GamesCom Gran Turismo 5 Breakout Session: Full Details

At 9am on August 18th, Andreas Nie, Venari and myself (representing InsideSimRacing and GTPlanet) along with other members of the American press were ushered in to the first breakout session of GT5. Penrose Tackie and Alex Armour (Sony) were on hand and passed on the first vital piece of information – all material and information from this session was under a strict press embargo until 9am GMT on Thursday 19th August. So we had to keep all this to ourselves… The floor was then given over to Kazunori Yamauchi and Translator-san.

Kazunori told us that the 140-strong PD team were still hard at work, refining the game, and that the version he would demonstrate to us had been downloaded from Sony’s servers that very morning. It was, he said, a continuation of the presentation he’d given at E3.

Exclusively revealed at GamesCom the previous day was one new track – Autodromo Nazionale Monza – and a series of new vehicles. Monza, said Yamauchi, is an interesting track for both beginners and advanced drivers as the corners are typically very fast and the track can get quite narrow. The cars were of particular importance – the Pagani Zonda R ’09, which he credited with recently lowering the production series vehicle ‘Ring lap time record, the Impreza WRX Sedan ’10 which had just gone on sale and the DTM-based Lexus IS-F Racing Concept ’08. The remaining four cars were special to him. First is the Ferrari 330 P4 ’67, which locked out the podium in the 1967 Daytona 24hr and is one of Kazunori’s personal all-time favourite cars. Second was the Ford Mark IV Race ’67 which, at the end of that season, finally beat the P4 at the Le Mans 24hr. Third was the Jaguar XJ13 Race ’67, which was conceived and developed as a Ferrari-beater but never made it to track – Kazunori’s inclusion of this car is to allow drivers to recreate “what if” scenarios. Last was the Lamborghini Miura Bertone Prototype P400 ’67, modelled on the only existing surviving car and distinguished from its production counterpart by a 1″ lower ride height.

Kazunori then moved on to what he termed “The Red & Blue of Gran Turismo”. He explained that, in 2001, when GT3: A-Spec was released, he’d intended to almost immediately release GT3: B-Spec – many of us are now familiar with the concept of B-Spec through the affectionately dubbed “B-Spec Bob” from GT4. B-Spec was intended as a racing-driver management simulator – akin to Football Manager – or, as the PD team term it, the Car Racing  Simulation RPG. However, at the time of GT3, it proved impossible to implement adequately and it has taken 10 years to reach the point where the Blue (B-Spec) is at an equal level to the Red (A-Spec).

Indeed in the GT Home section, B-Spec and A-Spec are centrally-placed with equally-sized icons. Your B-Spec counterpart this time round is not one driver, but a whole squad of them. You can train only one to start with, but eventually you can have a stable of up to 6 B-Spec drivers at once – with four of them required to run a 24 hour race. Each driver has their own personality, from the ultra-calm to the hot-head and how they drive can be affected by current emotional state and mental and physical exhaustion.

The new B-Spec mode was demonstrated to us. GT4 players will be familiar with the strategy screen showing lap/split times, track position, vehicle place and gap and the instructions, but in GT5 this can be mixed with live footage of the race, rather than switching from one to the other and tyre wear and damage status are also included. The driver can be given instructions to speed up, maintain pace, slow down, pit or not pit as before, however there is a side-effect of the personalities – a particularly tired, agitated or aggressive driver may not necessarily follow your instructions!

A-Spec mode, of course, remains as it ever was, though with additional refinement of vehicle physics and dynamics. Kazunori was keen to point out that the tyre and suspension geometry physics have evolved yet further and our impressions of the show floor demo certainly agree with that assessment. In particular, Kazunori was proud of how Gran Turismo has improved to the point where he felt he could introduce karting mode – a feature accidentally scooped and originally planned for GT6, but brought forward – due to the unique nature of kart handling. The demo of karting mode on the Sony stand was spectacular fun.

The remainder of GT Mode retains all the old favourites – licences, dealerships, tuning shop, used cars and five different levels of series (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional and Extreme) with the five different types of cars (Kart, Production, Rally, Race and Formula).

The next big piece of news was, as first mooted by amar212 on GTP back at the start of 2009, the Course Maker. Kazunori pointed out that they didn’t call it a “Course Editor” simply because one is not able to edit an existing course, but create wholly new ones from scratch with an intuitive interface. The player selects from one of four themes (three – Toscana Sunset, Springtime Germany and Belgian High Fens – were named), adjusts the parameters of the course and the track is randomly generated from scratch. The parameters available include switching between a loop/circuit and a rally-style point-to-point track, selecting the weather, the time of day, the frequency of corners, the sharpness of corners and the bank angle. The track can be divided into up to four sectors and each sector given a different set of corner characteristics – so you can generate a long straight in one sector and a tight, complex series of corners in the next. Kazunori demonstrated all of these features and the track generation time was incredibly short. The track is limited to 6.5 miles/10km, but since that’s nearly twice the length of an average F1 track, even the most ardent future-Tilke should be happy!

Though some might prefer a full-scale track editor to recreate their own Road Atlanta, Spa-Francorchamps or Bathurst – Kazunori included – at the present time the level of customisability combined with the scope and detail of Gran Turismo means it would require a huge editor program and, of course, the resulting track may not be accessible to everyone, whereas GT5 Course Maker tracks will be available to race online.

Lastly, Kazunori presented GT5’s Photo Mode, which supports 3D and was, in his opinion, the best implementation of 3D (though having seen the XJ13’s cockpit in 3D during a race, we’d disagree). Photo Mode should be quite familiar to GT4 players, but this time round it features almost all the image treatment features of dedicated photography software, infinitely variable camera angles and, as always, the time, space and backgrounds to crack out the perfect shot. Amongst the new locations is the Red Bull Racing hangar in Austria, where Kazunori briefly demonstrated photomode using a Viper SRT-10 ACR.

As we were the first session and had a slight overrun, Kazunori couldn’t take many questions. However, he was able to confirm that the number of unique courses available in the game is “more than 70” – with the added scope of online Course Maker circuits – and that despite their best efforts to respond to criticism about standard car interiors, they were not able to implement cockpit camera (even one similar to GTPSP’s) in GT5 – a source of some disappointment to Kazunori, who is never happy to let down his fans and is probably his own biggest critic.

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Comments (291)

  1. Rocker

    In response to the question about the time machine to take us to Nov. 2, I am happy to announce that there is just such a machine! The trip will take just a little while, (approx 53 days) so pack a lunch :)

  2. aersoul

    i have an extremely important question about the track creator portion of the game.

    will there be an adjustment for track elevation on the course maker?

    because i just came across the thought of roughly re-creating canyons that i have run up and down with this new feature. i think it would be a great feature if it hasnt been already added on. the thought that a rough homemade re-creation of a dangerous mountain road is awesome because the dangerous part of it will be taken out. and with the vast selection of vehicles you’re bound to come across your car and build it as you please and test drive it without the risk of falling off a cliff. someone please reply if there will be an elevation adjustment.

  3. bicarb

    Hope you have the option for standstill starts and the option to race against the same cars only rather than class

  4. Sam__ NY

    I’m a bit confused by the course maker. Can you choose where to put the straights and the bends, and then edit the degree at which it turns, or does it just give you a turn “piece”. ALso, can you place objects around the track, or does the track layout just cut its way through the land scape that you picked?

    And what’s A-spec and B-spec mode mean? I’ve never played GT4, so it made no sense to me.

  5. eludethis

    Personally I could care less about the LFA. I want to see the HSV-10 in GT5. F1 sound in a GT car hell yeah. Honda ftw!

  6. Murcie

    At least we finally have an answer for the cockpit views.

    If we get the clutch and manual support for the G25/7, this will be the best damn game ever.

  7. NBH

    I can understand the disappointment of no cockpits for all cars but having played every other GT game with bumper cam as cockpit cam never existed then 200 is better than nothing.

    Track editor seems ok but is it totally random? If I pick the same settings as someone else do we get the same track or will they be different?

    B spec mode sounds a bit boring to be honest, sitting there watching lap times and pressing buttons only for your driver to possibly ignore you just sounds weird.

    Karting looks like fun but I hope we get some more confined tracks to make it feel more intense.

  8. burti35

    “course maker” is great idea. a rally game (PS2) had “course maker” too 5-6 years ago ( i dont remember its name). but we will make courses as just sandy roads ??

  9. VenomHitman

    awww no interior view on standard cars. whatever wasnt on anyother gt game. nothing to lose. at least we get like around 200 cars with interior views

  10. GTWelsh

    I like B-Spec mode, although crap in GT4 i still enjoyed it. It is like watching a live race on TV but being able to be one cars manager, its an ace idea !! Can’t wait !

    1. VenomHitman

      it did help getting through the races you couldnt beat or wanted to do. i did B-spec on 24hour and actually won

  11. TVR&Ferrari_Fan

    Every time I hear more news about the photomode, it makes me want the game more. Then again, I already have some plans for my first update.

    Which is one of the reasons, why I want to the game to come out sooner.

  12. carcoll13

    Great info, I was worried yesterday that the course maker was limited to Rally only, and I assumed Standard cars will have no interior view so even though that’s a big let down as I’m using a G27, I can live with it.

    Now to wait and find out if the sounds have been improved, see weather in action, and discover what ALL the cars and tracks are.. Nov.2 can’t roll on fast enough.

  13. SigmaViper11

    The Citroen GT Road Car? Does that mean there’s going to be a Race variant (which by now that concept will have been scrapped)?

    1. Jamaicangmr

      I think i read somewhere that they are not doing a livery editor. Am more interested in parts customization as in something that actually makes the car perform better though.

  14. Context

    This is going to be an amazing game. Kaz has done a fantastic job, I already know that this game is going to be the best racing sim to date. I can’t imagine how good gt6 will be. Everything that we won’t like about gt5 will be fixed for gt6. I am very, very pleased at how this game has turned out.

  15. TheGranVette

    did anyone else notice the names in the first picture besides KYs is different types of wines? Strangely compelling…

  16. Thembg

    OK. I know this argument has been made but people seem truly obsessed with the cockpit view. I should preface the following by saying that I certainly understand that people are different and we all have the things that we would like to see in the game. My argument is that when I am driving spiritedly, it’s as if I have tunnel vision for the road, my apex, etc. If it’s a track day, an occasional glance down at the gauges to make sure everything is ok. But not once do I even notice my hands, the roof/ceiling, air vents, stitching, etc. My experience with the GT series is similar. If anything, the cockpit view is a distraction from the road. In fact the sense of speed is more realistic in the bumper cam view anyway. I would think that buying a steering wheel just to use for cockpit view is a redundancy. I don’t see 2 steering wheels in my car. I don’t even see one when I’m focusing on the road, or texting. The only major bonus that in board view provides me is a quick look around for a feeling of history, the whole museum thing. I get that. Is that why people are so disappointed? The main appeal to GT is a as true to life “driving” simulator. i.e.: physics, etc. as possible, right? Improving your line, your time, competition, etc., is the name of the game. Personally, I am most disappointed about the poor early impressions of the head tracking. Talk about a feature that (if done fluently) would really enhance the connection with the experience. Being able to really and truly look through the corner at your exit, wow! Why aren’t people more excited about that? That would be a portion of the game worthy of PD to get right because the public wants it. Sorry to go on, I don’t post often so I had to make it worth it. My diatribe is complete.

    1. magic ayrton

      a part from your irresponsible comment about texting while driving.. (duh) I totally agree with you.

    2. Garto

      I totally agree with that. To me, cockpit views are nothing more than a bonus. I personally wouldn’t use it in a time attack, but I might use it just to gloat my xbox-loving Forza friends :)

      I really hope we do get more updates on the tunings of the car.

      On a side note, I rather have better engine sounds than cockpit view :D

  17. J-KiLLA24

    aww man no cockpits for the standard cars. :( o well, i’ll probably get over it after a while. After all i’m used to playing gt4 with the hood cam so i guess it won’t be as bad. I still can’t wait till november 2nd though cause i know this is going to be the best racing game ever.(until gt6 comes out that is)

  18. disappointed

    Features I don’t give a crap about in gt5-
    Damage (not even great damage effects)
    Course editor (sounds limited)
    B-spec (boring. I want to drive!)

    Features I wish were in the game that are not-
    Cockpit views, even if that are forza 3 quality for the standard cars.

    I would gladly wait a few extra months for cockpits. Or make them DLC or something.

    1. disappointed

      Sorry to say but a lot of people care. I dont know one gt fan that was excited to hear there were no cockpits.

      ps- just because i am disappointed in the cockpits doesn’t mean I’m hating on the game. So go away defensive fanboy.

    2. Garto

      Honestly, from all the video footage I’ve seen, cockpit view isn’t really a great view.

      Sure it gives the nice “Driving Sim” feel to it, but, is it practical? Aside from the *ahem* robotic movements of gear changes, to me, I think it would actually make it harder to judge distances of say, trying to find the apex.

      Photo-mode and cockpit views are pretty much just a bonus, which separate GT5 from other game namely *ahem* Forza

    3. F.G.

      Exactly Garto. EXACTLY. It seems like you are the only one with any sense here.

      It is ALL about driving fast. If it doesn’t make you drive faster, it isn’t relevant. It is therefore just a bonus. Why is that so hard being these noobs to understand??

    4. kie0987

      It’s not just about speed F.G. If it was then there would only be racing cars in the game. Personally I don’t mind bumper cam and get better lap times using it, however, there is a much better sense of immersion in cockpit view and for me it is the most fun way to play. After all isn’t that why we all play the game, to have fun.

  19. Maxitsu

    I specially bought a steering wheel to play with cockpit views. And now i hear there is no cockpit view for 800 cars. That really sucks. I am not planning to switch between camara views for each car. I will drive everything one the same way.

    but there is no view that i like. Roof camara is good for some cars, but its so high and there to much wind-noice(GT5P). I hope there is a good hood view, but i doubt it will be.

    1. F.G.

      If you’re a good driver, you should be able to drive no matter what the view. Don’t use that as an excuse for your poor skill.

    2. Maxitsu

      bullsh*t, It does’t have anything to do whit good driving. its all about realisme for me. its not i can’t drive on other views, I don’t LIKE other views.

    3. F.G.

      That’s the problem with most of you GT5 idiots (Maxitsu being a prime example) – you care more about realism than trying to become a good sim racer.

      “It does’t have anything to do whit good driving. its all about realisme for me”. No, it’s all about being a good driver. GT5 is a sim and always will be. It will never be like real life. Get that into your thick head. So why don’t you stop moaning about realism, and just try and become as fast as possible.

      Anyone who’s ever played a racing sim knows that cockpit view is rarely the best view for the fastest times, so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest whether they have it or not.

      It’s like tennis vs table tennis. No matter what they do, table tennis will never be exactly like tennis. So, like the chinese have done, why don’t you just take what you have and become extremely good at it. Like I am with GT.

    4. Maxitsu

      the only prime idiot are you. Who are you to judge what i like and how i should play a sim racing game.

      I just like to drive racing games and i prefer more realism. whats wrong whit that? i am really good, not one of the best but decent enough, and i enjoy that.

      I prefer cockpit views, becaus it gives me the real feeling of driving the car. its not in there for a lot of cars so i am disappointed for that matter.

      If you don’t need a cockpit view and want to become a good sim racer. thats fine for me. but for most ppl its all about enjoying a game.

      by the way, if you think i am not a good sim driver, i want to challenge you some time, i will use cocpit u may use whatever view you want.

    5. HugoStiglitz_420

      @F.G. are you mad? of course it matters what view use. In the chase cam, you don’t get an idea of where the cars pointed. Roof cam is great bcuz you can see alot but it has too much wind noise. Bumper cam is the worst, you can’t see anything but the road & you see not even that if your behind another car. Cockpit & roof are clearly going to give everyone the best lap times. Cockpit gives you a better sense of speed, realism, & more pleasant sound. If you were a skilled driver, you would know that looking into turns before you corner is extremely important so if you don’t drive any faster with a view than another then I can guarantee you are the least skilled driver on GTPlanet

  20. Maxitsu

    if there is no cockpit camera for 800cars :( Is there a decent hood camara? no roof camara whit alot of wind-sounds!?

  21. Whatbrown

    Does everybody think that we will be able to customize rims like in prior GTs? I believe we will, but I haven’t heard any mention of it.

  22. tvensky

    BTW! Nice job GTPlanet of gathering news all together! I travel all the web today to get latest news on GT5 since GAMESCOM start and this site was the all time best info, all in one place, not in sence of speed but (other sites postet a lot of inaccurate news and short, small content of them) this site generates all info alltogether and makes sence of it :) Big Thanks!

  23. eigenray

    Hmm, point to point random generated tracks? This means we could create online rally races where each stage is randomly generated.

  24. magic ayrton

    No cockpits man, severly dissapointed but don’t hold anything against PD.. This game is totally stunning nevertheless.

  25. dUDE

    I’m not sure if it was a mistake or not but the 2011 Impreza RX just went on sale, not the 2010 like the article said. So is the 2010 in the game or is it the 2011?

  26. NicolasG

    Nice specs… but I’m still pretty frustrated by:
    – no cockpit views for +800 standard cars (What a shame!)
    – very super basic damage modeling (especially when you compare it to the actual references in the genre (beware: I mean JUST the damage department) the new NFS pursuit by Criterion (look at the last trailer with the yellow lambo -YES, a REAL manufacturer car, completely destroyed at the end) or the Codemasters productions.

  27. Hooha

    No banana peels or turtle shells for karts? Im not playing this game at all then. Lol, do you guys think that the go-karts are part of the 200 premium cars with CPVs?

  28. evansblue787

    All that I ask for is the fully featured car list. All 1,200 of them and I will be content until November 2!

  29. evansblue787

    All I ask for is the full featured car list. All 1,200 of them and I will content until the game comes out!

  30. Hooha

    C’mon PD, you could have at least made generic banana peels and turtle shells. Now im not playing GT at all.=( Hey do you guys think that the go-karts are part of the 200 cars with cockpit view?

    1. gNNY

      we didn’t have time to go into that – just as we didn’t get the bazillion of other questions not answered.

      But I rather have Kaz work hard on finishing the game than spending too much time answering all our questions… ;)

  31. Liam

    The cars in GT5 will be separated into two types, “standard” and “premium”. Standard cars will have standard headlights, very basic interior modelling and basic damage modelling. Premium cars will be extremely detailed inside and out, have headlights capable of high and low beams and an extensive, detailed damage model. The game will feature significantly fewer “premium” cars because they take longer to model.

    ^^Ripped straight from wikipedia. I’m still hoping that when he said no interior at the confrence it was a loss in translation, and he thought you meant as detailed as premium. please let this be true lol ;[

  32. Paulo

    I love it, the ability to make our own point-to-point rally tracks. This game is gonna own me, the next 2 months can’t go by fast enough.

  33. BubbaLsL

    To bad about the interior views. I would have rather they had that on all 1000 cars and get rid of the B=spec mode. In my opinion in a driving game you want to drive not tell AI what to do. Great job at the show and keeping us updated on everything.

  34. DaveTheStalker

    We still have no new details – frankly I’m getting a little worried – regarding engine sound improvement. I was at Michigan International Speedway this past weekend, iRacing was present with a simulator. Their engine sounds were pretty impressive!

  35. terminator363

    I’ve never had gt4 what is A SPEC, B SPEC???? Is it two diffrent verisions you buy in the store? or a mode in the game

    1. ismellbacon611

      its a mode in the game were a-spec you race as a driver and b-spec you make a strategy the computer driver will use. b-spec is used in 24 hour races more over the shorter races which you can race yourself

    2. Super_Colossal

      Not to mention that when in B Spec, you can fast foward up to 4x, getting a 24hr race done in 6 – 7 hours! I loved that.

  36. ismellbacon611

    as badly as i want all cars to have interior view… i know in the long run i would never use them… i always use the hood cam… and sometimes the bumper cam :P

  37. Pelle

    My guess is that 70 unique tracks means individual tracks, and not just 70 variations. Some of those tracks may be editions of the other tracks, but more sophisticated then simple variations.

  38. Squozen

    I’m still hoping against hope for PD to spring Porsche on us at TGS, but what’s here is good. I preordered the signature edition a couple of nights ago. :)

    1. magic ayrton

      No chance of Porsche, That manufacturer is way too stuck up anyway, we may have RUF cars though..

      Hope we have dash views for GT6 on ALL cars, all new ones anyway!

      B-spec=waste of time unless it helps game AI

  39. Pelle

    Wishing Course Maker theme # 4 is “Wintertime Finland” or “Swiss Alps”, even if Alpine mountains (fractal generated?) would be unrealistically hard to implement. Still, it would be utopistic dream come true for me.

    1. BDawg

      I think its 20 locations with different variations of the track bringing it up to 70 tracks from those 20 locations

  40. jdejes

    I don’t see any mention of Driving Missions. Good, because that’s the only thing I left unfinished from GT4!

  41. F.G.

    Which of you moaning, whinging retards that goes on and on about the cockpit view and wanting ultra-realism still play GT with a controller? Wait, I know the answer – it’s most of you. What’s the point in demanding such a high level of realism, when you’re trying to drive with the least realistic method possible? If you have a wheel, then fine, you’re slightly less pathetic. But if you don’t then you have no right to complain about things not being realistic if you’re even bothered to make an effort yourself.

    1. Nappeunnom

      If someone pays €400+ for a PS3 and €70+ for GT5, then they are entitled to complain about realism! Buying a wheel entitles one to complain, really? You talk about being realistic. I’ll tell you what, I’ll race you online using a 6-axis, you can use your wheel, and I will give you a heavy dose of reality.

    2. F.G.

      Complain about realism and then use a controller. Don’t make me laugh. That’s beyond stupid. You should work for the government with that kind of ‘logic’.

      And if you’re gonna use 6-axis, don’t waste my time, honestly. You have no chance beating me even if you had a wheel, so I’ll spare you the embarrassment of getting lapped.

    3. G

      I for one cant justify spending 300 notes on a wheel and rig… then where do I put it when I’m playing Killzone or all the other games that will actually play on the Gran Turismo machine… Sorry PS3
      But moaning that people are pathetic because they spent those hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros on other stuff instead of a wheel isnt very fair.
      The fact is GT5 could come with a second coming of Jesus and people would still complain that he doesnt look like he does in the book…
      people love a good moan :)

    4. Garto

      The best part is that I bet most “moaning, whining retards that goes on and on” 80% do not have cars.

      The reason I bet they moan, is because, they are trying to get the feel of driving a real track-day/racing car.

      I have to say I haven’t had the privilege to drive a real racing car, at least, I have drove a track-day car :D

      I don’t blame them really, but seriously, cockpit view is not practical. Sorry it just isn’t. I rather use a camera view to improve my lap times, then do it in a real track :D

  42. UN_OC

    ALso, Jordon at the start you said ‘press were ushered in to the first breakout session of GT5.’

    DOes that mean there is more to come?

    1. gNNY

      no, this is the full extend of what we’ve learned during the session. There certainly is more, but that’s for another trade/game show … or as a surprise for after the release

  43. UN_OC

    Two things make me happy out of this.
    1) 10km of Point to Point rally style. I like the WRC, so now I can have P2P and then just keep creating them and driving them rather than being limited to only a handful of tracks.

    2) MUCH MORE SO ‘different types of cars (Kart, Production, Rally, Race and Formula).’

    Kart is obviously Karts
    Production would be production cars or would be production cars that aren’t made (see citeron)
    Rally are rally cars
    Race cars are obviously cars spec cars
    FORMULA… Formula 1 is a trade mark which they probably couldn’t get, but that means we will have several Formula cars!!!! Enough for a whole category!

    1. Vulcao

      Me too. Point-to-point races combined with the course creator was one of the most exciting features for me. I wanted P2P more than anyone else. And I’m absolutely satisfied with the course creator.

      Regarding F1 cars, the way you talk about them makes it look like there are many of them ‘^.^

  44. Narly

    Ok so there is no cockpit in standard cars, i’ll deal with that….but i won’t deal if they don’t mayorly improve car sounds…. Would you realy enjoy if a Zonda sounds just like an M3 in GT5P? :D

  45. Manatee_Mat

    well 200 cockpits are fine with me, not that I really use that view anyway but its better than a kick in the teeth. I’m really looking foreward to TGS now, what suprises will they have for their home show.

    1. Richy

      There were 53 new pics and placed on GT planet but they are removed..

      They should be posted @ 09:00 yesterday but the arn’t posted again!

      I really like to see them back!

  46. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    Mostly good news, we should be happy.

    Course Maker is a good thing but do I get it right that the computer
    uses the given parameters to generate a randomly made course?

    Is it right that it is impossible to “draw” your own track in a Modnation Racers kinda style?

    Then I got one thing that has been bothering me for quiet a while now.
    Almost all the tracks (rally excluded ofcourse) are to smooth, to flat.
    Racetracks but especially City Courses have bumps and cracks in the road
    and I want to see and feel that rumble (forcefeedback wheel).
    In my opinion that is a MUST.

    Just look at the recent Zonda clip, like it is riding on a billiardtable.
    Again I refer to Dirt2 where you can see the wheel and suspension bounce and work.

    Nonetheless I’m looking forward to this game.

    1. Vulcao

      You want to see the force feedback on the driver’s hand on the screen, right? Because I have a wheel and it’s impossible not to feel the bumps.

      It’s a mere detail. In my opinion that is far from being a must.

  47. barry

    Does the inclusion of belgian high fens in the track creator section suggest the inclusion of SPA in the final game???
    hope so!!!! :-)

    1. LoneWanderer

      I hadn’t thought of that before. Being that one of the corners was featured in a license test in GT2, I can see SPA being included.

  48. Stune

    As much info as we have here ( thanks very much to the great work from the guys are Gamescon) there is still an awful lot we don’t know about the game. Looks like we won’t be getting the full car and track lists for a while yet……
    In regards to car interiors I’m a bit surprised tbh. It’s almost like they planned to make them for all cars, but because they made them such high detail ran out of time or funding even. Not what I expected at all. Critics will look at the fantastic job done in Forza 3 and wonder why GT5 couldn’t do the same. Granted there are 2 and a half times the amount of cars, but GT5 has been in production 2 and a half times longer so it shouldn’t have been an imposable task. I spent a fair bit of time using in car view in the PGR games, but generally tended to go back to bonnet/ bumper cam so im not too upset about this personally. I’m more upset that after all this time and regardless of all the hard work put into the game something like that will always stop the game from being considered ‘perfect’.
    Nice to see B spec mode back. It sounds much deeper now which should be a really good addition to the game providing the AI can overtake this time. Let’s hope it can be implemented to go half and half on endurance races.

    1. G

      for 140 people working on it they’ve done an impossible task getting 1000 cars in to the game, let alone all the other features and not to mention how beautiful it all looks. While Forza is a good game its about as deep as a kiddy pool. (own it, played it, got bored really quickly) GT5 with is different car classes, A spec and B spec, course maker… its shaping up to be nothing short of brilliant

    2. Stune

      Absolutely G the game should certainly be phenomenal, no doubt about that! While there may only be 140 working on it now I find it hard to believe it’s been that way throughout its development however. 3D modelling jobs like the car interiors are often outsourced for greater efficiency which hasn’t been the case with GT5. I understand that was the case with NFS Shift for example, not sure about Forza.

      For the record I would certainly rather have 1000 cars without interiors than 400 with, that’s for sure. I guess the right attitude would be that those 200 premium cars should be seen as a bonus. My biggest concern is that people will always see GT5 as the game with 4/5s of car interiors missing as interiors is something not at all new in the world of sim racing. I will never forget seeing the reviews of GT4 and people wouldn’t stop complaining saying ‘where is the damage’?, ‘where is the online mode?’, not that I really ever considered the PS2 an ‘online’ console. People were looking so hard at what isn’t in the game, and missing the fundamental points which makes it great. Gamespot – 88% they must be mad! After GT5’s extended development time I’m concerned GT5 will get a similar treatment, no matter how good it is, and it will be good! It may be imposable to surpass its own reputation and people’s expectations.

    3. Vulcao

      I THINK the cars in Forza weren’t modeled by Turn10, but by artist around the world (it’s faster). The studio distributed the job to those “independent” artists. GT’s cars were all modeled by PD itself.

      Stune, do you care about how GT is rated by “games specialists”? I’m tired of being deceived by them. Now I just play the game and rate it by myself, because each person has his/her own taste.

      Also, I think specialists should never consider the time to develop a game when rating it.

    4. Stune

      Well I do care about how games are rated yes. Firstly those who don’t know any better rely on the info from the media to make an ‘informed decision’ and sales figures are affected by the way it is perceived.

      Secondly, I feel strongly that developers should be rewarded for going the extra mile to make their games great. Many developers are forced to release whatever they can do in a 9-18 month timescale, which is a profitable way of doing business in the games industry, whereas longer development cycles are seen as high risk as the amount of sales needed would be considerably greater. As a result there are very few standout games out there, ones that go the extra mile like GT should be recognised as such as it’s these games which drive the industry forward. From a personal view since Computer Games Design is what ive been studying at university for the last 3 years I want the games industry to be as strong as possible.

    5. Vulcao


      yes I completely agree with you, but I think you got me wrong. I meant games specialists shouldn’t demand a better game considering the spent time to develop it. As GT5 has spent a very long time to be developed, I’m afraid websites and magazines will be too rigorous on the analysis. GT5 will have to deserve 6 stars to be rated 5 by specialists.

  49. Mr Latte

    This report is something to be proud of and is superb.
    I only hope that GTP representatives will get the chance to attend upcoming events and possible Sony pre launch invations showcasing the game.

    Really guys excellent work!
    Definately hope you get in contact with Sonys community managers and see about obtaining review copies giving GTP the chance to do its own preview of the game before the release date.

  50. ChronowerX_GT

    I hope we can have a bonnet/hoot cam on the standard cars. At least it’s closer to the cockpit cam than the roof cam is.

  51. GTP_CerealKiller

    Great job guys, thanks for all the info. Seems to be received almost entirely positively for a change.

  52. Craigles

    I take it back what i said about what i said in a previous comment about the track editor. This game is going to be mental as for the standard car cockpits, dont Really mind. (Chase cam)

    1. luke

      Agreed about the cockpits. Never cared never will. Is it really realistic to have 2 steering wheels in front of you?

    1. BDawg

      Volvo C30 best car? I think not. Waste of pixels on a rubbish ride when it couldve gone to something far more deserving

    2. BDawg

      I dont hate it, I just think it seems like a waste to devote that much effort to a run of the mill hatch thats pretty awful to drive (Ive had the displeasure), just doesnt seem worthy of premium status to me thats all

    3. Super_Colossal

      I get what BDawg is saying. If I see a nice C3 Corvette that’s standard, I’ll be pissed they put the effort into a Volvo INSTEAD.

    4. Bernd

      I think, there has to be one premium-car at least from each participating country. Sweden is a market too, and I bet most Scandinavians like Volvo

  53. Hentis

    Well it was worth waiting for.
    Yes. Now to see all these videos of Journo’s trying knock the bumper off the car even though it does not look as though damage has been added. I am really looking forward to the Course Creater as that has insurmountable possiblilties… Now I wonder if we can stick bridges or tunnels in Figure of 8 perhaps?

  54. RedBaron

    Now almost everything is clear and said and many weak spots of the series have been finally solved. Still there is sad thing with 800 cockpits missing, some weird aliasing within the game engine with unnaturally sharp shadows, poor engine sounds and few other little spots but all those imperfections are going to be just tiny bits in this monumental masterpiece of driving games called Gran Turismo 5 and I would happily wait for GT6 to see they are solved.

    Historical cars and racers are just magnificent!

    Many thanks to you, brave members on GC. For first ever really good reportage about GT5.

    And mainly – My biggest thanks in advance, Kazunori & PD Team!!!

  55. tvensky

    Best info I could possibly read at this moment!! great! now I cant wait even more!!! Life’s too long! :D lmao

  56. Liam

    oh I am sooooo annoyed about no cock-pit view for 800 cars…I’m not even gunna try those 800 cars now because it just wouldn’t feel the same and that SUCKS :[ c’mon they can atleast like….idk…add a genric dashboard view, but let us customise it somehow….please….even the genric dashboard will do…pick any cars dashboard view and be able to use that for the 800+ cars PLEASE. Damn…my heart just sank when i saw them last few lines..NAOOOOOOOO! Other than that, some good news. IDK what a-spec & b-spec are though, never played previous GT’S. and ehm jordan can you post the 66 images that you put up yesterday ty

    1. tvensky

      yes, why are those images gone? I didnt see them.. I waned to see them in the morning.. and now all pictures and everything – just gone :(

    2. Bernd

      @liam – B-spec means, a program is driving your car while you sleep, work or go shopping. How is that a “win”. There should be different prizes for A-spec and B-spec “win”

    3. smthrlr

      @ Bernd: in GT4, there were different prizes between A- and B-spec, but only from a cash-allotment standpoint. Prize cars remained the same (yeah, right–like I was going to race for 24 hrs straight on the ‘Ring in order to win the Sauber :P).

    4. Bernd

      You’re not a tough racer then. You have to feel the pain and exhaustion of a 24h-race to deserve the prize. A is always more than B, another Skyline should be enough.
      But – that won’t happen ;-)

  57. GTP_african_kat

    Well done PD! these guys must have really worked hard.

    In hindsight – in the interview – we should have asked Kaz to implement a ‘bonnet’ view at least, for the finished game.( for standard cars)

    Maybe we can still get this request through to Kaz via the Sony agent?

    Jordan? Famine?

  58. Nicky

    I hope they add more grid starts to the game compared to rolling starts however I do agree that they should keep rolling starts for endurance and GT races. Maybe other car types such as production and rally could have standstill starts. I hope some of you agree with me =]

  59. danielwhite74

    Cockpit view is nothing but a gimmick. My cockpit is my Logitech DFGT; my arms and hands are my arms and hands – not some polygons on a television screen. :P

    1. G

      I like to have the bumper cam always, not the roof/bonnet cam… So I’m with you Cockpit is a gimmick for a lap or so to say ohhh look at the fancy dials on that ferrari… then you switch it to serious camera view for your quick lap

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      @danielwhite74 that’s such an ignorant thing to say. it’s like if a friend of yours had a death in his family, but the family member was one whom you didn’t like so you say “I could care less bcuz I had no use for that person”. that would a rediculously selfish thing to say bcuz YOU SHOULD CARE bcuz it’s not a good thing for your friend, just like IT’S NOT GOOD FOR THE GT SERIES! IT’S A STEP BACKWARDS! so if you like the game you should look past yourself & see the big picture. you sir, JUST GOT PWNED

  60. TheWheelMan-01

    issue#1 800 cars without cockpit? really? i think i prefer having 50 WITH cockpit1!
    issue#2 why would you make a great track editor or creator then give us 10 km/6.5miles only?! now that is not generous, m jus sayin!

    1. danielwhite74

      “Issue” #1
      We have over 200 cars with cockpits, not just 50; what are you complaining about?

      “Issue” #2
      The track length is optional. Just because it says 10 km in the screenshot, it doesn’t mean that’s the maximum length of track it’s possible to create.

    2. Stradivis

      Be glad then, because you’ll have 200+ cars with cockpit!

      And I can’t think of any courses besides The Ring and Sarthe that have more than 10Km.

    3. smthrlr

      @ danielwhite74: Hate to break it to you, but they said in the article that max course length was 6.2 miles/10 km.

    4. dalejrfanfreak

      Wow you’re dumb Wheelman.

      200+ cars with a cockpit and most professional tracks aren’t even close to 6.5 miles in length. The longest NASCAR track is only 2.66 miles.

    5. Vulcao

      According to Wikipedia:

      Nürburgring Nordschleife = 20.81 km / 12.93 mi

      Circuit de la Sarthe = 13.629 km / 8.469 mi

      Spa-Francorchamps = 7.004 km / 4.352 mi

      Hockenheim (old tracing, 1965-2001) = 6.8 km / 4.2 mi

      Bahrain International Circuit = 6.299 km / 3.914 mi

      Silverstone (longest tracing) = 5.901 km / 3.667 mi

      Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) = 5.554 km / 3.451 mi

      Hockenheim (new tracing, 2002-present) = 4.574 km / 2.842 mi

      Interlagos (Brazil) = 4.309 km / 2.676 mi

      Note: not all of the longest circuits are listed.

    6. Goshin2568

      @dalejrfanfreak & stradivis

      What I think he meant, was instead of giving us 800 standard cars, use that devs time to give 50 or so more premium cars.

  61. jjaisli

    While I would certain PREFER all cars to have cockpit view, to be realistic, 200 (premium) models is more than we get in most games.

    And to me, the revised and improved physics and confirmation of 70+ courses/tracks is MUCH more important than the number of cars.

    I’d say, over all, this is very positive.

  62. DirtyMudFlaps

    No cockpit for standards?! Ahh, ok…. at least i can finally rest now. I dont really need it that bad, but i wish that there were LHD and RHD hood views for the people with wheels because the bumper cam IS WAY TOO LOW for me and i hate seeing my car as i race… It would’ve been even cooler if camera views were adjustable .. =D Hopefully it not the same camera view in GT4

    And as for the track editor, it would definitely SUCK if all the tracks were predefined based on the parameters you put in.
    I have a feeling Forza 4 is gonna cash-in on the opportunity to build a full track editor!

    1. danielwhite74

      Bumper cam isn’t actually “bumper” cam at all; the camera is at the level of the drivers’ eyes, although the car and its interior are invisible. There was a screenshot proving this posted in the forums a while back, although I can’t seem to find this at the moment.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      @danielwhite74 you’re still spreading this lie? I haven in go karts & even a lamborghini diablo, NOTHING SITS THAT LOW!! YOU’RE AN IDIOT

  63. Antan

    I wonder if the A.I in B-Spec is the same as how the A.I in A-Spec works? So if the car at the back of the pack for example, can speed up or slow down, is that A.I driver also prone to fatigue etc etc?

    1. gNNY

      you give commands to your driver and he will most likely follow them. If the race is too stressfull for him, he’ll get aggitaged and loose mental capacities. Then he’s more likely to make mistakes. If you put your driver through too many races like that, his overall condition goes down.

  64. nipponj

    will they use that video uploader tool that was recently issied in a ps3 ipdate so that we can record our races and upload them to for eg. Youtube?…that would be nice because I dont see any other use for the Video Uploader right now but it would serve as a nice built in recorder for ps3..does anyone agree

  65. Gulyo

    The should have prepared some kind of cockpit view of standard cars at least … I’m paralized now …
    Which are premium cars by the way ?

  66. HenGTX

    Very good report, I am looking forward to 03-11-2010 !!

    I noticed this is the first break out session. Are there more to follow frome Gamescom? Jordan?

    1. Bernd

      I’m with you, Gulyo. Looking through the windscreen, a rear-mirror and the upper part of the steering-wheel, how difficult is that ?

  67. Bolg

    That is a big shame about the cockpits, guess we’ll just have to wait until GT6 for them, but it’s no surprise really, those morons who called us all idiots for believing the rumours about the cockpits must be feeling really smart now :P

    Other than that it sounds amazing, can’t wait. Forza…pah.

  68. Brad

    Sweeet. It’s got a formula car category. Hopefully this isnt just limited to f1. It would be awsome if they included formula ford, 3, gp2.

  69. abf1

    Any news about head tracking with Playstation Eye in the GC ?
    Are we sure it will be available ?
    Thanks, and can’t wait

  70. Sharky

    Massive thanks to Famine and Venari for dedicating their time to get us all this information :)

    200 cockpit views: don’t care, I’ve always been a nosecam guy (SHOCK HORROR WHAT IS THIS NOSE CAM I SPEAK OF)

    B-Spec mode looks like a lot of fun for a change, hopefully in conjunction with driver changes there’s mid-race saving. That’s the one feature I want above everything else.

    I can also see myself wasting a lot of time in the course maker, regardless of how rudimentary it is. It reminds me a lot of the stage editor in V-Rally 2, and that was a bucketload of fun, so my hopes are high for GT5’s editor.

    Roll on November 3rd!

    1. smthrlr

      Hear Hear to mid-race saving. 8-24 hrs straight, even for an ardent car fan like myself, is just too crazy.

  71. Gulyo

    No cockpit view in 4/5 part of the cars … I can not believe that !!!!! Is it TRUE ????????? I CAN NOT DRIVE JUST IN COCKPIT VIEW !!!!!!!! Unbelievable …

    1. fade

      You still get cockpit view in over 200, perhaps as much as 250 cars.

      That is a lot of cars. I bet if the average car fan was asked what are the top 200 cars they want to see and drive in the game they would start to run out after about 50 or 60. 200+ is a lot of cars, it covers just about all nice cars released in the last decade and a half, with plenty of room for specific classics and specific race cars like the Nascar models.

      Unless you have an interest in 80’s skylines or some early 90’s peugeots or specific classic rally cars, chances are every car you want to drive cockpit is in there.

      And those cockpits will be more detailed than any other game. Name another game with more than 200 cars with fully detailed cockpits? There aren’t any… Yeah, Forza 3 has all he steering wheels and dashboards done in a very lacklustre, rushed, inconsistent way for over 400 cars – but it’s not comparing apples to apples.

    2. Gulyo

      I agree with you but still … lot of people drive in cockpit view ( can not drive in other way ) and we gonna lose 800 cars to play with … but you’re right, we have to be happy with those 200 … AMEN !

    3. Simon H

      What I want to know is whether there will at least be a bonnet cam included, or something like that, for standard cars. I really CANNOT stand bumper view but don’t want behind car with my Driving Force Wheel.

    4. Gulyo

      Finally I just wanna ask Mr Yama how he drives race car … inside or outside of the car ??? !!! That’s ridiculous that a title which is call itself real driving simulator I have to drive from bonne or bumber view … IDIOTS !!!

    5. HugoStiglitz_420

      @danielwhite74 and @dalejrfanfreak you guys are rediculous. you’re using games from older systems as an excuse? how can you say that & not realize what a step back it is? the fact that you’re using older games as examples should make you realize it but I guess you’re either that biased or you’re just not very smart

  72. DoctorFouad

    GT5 will be the best driving game ever created, but I still have a lot of concerns :

    1/ AI, I hope they could achieve at least forza 3 level of AI by the time the game get released

    2/ Weather and day/night cycles, on how many tracks those feautures could be activated together ? 50% of the tracks ? less, more ? is there only rain (as shown in a icon of a photo of the game) or also snow ? wind ?

    3/ tree shadows on the cars, they are too much pixelated, but I am skepctic if they could improve it, still only 3 months of development time

    4/ skidmarks, will they still on the track the whole laps (great if true !) or are they gonna disappear ? if they are gonna disappear than they are not very useful…just a graphical effect…

    5/ when I get used to cockpit view in the game, I fear I wont be able to appreciate driving standard cars with no cockpit view, so I wont profit from 800 cars included in the game…

    6/ can everyone download our created tracks a la Little big planet or modnation, or only friends (disappointing if only friends)

    1. fade

      1)AI looks fine to me, we will all mostly be racing on-line anyway.
      2)There should be rain wind and snow, but it’s not confirmed, they won’t have 1 without the others. Regarding night cycles, who knows, but I do no that lots of cars in the game don’t have headlights (F1 and nascar for a start), so it’s more complex that it appears.
      3)Limitation of the technology, something has give. I’d rather they have these pixelated shadows than none at all, adds to immersion and sense of speed.

  73. BZSIN

    This is looking like the best value for money in gaming history. The amount of content is beautifully absurd.

  74. DoctorFouad

    My favorite feature is dynamic weather ! hopefully the 140 polyphony team could achieve this by the release of the game !

  75. DemonBlade

    No question this is going to be an incredible game, though I have a real problem with only 200 cars having cockpit views. For those of us using G25’s etc, changing view from bumper cam to cockpit and back again is going to be really annoying as the different views ‘feel’ different and effect how you drive. I guess a lot of people (myself included) are just going to end up sticking with the bumper cam which will be a real shame considering how impressive the cockpit view is! Hate saying anything bad about GT but am more than a little disappointed :(

    1. danielwhite74

      Bumper cam isn’t actually “bumper” cam at all; the camera is at the level of the drivers’ eyes, although the car and its interior are invisible. There was a screenshot proving this posted in the forums a while back, although I can’t seem to find this at the moment.

    2. Super_Colossal

      I always used the chase camera, and it’s a little disappointing to see how far away the camera is from the car now.

    3. HugoStiglitz_420

      @danielwhite74 you are out of your mind. the bumper cam view is so low that if anything it’s a road cam. no car on earth has you sit that low, not even go karts. EPIC FAIL Only a noob would try to say something like that

  76. Owaldock

    Thankfully have never been a fan of in car cam. Game is sounding better every day. Keeping my kids and wife relatively happy is going to be tricky come November…

  77. fade

    Game already way exceeds my expectations. I guess there are 3 things left I’m hoping make it into GT5…

    1)Lexus LFA – I think it still hasn’t been confirmed
    2)Monaco – I don’t care if there is 20 or 70 “tracks”, but either way I hope monaco is one of them.
    3)If I create a “track day”, is it possible for it to track “points” over a number of races? It would be nice to set up a queue of 10 tracks, and play through them with friends – like an ad-hoc championship.

    I think point 1 and 2 are looking less and less likely, I guess they have to leave some stuff for GT6??

    The wish list just gets smaller and smaller with every press release :)

    1. Luke

      I think we have a very very good chance to see the LFA in the game. It`s a Lexus, a japanese car ^^ There is hardly a japanese car they don`t include. Especially such a special car as the LFA.
      Just remember GT5 Prologue. Already featured the GTR, which wasn`t even available back then.

    2. stevenhiggster

      I too am praying for the LFA, it just sounds so amazing and that engine!? What a piece of engineering that is I’m pretty sure it will be in the game.

    3. recca

      pretty certain Monaco will make it in. It’s been there for so long, I don’t see why they wouldn’t have it.

      Wish they would bring back Pikes Peak.

    4. Ferrari

      It’s one of the most popular cars. the LFA that is
      and I without any doubt in mind know that it will be in the game OR there will be a DLC later on with it

  78. Z06onGT5

    It’s a shame about interior views but soooo much info it doesn’t really matter anymore…so if theres anyone who is still mad jus play GT4 RIGHT NOW to get used to it I know I have. Did Kazunori say anything about dynamic weather to you Famine, or Jordan?

  79. Antan

    “he was able to confirm that the number of unique courses available in the game is “more than 70″.

    Very nice.

  80. Zowne

    So much new information!

    I think the biggest news from this is the intensity of B-Spec Mode. Sounds like it is going to play just as big a part in the game as A-Spec Mode does… and I’m not complaining, it sounds great :)

    However, the lack of a full track editor greatly disappoints me. A full track editor would have seen user created content of nearly all tracks in the world posted online within no time.

    However, no use to be disappointed over this as it was just an extra feature. The actual game is looking like it will take the Sim Racing world to new levels. Can’t wait!

    1. gNNY

      a full spec track editor would have been too complicated if done right and it would have taken even longer to be implemented. So the course maker (NOT editor) is a good compromise

    2. TTownEP

      I think it would be cool if they added on a standalone track editor after the fact, like the MGS database did with MGS4. Since the PS3 supports mice and keyboard via USB, it would be easy to sit down and spend several weeks banging out my favorite track, then importing it into GT5 for play.

      I’m not holding my breath though.

  81. Big Ron

    Very nice infos here…thanks for that. But sorry for you to have respected the embargo. Most infos here were shown on most other magazines yesterday.

    1. gNNY

      well, our relationship with Sony is still fresh so we didn’t want to jeapordize that. It might suck for the few days maybe that the info has to be held back but it will pay off later when Sony will (hopefully) consider us again when they want to share information with us.

  82. warp14engage

    Ok, great info! The course maker is for me the biggest surprise, because I thought it would only be very basic. But now, being able to create 10 km long tracks is staggering.

    As for the little bit of news on the Standard Cars, I pretty much figured it would be impossible to implement cockpit view for them. There just wasn’t enough time :(.
    But what about their exterior detail? Any news?

  83. Pakt Sardine

    Awesome work, Famine! You, Venari and Andreas did an awesome job! Thank you very much! I’ve finally regained my excitement in GT5 (I knew I would). Thanks again!

  84. Dannylill1981

    wow 70 unique tracks my god thats awesome i was only expecting about 25-30, i so cannot wait for this, not long now……….

  85. Missed_the_Apex

    I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time making rally stages at Toscana. Oh wow this is going to be horrible waiting for this game to come out, haha.

  86. Damo

    Now for a question that’s not really very important, but I’ll ask it anyway… are there going to be actual tuning companies present in the game, or will all tuning be performed by “GT Auto”, and will manufacturers have their own tuning parts as we have seen in all previous GTs?

    1. dsfa

      Very True !
      But I Never Was Upset :P
      I’ve Taken All Information About This Game, Good And Bad, And Accepted All Of It.
      I Still Cannot Wait For This Game.

    1. Louie_Schumii

      Good to see that they’ve also updated the Gran Turismo website.

      I hope they post the full terms and conditions for the Signature Edition Competition soon. PD sure know how to keep us waiting!

  87. Paul Mc

    course maker looks fantastic as does B Spec mode. Shame about the standard car interiors but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Can’t wait

  88. HoffY

    wow some nice info coming hard and fast.

    I just hope there is an Australian track (or two) in GT5. And that we have better/more indepth driver statistics! (i want to know how many clean laps around every track i’ve ever done/how many laps of each track i’ve done… the list goes on!).

    1. stevenhiggster

      Infinite unique tracks if you consider the track maker!
      This is gonna be the best game ever never mind best racing game ever.

    2. blue cat

      After the huge amount of awesome info being released i really want to know if 70 unique tracks means individual tracks, and not just 70 variations of 20 base courses.
      the former would really make my day

    3. fabio93bg

      yes, i think also…but if there is 20 and more tracks and 70 variations, we have to calculate that some variations are completely different like nurburgring gp and the classic that we had in gt4

    1. AGNT009

      Ok, so I thought I fired Brolin Spec (Thats what I called him). Now he’s extorting me for a paycheck again and this time brought friends…who may or may not listen to my commands? WTF is that? I was only using Brolin to earn my 24 hour cars. The fact I had to give up seat time to train his candy ass never sat well with me to begin with. With online mode, Mr Spec’s job SHOULD be obsolete. I mean, if you cant find 3 buddies to pull off a real 24 hour endurance race at your house, then SURELY you could find some online buddies across the country to fill your roster. THAT would be fun. THAT better be an option, or the 24 hour races shouldnt be in there at all if you cant use an online roster of guys to pull it off. Imagine having a live tv feed of the race while you wait your turn and or sleep? You then select your status as standing by and the driver hears that in his helmet, and knows you are ready to take over the car. If this concept isnt in THIS game, shame on Kaz.

      Karting: If it aint those super karts I saw on Youtube tearing up Road America, Im not nearly as interested. If its just karts on a little ovalish track ONLY, Im REALLY not interested.

      Course Maker ERRRRR Slot Machine. So much for recreating actual roadways, but my hopes werent too high anyways. Im really hoping a predictable pattern can be found in this mode so I can get what I want instead of pulling the slot machine handle and get whatever they give me.

      The Home screen looks too utilitarian, is that the word Im looking for? Better stated, MEH. I was hoping for a Lenos garage sorta feel but spruced up or customizable with My Photos on the walls in the background mischief

      Photo Mode: Please tell me Im misunderstanding this, but am I to believe that you CANT take photos of the cars on the track from the replays? Photos of fake cars I dont really own standing still….. plain

      Monza: I almost got excited when I saw the logo. Did some research, and I get the idea that we WONT get the oval circuit of that place. Too bad, it had a NASCAR feel to it with the length of Indy, the banking of Bristol, and the track surface of old Darlington. I guess I can get a different oval track out of the Course Maker to supplement the lack of them in this game for my NASCAR leagues? Dont get me wrong, I’ll always have more than 60% road courses on my schedules, but only 2 ovals Daytona, and Texas, maybe Test Course too have a true NASCAR feel to them. Indy = Rectangle. I’ll be looking to find ways to “create” other NASCAR tracks. Possibly a scenic New Hammy and Martinsville can be pulled from Course Maker.

      I hope 3D goes away like Betamax. Having said that, it will never truly bother me cause I’ll never pay for it on a home system.

      I dont use interior view anyway, so no loss there.

      And I guess I was wrong, Santa’s Elves ARE still working to improve the game. But that kinda scares me. Whats the real cutoff date for finishing it? Im just worried about getting a defective rushed disc, if I get a disc at all. We’re never safe from another delay until its in our hands.

    2. skip101

      “The Home screen looks too utilitarian, is that the word Im looking for? Better stated, MEH. I was hoping for a Lenos garage sorta feel but spruced up or customizable with My Photos on the walls in the background mischief”
      Thats the online lobby in the pic, they dont show the home screen

    3. Detroitbb

      AGNT009 –

      Where did you get the idea that you couldn’t take photos of a car on a track (while moving)?

    4. FlareKR

      I guess that covers everything, except; is there a time-machine that can make us go to Nov. 2nd?
      So does this means no interior view for standard cars? Can’t they just have a simple yes or no instead of giving us the run around like a certain someone in D.C?

    5. Vulcao

      FlareKR, you mean in the past they should have given us a clear “yes” or “no”, right? Because it’s clear now that our answer is a NO. I’m not so sad though. I’m sure this game will be amazing anyway.

      Great work PD!

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