I made a 1000hp Charger in Forza, it felt like it had a mind of its own. I’ve actually never had that feelin in Gran Turismo that feels like I’ve truly lost control of my machine. I know its not something you want to happen, but that sense of unpredictability is missing to me in GT. But, smaller things like that, which many overlook are what make it better and to me more immersive. In terms of console wars, I’d really like to see T10 and PD bring out the heat. I have this feeling that GT5 isn’t the true power that PD has but more of a test run it seems for what he wants to do with GT6 (Though from the consumer standpoint GT5 is looking like quite the work of art.) I know T10 can also do better. I suppose it wait to see what the future brings. Now if only the tech could handle what these two powerhouses can really dish out.

    11. rocketcaron

      What T10 should learn from PD: Graphics! GT just own FM in that department. Replays quality. Attention to details in general. Physicwise: Car behavior at very high speed, linearity in steering inputs.

      What PD shold learn from T10: Sounds in general especially engine and tires (But I think they will progress a lot with GT5). Braking physics. Prologue braking is a bit too on/off for my tastes. Drivetrain effect, when you upshift or downshift in Forza you really feel it!

      What do you say guys?

    1. Devedander

      But there was a rear view… a completely unobstructed one as in NOTHING there at all… wouldn’t the accurate rear view be just seeing the inside of the car behind the driver if there is no rear window? Seems just magically dissapearing the car body entirely is completely wrong…

    2. Luke

      That`s the way most racing games do a rear view, GT5P really surprised me with seeing the rear of the car :)
      Well, i would rather see the inside of the car. It does affect you in the real car so i want it to affect me in GT5 as well.
      Perhaps Pagani is so confident in the Zonda R they don`t fear any cars driving behind it ;)

    3. blackeyeliner

      @Deve Go grab a box of kleenex and cry some more emo boy, get back in your hole! Why don’t you cry that the review mirrors inside the cockpit view don’t have obstructed views because when looking through the mirror inside a car you see the backseats/windows/engine of your car, not just a 100% clear view like there was nothing behind your seat.. Maybe its because this is a video game and it would suck to not be able to use the rear view mirror and see behind you without changing views.

    4. The Gran Finale

      At everyone above, if you have GT5:P, select the Citroen by GT, pick a track, go in cockpit view and look back. That car has no rear window as well, therefore the back of that car isn’t present whilst looking back.

      PD simply chose to make the game more easily playable. Unrealistic, but more playable. I don’t mind it. ;)

    1. gNNY

      oh man, I know, it’s really bad. I didn’t realize how many times I used that word until I watched the segment. It was absolutely too many times :)

  25. joel

    superb video guys, thanks for putting in all the hard work to make this happen! great recap/summary/footage compilation video!

  26. MercedesSLS

    its a shame about the cockpit views in standard cars, but we will just have to wait until gt6 for that. the horn seems pretty fun too.

    1. infamousDee

      There will be no “standard” cars in Gran Turismo 6 – unless, of course, in the unlikely event that they recycle those old GT4 models yet again.

  27. NihilismOnToast

    Many thanks to the fine folks at InsideSimRacing and the GTP chaps in attendance. The Guinness is on me.

  28. Cadabena

    Disappointed to see the car stop dead when it went off the track on the Top Gear track… you’d have thought they’d include a bit of drivable grass at that corner to spin off like the guests do!

    1. Pingwhen

      I Disagree. one of the most aggravating things on Daytona during a time trail is getting stuck way out in the grass. i loved teaching friends how to drive and myself with certain cars on london because you could not fly off the track.

    2. Häka Mikkinen

      I agree that there should be more run off. That doesn’t mean that you should be able to drive hundreds of metres off the track but every time you run off the track and hit the invisible wall it immediately breaks the illusion that you are driving a real car. They should minimise the number of situations where you drop out of the illusion.

    3. Vulcao

      I agree. The invisible wall should be put much further away so that who makes a mistake suffer the consequences.

    4. grog

      They could just put some guard rails or a caution tape fence where the invisable wall is, that could be a good compromise.

    5. Sigmaviper11

      they should push the invisible walls back a ways. With claimed substantial loss in grip due to dirty tires I would imagine you wouldn’t have worry about cheating that much. Btw how does that cross over work?

    6. Häka Mikkinen

      I disagree with putting artificial guard rails on a track like the Top Gear track. You should be able to run over the grass as people do all the time on the show.

      I also disagree that making a car stop when hitting a caution tape fence is just as bad as the current invisible wall when it comes to realism.

      As a point of contrast, the way this is handled in Dirt 2 is that you can run off the track (and through caution tape fences) but you can only go so far. Usually it is far enough off the track that you never hit the boundary in normal racing.

    7. Bernd

      I remember one of the first “Colin McRae Rallye” games, where you could leave the track and drive about 200 or even 300 yds into the grass. Why can’t a PS3 2010-game have features that were already included in a 1998 PS1-game ???

  29. sidsid118

    Reasonable watch! she certainly isnt there for her presenting and intellectual strengths, thats for sure!

    November 2nd cant come fast enough.

    1. MSH

      @ Owen.C : those 70 unique tracks probably mean unique layouts. The official gran turismo site says 20 tracks, 70 layouts.

    2. SHIRAKAWA Akira

      @MSH: however Famine asked if the 70+ figure is including reverse versions, short versions, and the like.
      In the end it’s still unclear if Yamauchi and translator-san understood correctly the question and they didn’t really mean instead 70 unique layouts rather than 70 unique tracks.

    3. Owen.C

      @MSH: If you watched the video you would see it was their understanding that there was 70 tracks + variations. While 20 locations is most likely for the track creator :)

    4. MercedesSLS

      if you think about it gt4 had about 50 tracks so why would they only make 20 tracks in gt5 and it also said in the video.

    5. Spaghettimonster

      i really cant imagine them having loads of tracks up the sleeve and only revealing two at such a major show in germany. one of them being a 500m long kart track.


      Why was the ending funny ? :S

      I LOVE it that Kaz never say much about the game and i love it that they never show much in the demo
      It’s an awesome game i can’t wait for the 2nd november

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